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Alternate Paradoxverse Image Collection


Clash of Dimensions

  • Seraphim -
  • Abraxas -
  • Atalatea - (Octopi) aquatic, blue-skinned, finned arms and legs, HYDRA Hive head + Asari "tentacles" aiming backwards, 6 octopi tentacles with thorns from the back
    • (Shark)
    • (Croco-Turtle)
    • (Syren-Naga)
    • (Aqua Dog)
  • Dryad - plant-like beings, green-yellow-skinned, prolonged backwards flower-plates, Megaman NT Warrior PlantMan.EXE, vine whips growing from the arms and legs, releaeses powders, with age turns into trees
  • Cyber Program - Megaman series, nearly featureless bodies, weapons adaptability, different moves, Megaman.EXE and standard NetNavi body
  • Wraith - Grim Reapers, scholars of life and death, black or dark dim green/blue Guilty Gear Necro robes, skull-like Darksiders Death faces, extremely thin jaws, lower jaw extruded down and forward, shape-shifting weaponry, dark dim green/blue auras, secreting acid when emotional, acid weaponry, time manipulation
  • Golem -
  • Olympian - humanoid, omni-hair colored, comically buffed human's chest, stoamch and arms comapred to smaller legs and Kirby-esque heads, Greek, Spartan and Roman architecture and waredrobe, Glory Force offers to perform "heroic feats" at a time
  • Sylph - balloon-shaped beings, partially transparent, large heads with small limbs and pixie-sized wings

  • (Uncertain) Vril-ya - four-armed, red/yellow/blue-skinned, Vril arcane power originating from their Arcane Dimension, telepathy, telekinesis, infusing Vril into objects and animals, levitating, Overwatch Zenyatta design, Mega Alakazam techniques, Darmanitan Zen Mode and Homer golden Buddha physical traits, Doctor Strange effects and moveset, Naruto Asura Path body

The Infinite Reich


  • Faction color: Purple/Violet
  • Main color: Dark grey camo (mixed with grey and darker shades), black
  • Detail colors: Black, White
  • Glowing colors: Red, Dark Red, Maroon
  • Architecture: Speerist dieselpunk, massive concrete buildings, angular shapes, Gothic-Greek mix


  • Gravitational Technology: The Reich managed to make breakthroughts in the manipulation of gravitational fields, creating anti-grav propulsion for their flying saucers, and in some of their weapons, using Graviton particles to cause gravitational anomalies from miniature to large scales.
  • Lasers: With compact, high power sources, Reich managed to create L.A.S.E.R. beam weapons capable of burning flesh and melting metal. Unlike Allied spectrum beams and Imperial wave-force, Reich lasers can be also fired as a continuous beam to increase heat of the unit, which in turn weakens the unit overall.
  • Wormhole Technology: Using the reverse-engineered Allied Chronotechnology, Reich learned how to create transdimensional portals that send them into the RedAlertverse. There they are applying to create miniature wormholes for other weapons and technologies to be released against their enemies.
  • Atomic Technology: Hailing from different timeline, Reich has access to the power of atoms, powering their bases with less power plants, powering some of their largest weapons, and being in posession of atomic bombs.
  • Cybernetics: Having no consciouss, Reich wasnt afraid to explore the options of merging the flesh and metal, using the unwilling prisoners of war and volunteers to create cyborgs for various purposes for war.
  • Bio-Engineering: Similar to the cybernetics, Reich scientists began experimentations with merging the DNA of humans and animals to create new hybrids. They also managed to revive some of the long extinct species of dinosaurs for their conquest of total domination.
  • Psychics: Unlike Imperial psionics, Reich psychics concentrate on the powers of controlling minds of others, the telepathy and reading minds of others, to acquire the intelligence they need.


