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Galactic Syndicated Communes
The sigil of the Communes
Playstyle Technical, Synergetic Warfare
Faction Colour Platinum
Type Null Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below"

- "Good Morning Starshine", from the musical Hair

The Zeelich Communes are a Null faction created by the Red Star Rising. An egalitarian democratic society that has reached the post-scarcity era and attained a level of development that the Soviet Union would label as being truly communistic; the Communes are in many ways the antithesis of the Totalitarian and Social Darwinistic Ecumene and just as the Ecumene are based on vicious alien invaders in fiction; the Communes draw from benevolent aliens. Also influenced by Westwood/Petroglyph's other RTS games; the Zeelich are a force that bring high technology and a highly technical means of waging war on the battlefield with an arsenal from the stars themselves.

At a Glance

Faction Color Platinum
Intended Players Petroglyph RTS players
Theatre of Operations Space, Anywhere
Strengths Weaponry ignores a lot of the strengths of enemy units, potent secondary abilities, high disruption ability and mobility
Weaknesses Straight up conventional firepower tends to be lacking, Robotic infantry are fragile, regular infantry are costly,
Motives Post-Scarcitism, Liberation, Anti-Ecumenism, Egalitarianism
Basic Look Shiny, hopeful space futurism


Collateral Collectivism

The Commune began as the Zeelich first left their homeworld of Alendra, having already achieved unity and having done so under a global system of consensus democracy aided by their technology and psychic powers. With their different abilities and psychology, the Zeelich had reached the stars as a society that had outgrown the boundaries of class and monetary economy and this system only further reinforced itself as they developed their technology. Assimilating many other species into their rapidly growing system of society thanks some fortune in being so quick to reach FTL in their area, they became known as a peace and pleasure-loving people who warred only reluctantly and for a time, their weapons of war sat in storage largely unused.

But as they began to explore beyond their neck of the universe. they started to find that their way of life was not accepted everywhere. Some were afraid of their often seemingly-hedonistic ways, others of their near-total democratization of society or their continual psychic communion and aptitude. Others simply saw their expansion and the incorporation of lower tech species as a grievous threat to their established order. Chief among these was a society known as the Civilized Meritocratic Ecumene, the authoritarian Ukrazol-governed society and its social darwinist order saw seeing the Communes an ideological threat as well as an imperial rival.

To the Communes, the filing of everyone into certain niches based on the recommendations of A.I.s, the present monarchical institutions, the unflinching deference to hierarchical authority and the shackling of all A.I.s made the Ecumene strange and uncomfortable. Even other cosmic superpowers they found such as the Star Imperium of Izandrakht; which while also monarchical, still had much stronger conceptions of democracy, seemed to fit the Communes' way of life better than the Ecumene and its allies. Still, when war between the Ecumene and the Imperium first broke out, they sought to keep its involvement on the Imperium's side of the war limited to a volunteer basis, not wishing to engage in a total war over a fight that wasn't its own.

However, continued Ecumenical raids on the Communes' territory and ships and those of its partners to prevent trade from reaching the Imperium and its allies and continued diplomatic bungling as well as the reports of the soldiers on the front made the Ecumene the Commune's problem in good time. The Ecumenical bloc, having already fought itself to exhaustion with the Imperial Alliance, found its gains reversed by the offensives of its new enemies. Armies were smashed, fleets were ruined and the Ecumenical government went for hell and high water to rebuild for a vicious counter attack that brought the war grinding to a halt and lead to a peace that left very few satisfied to any degree.

Great Offworld War

When the Ecumene doubled down on its values and drifted away from flirtations with democracy in favor of radicalizing what they already had, the Communes had their own shift in character as they realized the magnitude of the foe they were facing. They became even more collectivist, more warlike, more eager to spread their way of life; though they would prefer not going to war if they could help with, they realized that the Ecumene would be an enemy for the long haul. So, the Communes took up the task of working to counteract the Ecumene's expansion and power without drawing themselves into a direct war. For the sake of trying to ensure that escalation did not go out of control, the Communes would generally work to counteract Ecumenical observation fleets with task forces only about as advanced as the technology grade used as the Observational fleet in question, assembling them as volunteer task forces who accepted the risks knowing that they would be acting without the protection of the greater communes.

