World Liberation Army

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World Liberation Army
The WLA Logo
Faction Colour Olive Green
Type Blue Alert 3 Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Oh this world, watch and listen:
The enemy came coveting my position,
I shall fight with Truth and defenses
And if I die, I'll take him with me!

- "Allahu Ackbar", WLA War Chant

The World Liberation Army or WLA for short is an non-governemntal military, religious & political organization operating primarily in Western and Southern Asia as well as the African continent, and Central Asia. Spouting a mix of Many forms of nationalism, Warrior paradise beliefs, Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Communist beliefs born of Anti-Status quo philosophies, radical Islam & anti-colonial rhetoric, the WLA seeks to tear down the powers of the status quo by any means, and then decide whether it wishes for an "outer haven" warrior's paradise, great empires forged from nations they intend to wrest from Socialist Internationalism and Capitalist Globalism, a new Islamic Caliphate, or an individualistic anarchist "utopia" freed from the collectivism of the Communists and their anarcho-syndicalist and green dupes and the Elite of the Axis and the Capitalists.

At A Glance

Faction Color Olive Green
Playstyle Ambush
Theatre of Operations Desert
Strengths Highly mobile and stealthy army, High morale due to fanaticism, Unusual and unpredictable arsenal
Weaknesses Poor Damage output and health, weak static defense, most weapons are inaccurate
Intended Players C&C Generals players
Motives Anti-Imperialism, Fundamentalism, Warrior nationalism


Units & Buildings


Shhh, they might be listening with the seismographs

- Tunnel Defender warning his comrades during a Comintern sweep of the area

All WLA structures serve as entrances and exit to the WLA Tunnel Network unless built over water or otherwise noted, where they are replaced with standard floating structures. The WLA does not require power for its systems, but capturing power plants does speed up its production and construction.

60px Underground Facility These large buildings serve as the command centers for the WLA, from which workers can be trained and deployed and construct other WLA buildings and serve as entrances to the WLA tunnel network.
Supply Center Containing the WLA's illegal mining operations, Supply Centers can also produce workers who can harvest ore for the WLA, or one can produce a Supply Truck which can harvest it faster (and also over water).
Warrior Shelter These facilities house and contain the equipment of the GLA's soldiers, and can function as an entrance to the WLA tunnel network.
Arms Dealer The WLA's vehicles are acquired here, readied for battle against the infidel/the oppressor.
Airfield Larger than most air fields, WLA air fields protect WLA planes from outside assault by housing them below ground.
Ship Dealer The Shipyard constructs WLA naval vessels for the war against the infidel.
Palace These impressive structures can house up to six squads of infantry in splendid finery and unlock high tier units and protocols.
Black Market These facilities can help you earn more from recovered materials and give you a steady supply of cash to work with, and are needed to unlock the final tier of WLA weaponry.
60px Bazaar In these places one may recruit Mercenaries to serve the cause of the WLA or purchase salvage packs to give your vehicles a little boost. Derelict vehicles can be sold here, and captured infantry can have their equipment sold here for cash. This building is actually an attachment one can add to the Black market.
Den of Delights These Dens of Delight are the only place where the WLA's finest warriors can be found; ready to unleash the most powerful of the WLA's war machine. Both the WLA's commandos and the Storm of Vengeance are procured here
60px Chemical Bomber Station Calling in a heavily protected high altitude bomber, the Chemical Bomber Station is the secondary superweapon of the WLA, dropping a bomb ladened with aerosolized chloroform to put every enemy it touches to sleep and stopping the enemy in their tracks, allowing one to capture their infantry and easily destroy (or hijack) their vehicles.
60px V-3 Storm Firing a large number of Vengeance 3 missiles loaded with both explosives and DDT, the V-3 Storm is the Primary Superweapon of the WLA and rains death down upon the battlefield as it bombards the enemy with a volley of missiles from anywhere on the battlefield.


Let's see them try to push through this!

- A WLA commander preparing for a Hawk assault

All WLA defenses besides their walls are stealthed, allowing for all manner of hell for attacking forces. The WLA does not require power, but should power plants be captured, WLA defenses gain a rate of fire bonus.

