Zephyr Revolt

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Red and Black Zephyr Revolt
The symbol of the Revolt
Playstyle Small but highly flexible armies
Faction Colour Crimson
Type Original Blue Alert 3 Faction (based on the Foehn Revolt)
Dev. Status Original units and building In-game

"I’m gonna tell you ultimists
You may be surprised
The people in this world
Are getting organized"
"You’re bound to lose
You ultimists bound to lose

- "All you ultimists" by Woody Gurthie

The Zephyr Revolt's origins lie in Task Force Hurricane, which was created to oppose Advanced Research Division Epsilon from the very beginning of confirmation of John Fuller's investigations into psychic powers and abilities during the 30s. Task Force Hurricane would draw many of the best and brightest experts and soldiers, often coming from Anarchist and Libertarian groups in the member states of the Third Communist International who railed at the thought of Ultimists having the power to enslave people through mind control and other obscenities against freedom. Though their initial form was relatively limited, as technology advanced their repretoire grew massively. Research into robotic warriors to resist mind control, analysis of psionics to research counters, nanotechnology to protect against sabotage of production lines, ways to enhance the human body to get the most out of individual soldiers, cyclonic technology to deflect mind altering gasses and even serve as weapons, and more were all heavily studied.

Growing massively with the lead up to the third world war and throughout its duration, Task Force Hurricane was reborn as the Zephyr Revolt when the young genius Yunru took over and integrated a number of important defectors from the Allies and Axis. Despite some political clashes with its parent organisation, the Zephyr Revolt was resolutely committed to defeating Epsilon, the Empire, and the Alliance all of whom were seen as threats to freedom. With highly advanced technology making up for their small numbers, they were able to give a heroic fight against nearly all comers in their path. With the conclusion of the third world war, the Zephyr revolt has remained active, ever vigilant for future threats to the freedom of all beings and pushing the envelope of knowledge ever further, even if it means digging into potentially dangerous information. However, their digging into the affairs of the world has lead them to conflicts even stranger than they dared imagine.

At a Glance

Faction Color Crimson
Playstyle Small but flexible armies
Preferred Theatre of Operations Aerial Warfare & Chokepoints
Strengths Elite and flexible units, overwhelming air superiority, strong at all ranges of combat, strong against more numerous enemies, extremely resistant to most chemicals, radiation, biological weapon and other hazards.
Weaknesses Units are generally less effective than enemy units of similar costs at specialised roles, units usually need support powers or expensive upgrades to be used at maximum effect, struggles more against smaller numbers of tougher units, virtually the entire army is vulnerable to EMP, hacking and magnetism.
Intended Players Any RTS Player
Motives The protection of freedom, the destruction of Epsilon, ending hierarchal forms of government, ending the threat of mind control.


Wobblies on the March

The Zephyr Revolt had quite humble origins, when it was found that John Fuller's interest in the occult and the supernatural was producing measurable, testable results and even forrays into mind control, it was quickly agreed that this was an enormous threat to global freedom. The Industrial Workers of the World however made a proposal to the Third Communist International, pool together their efforts and resources into creating a task force able to confront and stop this threat to the gentle labourer. To be commanded by the International Workers' Solidarity Union instead of the TCI, that force would be Task Force Hurricane. Working under the auspices of Nestor Makhno, Benjamin Fletcher, and María Quinteras de Meras, Task Force Hurricane would attract a number of the world's best and brightest, including a large number of anarchists fleeing from the fall of Alliance Bourgeois liberalism.

The task force was given all that the International knew of the Alliance's psychic research and all of its theories on how to combat it. Robotics, tinfoil hats, counter-psionics, esoteric forms of mental discipline to fight against mind control, and antidotes to most known forms of suggestive state inducing drugs were all looked into and experimented with. The Task Force's leadership soon came to the conclusion that the best place to strike the Alliance's psychics would be from the air and so began to invest heavily into building the most powerful possible aerial strike capacity they could manage. A bold move to be sure, when the Alliance itself had invested heavily into aerial superiority. However, as Makhno said "the sky is the truest home of freedom, it is only fitting that we call it our home.

And as part of this effort to dominate the sky, Task Force Hurricane looked into a platform largely disregarded by the wider International; the airship. Finding that the airship was somewhat slow and lacking in capacity however, they looked into controlling the very winds themselves to elevate their war machines above their enemies, augment their own forces, and decimate those who would oppress the common folk. To combat the threat of sabotage to their supply lines, they looked heavily into the field of nanotechnology. Robotics were similarly poured into as a means of reducing the number of units put onto the field vulnerable to mind control techniques and abilities. This focus on experimental science was to pay dividends in the Second World War when they finally met their intended enemy on the field of battle.

Though the conflicts seen in the second world war were a far cry from the storm of superscience seen a few decades down the road, the first battles between Task Force Hurricane and Advanced Research Division Epsilon soon cemented the two organisations' profound loathing for one another. Though merely a small backdrop in the wider war, their first battle in the village of Halshany in Belarus was to have far reaching consequences. This first battle showed the need for both sides to perfect and build up their craft. Epsilons' research into psionics, chemical warfare, biotechnology, thermal weapons, and magnetism were all immature and unready, while Hurricane's own research into aerokinetics, nanotechnology, robotics, sonic devices, and plasma weapons were still immature and unready.

However, this conflict also drew their attention to something new and unexpected, forces bearing Scorpion or Hawk symbolisms unaffiliated with any known army. Commander Juan Garcia Oliver conferred with the rest of the Task Force and found that many of these mysterious forces were concentrated in heavily catholic areas and the scorpion cultists seemed to be aligned against global revolution, while the Hawks appeared to at the very least, consider the revolutionaries the enemies of their enemies. Soon enough, an accord of sorts was forged. Though little could be discerned of their enemies and strange allies, there was some evidence to suggest that the scorpion worshippers were involved with the Alliance government to some unknown degree, and evidence existed to point that they had involvement in the Soviet Union before Stalin's mysterious death, as well as Germany and Austria in the 1910s. However with the wider war raging, only so much attention could be devoted to them.

Eventually the war ended with a victory of sorts for the Communist International, the revolution had expanded across the breadth of Eastern Europe and liberated many of the colonies of its Empires, yet Epsilon remained. As such the end of the war would come with greater support for the recently rechristened Zephyr Revolt. The threat displayed by the rapidly growing military and scientific capabilities of Epsilon had to be answered and confronted. This would lead to a massive growth in the Revolt's chosen fields of technology as they focused on creating an elite force resistant to mind control and capable of rapidly cutting down hordes of enemy troops. Keeping in close contact with the International's research teams, they would make themselves the wind and the thunder to the Comintern Revolutionary International Military Command's lightning and rain.


The young Peruvian woman Amelia Pardo and her Korean ideological comrade and lover Tokko Sang-Ki would be elected as the Co-commanders of the Zephyr Revolt in the year 1966 after coming from seemingly nowhere and would almost immediately set about preparing the organisation for a renewed war, expanding its scope from a special task force into its own army. Having seen their homelands suffer at the hand of the enemy, they were driven by a deeply personal fire. With the Revolt's technology advancing incredibly quickly due to the efforts of generously supported scientists and designs provided by the recruits Tokko and Amelia brought along, including child prodigies and all-star magazine front pagers; they were growing into something unprecedented. While a small overall force, they were tremendously well equipped. The two further emphasised the focus on the power of small unit tactics to dance around clumsier larger and more massive formations and put even more focus into the capabilities of large and powerful aircraft to rain freedom from above on the oppressors.

Already testing itself in the battlefields of continuing areas of conflict such as China, Indochina, and southern Africa, the Zephyr Revolt gained valuable experience in using its new technologies while managing to maintain a degree of secrecy about its capabilities. Though concealing anything from mind readers is a difficult task at the best of times, the Revolt managed to ensure that their enemy was about as in the dark about their capabilities as the Revolt was about Epsilon's new capacities.

With Amelia having seen first hand the dangerous power of her foe at the hands of Epsilon Division mountaineers, she never wanted to feel the powerlessness of an enemy having a complete advantage in information. Buoyed by support from across the Communist International, the Zephyr Revolt's secret advantage of heavily computerised and A.I driven databases would serve to lock out many attempts at extracting information about the revolt by enemy spies and mind readers.

Even before Amelia and Tokko's entry into the Revolt, the organisation had been looking into more hidden aspects and facets of the world around them as they received dire warnings from certain elements within the revolt that helped its technology develop continually further. The danger posed by the scorpion cult and the ability for Epsilon to plant secret sleeper agents anywhere had drawn the nose of the shark. It also drew them into an understanding of sorts with a number of other factions working in secret, particularly the Order of the Hawk. However, the deeper they dug into the Scorpion Cult the more they found it resisting efforts to pull them out of the shadows and into the limelight. Whatever the Cult's goals were, they clearly had nothing noble intended for the common folk.

Such was what would drive perhaps the most important member yet to their ranks; a young Chinese prodigy by the name of Yunru that Tokko and Amelia seemed to regard as an old friend. Seeking better work than what could be found in the hellish Chinese warzones after arriving mysteriously with a number of high tech designs, Yunru quickly became the organisations' most prominent member as she helped to develop its technology further and pushed for ever more intensive investigations into the Cult and its ties to the mysterious Epsilon Division whose strange experiments in China had left her full of questions that could not be answered. With the continued refining of their advanced wind manipulation technology, Yunru, Sang-Ki, and Amelia agreed to rechristen the group the "Zephyr Revolt."

The third world war's start in 1982 would be a baptism of fire for the new Zephyr Revolt. The sudden assault by the alliance was expected, but still struck with the force of a massive, unrelenting sledgehammer that sought to drive the International as far back as possible. The initial blitzkrieg struck in Poland and kept on pushing forwards across Europe, and in the Americas began to drive southwards into America. However, thanks in large part to the Zephyr Revolt's strikes against Alliance and Syndicate forces, the Alliance's offensives stagnated across much of the world.

Attempts to cut off and surround the major megalopoli of America fizzled repeatedly and the attacking forces found themselves being violently resisted every step of the way. Even in Europe, the seeming initial triumph of the Alliance was starting to decay with the failure to knock the Russian Soviet Republic down and the mounting counter attacks that started to drive the enemy away from their objectives. The Communist International had held and was now ready for revenge against the invader; and this time there would be no stopping the retaliation from bringing about the final end of Capitalism. The Last Bastion placed in Alaska and Kamchatka to guard the vital bering sea route for the international had held against all alliance efforts to try and breach it; and the Canadians were rolled back across Alaska.

The enemy invasions had failed and now the time for the backhanded blow had come. One that would see the Alliance constantly retreat under one harsh blow after another; with the well equipped "black brigades" of the Zephyr revolt tearing their way through the massive legions of the enemy. Even the sudden and shocking betrayal of Geoffrey and the rise of the World Liberation Army, Yan Xishan's heart washers, and the other allies of Yuri's Dominion Sphere were reckoned to be forces that the International could overcome with the technological superiority, great reserves of manpower, and production power it had triumphed in other wars with.

