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Over the years that the Paradox fan wikis have been in operation, pretty much every corner of the earth has had a faction based in it, we've even seen factions from outside this world. Some writers, having great faction ideas but nowhere on earth to put them, opted to put their factions on another earth.

These alternate timelines would soon get more factions. Sadly, although these factions were interesting in their own right, the Paradox Universe was already filled to bursting. Where could a creative writer flesh out his brave new world?

The Universal Emergency is a space for writers to create entire universes, completely independent from Paradox. Also, if you have a universe in your head that you would like to see become an actual game, this is the best place to put it.

Run down of the Universes


Current Year: 2017

Originally conceived of by Jello Biafra of alternate history.com and then adapted into blue alert, Redsverse is a distillation of Blue Alert into a more tightly focused setting rather than something of a mirror universe for Paradox.

In the Redsverse; a few major alterations to the timeline occur; namely America undertakes a different path; thanks to a strangling of the progressive movement in its crib, a more unified socialist movement, and an early entry into the first world war; America undergoes a Communist revolution in 1933 when the American Communist Workers Party and its Democratic Farmer Labor allies win a crushing electoral victory in the 1932 elections; only to be met with an attempted fascist putsch in March. Defeating the fascists, a new Union of American Socialist Republics was declared, not joining, but usurping the Soviet Union in the Comintern as the USSR found itself but a junior partner to the UASR. The revolution spread southward, bringing most of Latin America save for the Brazillian integralists and their satellites into the fold. This however, prompts fascist reaction in France and Britain, who fall shortly after into the abyss of darkness and form the Alliance of Free States in response. After an indecisive second world war that saw the Comintern expand slightly, the Alliance's chief researcher; Geoffrey, forms his own army in secret while the Empire of Japan amasses its own massive army to bring about the divine wind. In a devastating four way world war, all are once again left with only minor gains. By now the Alliance has returned to liberal democracy, while the Comintern prepares to advance to true communism.


Current Year: 1976

The original alternate universe within the TUE, the Concordiatverse originated from a point of divergence in the late 8th century, when the Norse people unified their religious beliefs into a system that allowed the people to be unified and resist the advent of Christianity. Such a massive change to world history has seen a massive change to the world stage, with many things that almost make them unrecognizable to our own. While technology mixes the common mundane with advanced scientific wonders, this is a damaged and precarious timeline. Currently, the Unification Concordiat, a organization of fascist entities that has arisen in the wake of the Great War and the Alien Wars, is forced to deal with the remnants of the previous world threatening power, the Directorate - previously a coalition of seven imperialist European monarchies and the victorious Confederate States. To add to this, the warloving Norse, a premier power in this world, is biding its time with its allies, in order to strike against the Concordiat and Directorate and eliminate them for good. To add to this complicated political landscape, there is the multinational Russian Tsardom, the Yuan Khanate channelling both the Chinese and Mongolian Empires, the conniving and plotting Uchiwa Shogunate of Japan, the Incan lordships of the Andes, and finally, the Zoroastrian Sogdian Shahdom of Persia. This is not to mention the intervention of the Aliens and other entities within this world. Sooner or later, these powers are going to clash yet again, in another conflict that is set to change the world for good.

More information regarding Concordiatverse can be found here.


Current Year: 1964

The Avalonverse is an alternate history universe in which a series of different choices during the Napoleonic War, such as an invasion of the British Isles in 1804 and an greater Anglo-American conflict during the war of 1812 has lead to a vastly different timeline where the high period of Imperialism never went out of fashion. A universe where the British Empire is still alive and in full swing during the 60's, where the European Union exists as a Imperial coalition headed by the Napoleonic French Empire, and where the American Civil War stretched from 1860 to 1878, causing the USA to become religious, xenophobic Imperialists bent on world domination. Technology is advanced in some aspects, with electrical weaponry, massive land warships and humanesque automata being the flavour of the day, but politics is very much stuck in a pre WW1 mindset. Other than the triumvirate of Avalon, L'Entente and the Enclave, various other major players have emerged, or are at least hoping to become major players. Nations such as Japan, Russia, and a South American Alliance are all established as nipping at the heels of the Big Three powers, and Ankara and Ch'in are one the cusp between being a regional power, and being a contender. A universe filled with plotting, manipulation and is teetering on the brink of absolute war, it's only a matter of time before the war machines are readied to descend the globe into total war, and even further on the path to total annihilation.


