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Tactical Analysis

  • Unopposed: The well known MiG fighter that ruled the skies over the Europe during the previous world conflict have found its way into the Arabian peninsula, where it learned few new tricks. The Iran Air Force made it into a multirole fighter, replacing the air-to-air "Matryoshka" missiles with AA/AS "Cheburashka" missiles that can track ground targets, taking the role of close air support planes.
  • Sweet twenty minutes: With its large supply of missiles Vulture MiGs can destroy quite a lot of terrorist targets in a single attack before returning back to forward air base. If the situation somehow gets hot or MiGs are needed to return back, pilots are authorized to use the afterburner to quickly get back to base.
  • Still be careful: Despite its speed that is highest in the Iraqi conflict, MiG pilots should be advised that they are not untouchable. GLA does possess several advanced anti-air weapons that are more than enough to shoot the Vultures out of the sky, thought Iran Air Force has got a clear hand in the air.
  • Rule of the skill: In the Iranian Air Force it is a custom that the more experienced and successful you are you got a right to receive more modern weaponry and new variants of their airplanes. For the fighter pilots, a MiG-12G2 "Strike Vulture" is issued, now outfitted with more missiles and autocannon.

Operational History

"Wanna have a taste? You got it!"

- Daria Nasrin, Vulture MiG fighter pilot during the attack on GLA armored column. All targets were eliminated afterwards.

The Iran is regarded in the world as the most open-minded communist state, which offers scholars from all corners of Earth (Allied included) to come and teach and learn in the many universities to improve the humans' understanding of their own physiology and other medical secrets of the nature. Militarily, Iran is not considered a primary target for the Allies both for the helpfulness to Western students of medicine, the popularity of the doctors towards the Iran medical university complex, and fear of enraging the state to actively go to the war in Middle East to open another front in case of the war with Soviet Union, which will divert the most needed personnel and equipment into this region.

For Union, Iran is a major player in the Arabian world, seeing that the Arabs were open-minded towards the socialism, especially with the current movements in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, thought just in Syria winning the elections. To act as a big brother to these small groups, Iran needs a modern equipment and professional military. While the ground forces received recently a shipment of Hammer tanks, Bullfrogs and V4 rocket launchers, and the license to produce the giant Terminator superheavy tanks, the aerial forces were not that good. Iran maintained a fleet of older MiG Nine fighters, which were still STOL, requiring airfields to be build in the desert, which was still sufficient, but a risk for the bombing attacks of the GLA that exploited this only weakness, preventing the Iran air force to be deployed from damaged runways for hours, and sometimes even days. Also, MiG Nine were frequently upgraded with newer and modern equipments to keep up with the newer competitors, but it was in 1967 when the Iran Ministry of Defense decided that it was time for the new MiG-19 fighters to be added into their arsenal, and from the Union bought a considerable amount of these jets, despite the urgent need from the Cherdenko to send every available tank and plane into the war with Allies in Europe and Empire on its own soil.

The shipment of the MiG-19 fighters was greatly appreciated by the pilots, thought given the doctrine the Iran military followed, the new MiGs got one serious shortage, and that was inability to target ground targets, a capability the older fighters got. The improvements were needed if the Irans wanted to continue in their rooted doctrines. Beside the regular modifications to make the MiG fighters fully operational in the deserts, the weapon designers received a tough order to create a workable AA/AS missiles and related equipment. With the help from Russia, the derivate of the Matryoshka missiles was finalized, Cheburashka. These missiles are now tracked by aircraft's radar when targeting an opposing fighter plane, and the same is applied against ground targets, thought these are also guided by a tiny beam of light to make sure they hit what they intended to. The MiG fighters with new Cheburashka missiles were than after being introduced nicknamed by the pilots as Vultures, and this name stuck.

In the ongoing war with the GLA, where Iran is mostly staying on the borders and occasionally sending assistance to the Syrian troops, the Vulture MiGs are frequently flying above the Iraq and attack any target marked with the green paintjob and markings, being it a truck column, lone tanks, unprepared missile sites, masqueraded bases. And this all unopposed, as GLA has little to no fixed air fleet, with only a few being in possession of the Saudi White Guard, and a few balloons the terrorist made, but this all did not have a chance against the Vultures. In the last months of 1968, the designers have managed to create a newer version of the Vultures, MiG-19G2 "Strike Vulture", which was thanks to new methods more stable at the wings, enabling to carry few more missiles, and also by rearranging the engine block at the nose enabled to mount an 20mm autocannon for dogfights, although given the aerial supremacy above Iraq has made it a little redundant. For its recent introduction and start of the production only a few Strike Vultures were made, and these are issued for now just to the most decorated ace pilots, who have developed an cocky attitude, when they are picking up targets as they please.

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