Brick Wall These reinforced brick walls help to keep the WLA's enemies out of their bases.
Reinforced Gate Hardened gates which can be opened or closed on command.
Hidden Walls These stealthed walls have minefields around them, not only unexpectedly stopping enemy advances, but also damaging them as they try to advance.
Hidden Gate These stealthy gates also have minefields around them, ensuring that only those in the know may pass them.
60px Tunnel Network The Iconic feature of the WLA's defenses, Tunnel networks can connect one part of the WLA's base to the other, allowing for the safe transfer of assets. Armed with simple machine guns, each tunnel network is built with a free tunnel defender squad upon completion.
60px HMG Nest A massive long barelled twin linked 14.5mm machine gun in a fortified nest, the HMG Nest provides yet more anti-aircraft support and a more powerful form of anti-infantry than the tunnel network, firing off a fearsome barrage of bullets that can scythe down large numbers of infantry or gut helicopters, though the gunner is vulnerable to being shot out from his weapon, but with armored piercing bullets they become an even greater threat.
60px Redeye Site A facility for three squads of Redeye troops to hang out and fire either ATGMs or SAMs, these missiles can target both air and ground units with missiles to threaten aircraft and tanks alike to defend WLA bases.
60px Scrambler These Scrambler devices help keep the WLA's assets hidden from the enemy by interfering with satellite imagery, radar, and all non-visual forms of confirmation, and pass out camo nets to allow units and structures to remain hidden while still.
60px Manticore Rocket Pad A fortified battery of four large rockets that can launch a volley of explosive death at long range, the storm eagle serves as the artillery defense of the GLA. Capable of a quick and devastating volley that can be either of the DDT or High explosive variety, the Manticore's primary weakness is a long reload time, the price it pays for it's quick burst of destruction.
60px Krait SAM Pad A more specialized form of anti-air defence, the Krait fires heavy anti-air missiles that are much better suited than the Redeye sites to tear through heavy aircraft.
60px Demolition Trap Insidious devices that have made attempting to enter WLA held territory a nightmare, Demolition Traps are extremely destructive hidden explosives that are dangerous to all ground or sea targets.
60px Balloon Trap Flying versions of the Demolition trap, Balloon Traps can give a very unpleasant surprise to enemy aircraft trying to fly into WLA territory.


"Can I have some shoes?"

- A common complaint among WLA construction personnel.
Worker The downtrodden, dirt poor workers of the WLA, Workers construct buildings and harvest ore for the WLA and are of course, completely and utterly unarmed, though they can dig tunnels. They are given rowboats to work on the water; which they prefer to as it's easier on them.
Supply Truck These amphibious vehicles are better suited to serving as ore carriers or can enter build mode to construct buildings faster than workers can
Digging Track Capable of burrowing underground and equipped with an acid sprayer that while normally meant to help with its job is perfectly fine with melting faces, digging tracks are crucial parts of the WLA's tunnel network.