Current Year: 2001

Patriotverse is an alternate history universe that posits the rise of a Stratocracy in America, the United Republic of American Citizens, following a massive Communist uprising that resulted in the assassination of FDR and all out civil war. Set against the backdrop of successful Communist revolutions in the United Kingdom and France, leading to the rise of the British International Communes and the French Syndicated Worker's Cooperatives respectively. The rise of Communism polarises the world yet further. The rise of reactionary conservatives and Integralists in South America, sponsored by the URAC, leads to the creation of an Integralist bloc in South America, composed around Brazil and its satellites. Similarly a coalition of National Socialists, conservatives, reactionaries and Anti-Communists rise to power, initially through peaceful, democratic means, before using Emergency Powers bequeathed to the Weimar President to declare the reformation of the German Reich. As 1944 approached, and communism spread further and further across the world, the URAC, Germany, Japan and the Integralist Bloc met in Munich, in what is now known as the Munich Conference, to declare the creation of the Axis of Order, as an alliance of Anti-Communist powers designed to confront the charging Communist juggernaut. In 1945 World War 2 erupted and after seven years of brutal warfare it ended in December 1952, in the infamous Zurich conference. After seven years and the loss of millions upon millions of lives, Zurich was seen by many as a outrage, few changes were made territorially, and whilst the new Greater German Reich and the Greater East-Asian Co-Propserity Sphere were officially established for the losses and monetary costs both the Axis and Comintern endured, the status-quo was almost entirely upheld. Since then, the world has been gripped by a Cold War, marked by feuding regional powers and insurgencies against the greater powers. Much of Asia and Africa has descended into perpetual conflict, caught between the powers of the Axis and the Comintern. As 2001 dawns, great cracks have appeared within both the Axis and the Comintern. Within the Axis, the Germans, Americans and Japanese have formed their own blocs, seeking to drive the coalition in the direction of their interests. The Comintern, likewise, is extremely fractured, whilst the British and the French remain committed to the propagation of Socialist, Liberal and Communist teachings across the world, the Soviets are increasingly becoming resistant to such efforts, taking to funding rogue and brutal regional powers such as the big tent militant political movement, the People's Army of Africa, and the agrarian-narco states that are the People's Asian Dynasties of Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Tensions between the British and the Arabic Socialist Federation, particularly their radical Islamic Socialist wing, in regards to Zionist settlements in the Palestinian Commune, threatens to turn cross-border skirmishes into full-blown war and permanently splinter the Comintern. In the darkness also, lurks the new bloc, the New World Order, led by the Philosopher Group, a hidden alliance of democrats, oligarchs and business figures, founded in the wake of the rise of Communism, Fascism and Stratocracy. seeking to return a democratic, albeit oligarchic, system to the world in the model of ancient Athens and the Roman Republic, operating advanced technology and weapons. At their side also is Task Force Chimera, formerly an Axis research task force, since going rogue it has become an extreme, darwinist terrorist group, advocating advanced human evolution in order to ensure only the strongest of humanity survive. As new forces rise and old orders shatter, Patriots shall rise and either lead the world into a new age, or a baptism of nuclear fire.

The Universal Confrontation

You all knew this was coming. This section is for the expanded universe of The Universal Emergency. These factions, while still being conceptual, could potentially appear in The Universal Emergency as downloadable content or even in its possible sequels.


