Wraith Project

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Wraith Project to Restore the Timeline
The symbol of the Project
Playstyle Stealthy Glass Cannons
Faction Colour Wraith Green
Type Original Blue Alert 3 Faction
Dev. Status Original units and building In-game

The Wraith Project is....

At a Glance

Faction Color Wraith Green
Playstyle Sudden Strikes
Preferred Theatre of Operations Submarine/Subterranean Warfare
Strengths Potent stealth capabilities, most units are capable of traversing most forms of terrain easily, highly disruptive, bases are submerged when put on water
Weaknesses Units do not stand up well to fire, units usually need protocol support to truly shine, struggles when it cannot set the pace of engagements, vulnerable to EMP magnetism and ECM.
Intended Players Any RTS Player
Motives "Correcting the timeline", Understanding, Discovery


Ghosts of the Sea

Commandos and Epic Units

Assassination Target