- WLA troops charging into battle.
Cheetah The fastest animal on land is also the primary scout of the WLA, these incredibly quick animals can go even faster in a short sprint, letting them run down attempted spies who would seek to infiltrate the WLA.
Rebel An unfortunate combination of enthusiastic, badly trained and ill-equipped, Rebels try to use their bolt-action weapons and submachine guns to good effect and usually fail miserably. They can, however, fade effectively into shifting urban crowds, making fighting them a frustrating prospect.
Guerrilla Various females who joined their male comrades in arms to fight against the oppression of the Communist Internationale, the Alliance of Free States, and the Axis of Powers, they plant road side bombs and traps to surprise enemies and prepare them for getting looted.
Tunnel Defender Using either Alliance Panzerschrecks or Comintern RPGL-6s, the Tunnel Defender is a strictly anti-vehicle unit, but they can fire their RPGs indirectly to gain some extra range at the expense of accuracy.
Redeye Using WW2 era Redeye SAMs, Redeyes target and destroy aircraft with MANPADS, they can also set up camouflaged sites to get the drop on their enemies when needed.
Chop Shopper Chop Shoppers are the demented engineers of the WLA who have a rather nasty surprise up their sleeves beyond their ability to stealth when standing still; the ability to quickly hijack and take over enemy vehicles and turn them to the WLA's service just as they can with vehicles.
Terrorist Under their flowing robes, these fanatics conceal explosives, and use themselves as the delivery method, often disguising themselves as civilians to get past defenses. They can garrison and pilot civilian cars to turn them car bombs, not as powerful as bomb trucks but faster and generally ignored by most enemy soldiers who don't have a detector to discover the ruse.
Toxin Rebel Using DDT sprayers and hazmat suits, the Toxin Rebel is capable of getting up close and clearing out structures, trenchlines, masses of infantry and more, however they are quite fragile for assault infantry, but they can find a surge of faith to make a mad dash to get in range.
Angry Mob Firing cheap pistols, SMGs, and throwing pipe bombs and molotov cocktails, the Angry Mob is primarily threatening by virtue of sheer numbers, coming in far larger squads than most infantry and can whittle down most enemies, and can stampede; which crushes most infantry beneath them and immobilizes vehicles
Mill Doctor Trained in the ways of Medicine, Mill Doctors can keep your troops on the battlefield, and can take enemies off of the battlefield with DDT spray pistols, and their hazmat suits let them waltz through dangerous areas without too much trouble, and can even quite audaciously put disguises over their hazmat suits to hide themselves
Mortar Men Using rocket assisted drum-fed 40mm grenade launchers, Mortar Men do not need to deploy to fire unlike many other mortar infantry; even if they don't pack as much punch normally. They can also fire special DDT shells to force enemeis to abandon their precious cover.
Infiltrator Quite simply the infiltrators of the WLA, the climbing gear of WLA Infiltrators let them scale over walls and cliffs, while silenced pistols give them some defense against other enemy units; they can also use GPS scramblers to disguise themselves and some other units from radar, letting them sneak into a base more easily.

Mercenary Warriors

"Sucker tried to play me, but you never paid me, never! (Oh no you didn't!)
Payback is a coming, you will be running forever (Oh no you didn't!)
Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem (Oh no you didn't!)
I'm a mercenary, you ain't got a prayer, you owe me!" (Oh no you didn't!)"

- Popular sound-off among WLA mercenaries

Whereas most of the standard units of the WLA require shepherding to get their true value out, Mercenary Warriors are capable of going toe to toe with their equivalents in other armies and are vital for forming a solid foundation for an attack force; though they require additional payments to ensure their loyalty lest their morale suffer

Guardsman Armed with a Browning Automatic Rifle, these soldiers of the royal guards of many countries experiencing WLA treachery who have defected in the promise of better pay and maintenance of their faith are also authorised to call in long-range mortar strikes.
Bedouin Mounted atop a camel, the bedouin carries a 15mm anti-tank rifle useful for harassing armored vehicles and buildings. The unit's secondary ability allows the bedouin to lob hand grenades at his foes.
Uyghur Former Blue Chinese soldiers who escaped Qinghai, these soldiers now serve as mercenaries for their brothers in faith in the WLA and have been asked to operate questionably safe jetpacks from which they can operate quick firing mortars with flak rounds against aircraft and infantry, HEAT against vehicles, and concussive rounds against structures, and can also drop DDT bombs on the heads of enemies
Tiger Hunter British soldiers previously stationed across India and the Near East, Tiger Hunters are deserters that now sell their sharpshooting skills to the highest bidder, and have now found themselves within the ranks of the WLA. Armed with a powerful modern sniper rifle, the Tiger Hunter can put a shot straight through a regular soldier at an incredible distance and firing special rounds that can pierce up to three enemy infantry at once.
Hashashin The Legendary order of medieval era muslim assassins it turns out, is very much still in existence; and offers its services to the WLA. Deadly special forces who strike with knives, silenced Bullpup assault rifles bought on the black market and deadly incendiery bombs, and the training to strike from the shadows at all times; and clime even the hardest to surmount obstacles
Tunnel Warrior Specialist infantry who can create tunnels with the aid of the vehicles that accompany them at all times, the Tunnel Warrior attacks those who would attack them while doing their jobs with devastating shotguns.
Bulletstormer Burly men (and often women) armed with twin lined medium machine guns, Bulletstormers hose down the area with thousands of rounds every minute and don't even need to stop to fire, though if they do stop they unveil a third machine gun to increase their rate of fire even further; bolting it on and hosing an area with a vast amount of lead.
Djinn Armored Car Produced by members of Arya, an Iranian nationalist group, what the djinn lacks in guns and armor it makes up for in versatility. The djinn can outrun most other vehicles and use its maneuverability to doge enemy fire while flanking large formations of enemy troops. The vehicle also has the ability to supercharge one of its shots to deal triple the usual damage with a forty second recharge.
60px Marauder Tank More accurately a tank destroyer and an assault gun than a tank, the Marauder makes up for its lack of technical innovation with sheer brutal power with its brutal 180mm gun. Rebel White Guard Marauders are also able to use potent toxin filled shells, which are highly lethal to infantry.
60px Scorpion Sting Truck Trucks carrying a team of extremely experienced Redeye troopers, Scorpion Sting Trucks can't fire while they're on the move, but they can deploy and cloak themselves, setting up lethal ambushes with high grade MANPADS capable of tearing through even the best protected aircraft.
60px Scavenger Truck Both recovering and repairing your own vehicles and collecting vehicle debris from the battlefield for a cash bonus (though they always pocket some), Scavenger trucks can also collect weapons from fallen vehicles to arm and uparmour themselves; giving them something to go along with the 40mm bofors cannon and scrap armor these strange vehicles can fit.
60px Deathstrike Missile Launcher Extremely deadly strategic artillery units, Deathstrike missile launchers fire very large, very long ranged missiles that are devastating to enemy unit concentrations, though the Acids involved in the missile aren't very good against structures. They can throw camo-net over themselves to hide themselves from enemy retaliation.