Current Year: 1999

The Ombreverse is a strange alternate timeline, set at the tale-end of the twentieth century. In a world where a different Second World War lead to the destruction of much of the world, new states based around Democracy, Fascism and Communism have arisen, and slowly, the world has begun to repair itself. At the dawning of a new century, however, the world is on the precipice of a new war. With the international organization known as 'Legion', lead by the mysterious General Nein, agitating the likes of the Greater English Provisional System, a prominent fascist power centered in the wasteland of the British Isles, and the Red Army - the remnants of the forgotten CCCP sabre rattling at the borders of the the Moscow Wasteland - are threatening to start the Third World War. Across the Atlantic, something dark is rising from the corpse of the American Giant, with strange transmissions coming from Boston and the depths of Oregon, and rumours of a new Chinese Dynasty, hacking through the Heavenly Empire of Qing Rong, are beginning to reach the ears of the Europeans. With technology being caught in a lull between the tech of the 40's, 60's and 90's, perhaps the course of this timeline shall be decided, if not by war, then by the one who can take the technological power of Generalissimo Ombre, leader of what he calls New Vane, and discover the true secret of the so-called Ombreverse. Only time will tell.


Current Year: N/A

(Pending Rewrite; Please Stand By)


Current Year: 2016, last I checked

Well, hello there. The name's Damien Quartz - I have a feeling that you might have heard of me before now, though. So what, I assume you're wondering, do I want? Well, I'd just like to invite you to a little meeting. Now it's nothing overly important, it's not one of those 'interventions' or therapy meetings, but I have a feeling that it might be something worth you time, if you choose. If you want to know about the Apathyverse, as I believe others are calling it, or what the Timeslash is, or even who I really am, then it'd be your best interest to come to this meeting. Too much going on really to cover it concisely here.

Here's my card, though, if you do want to come to the meeting:

'What is the Apathyverse?'

Yeah, not the most interesting card I could have given you, but it's alright for what it is.

Anyway, if it goes well, I might see if the other Tyrants will humour you for a while. Be warned, though - not all of them are as kind and welcoming as I am. Until then, however, I'll be seeing you. Very soon, I would reckon as well...


Current Year: 2031

Fractureverse is a conceptual universe dealing with a depressed United States that in the early 2020s, collapsed due to the death of the sitting President in an assassination, coupled with an economic apocalypse and social malaise. Set in 2031 Fractureverse chronicles the conflict between the variety of nations, organizations and groups that have emerged since the collapse of the United States of America, including the Republic of California, the closest to pre-collapse America who maintain a democratic presidential system and a variety of National Guard and military units have since become their armed forces, the Holy Southern Confederacy, a theo-democratic state seeking to rebuild the United States as a theo-democratic, Christian nation, the Midwest Consortium, a corporate state under the leadership of an alliance of corporations and private military contractors seeking to rebuild the Midwest into a prosperous corporate entity, the New America Project, a secretive and shadowy task force seeking to build a new technocratic America that serves their dark conspiracy, the Astana Security and Cooperation Pact Intervention Brigades, 'peacekeepers' sent to return order to the United States and bring it back into the fold of the new international order, the Empire of Liberty, fanatical patriots based in the Northeast seeking to rebuild America in the image of the Founding Fathers and the American Dream, and the National Emergency Committee for Security and Order, a military-junta on the Eastern Seaboard who are ruled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff straight out of the Pentagon. Many other lesser powers also struggle for control of a fractured America such as the Warpath of the Great Plains Nations which seeks to reclaim their sacred ancestral lands from the Midwest Consortium, the Free Pacific State, a bastion of environmentalism and libertine social freedom, the jackbooted and morally conservative rust-belt enclave known as the American Worker's Federation, and the Sovereign Citizen's League who seeks to enforce their own mangled interpretation of US Common Law, to name a few. A variety of technologies and weapons dominate battlefields where homemade weaponry and advanced secretive prototypes are just as common sights. Everything from IEDs and Crossbows to advanced super-science, uber-tanks and supersonic jets clash in this battle for the future of the Land of the Free. Only time will tell who will lead the resurgence of this fractured nation.

Conceptual Universes, and their details

A sweet little compendium of the universes that are possibly being considered as additions to the TUE roster of Universes.


