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Yuriko "Omega" Matsui / 百合子 "Ω" 松井
Yuriko Omega
Faction EmpireLogoThumb.png Solar Empire of Japan
Unit Type Commando
Designation Anti-Everything
Prerequisites {{{prerequisite}}}
Production Building Instant Dojo
Secondary Ability Psionic Rupture
Kills groups of infantry; huge radius
Cost 3000
Production Time 0:20
Heroic Upgrade See the lines of death
• Secondary ability empties vehicles
Dev. Status RA3 Original Unit
Country of Origin  JapanImage.gif Japan
Trained at  Shiro Sanitarium, Tokyo
Key Features  » Neurokinetic booster-braids
 » Blue and white sailor-fuku
 » Make-up makes foes ill-at-ease
 » Tote bag w/ hard-bound volumes (lost?)
 » Thigh high white socks

"Ji-ai fukaki waga ookimi arahito-gami Yoshiro-sama
"Shirare watarishi onihime densetsu
"Onihime no shinen ga saturiku wo/o yobu

- Excerpt from the Song of Yuriko, sent to Emperor Yoshiro so that he could consider the plight of a lonely little girl they called the Demon Princess

"The most kind, my Lord, God in human form, His Majesty Yoshirou
"Have you heard the legend of the Demon Princess?
"The Demon Princess's thoughts alone provokes slaughter

- Translated version of the above

Tactical Analysis

  • The power of the mind: Yuriko needs no conventional weapons, for her mind is more than enough. She may levitate and crush even the largest tank, topple even the most firmly-rooted structure, cast aside entire infantry platoons with a flick of her wrist, mind control those whose wills falter in her morale damaging presence, and hurl invisible blows or telekinetic objects in rapid succession at surface units and aircraft. She protects herself with a tremendously powerful telekinetic field kept up with seemingly no effort on her part that is greatly superior to just about any armor; stopping explosions, energy weapons, projectiles, and melee strikes with ease. In melee she uses her telekinesis to augment her blows and her biokinetics to augment her body to let her fists crumple tank armor like nothing, though she lacks the skill of Mingxia or the sheer brute power of Tabitha.
  • Mind above all: As if to flaunt her psychic ability, Yuriko appears never to resort to normal-human means of locomotion. Instead, she hovers aloft roughly a metre off the ground. Apart from being impressive, this means she can traverse land and sea with equal disregard. Similarly, her mastery of her own body through Biokinesis means that she can recover from what injuries do affect her remarkably quickly with reports of bullet wounds healing in minutes, and never seems to be bothered by temperature; not abandoning her skimpy uniform even in antarctic weather conditions (and even stripping down to avoid getting her clothes wet to have a swim in what should have been lethally cold water) and yet seeming to be more comfortable than men in the thickest of weather suits. Like all commandos, when "killed", she can be recovered by a medic no matter how long she's been incapacitated, and if repurchased; will return to the base without losing any Veterancy.
  • Psychokinetic burst: Even if surrounded, Yuriko has no need to fear as she can unleash a psychokinetic burst combined with a psychic shriek around herself that shoves aside vehicles and flays the minds of those not fortunate to be protected by metal, killing them instantly. Which is fortunate, as if the stress of battle were to affect her too strongly, she would go berserk and no longer be able to distinguish friend from foe until she calms down.
  • Death is unavoidable: When Yuriko has determined a battle is sufficiently in need of her talents, she amplifies the psychic shriek of her psychokinetic burst until it can penetrate even the toughest of vehicles, killing the occupants inside and leaving the vehicles to be commandeered by the Empire's soldiers. Garrisonned troops of course, are also killed by the shriek.


According to some sources, Yuriko's real name was Yuriko Matsui, and she was born in the coastal town of Tanabe, Wakayama. She exhibited psionic potential ever since her childhood (such as once psycho-kinetically lifting a cat at home) and was shunned by her peers because of it. Her abilities made her the ideal candidate for the Empire's psionic research programs, therefore, she and her "sister", Izumi, were taken away to the Shiro Sanitarium by Dr. Shinji Shimada as an end to exploit her psionic talent in the Omega Program, hence her military codename "Omega". She was dehumanized by the traumatic training process to make her into a goddess of war. During the Empire's preparations for the Third World War, Yuriko was imprisoned in the Shiro Sanitarium, kept bound in her cell and under sedation. She was telepathically awakened in her cell by Izumi, who somehow managed to unlock her cell. Yuriko left her cell, and began accessing computer terminals throughout the facility, rapidly learning about the outside world as her abilities pulled the information from the computer and into her immensely capable brain.