This lead to a great many little conflicts with the Ecumene between assorted plausibly and not so plausibly deniable forces that while not all-out wars, were often fiercely fought conflicts between the two societies. Often but not always, the culture fought over would join up with the Communes if they successfully managed to fight off the civilizing fleets, other times they would choose to go it alone or merely ally with them, other times yet another culture was absorbed beneath the banner of the double lightning bolt. But the two would generally limit their attempts to interfere in large-scale conquests or absorptions for fear of triggering an all out war before either was ready for such a conflict.

This has produced a long standing great game as the two (and other spacebourne societies) sought to keep the other in check, whether it was in terms of political influence, ideological spread, military growth, or territorial acquisition. Throughout this journey in the stars, they encountered other societies that they often either befriended or ended up adding to the list of their enemies. The enigmatic Scrin and their spread of their Ichor across the stars soon lead to the Communes deciding that they too an enemy of the people of the universe, as did the rapacious expansion of the so-called Hierarchy and the genocidal Shroud who spread a silence throughout the stars as they silenced whole societies at the time.

Just as the Ecumene started to treat the Hierarchy, the Shroud, and the Scrin as enemies as well, the Communes also began to find more allies: (the human-like) Masari and the Beta who fought hard to survive and flee from the Shroud. The data collected by the Hyksos would also find a new life in the Communes even with the extinction of their society at the hands of the Scrin, which would be invaluable in ensuring that their society would be better equipped to battle it out with them. But the constant state of cold war and proxy war that the universe seemed to be in would eventually lead the Communes elsewhere.

Tracing the fleet movements of Arakrast, the Communes would enter the arm of Orion as they sought to contain his aggressive campaign of expansion. However with how entrenched he was, a general offensive against him would likely spark a second universal war, so they decided to wait for a chance to inflict a real reverse on him and if possible; take him out of the picture. This task fell onto Alaranii-Meela (literally Fleet-Leader) Emiyra Reenya Aloros, who took her task force and followed their fleet to a little blue world colloquially known as Earth.

Not Too Quiet on the Earth Front

The Communes sought to disguise their own fleet in the orbit of the fifth gas giant of the solar system, far beyond the orbit of Neptune and past the positions of both the Jovian Fleet and the Scrin Kuiper belt fleet. Nestling itself into its orbit and its magnetic field, this planet would serve as the anchor point for their fleet. Acting in limited fashion to prevent the Ecumene from finding their location, Arazandril acted without much support beyond her fleet deep into Ecumenical territory. The first Earth-bound operations didn't exactly leave much to be impressed by, the planet was in the midst of WWI and all the technology displayed was unremarkable and primitive.

She fought to make sure that the Ecumene would avoid getting too bold, letting them know that they couldn't operate on the Earth without interference. However, the population of the Earth managed to surprise the experienced crew and population of the fleet. The first unusual thing was the early development of directed energy weapons, which was rather quicker after an industrial revolution than most cultures other than the Zeelich themselves that the Communes had reached. The other was how slow they were to pursue atomic research with even rudimentary forms of nuclear reactions remaining out of the reach of humanity for decades.

However human technology proliferated in a great number of odd paths, and the fleet came to realize that if this planet were to fall to the Ecumene they would be faced with a foe branching into all sorts of technological paths thought closed to the their scientific means. This meant that the battle for Earth would have to be fought and won at any cost to ensure that their developments did not fall into the hands of the Ecumene. For the sake of more than just the Earthlings or killing Vra'Kul'Mal, the Earth would have to be defended against the crushing might of the Jovian fleet and Ukrazol totalitarians, lest he returns home with a massive haul of technology and advance the Ecumenical war machine.

With the arrival of Tiberium on the planet, the increasing diversification of the Earth's technology and the introduction of all manner of strange new actors, the situation on the planet grew even more complicated. From what the Communes could tell, the genocidal Kumun, the domineering Legion and the menacing Protectorate could not be allowed off the planet, and the Concordiat proved to be intractably hostile to alien life of any sort as well as staunchly totalitarian in its own way.