Current Year: 201X

"¡Donde las cosas van hacia el sur, literalmente - no sólo de la frontera!"
(Where things go south, literally - not just of the border!)

Radio signals traverse the antennae of the Americas and back, yet one piques the most interest even from other continents. Widely known from Acapulco to Zárate, and enjoyed by listeners from Algadones to Puerto Williams, but redacted in places such as Caracas and Choloma, no other frequency paradoxically both amuses and aggravates the ears they reach.

Enter South of Disorder; Trastorno del Sur in Hispanophonic countries, Sul do Transtorno as called by its Brazilian fans, or Zuidelijk Wanorde as named in the city of Paramaribo. While the podcast obviously has many names as numerous as the dialects present in the two continents, the podcast equally espouses and entertains different viewpoints from its cast and adherents alike. Anyone with a voice (or vocal modulator) is welcome to present their case in each episode of TDS, resulting in lively debates and uproarious banter all around.

Because this is, after all, a place where everything is pointed towards the south - far from that tedious area known as order.

KarimVerse (Pending Explanation)

Current Year: 1043 a.w (Equivalent to 1889ad)

Details Pending. Please Stand By.

Pending Fantasy Universe. Please Stand by.


Current year: ????'

The Commune of France's revolution, crushed in our world; has instead flowered across the western world with their successful defeat of the Prussian army. With the subsumption of Germany into the bourgeoning left communist revolution, the dominos began to fall all over Europe and the history of the victorian age was changed forever. Spain and Italy were quick to join the growing revolution, and the economic crisis caused by the mass of defaulted loans soon meant that the British Empire could not long endure either; joining the revolution following mass strikes and mutinies across the empire and by soldiers who weren't getting paid anymore within just seven years of the first revolutions in France. Swept by the proleterian wave and with its economy in shambles due to the disruption in trade with western Europe and sweeping revolutions in its southern neighbors, the United States could not long endure either and by 1890 it would find itself overwhelmed in the surprising upset of socialist victories at the voting polls under the leadership of the Syndicalist Labor Federation headed by Nikolai Tesla through his friend Daniel DeLeon, dissent by the Catholic and black populations, and a short second civil war. In the former colonies of the western world; revolutionary spirit swept through them and brought them together under the aegis of a Syndicalist international; an alliance of left communists, liberterians, and anarchists who birthed a world of socialist democracies that strived to be as direct as possible and devoted themselves with feverish intensity towards the sciences; with Nikolai Tesla being a particularly prominent inventor who helped grace the world with revolutionary inventions dedicated to the furthering of human progress. However, wherever there is action there is reaction and in the east; the ancient empires of the oriental lands were deeply concerned.

Under the Aegis of the Russian Empire, the ancient empires of the east banded together against the godless libertines and degenerates of the west and would prepare themselves for war. And war would come; repeatedly, and in the midst of one of those wars a figure known as Roman Ungern von Sternberg seized control of the league of Emperors and followed what he believed was his destiny to rebuild the Mongol hordes and conquer the world. Creating a strange mishmash of the faiths of the world east of Germany, he created a mighty war machine using what the Emperors of the East had learned from the science of Tesla and his acolytes in the west. In the decades since then, the world has become a strange place as the Syndicalists of the west have all but made a religion out of humanism, direct democracy, syndicalism, and science; while the Emperors of the east have drenched their reactionary ways in mysticism drawing from Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, and Eastern tradition. To an outsider, it would almost be like stepping on an alien world. Forget what you think you know of the geopolitics of the modern era for the nation state has long been subsumed in vast empires and in sprawling communes. Demographics have changed drastically after decades of population increase programs, genetic tinkering, transhumanist endeavors, and the intermixing of race and faith. The creations of humanity are equal parts frightening and awe inspiring on either side, with some roaming the world to cause devastation or creation of their own will, while man's quest to peer through the veil has invited interest from beyond. The "logical" progression of Science has shifted tremendously and the legacy of Tesla reaches to all corners of the world, his genius having helped make a world of the strange. Though he is gone, there are few fields of the world that have not felt his mind's touch.