Using her new found powers; far in excess of any other known Psychic produced by the Omega Program save for Izumi, she managed to defeat the Imperial forces guarding the facility and reach the exit of the sanitarium; wiping out a whole brigade who tried to stop her escape. Unfortunately, just as she was about to escape, a team of Rocket Angels disabled her with their Paralysis whips, and she was overwhelmed by no less than entire corps as she fought against the Paralysis whips of hundreds of rocket angels. Though thousands of Imperial Warriors trying to restrain her, she was ultimately subdued by "enough knock out agents to put a herd of elephants into a coma" thanks to her lack of experience with her abilities. She was returned to her cell, and the Imperial scientists continued their experiments on her, eventually creating a small army of Yuriko clones with similar, albeit weaker, versions of her abilities while she herself had dampeners to control her temper.

World War 3 Operational History

After her attempted escape, which caused billions of yen worth of collateral damage, the Imperial Shogunate considered the Omega Program successful due to the destructive powers she demonstrated. As a result, Yuriko was given the codename "Omega", the greatest of the Empire's battle psychic programs. With her powers at their disposal, the Empire believed it had an insurmountable advantage over the world's other powers, an ability that the foes of the Empire could not counter for they had no equivalent to it. This would influence the decision to deploy Yuriko's clones heavily across the world, leading teams of battle psychics who accompanied these clones into battle with the intent of causing as much damage to the enemy as possible. Unfortunately, the Empire misjudged its supremacy in the field of psychics, as Epsilon had concealed the sheer scale of its Psychic program masterfully well not only from the Alliance but from the other powers of the world; and the Comintern's lensman program was kept well under wraps.

Though initial encounters with enemy forces were devastating to the enemies of the Empire as the Yuriko clones tore through enemy forces like tissue paper; including an entire Alliance battle group as the clone crushed destroyers, gotterdammerung tanks, aircraft, dolphins, and infantry alike with contemptible ease; leaving only a single shaken dolphin to report back on the destruction of the Alliance battle group with footage deemed to be too "morale damaging" to show to the Alliance public, the enemies of the empire were able to get the measure of the clones soon enough. At first being certain that Yuriko was unique; dismissing prior reports of there being multiples of her or her appearing in parts of the world she shouldn't have been able to reach, the Comintern and the Alliance both came to the conclusion that Yuriko had to have had clones of her, particularly when confirmed kills (and some captures) were had on her only for her to appear elsewhere, particularly when the first captured psionic decimators were found to be powered with pods with sedated Yuriko clones.

It would be Epsilon that provided the greatest shock to her and the Empire brass however. The sheer magnitude of the Dominion's usage of psionics was on a level the Empire had not even imagined to be practical. While Epsilon was itself shocked to see enemy psions of the level of power of the Yuriko Clones, Epsilon was well adjusted to dealing with rogue Psions and was the quickest to devise counters for her and given Epsilon's own mastery of cloning, quickly surmised that she was being repeatedly cloned like their own Mordred. The Empire came to be so fearful of Epsilon's advantage in psionics that they sought to release the original Yuriko herself against them, keeping her firmly on a tight leash with every trick they could to ensure that she wouldn't turn on the Empire. While Yuriko found her engagements with Alliance and Comintern forces to be challenging if entirely doable; she found the struggle with Epsilon to be nightmarish as she saw where powers like hers could be taken by the less moral and after a vicious battle with Epsilon in India where she witnessed Epsilon's tactic of mind controlling civilians to feed into grinders; she realized her own plans for vengeance were wrong headed, coming to believe that Geoffrey was everything she should strive to not be and rejecting his offer of a place at his side when he telepathically contacted her when she was met with Epsilon's own Psychic super warrior, Mordred.

Post-War Operational History

"You know I would not hesitate to turn on you if you showed any signs of weakness. Why do you let me stay?."
"Even monsters can feel emotions, Yuriko."

- Brief exchange between Yuriko Omega and Emperor Kamina

Known Activities

- Pulled an Artemis Bomber from the sky while it was on its run, resulting in the first ever Artemis lost to enemy fire.

- Used her powers to destroy the "Neo-Tokyo" building project. It was later found that, unknown to anyone but Yuriko, it was a Nova Roma Syndicate project to infiltrate and undermine the Imperial government.

- Single handedly destroyed Camp Dakota, an Alliance POW processing centre in Papua New Guinea. All the prisoners were freed.

- Destroyed the entire city of Calcutta in a psychic duel with Midna, with the two's final clash of psychic energies obliterating all standing structures and vaporizing Alliance, Epsilon, and Imperial personnel on the spot for kilometers around.

Behind the Scenes

Yuriko is inspired by various magical girl and psychic series, such as "Akira", "Mai, the Psychic Girl", and "Elfen Lied". In a nod to more classic manga, her school uniform was changed to the iconic blue and white sailor uniform rather than the newer uniform style EA used.

Destined Armada of the Solar Empire
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