The Revolt's forces however were caught off guard by the intervention of unexpected forces as the Axis lead by the Empire of the Rising Sun launched its assault. The Empire struck with blinding brutality and turned an already messy conflict into a nearly indecipherable mess of shifting frontlines and free for all battles. Now would come the greatest test of the Zephyr revolt; it's ability to hold steadfast in a world gone mad with the flames of war.

Shark Breach

The Japanese assault on Alaska and Kamchatka was vicious and clearly well coordinated with the aid of their Totanian allies and the infernal skyborne monarchists of the Guardians of Monarchy. The flying base of Coronia was besieged by the might of Epsilon's air armada in an effort to breach the protective storm that shielded the massive warship from attack and put the Zephyr Revolt's greatest fortress to paid, while Haihead's himalayan base was threatened by the full might of the Indian army; hoping to open up another front to bring down the Soviet bear.

The battle of the Bering Sea was one of the most harrowing fought by any of the factions and would feature surprise appearances by Epsilon and the Alliance; eager to gain access to the technology of Zephyr and the Empire. But with the timely arrival of reinforcements from the rest of the Communist International and its subgroups; the Zephyr Revolt was able to hold back the tide and crush the invaders at long last with a final push made by Commander Iqniq as her forces launched their mighty counter attack, aided by the plasmarizer batteries guarding the antarctic that time and time again sent the invaders stumbling back into the sea while the firestorm barriers stymied efforts to bombard the Zephyr Revolt's bases.

With the siege of Alaska and Kamchatka and the assault on the Bering Sea bridge city repulsed, the Zephyr Revolt started its pushback. The Revolt's forces were swift, efficient and left wide swathes of the enemy's armies devastated in their wake. The technology of the Revolt's effectiveness against numerically superior forces is perhaps best demonstrated by the disastrous (for the Allies) result of the Indian siege of Mt.Everest that saw less than fifty thousand Revolters rout a vastly numerically superior force; cutting down Peacemakers, Frontier Corpsmen, and Blue Chinese troopers alike with wild abandon.

The Zephyr Revolt's ability to operate extremely far from bases of supply and with little support was also invaluable for long ranged strikes, such as the raid on London that destroyed significant parts of the British channel fleet in port and lead to an outraged Thornley demanding a manhunt for Commander Iqniq after her forces destroyed a statue of Queen Victoria. And these qualities made them invaluable for turning the tide of the war; helping the International win air superiority over what battlefields they participated in and while often setback such as at the battle of Vancouver or the disastrous defeat at Mount Erebus; the Revolt proved to be a reliable asset even as they steeled themselves as the war went on.

The enemy's

Warriors of the Wind


Anarchium The deployed version of the Zephyr Revolt Anarchia provides all the usual services for constructing a base, in particular the ability to periodically create globs of nanites that can be sent off to rapidly form into any building needed by the Revolt.
Kinetic Trap These power plants absorb and trap ambient kinetic energy from even subatomic sources that cools the area around them but allows them to generate essentially unlimited energy by siphoning off of things such as the momentum of the Earth or the winds before dumping the waste as heat into the ground. Upgrades turn them into a Potentiality trap that can crack into potential energy by using their trapped kinetic energy to free some of that possible energy into workable power; greatly increasing their output.
Infantry Vault These facilities train, house, and equip the Warriors of the Wind who serve the Zephyr Revolt's cause.
Material Processing Site These sites serve as a hub for the drone miners who skitter out of the sites at high speed; quickly grab the necessary materials and then rush back before any sign of trouble can rear its head while powerful nanomachines convert the ore into useful materials.
Militarum This facility assembles, manufactures, and supplies the vehicles that the Zephyr Revolt makes use of in their wars against tyranny.
Support Crucible This facility handles the non-combat vehicles of the Zephyr revolt in their struggle to bring about the liberation of the world from the tyranny of unjust and unneeded hierarchies.
Stormeye The Zephyr revolt separates the facilities that maintain its helicopter type aircraft from those that maintain its more conventional winged aircraft, and from these facilities the Revolt's mighty Doldrums are unleashed.
Stormcell These facilities house and produce the powerful air force of the Zephyr Revolt to dominate the skies and ensure that they are safe for freedom and are able to house up to six squadrons of the aircraft from the Zephyr Revolt's Jetstreams at at ime.
Maelstrom These sturdy structures assemble the fleets of the Zephyr revolt and ensure that they're kept in good shape for the battles that they'll surely be needed to fight as well as up.
60px Nanoloom Here is where Zephyr Revolt units can be dispatched to in order to turn them into improved versions of themselves better suited to certain tasks; though usually at some sort of cost. Vehicles can have upgrades provided while infantry are transformed. Nanolooms also continually produce resources as the nanites within churn.
Cloudpiercer These facilities contain the systems able to preform the complicated calculations needed to fully manipulate the battlefield to the Zephyr Revolt's advantage and advance them to a higher stage of warfare.
60px Cyberkernel These facilities unlock many of the Zephyr's most potent units.
60px Thunderfort The Thunderfort calls forth the Zephyr Revolt's most powerful and dangerous units, its commandos and epic units.
Firestorm generator This structure charges up the ultimate line of defence for the Zephyr Revolt's already hard to crack bases; the Firestorm walls. When finished charging they send a wave of energy through the emitters that enable the energy barriers to reach so high as to be impenetrable to all weapons fire and impassable to all units for a limited time before they must shut down to cool off. Massive gouts of extremely superheated air and steam are given off by the emitters which will incinerate most enemy units nearby while the walls are active; particularly air units. Any enemy unit that actually touches the firestorm energy is instantly destroyed no matter how durable.
Nano-Reprocessor This superweapon launches a massive glob of nanites that are meant to quickly consume derelict materials that can either be converted into cash; or into a greater sum of free structures to be built far faster than normal or upgrades for units in the field. This device gives the Revolt tremendous flexibility.
Fire Blossom The fire blossom launches a special firestorm projector that launches out firestorm beams in sixteen directions before spinning; gradually contracting the beams up and downwards as they rotate at incredible speeds; destroying virtually everything they touch in the process.


Bastion Wall Due to their low numbers, the Zephyr Revolt makes extensive usage of strong fortifications and as such have some of the most durable walls of any of the factions at play in the world.
Bastion Gate These gates regulate access in and out of a Zephyr revolt base.
Zephyr Bastion Housing four squads of infantry at a time, these unclearable bunkers are further augmented by kinetic traps that suck out enemy speed and momentum to benefit the Zephyr Revolt's own forces.
Armoured Bastion Two Squadrons of vehicles at a time can be situated in these armoured Bastions to make for difficult to handle redoubts that offer the added benefit of wind screens to negatively affect enemy accuracy.
Sky-Bastion Unusually, the Revolt can garrison air squadrons in these sky bastions which generate nanite shelters to protect and enhance the aircraft within; guarding the skies of the revolt from would be attackers and disrupting enemy lock ons and communications.
Stun Grid These traps are laid out before Zephyr bases and send powerful surges of electricity to paralyse incoming infantry and vehicles approaching them to leave them sitting ducks for the defenders while gradually damaging them; though dealing with defenders with most weapons will also damage the grid and require repairs.
Burrowbees The Mines of the Zephyr Revolt are hidden in the ground or water with mirage systems before suddenly emerging with great speed to slam into the nearest target and detonate their plasma cores for substantial damage.
Sonic Blaster These basic defences rip through the vulnerable flesh of enemy infantry with powerful bursts of disruptive sound able to fire through walls; letting them attack infantry from within the safety of walls without added elevation. They can also attack submarines.
Pressure Lancer Deadly to enemy vehicles, the Pressure Lancer offers stop gap, immediate retaliation against enemy vehicles and ships seeking to breach the Revolt's base.
Power-Scatterer Offering immediate succor against enemy aircraft, Power-Scatterers fill the air with particulates that will make attempts to make accurate attacks against Zephyr bases nearly impossible and are dangerous against enemy infantry as well.
Nano-torpedo Regulator Nano-Torpedo Regulators wait for the enemy to approach before they form torpedo tubes out of seemingly nowhere from their nanite swarms and then start bombarding them from well outside of their range to little risk to the Regulator itself.
Power Cannon The basic artillery defence of the Zephyr Revolt fires a power cannon orb at substantial distances after charging up the blast, dealing significant area of effect damage to just about everything the blast touches.
Signal Inhibitor These devices prevent the usage of enemy protocols within a certain distance of them; allowing for an extra degree of protection for the Revolt's bases, they also hack into nearby enemies; making it difficult for them to act in ways the Revolt doesn't wish.
Nanocoat Regulator Protecting other defenses and structures, the Nanocoat regularily adds a thin layer of nanite armour to nearby Zephyr structures that improves their damage resistance and durability by half and gives them self regenerative properties. Be careful however, they don't stack.
Scrambler Projector The Scrambler Projector can block targeted units from receiving orders or activating their secondaries and is also able to break things like mind control, PHS, Chaos Gas, hacking, and other mind altering effects that could be negatively impacting the Revolt.
Irritation Caster The Irritation Caster afflicts enemies with hallucinogenic effects that drives them to random and wild actions where they are unsure of what's real or not and are quite likely to fire upon their allies or not react to being shot at at all or wander off and do their own thing.

