World Liberation Army (TUE)

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World Liberation Army for Jihad and Monotheism
Faction Colour Olive Green
Type Redsverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Oh this world, watch and listen:
The enemy came coveting my position,
I shall fight with Truth and defenses
And if I die, I'll take him with me!

- "Allahu Ackbar", WLA War Chant

The World Liberation Army or WLA for short is an non-governemntal military, religious & political organization operating primarily in the Middle East but also with strong support in North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Asia & Southeast Asia. Spouting a mix of Arab nationalism, radical Islam & anti-colonial rhetoric, the WLA seeks to remove all foreign powers from the Muslim World & establish a new Islamic empire just like the caliphates that came before it.

At A Glance


Hold Fast by the Rope of Allah

Clash of Swords

Units & Buildings


60px Underground Facility These large buildings serve as the command centers for the WLA, from which workers can be trained and deployed and construct other WLA buildings and serve as entrances to the WLA tunnel network.
Supply Center Containing the WLA's illegal mining operations, Supply Centers can also produce workers who can harvest ore for the WLA, or one can produce a Supply Truck which can harvest it faster (and also over water).
Airfield Larger than most air fields, WLA air fields protect WLA planes from outside assault by housing them below ground.
Ship Dealer The Shipyard constructs WLA naval vessels for the war against the infidel.
60px Tunnel Network The Iconic feature of the WLA's defenses, Tunnel networks can connect one part of the WLA's base to the other, allowing for the safe transfer of assets. Armed with simple machine guns, each tunnel network is built with a free tunnel defender squad upon completion.
60px HMG Nest A massive long barelled twin linked 14.5mm machine gun in a fortified nest, the HMG Nest provides yet more anti-aircraft support and a more powerful form of anti-infantry than the tunnel network, firing off a fearsome barrage of bullets that can scythe down large numbers of infantry or gut helicopters, though the gunner is vulnerable to being shot out from his weapon, but with armored piercing bullets they become an even greater threat.
60px Redeye Site A facility for three squads of Redeye troops to hang out, these missiles can target both air and ground units with missiles to threaten aircraft and tanks alike to defend WLA bases.
60px Manticore Rocket Pad A fortified battery of four large rockets that can launch a volley of explosive death at long range, the storm eagle serves as the artillery defense of the GLA. Capable of a quick and devastating volley that can be either of the DDT or High explosive variety, the Manticore's primary weakness is a long reload time, the price it pays for it's quick burst of destruction.
60px Krait SAM Pad A more specialized form of anti-air defence, the Krait fires heavy anti-air missiles that are much better suited than the Redeye sites to tear through heavy aircraft.



- WLA troops charging into battle.
Rebel An unfortunate combination of enthusiastic, badly trained and ill-equipped, Rebels try to use their bolt-action weapons and submachine guns to good effect and usually fail miserably. They can, however, fade effectively into shifting urban crowds, making fighting them a frustrating prospect. Rebels can be upgraded at their barracks to carry RPGs or MANPADS.
Guerrilla Various females who joined their male comrades in arms to fight against the oppression of the Communist Internationale, the Alliance of Free States, and the Axis of Powers, they plant road side bombs and traps to surprise enemies and prepare them for getting looted.
Terrorist Under their flowing robes, these fanatics conceal explosives, and use themselves as the delivery method, often disguising themselves as civilians to get past defenses.
Angry Mob Firing cheap pistols, SMGs, and throwing pipe bombs and molotov cocktails, the Angry Mob is primarily threatening by virtue of sheer numbers, coming in far larger squads than most infantry and can whittle down most enemies, and can stampede; which crushes most infantry beneath them and immobilizes vehicles
Mill Doctor Trained in the ways of Medicine, Mill Doctors can keep your troops on the battlefield, and can take enemies off of the battlefield with DDT spray pistols, and their hazmat suits let them waltz through dangerous areas without too much trouble, and can even quite audaciously put disguises over their hazmat suits to hide themselves
Mortar Men Using rocket assisted drum-fed 40mm grenade launchers, Mortar Men do not need to deploy to fire unlike many other mortar infantry; even if they don't pack as much punch normally. They can also fire special DDT shells to force enemeis to abandon their precious cover.