Even more conventional factions showed some worrying signs. The Soviets were authoritarian, the Allies and Syndicate could be corrupted to the Ecumene, secretive forces frequently tangled with them, the Empire's worship of its Emperor was off-putting on a fundamental level to the Communes and the Technate freely played around with the forces of nature around them. All the while, even as the Ecumene stepped up its involvement on Earth, the Scrin had also begun to launch the first probing, exploratory assaults on the Earth. For all her experience, this may be Emiyra and her fleet's most challenging mission ever.

Gameplay Mechanics


  • Tachyon weaponry: Tachyon weaponry moves faster than the speed of light and thus ignores a lot of the target's evasion stat and has something of a pseudo-homing effect.
  • Neutron Guns: Neutron weapons ignore a portion of the targets armour rating when they hit them, and against vehicles or garissoned buildings; cause some damage to the crew or the infantry inside with every hit.
  • Gluon nullifiers: Deadly weapons, Gluon nullifiers rewrite the laws of physics on the target to make it impossible for gluons to continue to hold together a target; resulting in the particles holding their atoms to simply cease to be; causing them to die explosively.
  • Null matter: A special form of matter that weakens the bonds of matter on impact, null matter strikes can rapidly reduce the maximum hit points of a target until they can be taken out with ease by any weapon in the arsenal.
  • Hard-light: While the Communes don't usually use hard-light energy weapons like the Ecumene or the Federation; they do use them for shielding, blades, bridge-building, and other utility purposes.
  • Psi-weapons: Weapons that take advantage of the psychic abilities of a Zeelich user, these amplify and charge their psychic energy into weapons that not only cause pysical damage, but heightened morale damage and can cause targets to break and flee, throw themselves to the ground, or simply die from cerebral detonation.
  • Battlesuits & Robotics: Though the Communes generally prefer lighter battlesuits to the Ecumene's designs, they are nontheless still quite formidable and provide for truly great speeds for the user.
  • Femtotechnology: Used for much of the same purposes the Ecumene does, though Femtospore weapons are considered abhorrent by the communes.
  • Time Dilation: The Communes are at a technological level where they can alter the flow of time, allowing them to greatly accelerate time to provide speed boosts or slow it to a crawl to keep units moving slowly or to prolong life in the case of critical injuries.
  • Phased matter: The Communes have found a way to phase matter in such a way as to let solid objects no longer be solid, allowing things to simply pass through them or easily enter metaspace through which they can appear to teleport short distances.

Power Mechanics

The Central base building of a Zeelich base can power the rest of the base entirely on its own, but all Zeelich buildings save for defensive structures must be connected by destructible conduits to either their Field headquarters or to an outpost; if these are severed, any building that was relying on that connection loses power.

Resource Mechanics

Zeelich resource buildings are actually built on top of the mine, where the resources are pumped through the conduit to provide resources for the base; allowing for a continuous supply of resources. Severing the conduit links however, cuts the flow of resources instantly.

Tiering mechanics

Increased tiers are made available by upgrading a central headquarters building to the next stage of its design, where it becomes increasingly durable and well defended and increasingly reinforces its conduits (and eventually adds defenses to them as well). Each central headquarters building must research tiers independently. Outposts can also be upgraded.

Commune Indigenous Rescue Force

"Whoever - or - whatever those nippers were, it ain't porky that our [CENOSRED] haven't been carked back there thanks to 'em. I'm sure as hell not gonna come the raw [CENSORED] prawn with you today; if I were 'ta kick the bucket today, go up to the heavenly gates and see none of 'em in there, I'd leap all the way from the sky straight down to Brizzie just so those nippers are gonna rescue my [CENSORED] like earlier."