  • Build Mechanic: The players pays the full price for the building, places where it should stand and the construction, akin to Soviets, starts until it is finished. When the selection is made, player can make another building. Constructed building is vulnerable during this time so it must be protected until it is finished, otherwise player loses all the money before completion. Allows fast expansion of the base, if the player has enough money.
  • Tier Mechanic:


Build Tabs

Image Image Image
Atomic Furnace Training House Ore Refinery
Image Image Image
Panzer Forge Airdome Harbor
Image Image Image
Strategy Command Wonder Laboratories None
Image Image Image
None Construction Yard None
Image Image Image
Fortress Wall Guard Tower Flak Cannon
Image Image Image
Laser Beam Battery ... Atomic Arsenal Bunker
Image Image Image
None None None
Image Image Image
None None None
Image Image Image
Raptor Panzergrenadier Panzerfaust
Image Image Image
Engineer Grasshopper Cyborg Occultist
Image Image Image
Teutonic Knight Schwarze None
Image Image Image
None None None

Image Image Image
Ore Collector Stag IAG Siegfried Robot
Image Image Image
-AA walker- Direwolf Tank Mastermind
Image Image Image
-gun artillery- -SHT- Colossus
Image Image Image
MCV None None
Image Image Image
Stormbird Strike Fighter Valkirye Gunship Zeppelin Transport
Image Image Image
Albatross Bomber None None
Image Image Image
None None None
Image Image Image
None None None
Image Image Image
Ore Collector -hover frigate- -flak cruiser-
Image Image Image
U-Boat Kaizerberg Warship Kraken
Image Image Image
None None None
Image Image Image
None None None

Infantry Tab


  • Tier I
  • Main armament: Jaws and Sharp Claws
    • Strong against scouts and infantry. Insta-kill infantry.
    • Other units beside infantry are untargetable. Possibly with exception of Terror Drone.
  • Recuitment takes longer than other scouts.
  • Secondary ability: Raptor Leap
    • For a medium distance Raptor performs a jump to kill an opposing infantry. After performing the attack Raptor cant move or attack.
    • Autotarget enemies in its line of sight upon activation.
  • Appearance:
    • Jurassic Park series Velociraptor. Black cloth vest with swastika by the hibs. Faction color placed on arm bands and neck band.
  • Ressurected by Reich scientists, their intelligence proved to be on similar level to the humans. Throught psychic mind control, cybernetic attachments and sort of "deal", Raptors accepted humans as their commanders to perform the role of attack scouts.


  • Tier I
  • Main armament: MKb 62 advanced submachine gun (Matische Karabiner 62), RKP 54 Smoke Grenade Pistol (Rauchkampf Pistole, "Smoke CombatPistol")
    • Strong against infantry. Short-ranged (Peacekeeper's shotgun, lower than Conscript's ADK-47) but more powerful than contemporary weapons.
  • Most expensive basic infantry in the game, but also the best.
  • Secondary ability: Switch Smoke Grenade Pistol / Switch Submachine Gun
    • Smoke Greande Pistol is carried by Panzergrenadiers on their left thigh and fired by left arm. Smoke grenades are not harmful, but blocks units to fire. Garrisoned infantry after being hit by smoke grenades stops firing for the time the smoke is in effect, giving Panzergrenadier time to storm the building and kill occupants.
  • Appearance:
    • [1] uniform, helmet, mask (visible mouth, white circular visors for eyes), powered backpack (battery)
    • [2] face cheek guards
    • [3] shoulder pads, chest armor piece inspiration
    • [4] [5] [6] [7] SMG design inspirations
    • [8] infrared vision attachment for the main weapon
    • [9] Smoke grenade pistol (without the stock)

Basic troops of the Reich, given more equipment and training to be even deadlier than any other soldiers. Fighting in Russian arctic tundras, African dunes and Indian jungles made them seasoned veterans who can be hardly caught off guard in any environment. Their advanced gear only helps them in their task of bringing the vision of Thousand Year Reich a reality, not suplanting. Panzergrenadiers are trained in all kinds of combat, including the mechanized warfare (for which they gained their name), making them truly dangerous foes, and one of the main reasons why the Reich won in their timeline against all of their enemies. While the Reich uses a wide variety of weapons, the most prominent firearms of Panzergrenadiers are MKb 62 submachine guns, deadly weapons in middle ranges that puts Allied Peacekeepers in danger, and RKP 54 smoke grenade pistols. This odd choice of sidearm was at first a mystery, but the reason was apparent after urban battles when Reich soldiers fired smoke grenades inside the buildings, which silenced all opposition and gave the attackers an oppurtunity to storm the building and capture it.