Advanced Base Defences

Firestorm Wall These walls serve as vents for the superheated air generated by the nanite reprocessing and kinetic traps that are spread throughout a Zephyr base as well as continually generating short and unbreakable "fences" of firestorm energy. However they can be fired over, and stepped over (with some damage) by walkers and simply flown over by aircraft and cease functioning without power.
M.A.D Mines Incredibly powerful one use mines, M.A.D mines can annihilate an entire advance if theyr'e not destroyed before they fire.
Wave Cannon A powerful anti-infantry defense, the Wave Cannon ignores most forms of defense and cover and will quickly tear through the essentially unprotected flesh of enemies in short order.
Plasma Railgun Tower A well known and much hated anti-vehicle defence of the Zephyr revolt fires a devastating donut of plasma with a powerful orb of lightning at the centre that overloads electronics, sends molten ejecta through the target and burns its way through nearly any material. Powerful in an area of effect or against single targets, the Plasma Railgun Tower can halt even the most determined of advances in their tracks.
Shrike Nest These simple looking dugouts actually contain a squadron of tiny Shrike drones that will emerge in a great fury to swarm an enemy in plasma fire in an attempt to destroy them, pursuing an enemy aircraft until the squadron has either destroyed them or run out of ammo or the squadron itself has been destroyed.
Sono-Rumble The Sono-Rumble sends out a powerful rumbling blast through the water that can damage multiple ships at a time and is quite good against units underground as well.
Neutraliser This long ranged defence of the Zephyr revolt is somewhat odd in that it fires beams or spirals of plasma from its helical railgun at a continuous rate. While lacking the sheer alpha damage of most super long ranged defences and having an odd field of fire, the Neutraliser can fire much closer to itself than most other base artillery defences.
Vortificers These odd towers create vortexes that can either be made around themselves to buffet enemies, heavily damage aircraft, and lift lighter enemy units into the sky while suppressing heavier ones; or they can unleash longer ranged but smaller area of effect cyclones with similar effects.
Mirage Tower Mirage Towers hide Zephyr Units and structures from the enemy with their mirage disguise systems, helping the base blend in with its surroundings.
Fibre Loom These strange defenses release deadly strings of nanofibres and swipe them around a wide area to ensnare, trap, and carve apart any enemies that try to get too close to a Zephyr base, gumming up advances with ease and reducing infantry to so much cocooned confetti.
Bass-Cannon Firing a superheated pressurised sonic blastwave, the Bass-Cannon annihilates incoming vehicles in whole rows at a time as they try in vain to assail the Zephyr revolt's bases.
Crimson Battery Crimson Batteries let loose with enormous quantities of Crimson Rockets that will never stop pursuing an enemy until they make impact; quickly whittling down even swarms of enemy aircraft as each missile finds its mark with breath taking precision and lethality.
Ramsub Reef Ramsub Reefs command a number of Ramsub drones that lie in waiting before rushing towards their enemies to fire up their plasma rams to obliterate nearly anything on the water that they can make contact with.
Plasmarizer One of the most powerful defences ever made, only the M.A.D Cannon is more excessive as a long ranged defense. These are enormous plasma rail guns that fire gouts of plasma that can reduce entire sections of the enemy line into gas and dust. Air units are devastated by the effects of plasma passing by them and massively heating the air, and water units are met with much of the water around them flash boiling.
Nano-processor The nano-processor breaks down fallen units in a large radius around itself while repairing friendlies and damaging enemies; converting the materials it absorbs into more useful things for the Zephyr Revolt and continually generating income as well; bolstering the resoruces of the Revolt and making it easy to build and upgrade your units and bases.
Alpha Bastion Twelve squads, six aircraft squadrons, and six vehicle squadrons can shelter in the Alpha Bastion; a monstrously difficult to breach centre of resistance whose neutraliser beams and crimson rockets will repulse nearly any incoming assault.


Sabot Cat The animal scouts of the Zephyr Revolt are in actuality, drones. Designed in a manner rather similar to the Anti-Tank drones of the mainstream Comintern, the Sabot Cat is reminiscent of a feline; more specifically a black house cat; though far larger than any such cat has a right to be. Though the resemblance is slight and vague; it does come equipped with deadly claws to slice through nearby targets and has a "bad luck" field that manipulates quantum probability slightly to cause enemies to miss more often when active.
Anarkitty (Upgrade of Sabot Cat) The Anarkitty trades in the extremely long ranged sensors of the Sabot Cat for a nanofiber weapon that can lash in multiple directions to cut open soft foes while they move with still formidable speed to get in close and tear an enemy apart. Anarkitties can also split into two; with the front half becoming a fast moving melee combatant and the rear half becoming a turret; in order to cover more ground or to suppress an enemy before a charge.
Strikeframe Equipped with an automatic power gun that can saturate an enemy with a storm of ovoid blasts, the Strikeframe is one of the most powerful basic infantry units on earth and one of the most expensive. Deadly to both air units and to ground units and boasting a considerable area of effect; the Strikeframe is somewhat on the slow side but has the ability to have the intelligent computer wired into the suit can activate cyclonic generators around the suit to disperse incoming projectiles and redirect slower projectiles like grenades right back at the enemy and suck the air out of buildings by just walking close enough to degarrison them. Most vehicles also cannot crush the Strikeframe, but beware of EMP.
Riseframe (Upgrade of Strikeframe) The upgraded form of the Strikeframe, the Riseframe replaces the machine gun with a powerful charged power cannon that trades the rapid fire capabilities of the Strikeframe for significantly greater damage against most ground based targets with structures being especially vulnerable to being devastated by the Riseframe's high impact hits, which can be charged up for an even more powerful alpha strike that fires massive power spheres that essentially serve as a man sized assault gun that can devastate targets that can't dodge. Riseframes are also immune to EMP and crushing by any vehicle short of epic units, but can no longer target air units.
Flydrone Early game flying infantry, the Flydrone offers early game air support with wave disruptor weapons that even cover cannot shield a target from. Flydrones are also able to drop spinblades to augment the speed of their allies.
Skydrone (Upgrade of Flydrone) Now armed with crimson rockets, the Skydrone offers added air to air capability to guarantee the domination of the skies by the Zephyr Revolt. Sky Drones are also able to detach smaller anti-projectile drones that will intercept and shoot down incoming weapons.
Black Protector Black Protectors are hoverbike riding infantry equipped with firestorm barries that can shield others from attack and make use of wave disruptor blades in melee combat to slice open those who get too close to them. The protectors when asked can leave behind special nanite mines that will make the terrain itself far too lethal to be crossed.
Black Guardian (Upgrade of Black Protector) Black Guardians are now able to fly with their bike's improved thrusters and now launch aerial firestorm drones to create barriers and obstacles in the sky or offer cover for other aircraft, while their own shield has been replaced with a wave disruptor cannon.
Pressurizer A powerful cybernetic anti-vehicle unit, the Pressurizer attacks with a rather novel weapon that massively increases the pressure felt by a certain targeted area within a stabbing beam that crushes targets inwards and can rupture devastating holes in thick armour. While slow firing and less effectual against infantry, against vehicles it's a devastating weapon that needs no ammunition when not operating in a vacuum and also works even better underwater. On command the Pressurizer can activate jets in their boots to move with drastically increased speed and even fly over obstacles like walls and mines.
Railfusilier (Upgrade of the Pressurizer) The upgraded form of the Pressurizer carries a personal plasma railgun that can puncture through multiple targets at a time as well as drastically improved armour and cybernetics that allows them to resist being crushed by anything short of an epic unit and shrug off all but the heaviest fire at the expense of speed. Though significantly less effective against structures than the pressurizer, they have much longer range and can activate a plasma jet at close range to devastate large numbers of enemy vehicles all at once.
Revolter The Revolter is a cybernetic infantry unit that gets up close and personal with plasma blades produced from their arms to slice through nearly any enemy unit they encounter while superheated pressurizer weapons on their wrists set up enemies for the charge with suppression fire before impact. The Revolter can vent its pressurizers in all directions to create damage over time or do the worst things to enemies in cover that happen to be near them.
Kingfall (Upgrade of the Revolter) Kingfalls add stealth technology to the revolters to be able to silently sneak through most forms of defences and efforts to spot them, and are able to split their arms into two to wield four blades at once to chop nearly any foe into tiny ribbons once they get close enough or drown an enemy in extremely pressurized superheated air.
Analyst The Zephyr Revolt's engineers are an odd lot. Dedicated to the study of battlefield engineering, the Analyst is tasked with capturing facilities, repairing damaged sites, defusing bombs, and maintaining damaged vehicles. The analyst is also a machine; so as to render them immune to mind control (but vulnerable to EMP) and allow them to use their computerised brains to analyse the battlefield and allow soldiers to preform better within an analysed area.
Maintaneer (Upgrade of the Analyst) The Maintaneer is an upgrade of the analyst that gives them access to powerful nanomachines that can heal, repair, and reclaim units on the battlefield more than quickly enough to keep even the worst injured or most heavily damaged units in fighting condition or disassemble completely lost units for the purposes of reconstruction. The maintaneer can also unleash hallucinogens that cause enemy units to fire at nothing and turn their weapons away from the Zephyr revolt, allowing them to be cut down with ease.
Duplicant The Zephyr Revolt's infiltrator is a rather sinister machine that can hijack its way into the bodies of enemy infantry and take their shape after killing them and undergoing binary fission to make two of itself. Though the copy isn't perfect and can be detected by the right systems, it's usually enough to let the Duplicant sneak into the base. The duplicant is also able to engae kill mode where it drops the disguise to take on a far more lethal form to kill as many in melee combat as possible before being taken down.
Regisurper (Upgrade of the Duplicant) These deadly and intelligent drones are launched with the sole intent of causing as much destruction as possible. With their upgrades they are able to engage metamaterial cloaking devices to sneak their way through enemy defences to launch attacks with cover piercing wave weapons to kill enemies where they thought they were safe and depilot vehicles or destroy vital components of structures in their path while sitll serving as an infiltrator. In cases of emergencies the Regisurper can fire a "wavebuster" that will lock down a single unit while continuously causing damage to them.
Remover The Zephyr Revolt's primary sniper fires a powerful wave disruptor that phases through most forms of cover and personal armour to kill the target regardless of where they're hiding. While only stealthed while deployed and requiring time to charge up a shot, the Remover is widely regarding as one of the most terrifying assets in the Zephyr arsenal.
Sovereign Slayer (Upgrade of the Remover) The Sovereign Slayer's Wave Disruptor gun becomes a wave disruptor cannon as these snipers now pack enough punch to go through multiple targets and even through vehicles, letting them kill the crew members of vehicles and potentially even depilot them. Though they lose the ability to stealth, a Sovereign Slayer is enough to make most enemies break out in chills.
Blackjack The Blackjack machine and the hoverbike it rides offers powerful assault capabilities in the late game as their plasma sheathed energy claws can tear through nearly anything once they close into melee range, and the plasma vent weapon they have can fry enemies as they close the distance. A sonic agonizer is able to suppress and damage enemies in front of it to allow it to get into range.
M.A.D-Jack (Upgrade of the Blackjack) The Blackjack replaces the Sonic Agonizer with a M.A.D warhead launcher that is absolutely devastating to most units after it detonates in spectacular fashion. Though it has lost the plasma vent, the M.A.D Jack has twice the number of arms for melee attack once its hoverbike gets in range.
Syncronin The Zephyr Revolt needs to keep moving and needs to break through defensive structures such as the citadels of Epsilon. The Syncronin brings a novel tool for the job in the form of an atomic bond destabiliser that makes enemies targeted by it significantly more fragile; with the effect intensifying the more Syncronins are targeting an enemy simultaneously. When needed, Syncronins can intensify the damage of the beam into a deadly beam weapon effective against most targets.
Syncronaut (Upgrade of the Syncronin) The Syncronaut is a stealthed unit that can deploy area of effect atomic bond destabilisers to destabilise and weaken enemies en masse and can make use of a bond-breaker rifle that acts as an even more immensely powerful sniper weapon that gives the enemies of the Zephyr Revolt a truly hideous death as their bodies are broken down into a sludge of their basic elements.
Zorber Zorbers are an interesting approach to the question of suppressing enemy units; tearing the breath out of their lungs. Enemy units are left gasping for breath on the ground in the area of effect of the Zorber's aerokinetics and the others are thrown to the ground by powerful wind currents generated by the Zorber with enough force to shatter bones and bodies. Vehicles are not entirely unharmed either as they are starved of oxygen; but their weapons are clearly intended for infantry. If cornered, the Zorber can suck in all the air nearby to devastate enemies with an instantly created vacuum. Their wind shield also helps deflect projectiles
Zorbing-Man (Upgrade of the Zorber) The Zorbing Man always has the vacuum field operational at all times and has powerful nanites to keep them alive; regenerating their bodies through whatever damage they may suffer. The Zorbing-Man's wind powers are so intense that they can even float lighter vehicles and all infantry into the air to render them helpless and vulnerable to anti-air weapons while also buffetting incoming air units or forcing enemy tanks to have to hunker down and button up lest they lose something important. The Zorbing-Man can also create a cyclone around themselves that will carry lighter units into the air and block off incoming shots.
Mastersbane With its powerful seeker missiles and paralyzer beams the Mastersbane can lock down and obliterate targets before they know what hit them. One of the single most durable infantry units on the battlefield, the Mastersbane can trade with just about the heaviest of vehicles and is able to single-handedly lock down the advance of aircraft before they get out of hand. It is immune to crushing by anything but epic vehicles, and has the ability to concentrate its paralyzer beams on a single target to prevent them from moving at all; otherwise firing them in bursts to slow down an enemy's advance.
Tyrantsbane (Upgrade of the Mastersbane) The slayer of kings and the death of tyrants, the Tyrantsbane reverses the usual upgrade patterns for Zephyr units by actually being less armoured and faster than the Mastersbane in exchange for more than doubling its firepower and carrying an interesting upgrade based on Alliance Cryo-technology; the ice beam; in order to freeze enemy targets to prepare them for being shattered by the massive barrage of missile fire. This, in addition to the extra launches makes them truly formidable threats to even the most heavily armoured target. Most interesting are its "icespreader" missiles which can freeze large sections of a front at once to be shattered by the follow up missile barrages.
Skykiller The Skykiller flying infantry man provides the Zephyr Revolt with an important edge in the air against their foes as they fly through the air carried aloft by a combination of kinetic thrusters and wind manipulation for unmatched and unrivalled agility that can also be used as weapons while their crimson missiles and power beams can be used to quickly take down most targets. Even worse for the enemies of the revolt is their ability to create turbulence that makes it impossible for enemy air units to make accurate attacks or strikes against the Zephyr's forces.
Starwalker (Upgrade of the Skykiller) Patrons of the stars, the Starwalker are part of the Zephyr Revolt's space forces as well as the guard for the Coronian airbases. The Starwalkers are equipped with plasma railguns and nanofiber threads that are adept at jamming into an aircraft's components and cutting them apart; certainly fast enough to catch even the fastest of enemy aircraft, but their true talent comes from their kinetic traps that can absorb speed from enemy units and apply it to themselves to make them go faster; allowing them to in theory even catch and kill the Ajax.
Fire Whirl The flying mortars of the Zephyr Revolt do not bother with the bounds of the Earth but take to the skies with deadly intent. They strike with a special superheated pressurizer that creates a cyclical motion upon impact that turns into a massive fire whirl heated to well over one and a half thousand degrees centigrade that will incinerate infantry and torch most buildings beyond the point of usability. When a target needs a more direct approach they can simply vent like a blow torch; something especially deadly to air units as the high temperature air flings them around like toys and massively disrupts their life.
Plasma Whirl (Upgrade of the Fire Whirl) Combining plasma railguns with cyclical superheated pressurizers is a rather dangerous game but one that makes the Plasma Whirl among the deadliest infantry artillery systems in the world. The plasma tornadoes generated can rip structures down into rubble and can deal with targets too heavy for the fire whirl to handle, but their area of effect is considerably more concentrated than the fire whirl. However, they can block off sections of airspace to enemy units by deploying aerial MAD mines that will detonate with extreme force and instantly take out most light aircraft that run into them (watch out for friendlies however.)
Wildcats The special forces of the Zephyr Revolt operate in stealth and silence with their cloaking devices and with their ultrasonic weapons that go far above the pitch range that humans or animals are able to perceive; letting them kill their targets without being noticed. Even their shock hammers release their discharges at pitch ranges below human hearing and in forms of light of too high a frequency to be seen. Wildcats are also able to release wildcat drones to scout out areas ahead and join them in the attack; sending out lethal nanofiber threads to slice open foes or ensnare troublesome enemies.
Black Cats (Upgrade of Wildcats) Meeting a Black Cat is bad luck, and the Black Cat units are no exception to that. Black Cats are able to fly and their bobcat drones are able to operate near them indefinitely withour recharging, and their landings can release potent kinetic discharges as they slam their hammers down to cause massive damage on impact; while their take offs siphon off kinetic energy from nearby targets to augment their launches. Their own sonic weapons now carry an enhanced superheated pressurizer element to assist in functioning in vacuums; which augments their damage against structures in particular. Even more deadly is how they learn psychic abilities that seem to create bad luck for their enemies.
Wobbly These armoured officers are some of the most deadly infantry in the Zephyr Revolt, making use of seemingly primitive looking kinetic hammers that can suck in kinetic energy to slow down other units to a crawl and augment just about every facet of the Revolt's own units while their helmets offer tactical command data and stealth detection capabilities. Even more surprising is that their hammers have plasma railguns fitted into them, and can fire them at range simply by pointing the hammer in the right direction. They have also learned psychic abilities meant to cause fear and disarray in their enemies and hope and courage in their allies.
Knight of Labor (Upgrade of Wobbly) These Knights of the Zephyr Revolt are rare but are absolutely the most powerful individual mass produced infantry in the Zephyr revolt. With a kinetic hammer in each hand able to produce plasma axe blades when needed; the Knights of Labor can crush foes either on land or in the air as they siphon kinetic energy and take to the air, where their kinetic energy and plasma can make short work of aircraft or tear straight through heavy aircraft upon making impact. When they land they make large shockwaves that damage and send nearby enemy units flying into the air where they'll hang as their suit and hammers drain their kinetic energy; preventing them from falling but letting anti-air units shred them to pieces. Their psychic abilities have also been honed further; rendering terrified enemies comatose and being able to send allies into states of tremendous bravery where they fight superhumanly hard for brief times.

