Young American Movement

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The National Movement of the Young Americans in the face of Tyranny
‘The Avian Trinity’ - the Mountain Bluebird, the Summer Tanager and the American White Pelican, used to represent the three pillars of the Young American Movement
Playstyle Hit-And-Run Tactics
Faction Colour American Anger Red
Type After the War Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Stand tall for the Beast of America!
Lay down like a naked dead body,
keep it real for the people workin' overtime,
They can't stay living off the government’s dime.
Stand tall for the people of America!
Stand tall for the man next door,
We are free in the land of America,
We ain't goin' down like this!

-'Beast' by Nico Vega.

The Young American Movement is a coalition of several affiliated groups and organizations that have coalesced under the banner of the Young American Party, following the collapse of the Federated American Enclave and the rise of the Kingdom of Providence in the final days of the War-to-End-All-Wars. Originally located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Young Americans migrated from the East Coast, mostly due to the purges being enacted out against non-religious organizations in the wake of the newly formed Axis of God annexing New England. Crossing the country, the Young Americans eventually settled in the Mojave desert, and set their capital around the mostly abandoned metropolis of Las Vegas.

The Young American Movement, headed by First President Alexander Cole, follows a political structure that Cole calls 'The Three Pillars of New America', which equate in layman's terms to American Nationalism, American Republicanism, and American Welfare, which all lead to a protectionist, isolationist, secularized, religion and race purging, political manifesto system that seeks to wipe both the Axis of God, the Kingdom of Providence, and any other self-declared 'sovereign' state that the Young Americans don't believe has the right to exist, from the shores of the New World. Highly dangerous, and with access to the pre-war industrial, aviation and economic regions of Colorado, Nevada and California, the Young Americans are poised to strike back across the Mississippi, despite their apparent lack of manpower. However, the secrets of Groom Lake and Death Valley are in the palms of their hands, and there are plenty of 'uneducated' citizenry that are ripe to the indentured to Las Vegas.

Soon, the War shall begin anew, and the Young Americans will be poised to stoke the embers of the burning United States.


Turning Away the Saints

Casting out the Vultures

The Representative of Massachusetts will take the Stand

Welcome to the New Age


Generalissimo Patrick Lynn, Vice President of the Young American Party

William K. Hughes
Medicine Hunter

General Avery Harper, Governor-General of Washoe County

Ms. Sebby Haven
Reno Crosshairs

General MacKenzie Brooke, Protector of the Colorado River

Owen Kaleb
Colorado Patrolboat

The First Presidential Army of the National Young American Movement




Grease Monkeys
Dog Soldiers
Mojave Desert Trooper


Patrons of the New Congress



Subsidiary Parties of the Young American Movement

Mohave League of New America

"Patriotism, Protection, Prosperity"

Silver Shirts of the Great Salt Lake

"Never Again a Slave to Washington"

Central Californian Clique

"Freedom from the Enclave, from Religion, from Morality"

United Kingfishers

"Every Man a King (But No One Wears a Crown)"

Lewis–McChord Old Guard

"Fighting on the Ground and Air, for America"

Great Plains Coalition of Patriots

"Death to the Prophets, Freedom to the People!"

Heroes of the Four Pillars

"Remember the Enclave Treachery of Santa Fe!"

Burnt Hawthorn Party of Oregon

"Want to make a Deal?"

Behind the Scenes