"Commander, I think we're going to be short on gas... no, wait... the fuel gauge is just broken!"

-A Cobra Gun Truck driver during a firefight with Raj forces.
Combat Cycle A blisteringly fast, all terrain light vehicle, the Combat cycle initially comes with RPG launchers, but if one is willing to pay, they can load up a screen of options for other weapons, making them tremendously versatile (and tremendously fragile) raiding units
Cobra Gun Truck The Cobra Gun Truck has room for up to two squads of passengers, and the machine gun on its back can target air and ground targets equally, though the truck can't take many hits before being transformed into scrap metal. Fortunately, the open topped design allows passengers to survive crashes.
Sand Scorpion Manufactured by International Inc, these swift moving light tanks are geared towards armoured combat. While they are severely lacking in durability, their armour piercing cannons can penetrate even superheavy tank armour if fired from the right angle, and their rocket launchers add some extra punch.
Radar Truck Foiling enemy attempts at stealth, the Radar Truck detects enemy units within its considerable sight range, and can also scan an area to reveal a distant area; be warned that it is unarmed and virtually unarmored though
Quad Cannon Custom-build half-tracked trucks are raiding the deserts, with four autocannons can wreck aircrafts and light vehicles to shreds, as well as infantry, making them one of the most dangerous weapons in WLA's arsenals. The gunners can switch for burning ammunition to highlight targets for other freedom fighters, increasing their accuracy on the said target.
Cumulus Tank Long ago, the British sold the license for the Cumulus, one of the toughest tanks of its era, to Hashemite Arabia. Now, these tanks roll across the deserts, capable of absorbing massive amounts of firepower while their 110mm guns dish it out. They can also whip up sandstorms, obscuring other units but drawing fire to themselves.
Saracen Transport Custom built by the British for desert warfare, the Saracen is a six wheeled transport with impressive armour, a quad machine gun turret effective against infantry and aircraft, and room for three squads of soldiers
Toxin Tractor Jury rigged farm tractors, Toxin Tractors are armed with improvised hoses and tanks full of an extremely potent version of DDT that slaughters infantry. Alternatively, they can use a powerful acid to eat away at fortifications.
Bomb Truck A small dump truck loaded with explosives that passes for civilian vehicles right up until they explode in your face with enough force to total fortifications, infantry formations, or vehicles, Bomb trucks have made enemies of the WLA around the world exceedingly nervous, especially with their ability to be upgraded with high explosive or DDT compounds for even more destructive ability
Rocket Buggy A WLA-wannabe copy of Soviet "Myeche", Rocket Buggies carries several rocket pods to spray and pay a large area with unguided rockets. Inaccurate but deadly
V2 Rocket Launcher A relic of the last war, the V2 launcher is far from nimble and is very slow to reload, though this is partly offset by its extreme range. Additionally, it can switch between high explosive rockets that can flatten bases and DDT warheads that are horrifically effective against infantry.
Basilisk Assault Gun A rolling tortoise of a self propelled gun, this extremely well armoured superheavy vehicle blasts away at enemies with a devastating and quick to fire nine inch gun, a coaxial 20mm autocannon and twin pintle mounted 20mm autocannons that is only really hampered by its lack of a turret, though it can move surprisingly quickly; particularly when it activates boosters to help it get to where it needs to go in a hurry.