- Browncoat Bob Harris, after the highly-anomalous and classified "Battle of Yuendumu"


Central Headquarters Providing power for the entirety of a Zeelich base and taking care of all construction, the Central Headquarters is the nerve center of a Commune base
Fortified Headquarters A higher level headquarters, Fortified headquarters are packing heat in the form of a number of tachyonic cannons to keep away those who would try to strike the HQ itself while shielding can absorb staggering punishment
Fortress Headquarters Now also packing gluon nullifiers and time dilators that rob incoming projectiles of most momentum, fortress headquarters are extremely tough and dangerous to any enemy units who approach them; and can be garrisoned by infantry to further toughen them up.
Conduit Funneling supplies and power to the rest of the base, conduits connect all parts of the Commune base to the central structures; and without which nothing can function. Corners and every fourth section of conduit can mountone of the smaller turrets on top.
Fortified Conduit Toughened up with shields, Fortified conduits can have a turret mounted on every other section of conduit.
Fortress Conduit Now with time dilators that can slow down nearby enemies and peed up your own units and capable of having every segment mounting a turret with the corners now being able to house an infantry squad; Fortress Conduits are formidable aspects of base defense.
Secondary Headquarters Set up by Messenger of hope vehicles, Secondary Headquarters are a cheap way to expand one's control without paying for an entire new headquarters.
Fortified Secondary Headquarters An upgrade of the secondary headquarters, the fortified secondary headquarters can garrison two squads of infantry and is covered by shielding to block incoming enemy fire and increase their durability.
Fortress Secondary Headquarters An upgrade of the fortified secondary headquarters, not only do they now have time dilators to give Commune forces an edge while the battle is fought in their vicinity, they can garrison three squads of infantry and now pack powerful tachyon cannons to pulverize the enemy
Infantry Housing facility Meant to house, feed, equip, and offer on the field training for the infantry of the Commune, these facilities are vital for getting soldiers on the battlefield.
Robotic Fabricator Producing the robotic helper units of the Commune's armies on the battlefield, these fabricators can put vital bulk for one's armies in the field.
Mineral Extractor Built on top of ore or gem nodes, mineral extractors provide resources for the Commune's machine of liberation.
Vehicular Fabricator It is from here that the Commune's land vehicles are produced.
Aerial Fabricator It's from these facilities that the powerful wings of freedom take flight to battle the forces of oppression; four strike craft can be housed and repaired in them, and unlike other airfields they are housed indoors; and cannot be targeted from the outside.
Aquatic Fabicator The majestic fleets of the communes are assembled, fabricated, and released from here and can return here for repairs as needed.
Combat Nullification Beacon Firing a powerful psychic signal with added technopathic capabilities; the Nullification beacon commands all parties on the battlefield to stop fighting; enforcing a temporary ceasefire.
Harbinger of Peace The harbinger of peace is a device that releases a special, very targeted series of femtospores that disintegrate all military equipment they can touch; leaving enemy soldiers naked, without shelter, and without weapons and thus with no choice but to surrender to Commune troops. Fliers have their pilots gently dropped onto the ground while sailors are kept in rafts. In extreme temperature conditions the soldiers are enwrapped in environmentally sealed cocoons until they can be picked up.