Combat Cycle A blisteringly fast, all terrain light vehicle, the Combat cycle initially comes with RPG launchers, but if one is willing to pay, they can load up a screen of options for other weapons, making them tremendously versatile (and tremendously fragile) raiding units
Asp Gun Truck The Asp Gun Truck has room for up to two squads of passengers, and the machine gun on its back can target air and ground targets equally, though the truck can't take many hits before being transformed into scrap metal. Fortunately, the open topped design allows passengers to survive crashes.
Stinger Tank Manufactured by a rather hapless private defense company whose weapons have fallen into the hands of several different militant groups including the WLA, these swift moving light tanks are geared towards armoured combat. While they are severely lacking in durability, their armour piercing cannons can bully light vehicles and can threaten heavier tanks by attacking from beind, and their rocket launchers add some extra punch.
Quad Cannon Custom-build half-tracked trucks are raiding the deserts, with four autocannons can wreck aircrafts and light vehicles to shreds, as well as infantry, making them one of the most dangerous weapons in WLA's arsenals. The gunners can switch for burning ammunition to highlight targets for other freedom fighters, increasing their accuracy on the said target.
Car Bomb Suicide cars that pass for civilian vehicles right up until they explode in your face with enough force to total fortifications, infantry formations, or vehicles, Car Bombs have made enemies of the WLA around the world exceedingly nervous, especially with their ability to be upgraded with high explosive or DDT compounds for even more destructive ability
Toxin Tractor Jury rigged farm tractors, Toxin Tractors are armed with improvised hoses and tanks full of an extremely potent version of DDT that slaughters infantry. Alternatively, they can use a powerful acid to eat away at fortifications.
Rocket Buggy A WLA MRLS, Rocket Buggies carries several rocket pods to spray and pay a large area with unguided rockets. Inaccurate but deadly; the secondary can replace the rockets with a much larger "Komet" missile that is very destructive against structures but has a slow reload


Tell my fourth wife I love her and the other three they'll never get my kids!

- An Akbar pilot after engine failure.
60px Akbar Fighter Aging first generation jets modified for STOL capacity, Akbar fighters strike at their targets with autocannon or machine gun fire to tear them out of the skies, and while they probably won't be winning any speed contests even when heading back home, are cheap enough to be easily replaced even when destroyed
60px Ibrahim Balloon An armored hot air balloon that carries a squad of Tunnel defenders and a squad of Redeyes, this "vehicle" provides air mobile defense that can strike out at incoming aircraft or vehicles, while using high explosive rounds to punch holes in infantry groups. The balloon can also land and drop it's troopers and allow other infantry to garrison it and fire from the safety it provides
60px Suicide Jet Essentially small civilian aircraft jam packed with bombs and modified for maximum speed, these human guided missiles can slam into the ground for tremendous damage, or attempt to ram into aircraft (useful against helicopters, less so against most fixed wing aircraft which can usually comfortably outrun them) to help clear the skies. Capable of upgrading to either high explosives or DDT, they can deliver death from above like few others can.


60px Boghammer Deployed primarily in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, the boghammer is a militarized speedboat the WLA uses for naval operations around the world. The ships has been equipped with a twin-linked heavy machine gun & mortar to allow it to harass larger ships while four soldiers fire either MANPADS or RPGs while outmaneuvering their guns due to is speed & maneuverability. If needed, they can ram a target and detonate their high explosives to deal damage to larger ships.
60px Ocean Ferry Converted civilian ferries, Ferries have been modified for speed and extra durability, using huge waterjets to make them go faster to allow them to unload four squads of infantry or four vehicles at a time.
60px Ship Killer A fast boat carrying anti-ship missiles and decently heavy anti-air missiles, the Ship Killer is the primary means of ship to ship combat in the WLA's arsenal, launching powerful missiles which can deal heavy damage to enemy ships and can gun their engines to get out of a hairy situation.