Tell my goat I love her!

- An Aisha pilot after engine failure.
60px Akbar Fighter Aging first generation jets modified for STOL capacity, Akbar fighters strike at their targets with autocannon or machine gun fire to tear them out of the skies, and while they probably won't be winning any speed contests even when heading back home, are cheap enough to be easily replaced even when destroyed
60px Aisha Interceptor STOL capable rocket interceptors, Aishas are hardly maneuverable, armed primarily with bomber destroying autocannons, and have a rather infamously poor survival rate due to the unreliability of their engine, but they can quickly chase enemy bombers from the sky to defend WLA bases.
60px Desert Fly A twin engined heavy fighter turned dive bomber, this propellor engined blast from the past strikes with rockets and autocannons to destroy enemy tanks and other ground assets in pinpoint strikes.
60px Desert Gnat A cousin of the Desert Fly, the Desert Gnat is equipped with the best radar baffling technology the WLA can afford to deliver special armour penetrating bombs with the sole intent of bursting open defenses and fortifications, and any infantry garrisonned in targeted buildings will find the DDT surprise inside quite unpleasant
60px Devastation Toxin Plane Old crop dusters, these planes spray a far more potent and deadly version of the pesticides they once used, though these chemicals are just as effective against humans as they are against insects. In addition, they can ignite their toxins and leave behind a fiery trail, useful for deterring pursuit by fighters.
60px Ibrahim Balloon An armored hot air balloon that carries a squad of Tunnel defenders and a squad of Redeyes, this "vehicle" provides air mobile defense that can strike out at incoming aircraft or vehicles, while using high explosive rounds to punch holes in infantry groups. The balloon can also land and drop it's troopers and allow other infantry to garrison it and fire from the safety it provides
60px Dromedary Transport A modified transport helicopter made to suit the WLA's purposes this large and hardy platform is armed with twin autocannons and a set of rocket pods to help clear forth a landing zone before letting down the air infantry of the GLA. They can even carry some of the lighter vehicles of the WLA to drop them in unexpected places
60px Impala Gunship These tremendously fast and agile but equally fragile and vulnerable helicopters are equipped with a set of missile launchers and an autocannon once meant for a light tank that allows them to be dangerous to armoured targets; though don't let enemies shoot back against them. Though they are agile enough to do evasive maneuvers if shot at.
60px Suicide Jet Essentially a medium sized Civilian Airliner jam packed with bombs and modified for maximum speed, these human guided missiles can slam into the ground for tremendous damage, or attempt to ram into aircraft (useful against helicopters and airships, less so against fighters who can easily out turn them) to help clear the skies. Capable of upgrading to either high explosives or DDT, they can deliver death from above like few others can and can use a scrambler device to hide themselves for a brief while to make their attacks.
60px Buffalo Destroyer Bomber Copied from the Vanguard, the Buffalo Destroyer can actually be a number of late piston engined bombers such as the British Avro Kent or the Tu-9 or the P.110 but the WLA's modifications and its own manufactured designs generally function similarly enough to one another to be considered to all be the same plane. The Buffalo Destroyer actually packs a number of systems to make the enemy think it's just a civilian or a friendly aircraft before it approaches and drops a large number of high explosive or corossive bombs over the heads of the target. The defensive armament isn't quite as good as the Vanguard Liberator, but the bombs are more destructive.


Heheheh, ahahahaahahahaa!!