More information regarding Teslaverse can be found here:

Outskirts of the Multiverse

Major Powers of the Multiverse

Persephone Foundation:

Novus Ordae:


Angleless Ones

High Society

Emerging Powers of the Multiverse


Current year: 192#

The world of Stahlverse is not divided by the great nations but by the united government ideologies. The center of the world is in practice the continent of Europe and portion of the Western Asia, where the civilizations have developed the most, or so it seems.

The Monarchies have been toppled off from power a long ago, replaced by the democrats and republicans, but not completely gone. The new movement to restore the monarchies, the High Coalition of Global Monarchism have moved in to far, remote regions of the world on board of the gigantic flying airships and whole cities to gather their strength and prepare for their return. The Council of Monarchs composed of various former leaders of the whole known world are leading the High Coalition, the Chamber of Lords and Guild's Congress works as advisors to the kings and queens in the decision-making and lords, noble families and governors are than tasked to carry out their orders. There is over a dozen flying cities that are kept afloat thanks to a mineral mined from fallen meteorites that when exposed to electric current affects gravity, making things "lighter than air". The High Coalition are planning to liberate what was once rightfully theirs, and for the first wave of the coming war the Sky Marshal Manfred von Aschenbrener assigned a new commander to start with the North African mineral reserves to gain more resources for their war afford.

Their total victory against the decadent monarchists and giving rise to the values of democracy, republic and freedom, stabilized the world on the political and social level. The people gained the power to rule themselves instead of waiting for what the aristocrats above will make up in a whim out of boredom. With new leaders the democrats of the Free League of Nations could start working on the way how to help everyone, not just the richest but even the lowest of workers. This was true for decades but changed when the first generation of revolutionaries was replaced by the new one, who didnt held the interests of the people as high. The system was in some respects better, but in others nothing changed from the aristocratic times. The powerful, who had to fight hard to get this power unlike being born into a family of power, wanted to preserve it, so the whole democratic block started building more and more militiary bases, factories and weapons in preparations for a war with anyone who would want to take away the power from them. The Free League of Nations was ready for the challengers, training new generations of commanders to lead the armies of freedom against the uzurpers and tyrants of any kind, to preserve the idea of Democracy.

This status is maintained by the third side, which in practice truly controls the world, if indirectly. The ..., a conglomerate of many rogue scientists that left the League as well as the Coalition to pursue the "Path to Enlightement". It is them, who are developing some of the technologies for both sides, and even attacking and stealing the secrets from the two powers to preserve their control over the others. The leading apparatus of the ... is the Assembly of Knowledge, a council of the brightest minds and visionaries the technocrats have, each a master scientist in his own field, that are deciding the best course of action of the whole .... The technocrats has a couple of hidden cities spread across the world but connected via the latest telecommunication discoveries that keeps them all in contact to further the wisdom of the humankind, but also preparing for the case that the monarchists and democrats will go into yet another great war and the technocrats will be dragged with them. The current Assembly maintains the policy of 'indirect world control' by shaping the technological growth of the others, but there is a small fraction of scientists that wants more, to be the moving force of the development. To have 'direct world control', but they must face a lot of challenges, bypass a lot of obstacles, but most importantly, wait for the best oppurtunity.

(Minors - Concern)

Major Powers of the Multiverse

High Coalition of Global Monarchism - All of the monarchies that were defeated by republicans in the past, escaped into the floating cities and far reaches of the world to lick their wounds and prepare for their return and reestablishing their control over the world. Their preference is aerial superiority of fighters and airships assisting ground forces, utilizing ancient hand-crafted weapons and vehicles reminiscnet of the old ages but learning their past mistakes to utilize new technologies. But their strongest suite are large groups of units, overwhelming their enemies with numbers, while the quality mostly goes to the forces of the noble houses.

Free League of Nations -

... -

Minor Powers of the Multiverse

Concern -

Jade Dawn Universe

More info: Jade Dawn Universe