Dawn Guard Dawn Guards are Zeelich soldiers equipped with basic battlesuits and armed with tachyonic rifles capable of hitting a target before they're even fired, allowing them to ignore most of their targets' ability to dodge. Being psychically gifted means they can also engage in a throat crush maneuver that sends the target to its knees; coughing and gasping for breath after taking substantial damage.
Hopebringer Zeelich soldiers armed with neutron cannons that can quickly neutralize enemy vehicles and garrisons, hopebringers can also set down potent anti-tank spider mines which can rush at approaching vehicles and detonate in their face for substantial damage.
Serene Mendicants Floating, jellyfish like aliens known as the Cinerodakons, Serene Mendicants can activate phase shifters to let them simply pass through enemy fire while psychic and hard-light barriers help deflect enemy shots as they work to seize enemy technology, serving as the Engineers of the Commune intervention force
Dusk Ender These burly Terrapon warriors heft tachyonic repeater cannons that are devastating suppression weapons, their powerful shelled frames tough and their attitudes even tougher. Dusk Enders can draw up on heavy grit, natural regeneration powers, and suit self repair systems to engage in a "last stand" where they are immobile but heal at a swift rate.
Guardinals Drawn from a species well suited for close quarters combat, the Kharrim are humanoid creatures built like four armed big cats whose hard-light blades and gravitic impulse packs let them wreak havoc in melee and get into melee at high speeds; while null matter pistols help keep the heads of enemies down.
Fear killer Zeelich soldiers using powerful tachyon sniper rifles, Fear Killers are adept at taking out the enemy with weapons that hit before they're ever fired. Using "battle sight" abilities, Fear Killers can psychically link with other soldiers to allow them to get a bead on enemies in the sight of friendlies that are well out of what is nominally their range.
Dragon Downers Fungoid aliens known as the Zufbon, these keen, swift reflexed infantry are trusted with taking down enemy aircraft, wielding special cluster gluon missile launchers while time dilators work to massively accelerate the missiles to the point that most aircraft simply can't dodge them. Dragon Downers can also use special physics altering devices that reverse the effects of anti-gravity devices that make gravity much stronger in an area, making it much harder for planes to pass them.
Celestial Caretaker Plant derived aliens called the Florillites, Celestial Caretakers provide vital medical services; distributing femtospore treatments while those who try to attack them are met with powerful psionic beams to discourage attempts at attacking them. They can also create telekinetic barriers to provide some added defenses to other units.
Rays of Light Ulkrazor defectors equipped to be special forces with stealth frames, Rays of light go into battle with deadly tachyonic scatter blasters and neutron guns and always pack some gluon nullifier grenades to wipe out large numbers of enemy units
Angels of Battle Feathered, serpentine flying infantry from the Coataliara species, Angels of battle fly above the field of battle to rain havoc down on the field with their psionic weapons which are deadly to infantry and vehicles alike while potent psionic effects can grab at infantry, battlesuits and light vehicles and lift them out of the cover and into the skies while other infantry tear them apart.
Shadow Dispeller The infiltrators of the communes are luminous beings of intelligent energy that are capable of shifting their image to disguise themselves, while their forms can literally burn through most forms of protection quite easily. Phase packs allow them to teleport short distances to get into range of their targets as needed.
Justicars The officers of the task force are themselves; primarily Zeelich; wielding powerful Psionic guns that can tear through large numbers of units while continually radiating an aura of psychic inspiration, they can instead focus their psychic gifts on an individual target to tear through their morale; forcing them to surrender in short order.
Tyrandra The Commune Commando is a Zeelich High Justicar with heavily developed psionic abilities that allow her to bring about the surrender of multiple units around her; quickly annihilating the morale of enemy units who instead of running, lay down their arms and submit themselves to capture while lashing at other units with psi-whips that can carve through even the thickest of armour; or she can select an enemy unit to mentally pick up and throw like a soft ball, dealing damage proportionate to the size of the unit thrown to everything in its path. It matters not how large the unit is, even assassination targets can be lifted by her mind and so thrown.