- A death storm ship having a bit too much fun in the bombardment of Singapore during WW3.
60px Rayfish Ubiquitous Elasmobranches, these cartilaginous fish can offer a very nasty sting to anyone who tries disturbing them, and can partially bury themselves on the sea floor to hide themselves when needed
60px Boghammer The maritime equivalent of a technical, the boghammer is a militarized speedboat the WLA uses for naval operations primarily in the Persian Gulf. The ships has been equipped with a twin-linked heavy machine gun & mortar to allow it to harass larger ships while outmaneuvering their guns due to is speed & maneuverability and can disguise themselves as a civilian ship until the time comes to launch an attack.
60px Redeye Boat Boats carrying a pair of redeye squads, Redeye boats can help defend the WLA's forces from air attack, or they can drop anchor and reveal Krait anti-air missile launchers to really give aircraft a piece of their mind.
60px Hedgehog Boat Boats loaded with hedgehog depth charges and fishing sonar, Hedgehog boats look for submarines that might be a problem for the WLA's ragtag navy, firing these explosives into the briny depths to flush submarines out of the water, and they can use their sonar pulses to stun amphibious infantry and animals.
60px Ocean Ferry Converted civilian ferries, Ferries have been modified for speed and extra durability, using huge waterjets to make them go faster to allow them to unload four squads of infantry or four vehicles at a time.
60px Ship Killer A fast boat carrying anti-ship missiles, the Ship Killer is the primary means of ship to ship combat in the WLA's arsenal, launching powerful missiles which can deal heavy damage to enemy ships and can gun their engines to get out of a hairy situation.
60px Red Sea Submarine Created to help prey on shipping, red sea submarines strike with either their twin seven inch deck guns or their acid filled torpedoes which can; over time; cripple even the largest of ships.
60px Suicide ship Modified cargo ships adjusted for maximum speed, Suicide ships are a particularly nasty trick in the WLA's arsenal, as they can explode with devastating amounts of force that can cripple even the largest of ships as over a thousand tons of explosives detonate, and they can disguise themselves so as to go unnoticed before it's too late.
60px Ocean Knife Sometimes the WLA absolutely needs to gain dominance at sea, and it is on these occasions that the Ocean Knife sets sail. A purpose built warship, the Ocean Knife launches outdated Archeron missiles at long range and Scorpion missiles at close range, making up for the relative obsolescence of its missiles with sheer volume, and are capable of stopping themselves to throw up a disguise to set up an ambush for an unwary enemy fleet.
60px Death storm Ship Custom built ships built to launch V-2 missiles, the Death Storm ship may seem like a poor attempt to ape the Mosasaurus, but they're quite cheap and the missiles they launch still pack as much of a punch as ever. DDT warheads can also be used against infantry concentrations, devastating the population on land.
60px Sea-King Carrier The largest ship in the WLA navy, the Sea-King Carrier are also modified civilian ships that can launch STOL Sun Hawk Fighter turboprop planes that strike with autocannon fire to tear planes out of the sky, or Moon Falcon bombers that use bombs and rockets; or they can launch an emergency flight of kamikaze planes that will make the ultimate sacrifice to keep the seas pure.

Commando and Epic Unit

What greater luxury is there than a moving palace? A moving palace with guns of course.