Vanguard Vehicles

Bladerunner The Bladerunner is essentially a two person fully enclosed hoverbike equipped with a sonic weapon able to quickly shake apart most targets in front of it while the Bladerunner races over most obstacles. With a single command, the Bladerunner can project superheated streams of pressurized air to either side, hacking down lighter enemies that get too close.
Nobilisvenator Relatively cheap by Zephyr standards melee units, the Nobilis Venator charges into melee to make use of its thunderfists to pulverise enemies and smash open formations. The Nobilisvenator is also able to blind enemies with a burst of light, which also lets it provide lumination in Umbral maps and also clears and purifies toxic environments such as radiation, poison gas, or other hazards.
Picketeer Hovertank The Picketeer Hovertank rises above the surly bounds of earth to provide the Zephyr revolt with important fire support from its power cannon and power repeaters that can strike with surprising force and lethality. Even more shocking is the Picketeer's ability to push itself into the air and fly, the gap in its hull and the ball shape of its turret being revealed as a means of letting it offer fire support to units below it. Truly a world class light tank.
Teratornis Anti-Air The Teratornis Walker fires into the skies with barrages of seeker missiles that will aggressively seek out a targeted air unit until they are either intercepted or make impact with their targets or they somehow make evasive manoeuvres drastic enough to avoid impact; no matter how far the enemy tries to flee from them. Though it needs some delay to target, it is still able to fire on the move; though deploying a scanner system lets them acquire and target an enemy aircraft instantly.
Draco Walker The primary tank for the Zephyr Revolt is an interesting vehicle in that it's not a tank at all, but a bipedal walker with a potent heavy spazer cannon that can damage many enemy vehicles at once with the split beam fire of the weapon. Even more unusual is that the top half of the Draco Walker will detach from the legs and start flying if they are too damaged to continue the fight or if given the command; turning the Draco Walker into a quite potent and fast hovering unit, albeit a significantly less durable one than before due to exposing more delicate components.
Wendigo Racer The Wendigo serves as the primary form of infantry transport for the Zephyr, carrying up to two squads within itself as the hovering vehicle traverses nearly any terrain presented to it without issue. Fitted with a powerful sonic cannon, the Wendigo's shriek can overwhelm the senses of enemies while vibrating them to death, penetrating through multiple enemies at a time. The Wendigo however is fragile and requires support to contribute to a fight without taking too much damage.
Regivenator Quick moving melee focused machines with a pair of plasma blades, Regivenators charge into melee with abandon and are able to fire up kinetic traps to ensure that they close the distance with their foes with all due haste.
Mirage MRLS Fitted with Mirage systems of the Zephyr's own designs, the Mirage MRLS fires volleys of seeker missiles at great range to bombard enemy vehicles and suppress infantry before they can even think of making any sort of moves against the Zephyr, and unlike most light artillery the mirage can threaten aircraft as well. The mirage can also disable its weapon systems to instead project its stealth field to disguise an entire army as innocuous objects.
Tumbleweed An interesting and novel approach to the question of dealing with the kind of targets normally reserved for assault guns, the Tumbleweed is a spherical drone that rolls towards its enemies at high speed before unleashing a devastating MAD pulse that can obliterate enemies all around it at the expense of shutting itself off for a brief time afterwards. Alternatively the Tumbleweed can turn that energy towards its motive systems to move at truly astonishing speed to impact an enemy with enough force to stop a tank in its tracks.
Bilgerat Fiberizer Armed with a powerful nanofiber system that can infiltrate through even tiny cracks in a vehicle's protection and then slice open the unfortunate targets inside, the Bilgerat hover vehicle can leave enemy vehicles unmanned and unguarded for your own to seize for their uses. The Bilgerat can also fly temporarily to get the drop on unawares enemies.
Megahowler Sono-pressurizer Combining the Zephyr's sonic technology with their pressurizers to allow their sonic beams to travel through vacuums go faster than sound would normally be able to, the Megahowler walker is able to simply obliterate whole sections of an air wing with a single blast. It also serves as a siege unit; able to simply obliterate most forms of structures caught in the way. While heavier vehicles can endure the devastating pulse waves and the incredible heat, most other units cannot. The Megahowler can also set its weapon into a wide area pulse to hobble nearly every enemy unit within an area of itself at once; slowly damaging them and massively impairing their ability to fight.
Tanksweeper The tank sweeper is a walker that deals with enemy vehicles with its powerful array of seeker missiles that will obliterate a tank from its most vulnerable points before it has the chance to retaliate, and any enemy who seeks to root a tanksweeper from its position will have to deal with its stealth capabilities; usable when deployed; and its rather surprisingly resilient defences for a stealth unit.
Archelon The Zephyr approach to repair is a rather unusual one, as this large hover capable walker is both stealthed and extremely durable. It is also armed with nanite dispensers; which are most dangerous against enemy infantry as they consume them and break them down into resources to help repair and heal other units around them. If enough mass is consumed they can create a glob capable of turning into a building.
Ramwalker This walker strikes with powerful helical plasma weapons much like the Neutraliser turret does to rapidly destroy structures and can utillise hacking systems to disable defences before they can prove to be a threat to the Zephyr Revolt's advance. The Ramwalker also turns more or less instantly with its odd octapedal limb structure, making it almost impossible to flank without at least two units. With a command it can drain nearby kinetic energy to boost its own speed for a devastating hyper-ram that does enough damage to instantly level nearly any wall. The ramwalker does obscene amounts of damage enough to destroy virtually anything in one shot, but has an agonising recharge time.
Meroktenos Archer The primary form of strategic artillery among the Zephyr Revolt fires a barrage of highly pressurised plasma charged missiles at extreme range, each one seeking out their own targets and then exploding with a detonation that will fry enemy electronics; disabling vehicles where they stand, incinerating infantry, and melting vehicular components into scrap while leaving their infrastructure intact enough to be seized by the Zephyr Revolt's analysts. This lethal weapon requires deploying to use however.
Tyrannovenator The most powerful and deadly machine in the Zephyr's arsenal is a bipedal mech to rival the King Oni. Fighting with a pair of plasma blades and a powerful head mounted plasma rail gun, the Tyrannovenator charges into melee with the intent of tearing the enemy to pieces before they have so much as a chance of thinking about fighting back against the hunter of Tyrants. The Tyrannovenator can also project a firestorm barrier to temporarily make it invulnerable from its front arc and instantly down any aircraft it crosses the path of; supplementing the anti-air drone it launches to cover its top flank.