Robotic Infantry

Valiant Liberators Robots equipped with hard-light claws; valiant liberators are cheap, massable infantry whose hexapedal gait and keen sensors let them run down would be infiltrators to be targeted by debilitating sonic howls that can shatter the morale of targets.
Radiant Soldier Combat drones meant to supplement their organic counterparts, these mass producible bipedal combat robots carry both null matter casters and tachyon guns to let them serve as supplementary basic infantry in the face of enemy firepower, and can self destruct to blast open holes in enemy formations.
Benediction Supply Drone Carrying the supplies needed for Commune soldiers to really go weapons free, Benediction Supply Drones offer firepower boosts to soldiers near them while offering them support with Null matter repeaters to weaken targets.
Night Shatterer Anti-tank drones that can stand still and partially bury themselves while setting up hard-light shields, Night Shatterers can pummel enemy tanks into oblivion with rapid fire shots from their neutron guns and hold a line with exquisite ability
Valor Raiser Mortar drones that can fire on the move, Valor raisers ensure the enemy never has a moment's peace while gluon nullifier pulses fall on their heads from on high or can strike down aircraft from a long range.
Resplendent Aides Flight capable drones who can recover fallen vehicles and repair functioning but damaged ones, Resplendent aides can also pluck enemy units up and then drop them with the systems they use to interact with friendly vehicles.
Heroic Salvation Burrowing drones that can give your forces a passage underground (and to counter the enemy's attempts at burrowing underneath you), Heroic Salvations can also apply their formidable burrowing tools to melee combat where they can prove to be quite formidable
Radiant Rescuer Bringing light into dark sections of the battlefield, radiant rescuers are useful in nightfighting and for inflicting penalties on enemies who don't handle the light all too well. They can also convert their hard-light projectors into hard-light weapons, letting them carve apart enemies in melee; or use them to throw enemies to the ground.
Joyous Reclaimer Joyous Reclaimers work to deal with terrain that has been overtaken by terraforming effects in order to move the way for Zeelich forces, firing special cleansing femtospore weapons that can disarm enemies to make them capturable, but are primarily meant to undo and clear terraforming effects.
Ocular Redeemers Scout Robots who excel at discovering hidden enemies, Ocular Redeemers defeat stealth in a wide radius around them with sophisticated sensors and can disguise other units near them to aid in their infiltration duties, and if cornered; strike with expertly wielded hardlight blades and small tachyon repeaters, though their frailty means its best to keep these flying infantry scale machines out of harm's way, perhaps by landing them.
Bringers of Beneficence By some coincidence the Bringers of Beneficence have a remarkable resemblance to the common depictions of angels. Flying through the air with hard-light wings ready to stab out and impale nearby aircraft, the Bringers of Beneficence maneuver to get into place to charge up and fire a devastating Neutron beam that deal devastating damage to superheavy units in particular.
Lovers of Peace Meant to quell conflicts, Lovers of Peace entrap enemy units in hard-light bubbles, rendering them unable to harm anyone; and then slowly destroy the equipment of the targeted unit while building a cocoon of femtomaterials around the persons, leaving them to be picked up for safe capture.


Serenius Light combat cars armed with quick firing tachyon guns on turret mounts, these hovering vehicles can also project hard-light barriers to wall off sections of a battlefield
Abjurion Infantry-fighting vehicles wielding a heavier tachyon repeater, Abjurions can skirmish quite well with infantry and battlesuits and can also release special light manipulation fields that can stealth one other unit to let them get where they need to go unseen
Superiar A transport armed with a neutron gun to help infantry push into dense areas, these vehicles are tough and get the job done.
Luminaria Triple Neutron gun equipped light tanks, the luminaria has an usual structure that allows the guns to rotate around the front as they maintain their high rate of fire; devastating enemy units while phase shifters let them bypass obstacles or enemy attacks.
Solarions Solarions deal with the question of air units via powerful tachyon guns aimed skywards that can tear through planes with terrifying ease due to how hard it is for them to evade their gaze. Solarions can also induce areas of spacetime-flux in the air, causing planes to find themselves in a space-loop where they continually end up in the same space and rendering them vulnerable to heavy fire.
Tauria The sleek, elegant main battle tanks of the Communes are fast and alternate between Neutron and Gluon weapons depending on the target while they can activate time dilators to give them a chance to dodge incoming shots if sufficiently threatened.
Commandia Used to build outposts where needed, Commandia can traverse any terrain needed to expand te Commune's presence on a battlefield
Attendra Light artillery units that bombard the enemy position with gluon blasts, Attendra can fire on the move and harass enemy positions while phase sifters can let them teleport out of harms way if somehow caught despite their speed.
Lunarians Powerful turetted tank destroyers, Lunarians fire devastating neutron beams that can pierce through multiple tanks at a time; potentially wiping out whole columns of vehicles at a time while light shifters keep it hidden. Using hard-light, Lunarians can make false images of themselves to serve as decoys for the enemy to fire at.
Liberiors Firing gluon time dilated missiles from its racks of such warheads, Liberiors are the eavy artillery of the Communes; pummeling enemy positions with deadly fire, or with time dilation warheads to slow enemy advances to a crawl.
Fabricatrans Fabricatrans are the all important vehicles that set up Headquarters for the war effort and function much like any other MCV.
Zenithans Devastatingly powerful strategic artillery; Zenithans fire psychically impregnated blasts into orbit only for them to come back down and hammer enemy positions with a fiery vengeance when they land again; though they must deploy to fire.
Apexia The superheavy of the Communes is a hovering mech with an enormously powerful Gluon nullifier beam cannon in the head and tachyon batteries in its wings to deal with smaller targets; and on command null matter guns on the arms can be commanded to open fire on the target, softening them up for the main weapons.