The most disturbing fact, however, is that all intelligence agencies, that have gathered informations from the encounters with Reich's standard troops, have found an alarming and disturbing discovery. The bodies of dead Panzergreandiers have shown many simiarities to one another, and Allied scientists conducting autopsies and analysis confirmed their suspicions, that the bulk of Panzergrenadiers are in fact clones. However, the whole army is not composed of clones of a single specimen, but of many. Another interesting fact is that clones are showing a high level of personal individuality, as the are seen growing beards, goatees, different hair cuts or even coloring it. Further investigations found out that, surprisingly, the Reich considers the clones as individuals and human beigns, not expendable tools, that are promised to gain their own homes and right to have their own families after first three years of service to the Wehrmacht, which they can continue on at their own liking. Apparently this promise is all thats needed to keep the morale of the clones Panzergrenadiers unshakeable, the vision of hope for their own future.


  • Tier I
  • Main armament: PzF 2 Panzerfaust recoilless anti-tank weapon
    • Unguided high-power attack, strong against vehicles and buildings, makes big explosion effect with a splash damage (not too strong)
    • Held and fired like a "pike"/rifle without aiming, than over the shoulder
  • Secondary ability: Place Mine
    • Builds for free an AT mine like a (1×1) building.
    • Mine only immobilizes enemy vehicles (dealing small damage in the process), offering the Panzerfaust to attack them with certain accuracy.
  • Appearance:
    • [10] the uniform, vest, sleeves of the uniform shall be orange (or other sand-color variant), bandanna over the face, spare Panzerfaust rockets (three) on the back in backpack.
    • [11] main weapon inspiration, namely the warhead shape
    • [12] main weapon inspiration
  • Veterans of Afrika Korps who fought the Allied and Soviet forces across North Africa, Arabian Peninsula over to the Central Asia. Participated in the battle of ..., the greatest tank battle in history of their timeline that surpassed even Kursk. Afrika Korps soldiers became renown for the use of panzerfaust launchers against enemy tanks which earned them their callname and monicker. Many of them were later employed as trainers for other rocket-wielding troops in Wehrmacht that seen action across the world, taking on the callname and even uniform design of Afrika Korps as their own.


  • Tier I
  • Secondary ability: Construct Machine Shop
    • Builds small structure (1×1) repairs all friendly vehicle units nearby by use of a single repair drone.
  • While moving across water Engineer uses small collapsible hovering boat, fast as the Engineer on the ground
    • Hover boat has simialr dimensions like a motorbike, with a faint red/green-colored glow coming out from the bottom.
  • Appearance:
    • Mad Nazi scientist look
    • [13] military uniform and cap, possibly a high-tech monocle (glowing red), [14] the lab overcoat, possibly white or lighter shade of grey
    • As means of movement across water, Engineer has collapsible anti-grav hover-saucer, pretty slow (not enough engine power)
    • Machine Shop should look "crazy´, eccentric, glowing with hidden power inside, robotic arms coming out of it, a simple box (cube) design
    • [15] Hover boat's design inspriation, only that the driver is sitting behind the engine and lower
  • The monstrous war machine of steel has to be maintained to triumph over all of Reich's enemies. Legions of men and womena are examined, evaluated and divided to contribute to the Reich to their fullest. The smartest candidates for the military are moved into mechanics institutes to understand metallurgy, basic physics, chemistry and electronics. With these skills they are than send into panzer divisions as mechanics and engineers responsible for repairing Reich's vehicles and tanks to keep fighting and crush the enemies, all for their nation. The Machine Shop blueprints helps them in this task immeasurably. Beside that they are tasked with capturing any enemy structures which may than be inspected and studied by scientists to better understand their enemies, and with that to eliminate them.