Sternguard Vehicles

Bison Priscus Tank A Defensive heavy tank, the Bison Priscus's power cannon and thick armour makes it ideal for holding the line against the enemy. The Bison is often compared to the Tsunami due to its ability to release nanites to repair itself and others when sufficiently damaged, but unlike the Tsunami the Bison must give up a significant deal of already limited speed to achieve the effect.
Auroch Anti-Infantry The Auroch offers the Zephyr Revolt a highly effective form of infantry clearer whose powerful wave-disruptor array clears infantry out of structures more or less immediately and slaughters them on the field like so many sheep. The Auroch is also able to instantly decrew a vehicle with a charged shot.
Gastornis The Gastornis deals with the enemy through its powerful hacking and electronic interference systems; disabling the weapons of targeted enemies entirely or shutting down enemy structures targeted by the beam. Or the Gastornis can unleash a dangerous "peck" by firing up a plasma lance and smashing into the targeted vehicle if absolutely needed to defend itself when its normal sono-peck isn't enough.
Diatryma Meant to provide support and detection for the Zephyr Revolt, the Diatryma detects disturbances in wind particles and vibrations created by enemy units as well as heat signatures to provide a comprehensive detection array in air or vacuum. These walkers also provide crucial targeting data to their comrades; especially augmenting the precision and lethality of the Zephyr Revolt's "crimson" seeker missiles. They are also able to release a psychic scrambling pulse that restores the morale of all allied units and heavily damages the morale of any enemy unit that deals direct morale damage or makes use of psionics.
Uragon Electronic Warfare Tank A hovering hacking vehicle that disrupts the enemy's communications and targeting systems to prevent the foe from making a proper offensive push or it can spoof IFF systems, making your units untargetable by the enemy temporarily while making the enemy auto-attack each other.
Brontornis The Brontornis is a long range kinetic trap that works by stealing energy from targets to empower the speed of itself and others to let the Zephyr Revolt move across the battlefield with great speed, and it can destabilise a target to make them more vulnerable to attack.
Moa The Moas offer another vital service to the Zephyr revolt, releasing hallucination beams causing the enemy to fire wildly in all directions and possibly injuring their comrades with their own weapons. This also causes the targeted units to move about wildly and stop following orders, acting as if they have gone mad. The Moa can also overload the sensors of a target, rendering them almost completely blind for a significant amount of time. The Moa also offers lighting and safety zones in dark world maps.
Eurypterid Ballista The Eurypterid first disables enemy units with a combination of sonic agonizers and debilitating hacking and releases a powerful stream of nanofiber threads that arc up and then sweep across the battlefield to ensnare and slice apart enemies where they stand. Then it smashes its nano-assimilators into them to devour them where they stand and create one of a number of possible weapons to augment its firepower. Extremely durable, the Eurypterid is also amphibious and can simply crush walls.
Dromornis The Dromornis is able to pull damaged or derelict Zephyr units back with its powerful "head" and legs to ensure that they are kept safe and away from enemy units. Working together with the Archelon they can ensure that repairs are done as effectively as possible, though their own nanite dispensers are primarily keyed against vehicles, and their secondary ability involves hacking a vehicle to disable it almost completely so that it can be captured by the Revolt.
Aepyornis The Aepyornis offers extra shielding for the forces of the Zephyr revolt, enhancing their pressurised wind barriers with the energies they emit so that the Zephyr revolt may move forward in safety and enhances their active defence systems. In close combat these large walkers can crush enemies with their lets or smash them with their "beaks" for use in melee, and are able to spread "firestorm" wings that offer enhanced shielding to allies and impassible barriers for aircraft and artillery for the brief time that they remain up.
Prionosuchus A large and powerful amphibious transport that can protect Zephyr infantry from battlefields too intense for the Wendigo to handle. Three squads can fit within the Prionosuchus while twin power cannons and a volley of seeker grenades are launched forth to level structures and clear out garrisons as soon as they're located. The Prionosuchus is also extremely resilient and is immune to most battlefield secondary effects such as EMP, Radiation, Confusion, and Mind Control.
Temnospondyl Anti-Air Artillery Designed to kill airships as well as large concentrations of defences and units, the Temnospondyl is a hovering vehicle that fits in quite naturally with the Zephyr's numerous other base breaking units. It also carries the ability to fire self sustaining plasma arcs that are able to light up large segments of dark maps that can reveal stealthed units and provide wide safe zones (and danger zones to the direct area of impact) to let the Zephyr Revolt through such haunted hells and also severely debuffing enemy units caught by the blinding light.
Rebellitherium A companion to the shorter ranged Tyrannovenator, the Rebellitherium is a tracked vehicle that requires some time to stop to charge up a massive plasma rail gun that can penetrate multiple units at a time and can outrange nearly any non-artillery enemy vehicle put in front of it. The Rebellitherium is also able to release nanite charges to repair itself and nearby units and even restore fallen hulks to function if necessary; a boon given the Zephyr Revolt's limited supply of such things.
Boid Machine The a superheavy artillery unit in service to the Zephyr Revolt, the Boid Machine fires a massive plasma orb that oblierates all it touches in a wide area after deploying to fire the mighty weapon. Or it can fire a single nanite glob that can devour enemies on impact and convert them into useful assets.
Neurovenator The Zephyr's ground based strategic artillery packs a punch with a nanite thread spool that will leave battlefields wastelands of depiloted vehicles and dead infantry. Significantly larger than the Boid machine, the Neurovenator is fragile but absolutely deadly.
M.A.D.M.A.N A revival of the old MAD tank, the M.A.D.M.A.N takes some time to set up and its armaments are limited, but it doesn't really need them because the M.A.D burst obliterates virtually everything caught in it when it fires.

Working Vehicles

Minermite The Zephyr Revolt uses many small drone miners to do the work of retrieving ore for their war machine. Up to five can unload ore into their refineries at a time or fit into an ore mine, or ten into an ore shaft, while ore patches can be harvested from by a small army of pick-up truck sized drones scavenging every scrap of ore they can find. Already among the fastest miners Minermites can dig into the ground and traverse the subterranean or submarine spaces of the map to take alternate routes or open routes to underwater or underground ore without the help of other units and open pathways to the underground sections of a map.
Mother Anarchy The Zephyr Revolt's equivalent of the MCV has the noted advantage of being able to fly and bypass terrain obstacles that most other MCVs would find themselves stopped cold by.
Minerfly A means of drawing resources from more distant sources without establishing a refining outpost, the Minerfly can fly across the battlefield at high velocity to pick up ore loads while stealthed and return to base to deposit its ore with high speed and safety. Spotting it doesn't necessarily mean that one will be able to kill it however, as it can hack defences to shut them down and make a get away.