Rain Catcher Highly sophisticated air to air combatants that fire nearly undodgeable tachyon beams, Rain Catchers can warp time around them to allow them to quickly return to base on command while enemy projectiles slow down to nearly useless levels when trying to hit them
Thunder Kid Ground attack planes that tear things up on the ground with gluon beams and neutron bombs, the Thunder Kid can also engage time warps to allow a safe return back to base upon prompting.
Storm mother A highly sophisticated and dangerous tactical bomber that destroys defenses while agilely blinking around incoming fire, the penetrator gluon misiles of the Storm Mother cause spectacular detonations while its ethereal
Lightning Racer The Lightning Racer is a tremendously fast, agile, destructive with its neutron cannon, gluon beamers, and tachyon repeaters, and expensive plane that specializes in hunting Ecumenical aerospaceships; and when the Lightning Racer decides to skip town, it simply leaves the atmosphere where nothing on earth can catch it.
Conflict Observer Stealthed scout craft that themselves can detect stealth units and provide Communal units a boost in their presence to their accuracy, Conflict observers can carry a small number of infantry to be carefully inserted into a conflict zone once the conflict has been sufficiently analyzed.
Ender of Malice A sophisticated hovering equivalent to the gunships of the factions of the Earth, the Ender of Malice opens fire with highly suppressive Tachyon repeaters and Null matter guns that can scythe apart lighter enemy units and weaken heavier units; while Phase shifters allow them to seemingly "ghost" through incoming fire to move to support other units.
Realizer of Hope Death incarnate to heavier units, Realizers of Hope are armed with Neutron Guns and Gluon Nullifiers that can pulverize even the heaviest of units from the air as these aircraft move gracefully through the air; capable of activating time dilation fields to give their fellow aircraft more time to dodge incoming fire.
Deliverer of Salvation The primary transport of the Communes is the Deliverer of Salvation. Capable of carrying a substantial number of infantry, a fair number of vehicles, or even a superheavy unit, the Deliverer only has a number of null matter guns to defend itself; though its phase shifter often lets it simply ignore incoming attacks, it is however quite fast though its armor is somewhat lackluster.
Resolver of Disputes An aerospace craft meant for usage as a heavy bomber, the resolver of disputes first opens up with null matter rays to soften up enemy targets before dropping gluon bombs onto the area to blow the enemy wide open and can disappear back into space before anyone's in a position to return fire with but a single command.
Kindler of Mercy The Kindler of Mercy is an aerospaceship equipped with a large number of repair and medical drones that can see to the health of everyone in a significant area; friend or foe. Sadly the Ecumene has proven to be a brutal enough enemy to require these vessels to also carry a number of defensive tachyon repeaters and neutron beams that are quite effective against strike craft. The Kindler can also project a hard-light shield onto your own units or your allies or civilians to protect them from harm.
Usurper of Injustice Meant to help escort Kindlers around, Usurpers have heavier neutron cannons and null matter weapons meant to quickly deal with other airships that might threaten a Kindler. They can also target ground units; who may also feel the sting of its large spinal gluon cannon that can hit with quite alarming amounts of force.
Cherisher of Virtue Another Zeelich Aerospaceship, the Cherisher of Virtue keeps at a distance to pummel an area with Psionically amplified blasts; devastating morale and discipline in particular and serving as something of an artillery weapon while at closer ranges Tachyon weapons provide some manner of defense. The Cherisher of Virtue can also send out a psychic signal that helps bolster the confidence and morale of friendly units in the area; keeping them in the fight longer.