Grasshopper Cyborg

  • Tier II
  • Main armament: Two LG-FlaR 70/M missile racks (air only) (LaserGesteuerte-FlugAbwehrRakette 70/Magazin)
    • Grasshopper Cyborg fires one missile at the time. Upon closing to the target aircraft the missile explodes to create a smoke of black flak, shrappnels will damage a wider area, decreasing with the distance from the epicenter.
  • Not too fast unit, but very deadly for aeiral units and quite durable agaisnt enemy fire, good for defensive and support role.
  • After death makes small blast damage around itself.
  • Secondary ability: Deceleration Barrier
    • After activation Grasshopper Cyborg creates a circular zone around himself (color unspecified) that decreases the damage of incoming enemy fire on any friendly unit within the zone.
      • The percentage of decreased damage is 15-30%.
    • Chemical attacks (Desolator spray, lingering flame) are unaffected.
  • Appearance:
    • [16] Main inspiration, human (without lower body) integrated into metallic quadrupedal chassis, robotic mask over the face, two missile launchers on the back
    • Apparatus which creates the defensive barrier, nuclear reactor powering it
  • Criminals, prisoners of war and other enemies of the state are drafted into the Zischelei Program ("Whisper") to undergo a gruelling surgical process that turns them into obedient cyborg servants of the Reich. Their primary role is to watch over the skies and shoot down any trespassers of the Reich's air space, protecting infantry pushes and bases from air attacks. To give the unit more responsibilities and tactical use, they are outfitted with the Verzögerer (Retarder, "Slow-Downer"), device which creates a defensive barrier zone around the Grasshopper which slows down the solid projectiles, blast waves from explosions and dissipating the power of energy weapons. The energy is gathered from miniature nuclear reactor.


  • Tier II
  • Main armament: W-Gauntlets
    • W-Gauntlets creates a wormhole before the Occultist into their main base in this reality, sending a Kraketerrier IX sub-unit against the target.
    • Kraketerrier is mechanical octopoid unit with its own propulsion. When exiting the wormhole Kraketerrier IX flies fast towards its target and upon impact self-detonates. All ground units and defenses can target it, but the speed makes it harder, requiring more weapons.
  • Light medium-range siege infantry combined with support role.
  • Secondary ability: Vril Energy Field
    • Occultists forms wormhole above himself to release cyan-colored fluid field around himself. All friendly units within receives a passive bonus (similar to the Horde bonus in C&C Generals).
    • The ability, when activated, forces Occultist to maintain the Vril Energy field for set amount of time during which he cannot perform regular attack. When the ability's duration expires Occultist can attack again. Occultist may move when the abiltiy is in effect.
      • Ability's duration is# seconds, cooldown is # seconds.
      • May be applicable only to Reich units, or of all factions.
  • Appearance:
    • Men wearing black trench coats like Waffen SS, officer caps and purple markings of their organization
    • W-Gauntlets are mechanical exo-skeletal tools extending from the tips of the fingers to the shoulders and connected on the back of the hips with a powersource (hidden by the trench coat (possibly, otherwise exposed), they are glowing with cyan (Vril) glow
    • [17][18] Kraketerrier design inspiration
  • Members of the occult division with its distant connections to Waffen SS (but no more), who are studying the paranormal, Occultists are miltiary officers send into battle to release all kinds of "unknown" on their enemies, althrough they themselves knows the true nature of this "unknown". Using the reverse-engineered Chronotechnology of FutureTech to create wormhole portals from which they send out all kinds of horrors, most commonly the Kraketerrier IX, mechanical drones that slams into targets in high speed and explodes. Beside it, Occultists are able to do many other "occult rituals", one of them the release of the myterious "Vril Energy", which in fact comes out from a wormhole they make and which surrounds them. Vril Energy is in fact an aerosol-like fluid that functions as medium for energy transfer across air, powering all friendly electric circuits (all Reich units do havee them) to give them a boost in performance, depending on their equipment. Still, Occultists are an odd group of men which many fear or displease their very presence, as they act and speak in off, distant way.

Teutonic Knight

  • Tier III
  • Main armament: GrIGw 78 Graviton rifle (Graviton InfanterieGewehr 78)
    • Graviton Rifles are potent, ignoring armor values of any kind (except invulnerable exceptions), slower fire rate than other Tier III armored infantries
  • High HP and armor value, very expensive, mediocre training time (same as other Tier III infantries)
  • Secondary ability: Switch Mighty Fist/Graviton Rifle
    • Teutonic Knight slams into the ground to release an energy-draining shockwave in short/mid radius for a time, immobilizing the Knight in the process. Switching back to the use of Graviton Rifle.
  • Appearance:
    • [19] Main inspiration, body armor, helmet, including cloth skirt
    • [20] Some shapes to the body armor
    • [21] Body armor shapes, especially around the head armor cover
    • [22] Energy power source backpack, red energy glow
    • [23] Energy power source backpack
    • [24] [25] Graviton Rifle inspiration, connected to the energy power soruce backpack via thick metal-protected cable
  • The supposed "Guardians of the Thousand-Years Reich", the champions of the coming race, the modern Crusaders of the New Order. Many titles and honorifics are given to the most elite of the whole Reich military, the infantry units under the designation of the Teutonic Knights, soldiers within the latest exo-suits based on Soviet and Allied gear of their timeline, only upgraded with Reich's exotic technologies. It was under the Directive of the Führer to create the Teutonic Knights, tasking with it the weapons designers, biologists, geneticists, industrialists and miltiary generals to put all ideas together and create these supersoldiers.