- General Deathstrike.
Qadira Jarmen Kell's longtime companion, Qadira is a master of disaster and the first WLA commando. Permanently stealthed unlike many commandos, she can set up devastating traps for enemies to fall into with her proximity mine launcher or demolition traps she can set up herself; traps which can cripple even the mighty gotterdammerung tank and in melee wields scimitars that can cut open a tesla comrade made of an unknown metal. Identifiable by her preference to dress entirely in camouflage to the point of putting on camouflaged body paint, her attitude is remarkably chipper and pleasant despite the nature of the WLA.
Jarmen Kell Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) sniper in the world. While other snipers may have fancier weapons, very few can claim to approach Jarmen Kell's skills. Not only does he pilot snipe (or fire a shot that takes out the engine for robots) with every shot from his quick firing sniper rifle in an astonishing feat for a seemingly ordinary gun, he also immediately suppresses a target and those near them upon firing a shot with his knack for theatrical shots, gumming up whole advances. Aircraft instead have to deal with his masterfully wielded SAM launcher which can virtually one shot most light aircraft and heavily damage heavier aircraft, though he takes a while to fire it. Continuing his feats of getting impossible results with ordinary weapons, he can also launch a DDT and Acid filled grenade from his sniper rifle's underslung launcher a ludicrously absurd distance to clear people out of a building when he doesn't feel like sniping them all out or deal with masses of enemy soldiers. If someone somehow manages to get him into melee, an amazing feat since not only does he never break stealth but stealth units can only see him at a quarter the usual range, he will quickly show that he is very handy with a knife, somehow being able to stab battlesuits to death with it.
Thana A Pakistani girl with a deep seated grudge against the Commonwealth for killing her family in the cold war, Thana belongs to a more secular branch of the WLA, much like Qadira, and is more interested in its anti-imperialist rhetoric than its talk of pan-islamism (or pan-abrahamism for many who wish to expand the WLA to the Christian world) or creating a warrior paradise. She goes into battle with a very specialized and heavily customized shotgun and with a fairly extensive set of armor not unlike a dirt biker, though she dresses light beneath it to keep the heat down. Her shotgun can fire at breakneck paces and she seems to have rounds for just about any kind of target, Acid against structures and tanks, DDT to clear out structures, solid shot against heavy infantry, buckshot against light targets; all fired at dizzying rates. At close range she fights with something rather unusual; a chainsword that can cut open vehicle armor with ease and is wielded like a pro by this close quarters expert. She can take a moment to apply all her tricks for stealth, camouflaging herself, removing her boots, applying a silencer, ditching her chainsword for a mono-molecular weapon taken from the syndicate, removing any part of her armor that can rustle around, and turning on a scrambler, letting her fire and remain stealthed and expanding her line of sight as she removes her helmet, but she goes slower (except in the water), deals less damage, and is more fragile in this state and will need time to return to assault mode.
Hassan Hassan's just a little bit crazy. You'd have to be to want to fly one of his untested creations which have supplied the WLA with many of its odder weapons throughout the years. Flying his one man and alarmingly duable aircraft that straddles the line between Gyrocopter and Battlesuit, he gives enemies hell with a quadruple heavy machine gun, a pair of automatic grenade launchers, and a brace of missiles for just about every target. His secondary however, is what truly demonstrates why Hassan is often called crazy as he dives at enemy units to use the extremely sharp rotor blades of his aircraft in what ought to leave him a broken wreck, but always seems to leave his aircraft without a scratch and shreds everything from infantry to tanks in "the world's biggest blender" while he giggles gleefully. He also controls a number of stolen repair drones that he can send around to repair vehicles and dispense medical supplies to infantry.
Naafoora This Malaysian daredevil may be the subject of controversy in the less secular parts of the world liberation army, but she's handy enough with an airplane that they learn to overlook her habits. Wedded to Hassan, she flies a machine that the two built together, and they work quite well together; her aircraft returning to his for repairs while she makes sure more dangerous fighter planes aren't in a position to threaten him while he deals with ground targets her swift aircraft struggles to acquire properly. Flying into battle with no less than three rotary gatling guns, she rips most aircraft in front of her to pieces with a hellstorm of lead after she fires acid filled misisles that soften up targets hit by them, making them easy pickings for her walls of metal. She can also create a temporary cloud around herself and bring her VTOL aircraft to a standstill, hovering and hiding. While enemies can still fire into the cloud; their accuracy against anyone hiding there is greatly diminished, while with the help of some spotters those hiding in the cloud can fire out just fine.
Tiwalade Hailing from Nigeria, Tiwalade's machine is an unusual contraption, having no less than four gun barrels in its turret to continually belt out shells to pound enemy tanks into submission, but few can doubt its effectiveness. Those who think they can get closer to his machine will find that the nozzles on the vehicle are very much not for show, and get a faceful of acids and DDT for their insolence, while a battery of Scorpion rockets are aimed skywards to punish aircraft. With but a command he can use his scorpion rockets as an improptu MRLS system, filled with acids and DDT to turn the targeted area into a wasteland that enemy units will find difficult to pass through safely.
Storm of Vengeance A ridiculous machine made from mobile rocket launch platforms reverse engineered by the WLA and extensively modified to be uparmored, upgunned, and with powerful new engines and amphibious capability, the storm of vengeance is essentially a rolling fortress capable of fitting twenty (!) squads of infantry and mounts a large array of krait and V-2 missiles to bombard just about anything it comes across; along with shorter ranged red eyes, machine gun nests, and RPG turrets and can also produce mercenary units from inside its bowels. This epic unit of the WLA is sure to make an impression on any enemy though the expense and the fact that they are used as the bases of the most powerful and dangerous WLA mercenary warlords who tend to have fierce rivalries with one another means only one can be summoned to the battle at a time.

WLA Characters