Naval Units

Wave Dancer Friendly and approachable aquatic aliens, Wave Dancers have a vague resemblance to dolphins, and fight with tachyon weapons and armored tentacle slaps as they serve their important capacities as naval scouts. They can also activate a phase shifter to let them phase into an enemy ship to attack an important module and then phase out; usually leaving the ship immobilized.
Foam Child A somewhat Ekranoplan esque patrol boat, the Foam Child can harass larger vessels with its null matter weapons that will gradually weaken it and activate a time dilation field to either make a quick get away or help its fellows run rings around enemy ships incapable of handling such speedy targets.
Healer of Stars Aircraft above a healer of Stars had best watch out, for the Tachyon weapons of a Healer almost never miss and can rip apart aircraft with ease; while attack drones can detach from the ship to quickly apply point blank neutron blasts to submarines. The secondary of the Healer allows it to quickly engage a phase shift and attempt to dodge incoming attacks.
Restorer of Community The Restorer of Community serves as the primary combat vessel in the Zeelich fleets and makes its presence known with long ranged gluon weapons that are deadly accurate and can essentially turn destroyed ships into bombs. With a command the Restorer can reshape its hardlight field and use it to push enemy ships away; driving them out of position and permanently immobilizing them if it forces them on land.
Stalker of Tyranny Prowling the seas beneath the waves are these USOs that wait for the right moment to strike before opening fire with devastating tachyon lances that strike before they were ever fired; while dilation torpedoes can be fired that can slow down enemy ships to nearly a crawl to prevent their escape
Mother of Goodness A submersible aerospace craft actually, the Mother of Goodness remains submerged below the water and then emerges to hover once above it; quickly lowering the extensive cargo that can actually include two superheavies, four tanks, eight vehicles, or some sixteen squads of infantry all at once. When hovering over land, they count as aircraft and utilize Tachyon weaponry to offer some defense.
Speaker of Armistice Powerful batteries of Neutron cannons quickly make short work of nearly any ship put before them as the Zeelich go out to dominate the seas, while a null matter activation beam can make enemies affected by null matter explode for considerable damage and with amazing force.
Unraveller of Mysteries More than just a scout, the drones that the Unraveller of mysteries put into the water are extremely effective submersible counters; forcibly pushing submersibles to the surface and exposing them to be fired upon by all nearby ships, the Unraveller can also release some air drones who can quickly scout ahead and latch onto aircraft, pushing against them with their engines to force them to remain still to be dealt with by the Zeelich fleets; and their hard light shields are spacious enough to protect other ships.
Corrector of Arrogance The primary bombardment ship of the Communes first plasters areas with null matter then it follows up with gluon blasts laced with null matter activation energy to cause maximum devastation; firing orbs with almost unerring accuracy even if it does seem to lean on the usage of null matter to get its full potential. Correctors can also create hard-light bridges for them to hover over, letting them cross medium sized stretches of land and making them immune to torpedoes until they return to the water at the end of the path; giving them added flexibility and mobility.
Fortress of Justice The Zeelich's carrier releases both Archer of Truth fighters and Redeemers of Harshness Bombers and a number of airfield aircraft to deal with enemies at a long range; subjecting them to tachyon and neutron fire with merciless abandon, while the ship itself can fire a special time dilation blast that very forcibly slows down enemy units caught by them, making them sitting ducks for the Communes to deal with.

Behind the Scenes

The Communes are effectively the Autobots to the Ecumene's Decepticons; their archnemesis faction and whose ideals oppose theirs in most every way. They draw a healthy amount of influence from Petroglyph's post C&C games as they tried hard to find their magic again; particularly Universe at War and Grey Goo; most particularly Grey Goo's humans and Universe at War's Novus. But they also generally draw on benevolent aliens throughout fiction (Space cats, Turtle people, Jellyfish, funny shroom people, Technicolour space babes, and energy beings) the same way that the Ecumene draws on evil alien invaders (Greys, Reptoids, Bug People, Space Squids, Worms that Walk, etc). The Zeelich themselves are based on the blue skinned space babe and space elf alien tropes; though unlike most weirdly coloured space babe species they do have male gendered members of their society who are just as aesthetically pleasing to the human eye as the women in their own; boyish and graceful way. They notably have horns and their hair has a more downy look to it.