  • Tier III
  • Full name: Elisabeth Felicia "Sisi" von Herkenhoff, codename "Schwarze"
  • Main armament: LKW-55 (LaserKraftWerk) L.A.S.E.R. Energy-Beam Rifle
    • High-powered laser bursts that kills most infantry with a single shot, strong versus vehicles (more than single shot). Rate of fire is roughly 1 shot every 2 seconds. Against building it is a continuous laser beam that fires for several seconds.
  • Commando unit, amphibious.
  • Secondary ability: Call for Reinforcements
    • Schwarze calls for the assistance of four Space Troopers who descend from above.
  • Appearance:
    • [26] Main appearance, blonde short hair of this cut
    • [27] Uniform's collar badges
    • [28] Winter uniform coat optional
    • [29] (far left) Skirt optional, circular symbol on the tie
    • [30] Red googles
    • [31] Laser Rifle
  • ...

Space Trooper

  • Main armament: LKW-62 (LaserKraftWerk) L.A.S.E.R. Rapid-Fire Energy-Beam Rifle
    • Low-powered laser beams with high rate of fire, good agaisnt infantry and light aircraft (when airborne). Overall damage exceeds slightily that of a regular assault rifle.
  • Special flying infantry unit, only obtainable through Elza / Sisi's secodnary ability Call for Reinforcements. Four Space Troopers descendants on the battlefield close to Elza / Sisi
  • Secondary ability: Land / Take Off
    • Space Trooper lands to the ground to evade AA fire, or takes off to the air
    • Cooldown 5s between each switch (possibly more or less)
  • Appearance:
    • [32][33] basic uniform/armor design, gas mask, oxygen supply back, possibly some decals and colors
    • [34] anti-gravity features, glowing purple stripes and lines over their armors (boots too), "joystick" controls over the arms and hands
    • [35] general shape (left ones)
  • Coming from the ranks of Wehrmacht troops, Fallschirmjagers (paratroopers), these men are veterans of many battles who earned many recommendations and experience as well as having special attributes. They were inducted into the Weltraumkraft, Special Space Forces where they were employed in the final decisive victories against the couple of orbital stations and the small colony on Moon as the last resistance to the Reich. Now they set up their own colonies and headquarters on the Moon, equipped with some of the most advanced and sophisticated tech developed by the Reich. The key feature are their anti-gravity suits that enables them to fly even at Earth's gravity fast, with help of propulsions they are faster than Imperial Rocket Angels.

"big gorilla brute"

  • Candidate
  • Tier III
  • Main armament:
  • Secondary ability:
  • Appearance:


  • Candidate
  • Tier II/III
  • Main armament:
  • Secondary ability:
  • Appearance:
    • [36] general shape

Vehicles Tab

Ore Collector

  • Tier I
  • Full designation:
  • Secondary ability:
  • Appearance:
    • [37] General appearance
    • [38] Front nose of the engine block
  • ...

Stag (IAG)