Sordes Scout A potent scouting VTOL, the Sordes flies high through the skies to put some eyes and ears where they're needed. Fighting with its power beam weapons when it needs to deal with a target, the Sordes Scout is considerably more lethal than most other scout helicopters of a similar mass. The Sordes can also modify the atmospheric haze of an area, increasing the line of sight of units within it (including itself) to make scouting easier.
Cathartes Gunship If it's infantry and enemy aircraft you can't stand, the Cathartes packs the power beams to hack them all down as its rotary gun rips through them in hideous numbers, while pressure missiles can quickly erode even the hardiest of structures. But if someone wants to try and just run past the Cathartes, they'll have to deal with a droppable stun grid that will lock enemies in place until its power charge runs out, letting it lock down even the toughest units. As if that wasn't enough, if they don't immediately hit an enemy they become a mine.
Puffinus Light Transport A light transport craft able to ferry three squads of infantry, two light vehicles or one tank in relative comfort, the Puffinus finds substantial use in covert ops due to its stealth and the ability to insert squads within the hold into garrisoned structures; clearing them and immediately seizing the structure. Nose mounted power beam repeaters help clear out the LZ before the attack is made.
Peregrinus Helicopter Killer This VTOL is well suited to killing other VTOLs of its speed category, such as helicopters. Crimson rockets and a wave disruptor make up deadly parts of its arsenal against other helicopters, and its ability to redirect shots aimed towards it with the kinetic pusher makes it especially feared.
Laridae Subkiller Submarines stand no chance against this sea prowler as it drops sonar drones into the water to find targets for its water penetrating sonic weapon to rip the targets apart. While able to find submarines on its own, its search radius is greatly augmented by the usage of sonar drones.
Sulidae Diverbee Extremely fast and extremely deadly, the Sulidae Diverbee packs a plasma railgun and infantry killing superheated pressure cannon in a rather small package. However concerns about resource efficiency and morale concerns about sending these brave drones to their doom have lead to the abandonment of the suicide capability, replacing it with the ability to "cook" a target in such a way as to slow its movement, damage its morale, and make it vulnerable to follow up weapon impacts.
Passeri Hack-Copter The Passeri offers powerful hacking capabilities that can shut down enemy offenses in their tracks and cut their accuracy down to a fraction. The Passeri is particularly effective against robotic units, and is even able to hijack them by focusing its electronic warfare capabilities in an area.
Nyctosaurus Confuser These robotic VTOLs hit their enemies with powerful hallucinogenic effects fired from their beams, which quickly reduce enemy formations to little more than chaos as they fire wildly at real and imagined targets; including each other. Nyctosauruses are also able to scramble similar effects such as hallucinations, mind control, PHS or other loyalty altering systems in an area around them.
Dimorphodon concealer Offering concealment to the forces of the Zephyr Revolt, the Dimorphodon can hide allies with mirage systems to make them appear to be something else entirely such as simple clouds or trees. They are also able to forcibly disguise enemies as your own forces; leading to less than fortunate friendly fire incidents as the foe doesn't know who to trust.
Natunaornis Overwatcher This potent support vehicle almost entirely serves to enhance the capabilities of the Zephyr Revolt, able to target an enemy with plasma overchargers that cause enemies afflicted to take extra damage on impact or release spinblade energies to greatly augment the speeds of all allies around them, whether its movement speed or attack speed. The Natunaornis certainly isn't something a commander should ignore if they wish to make theirs the best army possible.
Pterodroma Heavy Transport Large and in charge, the Pterodroma can ferry more than twice as many units as the Puffinus and packs considerably more armament, including broadside mounted pressure lances that are able to ensure that the Pterodroma's landings are not interrupted. If faced with enemy aircraft in the way, the Pterodroma will activate a temporary firestorm barrier and simply ram them to death as well.
Pterosaurus Aerial Slayer One of the most powerful and deadly air units in an already expansive and deadly arsenal, the Pterosaurus heavy VTOL strikes with rapid fire plasma railguns, and a wide area superheated pressurizer deadly against vehicles in particular, wiping out whole columns of enemy units at a time. If cornered, the Pterosaurus will also release a devastating pressure wave that will damage nearly everything around it, particularly dangerous to lighter aircraft.
Hatzegopteryx Air Defender Meant primarily to deal with enemy aircraft, the Hatzegopteryx uses kinetic traps in a rather novel way, redirecting an enemy aircraft's thrust into itself to shear off its method of flight in record time; doing more damage the faster and heavier the enemy aircraft is. They can also redirect the kinetic energies of enemy weapons unto themselves; making enemy weapons cause significan self damage while they're affected by the weapon.
Tropeognathus Air Blob A flying cluster of nanites that devour just about anything they come into contact with, the Tropeognathus deals substantial damage to enemies it touches in melee and can engage a hyperdrive system that lets it simply eat incoming enemy projectiles to heal itself and nearby allies.
Arambourgiania Air Cutter Designed for the confines of melee combat, the Arambourgiania is one of the fastest VTOLs in the world and its plasma rams are able to smash through nearly any obstacle, and once it gets its spinblades going it will quite literally buzzsaw its way through most targets with very little resistance; making it an excellent VTOL to use against slower and more durable enemy aircraft and can surround itself with a cyclone to deflect incoming projectiles.
Ornithocheirus Concealed Destroyer The most powerful non-airship VTOL in the Revolt's service, the Ornithocheirus is concealed via Mirage systems that make identifying it before it launches devastating attacks with M.A.D cannons and pressurised sonic cannons nearly impossible, and anything that tries to get too close quickly slams into an invisible plasma cyclone constantly surrounding the Ornithocheirus, which furthermore has a mind scrambler that suppresses the secondary powers of targeted enemy units for some time.


Istiodactylus Patrol Ship Making long patrols at great distances with the aid of a mirage system and powerful scanners that can reveal hidden units in the vicinity, the Istiodactylus can send mirage stealthed drones to harass enemies with crimson rockets and torpedoes; quite effective against ships that it manages to find in particular. These airships are well regarded for their ability to scan very distant areas to reveal everything there.
Geosternbergia Spoolship Extending deadly nanofibers in all directions, the mirage stealthed Geosternbergia ensnares and cuts into enemies with little effort and leaves those it kills coccooned by harvestible nanites that the Zephyr Revolt can use to fuel their war effort, and these well feared airships are even able to grab and pull enemies caught by them into the air to their likely doom; while garrisons are immediately cleared by their presence.
Phosphatodraco Lanceship A sort of precision mirage stealthed warship, the Phosphatodraco spits out accurate plasma railgun and pressure lance blasts to start making mincemeat of enemy vehicular assets from a significant distance or snipe at incoming aicraft; best suited to attacking slower craft. The Phosphatodraco is able to move surprisingly quickly by firing its guns in one direction to give itself a sudden and quite surprising boost.
Tupuxara E-Ship A menacing mirage stealthed electronic warfare airship that is able to make targeted enemies incapable of receiving their orders and disabling secondary abilities, the Tupuxara's intense jamming can also block out mind control, PHS and hacking and is also able to burn out sensitive components by dialing up the heat; damaging and blinding foes in a substantial radius.
Coloborhynchus Havoc Ship Hallucination is the name of the game with the Coloborhynchus as its Hallucination beams make targeted enemies receive nonexistent data and visions and prompting them to go haywire as they move and fire wildly in an effort to try and deal with imaginary foes or even their own allies or can make the hallucinations particularly terrifying to send the enemy into a panic to move out of the way.
Longicep Kinetic Ship Able to manipulate Kinetic energies to speed up allies and slow down enemies, the Longicep has the interesting ability of being able to parasite rate of fire to significantly speed up the rate of fire of allied units while inducing kinetic stresses upon the enemy to rip them apart.
Coragypus Sky-Artillery The Zephyr Revolt's powerful Thunderhead force does not lack for means with which to destroy structures, as the Coragypus can hunt the area for threats with its aerial spotter drones that first strike with area of effect power cannons and further serve to conceal the airship before the mighty craft fires its plasmarizer batteries to obliterate everything in the area designated by the drones; particularly fortified targets. It is also able to use its drones to stealth itself, allowing for sneaky raids against unsuspecting enemies.
Quetzal Maintainer These airships serve to keep the air fleet in peak condition with swarms of flying nanomachines slaved to the central drone that are able to conduct repairs as are needed. Enemies should beware however, as the Quetzal can turn its nanomachines on enemy targets, devouring them and producing even more nanomachines for the cause. A quetzal can also designate a nanite screen to protect a targeted unit, providing it with extra defence.
Philadelphiae Assault Ship If aerial transport in bulk is what you need, the Philadelphiae will have you covered with its enormous transport capacity and its ability to secure landing zones with plasma neutralisers and sonic weapons and cyclones that it can generate to screen an advance.
Icthyornis Aerial Bombarder The Icthyornis Aerial Bombarder pulverises ground targets with nanofiber spools and plasma orb casters that will level a massive area of effect in front of them. Able to fire at other aircraft; they can also deny large portions of the sky to would be trespassers.
Alanqa Aerial Supremacist Built to dominate the skies, the Alanqa rips apart enemy air assets with a swarm of Shrike Drones, crimson rockets, and deadly aerokinetic devices that can create supersonic aerial tornadoes to devastate large numbers of aircraft at a time. Even worse for the enemy are kinetically boosted sonic weapons that can rumble apart nearly anything in front of these mighty airships.
Cearadactylus Slamship The Cearadactylus Slamship is quite fast for such an armoured airship but that's because it's made to get as close to the enemy as possible, sucking out kinetic energy to make escape very unlikely before its plasma prow slams into foes and cutters spin to life to shred through anything it touches, with a cyclone swirling around it to guard its flanks that can blow enemies towards the craft's business end.
Lacusovagus M.A.D Bomber The Zephyr Counter to the Alliance Louis Airship, the Lacusovagus carries a large supply of M.A.D bombs and smaller secondary weapons to drop atop the heads of enemies for wide area of effect massive damage and is able to make use of kinetic traps to steal speed to augment the momentum of itself and allies.
Archaeopteryx Air Combatant The Archaeopteryx's weaponry is best suited to battling other heavy aircraft and airships, with plasma railguns, pressurizers, and wave disruptors that can overwhelm most enemy airships in quick succession. Archaeopteryx airships are also able to fire up kinetic deflectors to throw incoming shots back to their senders.
Northropi Tempest Ship Moving storm systems, Northropis shield themselves with hypersonic winds that are nearly impassible for most projectiles and attacks and can be swept across targets for enormous effect as extremely high pressure and extremely fast winds flense just about anything with ease. And that's before they create updrafts that will supplement their flaying winds with an inevitably painful reunion with the ground and rain down debris on the heads of enemies from kilometers away.
Tytonidae Sky Carrier Able to unleash six squadrons of Caracara Fighters, Falconidae Attack Planes, Kurochkini Interceptors, and Milvago Bombers, the Tytonidae can bring just about any need that the Zephyr Revolt's sky fleets might need to the table. But anyone hoping to kill a Tytonidae at closer ranges must deal with the deadly array of plasma weapons to deal with targets that pierce through the strike craft screen, and approaching from the rear is inadvisable as the craft can conjure a firestorm barrier that will instantly kill any aircraft that approaches from the rear vector.


With multiple secondaries possible, the deploy and return to base secondaries no longer need be the only such secondaires. Zephyr aircraft also never need to reload and rearm due to the Revolt's technology and can slowly repair while in the air. Jetstreams are the Revolt's light fixed wing aircraft.

