World War IV (Ecumene Campaign)

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World War IV (Ecumene Campaign)
The world at the eve of war
Beginning June 22nd 1984
End May 9th 1991
Place Entire World
Outcome Ecumenical Defeat, the Kryviki Primacy establishes itself on the four earths to stage its rebellion against the Greater Ecumene
Major Battles See below
EcumeneLogoThumb.png Kryiviki Primacy

MerendiLogoThumb.png Merendi Communes

SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union

EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun

ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries

FederationLogoThumb.png Cybernetic Federation

EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League

FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate

IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative

CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine

PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation

ConclaveLogoThumb.png Enlightened Conclave

AtlanteanLogoThumb.png Atlantean Ascendancy

ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard

TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon

File:SecreteriatLogoThumb.png Commune Security Secreteriat

RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China

BlueChinaLogoThumb.png Blue China

VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietminh

ASGLogoThumb.png Arab Socialist Government

PhoenixLogoThumb.png Phoenix Front

MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution

NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Korean People's Army

SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png EoK Penal Divisions

InkarriLogoThumb.png Inkarri Theocracy

File:CliqueLogoThumb.png Heart Washing Clique

File:RDFLogoThumb.png Rhodesian Defense Force

File:APOLogoThumb.png African People's Organization

EcumeneLogo.png Imilki Ecumene

KumunLogoThumb.png Kumun Hegemony

TendriculousLogoThumb.png Tendriculous Legion

AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations

AvalonLogoThumb.png Children of Avalon

UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists

SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate

GreenChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China

ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate

ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Sternberg's Khanate

CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Greater Indian Commonwealth

ConcordiatLogoThumb.png Unification Concordiat

OmegaLogoThumb.png Task Force Omega

TitanLogoThumb.png Majestic Inclusive

ScrinLogoThumb.png Scrin Visitors

ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists

File:EnforcerLogoThumb.png Council Enforcers

File:ResearchLogoThumb.png Ecumenical Militant Research Division

File:JawsLogoThumb.png Star Jaws

File:UnionistInternationalLogoThumb.png Unionist International

File:TeutonicLogoThumb.png Teutonic Volks Korps

BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand

CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies

IronFangsLogoThumb.png Iron Fangs

GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army

ARVNLogoThumb.png ARVN

CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dread Corsairs

Civilian casualties
2.5 billion (10.5 billion including Tendriculous, Kumun, and alien civilian deaths)


Fall of the Order of the Talon

Imperial Conquest of Indonesia

Stalemate in America

Francoism ascendant

The Concordiat-Avalonian invasions

The Infinite Army marshalled

The Shadow strikes

The Earth rises

Entrenchment in Africa

Opening Ecumenical Invasion

Scattering of the Network

Ecumenical Conquest of Australia

Vra'Kul'Mal's trap for the resistance

Destruction of Ille de France

Allied Surrender to the Ecumene

The Primacy Survives

The Communes revealed

Like Dominoes they fall

Unionist submission to the Ecumene

Task Force Omega submits to the Ecumene

Romulus sells out

The Viceroy-Orluk pact

Collective Bargaining

The Concordiat's unholy alliance

The Foreman submits

Terrorism joins the Horrorists

Ruled Britannia

The Shadow Tamed

Darkest Hour

The death of European democracy

India besieged

The Confederacy in full retreat

A shadow over the darkest continent

Eclipsing the Rising Sun

Lightning War across Europe

The Amazon burns

The Communes struggle

The Fylkirate makes its stand

Assault on Atlantis

Invasion of the Soviet Union


-Xangarkorpf, a song by the Fylkirate band Odinfuror about the famed battle of Kursk

Operation Uzargroza

The country the Ecumene had always sought the destruction of above all others was the Soviet Union, whose talk of egalitarianism was an insult to the Social Darwinism of the great wind of civilization. The eradication of the communists was ordered to be pursued at full throttle by Orluk, who had by now eliminated all rivals to his power who would not rest until the red banner was a forgotten memory. Knowing full well that the people were the water which the fish that were guerillas swam in, Orluk gave the order of "empty the ocean", whose implications would have haunting implications that can be seen in the war's fearful death toll. Gathering the "alliance of civilization" into a vast army gathered from the armies of Atomic China, the Protectorate, the Kumun, the Allies, Omega, the Concordiat, the Tendriculous, India, Avalon, the Sternbergian Guardsmen, the Cult, the GLA, the Syndicate, the Inclusive, and the Unionists he ordered a massed invasion of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet cause is now the human cause comrades! Death to the Alien invaders!

-Marshal Oleg at the battle of Moscow.

Starting right now, International Incorporated is offering everything it can to the cause of human freedom from Ecumenical tyranny. To anyone who needs weapons, we are offering everything we can.

-David Xanatos