Trigger Fighter The Trigger fighter is widely regarded as one of the best mass produced fighters in the world with a powerful array of crimson rockets and a mighty pressure lance that can obliterate most targets. Trigger Fighters can release a windburst that slams incoming projectiles away from itself and buffets nearby enemy aircraft.
Blaze CAS Craft The Blaze CAS Craft sweeps through targets with a powerful plasma repeater gun and anti-infantry pressurizers that can tear through units that approach it. The Blaze is also known for the cover penetrating wave disruptor it can use to damage enemies in a cone in front of it.
Mobius Interceptor A bomber killer par excellence, the Mobius Interceptor attacks with plasma railguns and parasited shredder drones that spin up plasma blades to saw through their targets. Mobius Interceptors are also known for their ability to activate a spinblade that substantially increases the speed of themselves and nearby aircraft.
Razgriz Tactical Bomber The Razgriz is known for a number of things, such as its ability to waveshift itself to simply pass through enemy defences and obstacles; though it cannot fire in this state, and the combination of kinetic boosted sonic weapons and nanofiber spools cannon it makes use of to obliterate defenses, walls, and enemies hiding in cover.
Strangereal Maritime Attacker The Strangereal's sonic cannons and air launchable torpedoes are exceedingly effective against sea based units, and the sonar buoys it can drop into the water make life quite difficult for submarines.
Silent Reaper Stealth Insertion The Silent Reaper makes use of mirage technology that can hide itself and other aircraft in the air to help with sudden, out of nowhere attacks made with its infantry and light aircraft gutting nanofibers. The Silent Reaper can also charge up single anti-vehicle and structure shots on command, though this necessitates an immediate return to base.
Wardog Stealth Defender The Wardog uses mirage technology to hide iself while it patrols for enemy aircraft before it reveals an unpleasant surprise in the form of a sudden superheated pressure blast that can blow open holes into slower moving aircraft and globs of nanites that it can launch to start gradually eating at a designated enemy aircraft.
Belka Stealth Killer The Belka makes use of mirage sysems that help disguise its approach before it fires off canisters of voracious but short lived nanites that will seek to consume as much of the battlefield and any enemy units they can find and turn them into usable resources while also healing allies caught in the blast. The Belka can also use its nanites to quickly create a defensive screen for itself and allies.
Markov Cyclonist The Markov is able to quickly whip up supersonic winds that it uses to cut through enemies that get too close to it, block off hostile projectiles, and disrupt formations of enemy aircraft and is able to create a tornado that will suck enemies up into the air and draw away oxygen; cutting a swathe through lighter units.
Count Mindbreaker For fast support against enemy trickery, the Count Mindbreaker's anti-subversion fields are there to quickly free the Zephyr Revolt's forces from the clutches of hacking, EMP, mind control, PHS, Hypnosis or other such effects and can fire off Benderbreak bombs that will make enemies attempting to use such abilities take substantial self damage.
Shamrock E-War plane The Shamrock gives the Revolt the edge in electronic warfare, hacking into enemy communications to make locking onto them a much simpler task and substantially harming their ability to dodge while also making it very difficult for the enemy to do the same to the Zephyr Revolt's own warriors. It can even hack into enemy targeting systems to make the enemy lock onto and fire on their own allies for a brief while.
Slash Hypersonic Attacker The Slash makes use of the Zephyr revolt's wind manipulation and incredible speed to create enormous sonic booms that will damage and disrupt large numbers of attackers all at once, and is ale to surround itself with a firestorm shield to ram straight through targets if the need arises.
Scarface Rapid Bomber The Scarface races towards a designated target at nearly immeasurable speeds that make it almost impossible to intercept before it smashes into the enemy with a single M.A.D bomb, making the Scarface extremely frustrating for enemies trying to hide behind defensive lines; and it is also able to drop a raccoon bomb to disable enemy secondaries temporarily.
Cipher Air Supremacy Craft The most powerful air to air single man platform in the known world, the Cipher Air Supremacy Craft can overcome even the Ajax and the Stormchild with its lethal array of weapons, blistering top speed and turning capability, and a forward facing firestorm generator that can gut enemy aircraft.
Galm Air Supporter The Galm offers unmatched speed to reach a target before using a combination of spinblades and kinetic alterers to offer the necessary ground support asked of it with lethal wave disruptors and plasma wave blasts that will clear out massive numbers of enemy ground targets; structure or unit; in front of it, and is able to activate a deadly downward firestorm generator to saw enemy units in half.


With multiple secondaries possible, the deploy and return to base secondaries no longer need be the only such secondaires. Zephyr aircraft also never need to reload and rearm due to the Revolt's technology and can slowly repair while in the air. Cyclones are the revolt's heavy fixed wing aircraft.

Ustio Street Sweeper The deadly wave disruptor blasts that the Ustio swipes across the battlefield simply annihilate infantry in enormous numbers; ignoring nearly any form of cover and armour and leaving vehicles crewless and empty in the aftermath. The Ustio can also launch out nanofiber spools that will spray out deadly fibers in all directions, cutting through most and ensnaring the others.
Sapin Pressure Cooker Sapins hit enemies with wave after wave of pressure lance blasts to open up large sections of an enemy armoured line without mercy; striking in a line in front of it as it dive bombs the enemy. The Sapin Pressure Cooker is also well known for the "pressure cook" where it subjects a large area to immensely increased pressure and heat to fry just about everything in the area.
Longcaster Maritime Patroller Sea targets are no match for the Longcaster's "shoutbox" pressurised sonic cannons that can go through water just as easily as the air, first firing at low intensities to detect any possible stealthed units before intensifying to the point of tearing apart ships and structures with ease. The Longcaster has the rather unusual possibility of being able to receive, amplify, and transmit enemy communications; even mumbled conversations; to give forewarning to ally and reveal everything they can see.
Thunderhead Transport Thunderhead Transports offer insertion capabilities for the Zephyr Revolt's units, able to carry substantial numbers of infantry or vehicles and powerful firesorm barriers that can be fired up to offer a bubble screen that other aircraft can take shelter in as they make their way to their targets to retrothruster drop Zephyr units onto the field.
Bandog AWACS While most AWACS planes stay far behind any conflict, the Bandog of the Revolt doesn't fear getting right into the thick of things as its powerful electronic warfare systems, shields, and self defense systems can keep it safe while it spots the area around it, designating targets for allies to enhance their effectiveness or engaging in massive hacking attacks to scramble enemy systems and is also able to take over enemy mechanical units through immensely powerful hacking attacks to turn them to the Revolt's service.
Osea Barrage Plane The Osea is a flying artillery unit with a volley of crimson macro-missiles that can strike at extreme range while a continually active cyclone around it obscures the craft and makes interception a risky business, and that's before it lowers the cyclone to rip through ground targets.
Edge Speedthief Plane The Edge makes the lives of the enemy's aircraft and projectiles miserable by sapping the kinetic energy of targets around it; draining their speed and enhancing that of the Revolt's own units. The Edge can feed the kinetic energy into plasma blade projectors to make it quite deadly in close quarters as well.
Emmeria Aerial Restoration The Emmeria helps to immediately clean up the messes that the Revolt's massive area of effect weapons often create by dropping canisters full of beneficial nanites that will repair units, heal infantry, restore damaged or destroyed structures, and clean up dangerous traps and hazards. Emmerias also can release airborne versions of their nanites for the benefit of other aircraft.
Yuktobania Hidden Hurricane The Yuktobania brings the power of the winds themselves to bear on the enemy over a massive area as these aircraft guide their winds around the battlefield, suppressing anything in sight; negatively affecting enemy accuracy and speed, pushing projectiles at them and killing enemy visibility, but their most feared ability is their capacity to simply shove away the air from a part of the battlefield, rapidly killing any unit not capable of surviving in space. Even worse is that its mirage systems disguise it as just another angry cloud.
Ofnir Strategic Bomber The Ofnir carries MAD warheads reverse engineered from the Alliance's old MAD Tanks that combine seismic shock with plasma waves that will annihilate large areas of the map when dropped, and what's more is that the Ofnir can also carry mines to ensure an area is impassable to the enemy as these well defended bombers push through enemy defenses.
Harbinger Gunship Armed with a pair of M.A.D cannons fitted in an underslung turret, a pair of plasma railguns per side, flank mounted power repeaters, a nose mounted sonic pressurizer turret, and a nanospool launcher on each flank, the Harbinger simply annihilates the targets it broadsides. If threatened, the Harbinger unleashes a nanite swarm around itself that will eat away at nearby targets and repair the aircraft and nearby allies.
Verusa Ramplane A heavy close combat aircraft is certainly a somewhat odd idea, but that's never stopped the Revolt before. Nanofiber snares and kinetic traps make approaching targets easier before the ramcutters activate to deal enormous damage and allow the craft to simply smash through just about anything that might be in the way; while firestorm barriers on the wings can be activated to turn them into cutting blades.
Flying Wing Pixy Aeroescort The Flying Wing Pixy accompanies the other heavy airplanes of the Zephyr Revolt to ward against incoming enemy aircraft that dare to hassle the Revolt's formations. A large array of weapons is supplemented by shrike drones carried by the Flying wing that will search for and destroy enemy aircraft until either they or their foes are shot down.
Arkbird Heavy Killer The fleets of the Zephyr Revolt need not fear other heavy airplanes as the Arkbird's power cannons, plasma macro-railgun, and crimson rockets can easily deal with other heavy aircraft that cross the path of the Jetstreams. Fiber traps can also disable and damage targets in front of the Arkbird.
Strigon Aerocarrier Armed with Nimbus crimson missiles and assorted secondaries. The Strigon carries Yellow, Aigaion, Wizard, and Sol aircraft within it, and is also able to be a base for other Zephyr Aircraft; offering faster but less durable aerial carrier capabilities than its Doldrum counterpart. Anti-projectile drones can also be launched by a strigon to protect allies.
Estovakia Psiclone Making use of the Zephyr Revolt's forrays into psychic technology, the Psiclone combines psionics with kinetic manipulation to tear through the enemy's morale like nobody's business; robbing them of so much as their ability to move in ways the Psiclone does not wish while leaving them hysterical from terror, leaving them easy to capture and making most enemies simply abandon the fight and willingly surrender to capture. The Psiclone also can make zephyr units unbreakable and significantly faster by adjusting its psiclone into a pspinblade.

Naval Units

Aspiration Drone A mechanical aquatic drone, the Aspiration makes use of a power beam weapon and plasma cutters to patrol the waters. On command it can deploy wings and fly to offer harassment support.
Longshore Patrol Boat Armed with a pressure lance, this fast moving Patrol boat keeps the waters safe for the Zephyr and can even locate and identify submarines and fire at them with the pressure lance. The secondary deploys a naval spinblade to augment the speed of itself and allies.
Direct Action Air-Patrol The direct action's crimson rockets and hallucination beam make it the perfect companion to the Longshore, shooting down enemy aircraft from a substantial distance with little issue while the hallucination beam drives enemies wild. The Direct Action may also use kinetic absorbers that will cause incoming enemy attacks to simply power its next shot up for a brief while.
People Power Lander The People Power Lander can carry up to two superheavies, three heavies, four mediums, five lights, six ultralights, or seven squads of infantry at a time in its spacious hull, and while the People Power is unarmed, it can suck in kinetic energy from enemies to slow them down and speed itself up to make its delivery.
General Strike Destroyer A heavier duty warship in the powerful Zephyr navy, the General Strike makes use of three sets of power cannons to tear open targets in its sights, and it is well known for the ability to create whirlpools in the water that disrupt enemy aim and force submarines to surface.
Mass Line Frigate Submarines are a substantial problem for any navy, but the mass line frigate has them covered with a deep-water pressure lance and sonic pulse weapon, the latter suppressing and gradually damaging the sub while the former goes in for the kill. Air units hoping to assault the Zephyr fleet must brave a series of power scatter cannons that will quickly make getting an accurate bead on Zephyr ships next to impossible. The mass line can also create air distortions by heating nearby water sources, reducing enemy accuracy even further and disrupting the flight of enemy aircraft.
Class Consciousness Submarine The primary combat submarine of the Zephyr Revolt makes use of powerful pressure lances that cut through the water and tear open target ships which are then filled with gouts of steam that devastate their crews from the inside. The Class Consciousness submarine can also snipe out the engines of enemy ships with a charged wave disruptor cannon.
Mass Movement Support Submarine The Mass Movement Support submarine offers nanite repairs to other submarines as well as hallucination capabilities to disrupt enemy naval formations, and can even lay hallucination naval mines in the water.
Union Syndicate Submersible Carrier The Union Syndicate Submersible Carrier can produce and launch up to four squadrons of Wardog, Strider, Garuda, and Spare Fighters, CAS, Bombers, and Interceptors at a time while wave disruptor weapons mounted in the ship can fire into the air to clear out aircraft. The Union Syndicate can also release hack enemy units to cripple their soft stats.
Gift Giving Cruiser The Gift Giving Cruiser offers the Zephyr navy the power of both devastating plasma railguns and MRLS systems that will devastate ships and aircraft alike from both long and short range. The gift giving cruiser can also launch nanites that can augment the capabilities of a target ship temporarily to ensure the fleet fights at its best.
Dual Power Aegis The Dual Power Aegis carries inside a substantial number of shrike drones who will ensure that the skies are cleared of any foe they encounter, and firestorm barriers to present impassable defences for enemy aircraft that still try to force the issue.
Solidarity Warship The seas belong to the Zephyr, and the Solidarity will ensure that comes to pass with its catastrophically powerful plasmafied power macro-cannons and secondary weapons that will reduce enemy ships to scrap metal in virtually no time at all, harming multiple targets at a time. The Solidarity can also activate a kinetic trap to drain rate of fire from its enemies to boost its own.
Production Seizer A very unusual purely mechanical ship, the Production Seizer mostly moves underwater before emerging to tear at the enemy ships with powerful armatures and cutters that will immobilise and pull apart an enemy ship while nanites work to devour the ship for resources as the Production Seizer gets to work, and it can use its kinetic manipulators to force enemy ships to move towards it.
Revolutionary Spirit Battleship Shore targets will know no safety from the Revolutionary Spirit as its immensely long ranged neutralisers burn through enemy assets on the ground, sweeping through wide areas of the battlefield and cutting down everything they touch as the neutraliser beams spiral through all opposition. The Revolutionary Spirit is also feared for its ability to bring up a series of nanofiber threads that will slap at incoming projectiles, cutting them apart and damaging and slowing enemy units that get too close.
Labour Revolt Carrier The Labour Revolt carrier can fit up to ten squadrons of Wardog, Strider, Garuda, and Spare Fighters, CAS, Bombers, and Interceptors at a time and up to four squadrons of land based aircraft to bring the Zephyr Revolt's mighty air force to the fray against any enemy opposition. Pressurizers and Vortex Manipulators are able to turn the air into hostile environments for enemy aircraft, disrupting their lift and fouling their engines with superheated and high pressure gas to send them crashing down if its personal defenses don't already take care of that.
Popular Uprising Submarine These submarines are feared for their nanofiber spools that can charge up and launch a beautiful but ridiculously deadly sweep of threads that will wipe away all enemy opposition, leaving vehicles and infrastructure intact but killing all life; leaving them free to be taken by the Zephyr while anything surviving is entangled in its web. The Popular Uprising is also able to hack into enemy comm systems to spot its own targets.

Commandos and Epic Units (and Epic Base Defence)

Finality and Certainty A brother and sister pair of Commandos, the two siblings serve as the long range commandos of the Revolt. Infantry are shredded by a rapid fire wave-disruptor sniper that ignores any cover they try to seek from Finality while Certainty's pressure blast cannon does massive damage against vehicles that present themselves in a wide area of effect, typically one shotting anything less than a superheavy. The two can also fire a tandem shot that releases an anti-everything orb of destruction that will damage everything caught in the line regardless of whatever cover it has and regardless of any obstacles until the orb loses energy. At short range, Finality makes use of a a pressure bayonet while Certainty makes use of power fists on her suit.
Redemption The Angel of Mercy for the Zephyr, Redemption is a flight capable mechanical commando who packs destabilizer weapons that weaken the foes she faces ahead of her and rapidly breaks them down and nanite swarms that can quickly heal and repair friendlies to keep them in the fight. If needed, she also has an extremely powerful hallucination inducer that will send enemies in an area of her choice into a berserk frenzy. Getting close to her is not advised as her glaive is even deadlier than her destabilizer.
Hurricane A flying, immensely durable but slow infantry artillery commando whose plasma orbs can quickly obliterate large sections of the enemy line in the air or sky with hypersonic winds that can shred through nearly anything and float whatever is still left into the air to be tropped to their doom, Hurricane is a powerful machine who can suck the air out of an area to lay waste to anything that needs oxygen to function. The winds surrounding Hurricane are virtually impassible for nearly any would be melee attacker and protect nearby allies as well.
Curiosity and Initiative Lovers in arms, Curiosity brings a rather curious weapon in the form of a plasma ram blade and a firestorm barrier to the fray mounted to her armour while Initiative makes use of a power hammer and kinetic exploder in his hands; smashing large numbers of enemies aside with each blow. The two are highly skilled in counter-psionics and are extremely durable; able to draw most enemy attention to themselves while Curiosity fires up the firestorm barrier to make herself invulnerable with a psychic pulse that negates enemy morale, discipline, or psionic effects and renders allies unbreakable.
Liberation A flying, durable, and deadly commando, Liberation packs quite the punch with ensnaring nanofiber tendrils that reach out and impale targets and literally wrap them up to immobilise them; fired quite rapidly and often simply swept through a battlefield to kill enemies. Liberation is also able to convert coccooned enemies into upgrades for Zephyr units to give them the best possible chance against large numbers of enemies.
Eureka A young lady of unknown origins and a flying hero of the Revolt; Eureka takes some time to fire, but when she does the enormous M.A.D wave she generates can virtually annihilate an entire army in a single shot, making her perhaps the most destructive commando against large numbers of foes, and at close range she simply whips through her foes with a plasma lash. She can fire up spinblades to massively accelerate not only her own speed but those of all allies.
Aftershock & Rumbler You thought you saw a mass of formidable enemies but all you really saw was the last moments of an enemy base before these two commandos reduced it to little more than a pile of rubble. Equipped with a pressurised sonic basswave projector and a power-tri cannon respectively; Aftershock and Rumbler are well known for their ability to appear from nowhere due to their ability to dig rapidly and ambush enemies just about anywhere on the map; heavily damaging anything they emerge beneath from which their allies can pour through. Even better is that both of their weapons pierce through any and all obstacles, letting them level a fortified position in barely any time at all. Approaching them up close is also usually not recommended.
Obscurity & Menace Two mirage capable stealth robots, Obscurity and Menace are the subversive commandos of the Revolt. Some of the most powerful hacking machines available to the Revolt; they can subvert the allegiance of mechanical units, shut down enemies with hacking so potent that they require repairs to function properly again, make mechanical systems fire upon targets of their choosing or even remotely capture buildings and can kill silently through destabilisers or simply devouring enemies in melee combat into their nanite mass as these mirage capable commandos work their way through a base; wreaking all kinds of havoc.
Triumph If there's someone who can beat Triumph one on one in air combat, they haven't been found yet. Triumph flies the "Conquest of Clouds" aircraft, superior to even the Cipher Air Supremacy craft; with its missiles being fitted with short lived firestorm generators that can split even the toughest aircraft apart, while the main weapon is a tandem destabilizer-neutralizer that weakens and then rips apart the targets that it locks onto in seconds. The kinetic absorbers in Triumph's craft lets her simply absorb enemy shots temporarily to power up her own craft.
Hope The greatest bomber in the Zephyr Revolt, Hope can be described as what would happen if you made a Harbinger really, really fast to the point of being able to shoot up out of the atmosphere and then arrive at the destination with almost no possible means of interception while they let loose with their upgraded arsenal; usually being durable enough to pull back before the A.I pilot is shot down.
Valiance Valiance is the supreme vehicular ace of the Zephyr Revolt, an AI operating a machine not unlike the Tyrannovenator designated as the Tyrannovenator Megas. The Tyrannovenator Megas always has its infantry shredding fields up and moves significantly faster than his kin, while wave disruptor cannons in the wrists soften up enemies in tandem with his plasma blades. Valiance also can afflict enemies with a powerful destabilizer, which has the added effect of making most vehicles vulnerable to his infantry killing field.
Uprising Best described as a mobile Plasmarizer, Uprising is a female artillery ace whose cannon explodes into a cover ignoring M.A.D pulse that can wipe out a massive section of the battlefield once it finishes charging; depiloting anything not outright killed by the blast. Uprising also can launch a special "neutraliser orb" that will fly to its intended range and then collapse into a sphere that will fire off neutraliser beams in all directions, wandering around and blasting everything it can.
Carcharodontosaurus A big bipedal robot with big weapons, the Carcharodontosaurus is the Revolt's most powerful ground unit. Firestorm blades carve through just about anything known and unknown to man at close range and plasma neutraliser eyebeams vaporise just about everything on the ground while enormously powerful electronic warfare systems make it nearly impossible for the enemy to do very much of anything in its presence, its footsteps generating directed M.A.D pulses to sear away enemies while crimson rockets lash out at aircraft in large numbers. The Carcharodontosaurus is especially infamous for is power to overload virtually all forms of communication; making it impossible for enemies in a significant radius to take any sort of commands or report what they can see for a substantial period of time.
Arsenal Bird Aerocitadel The Arsenal Birds are widely feared as perhaps the most powerful fixed winged aircraft in the world. Built around a MAD pulse cannon and bristling with other secondaries, the Godfall's MAD pulse simply deletes everything it touches while neutralizers, pressurizers, destabilizers, crimson rockets, carried aircraft, and vortexes destroy everything else that the Godfall passes over, all while constantly draining their kinetic energy to slow them and augment its own speed when near foes. But if a foe proves to be especially persistant the Godfall can fire a self replicating Nanofiber spool that silences all enemies caught by it.
Universal Liberator Ship The Epic ship of the Zephyr, with a build limit of one like all Super-Ships, the Universal Liberator is a mighty carrier and battleship and a one vessel armada. Its power to create a major vortex in an area to shred everything within that area while boosting the capabilities of Zephyr units within makes it invaluable for the fight for freedom, in addition to its tremendous power.
M.A.D Cannon The ultimate defensive structure of the Revolt and a fortress for dozens of squadrons of infantry, vehicles, aircraft; and fitted with multiple defense turrets of its own, the M.A.D Cannon fires a special beam that explodes into a M.A.D pulse that can make whole armies disappear in the blue-green inferno unleashed; wiping out everything from the skies to the underground touched by the pulse. The Final Bastion at the Bering Sea is defended by multiple such cannons; and after seeing just one fire once will understand why even the Imperial Japanese Navy could not breach the Final bastion.

Assassination Target

Spiridus Aerofortress A flying fortress and command centre for the Zephyr Revolt, the Spiridus is primarily an air carrier that can launch up to six squadrons of aircraft at a time, with most of its weapons being meant for close and medium range defence. It has a kinetic trap to try and escape bad situations when necessary however and while not a match for the Arsenal Birds, the Spiridus is still more than a match for most other aircraft.


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