  • Tier I
  • Full designation: StuG-Itrw 54 Infantry Transport Assault Gun (Sturmgeschutz-Infanterietransportwagen)
  • Main armament: 75mm GebG 43 mountain gun (Gebirgsgeschütz 43)
    • Fire range is moderate, damage moderate, splash damage, good primarily against buildings, and infantry
  • Secondary ability: Disembark Passengers
    • All passengers leaves the vehicle at once
    • Up to 5 men can be transported
  • Appearance:
    • Combination of Kanonenjagdpanzer, E-25, StuG III & IV and Sdkfz. 251 half-track. The casemate is moved forward to make space for the passengers bay
    • Design is boxy, straight and aggressive, front section is very sloped (Kanonenjagdpanzer and E-25) but the gun mantle and area around it comes from StuG
  • The Glorious War, as the Reich refers to the conflict which lead them to the world domination of their timeline, was decisively won by the cunning, ruthlessness and technological superiority and ingenuity. Many reformations in strategy and tactics were developed by German generals, and one of the most important were the creation of self-propelled assault guns (the StuG) and the conception of mobile warfare Blitzkrieg. Infantry was transported in trucks and half-tracks over the battlefield as fast as the tanks which they could support or enter the breaches of enemy defense lines and secure them. With their swiftness however came the problem of lack of fire support. Tanks were often doing their own operations and couldnt have been counted on, and moving artillery was taking too long, not something new tactics could accept.
The creation of the self-propelled guns gave the infantry what they needed, a weapon to smash fortifications and machine gun nests.

Siegfried Robot

  • Tier I
  • Full designation:
  • Main armament: -anti-infantry machine gun, anti-structure gun (?), AA laser, AA flak cannon-
  • Appearance:
    • [39] General appearance
    • [40] Flak cannon weapon option
    • [41] Some design features
    • [42] Flak cannon placement (between central piece and shoulders)

AA walker

Direwolf Tank

  • Tier II
  • Full designation: Standardkampfpanzer "Wulf" Battle Tank
  • Main armament: 105mm KwK 58 tank gun
    • Stronger than Hammer's gun. Roughly equal to Guardian's, but with higher range.
  • Secondary ability: "Puppy" Drone
    • Deploy an anti-grav saucer drone with big red eye into the air to increase view and fire range of Direwolf(es).
    • Follows the tank by levitating above it for 20 seconds after which he lands back on the back of the turret.
    • Targetable by anti-air weapons and fighters. Can serve as decoy for friendly air units to hit enemy positions.
  • Appearance:
    • [43] Basic shape, especially hull
    • [44] Turret dimension compared to the hull, front turret shapes, hull side armor angle
    • [45] Extension on the back of the turret
    • [46] IR light proposal for shape and placement, gun mantle shape extended further to the sides
    • [47][48] IR light shape, on turret and in front hull (for driver), first image, a protruded conical gun mantle
    • [49] Inspiration for turret and hull shape
    • [50] Engine block extruded up
    • [51] Muzzle brake (forawrd part)
    • [52] Muzzle brake (brake section), more conical
    • Two green/purple-glowing coils and an apparatus - power reactor on the back of the tank
  • ...


gun artillery


  • Tier III
  • Full designation:
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:
    • [53] Shape inspiration, side track armor thickness, MG posts on the side armors pointing forward
    • [54] Shape inspiration, doubled-tracks (quad tracks), frontal high-caliber-short-barrel gun possibility
    • [55] Shape inspiration, turret base, long high-caliber main gun possibility
    • [56] Small features.
    • [57] Shape inspiration, long tracks, MG posts on the side pontons, MG turret on the front, engine block
    • [58] Some aspects of the tank, secondary turrets, battleship-styled turret possibility


  • Tier III
  • Full designation:
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:
    • [59] General appearance, some shapes
    • [60] General appearance, head design, partial torso inspiration, possible location of secodnary weapon's mount
    • [61] General appearance.
    • [62] General appearance.
    • [63] Posture and body silhuette (but differnetiate it from King Oni, likely not having hunchback)
    • [64] Boxy shapes, large iron cross on the chsest
    • [65] Possibly armored shoulder pads
    • [66] Glowing red eyes
    • [67] Weapon positionings



  • Candidate
  • Tier II/III
  • Main armament: Energy weapon (fusion cannon?)
  • Secondary ability:
  • Appearance:
    • [68] general shape


  • Candidate
  • Tier I/II
  • Main armament:
  • Secondary ability:
  • Appearance:


Stormbird Strike Fighter

  • Tier II
  • Full designation:
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:
    • [70] Jet engines on the wings, some shapes

Valkirye Saucer

  • Tier II
  • Full designation:
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:
    • [71] General appearance

groundbeam UFO

Zepellin Transport

  • Tier III
  • Full designation:
  • Armament: None
  • Appearance:
    • [72] Size shape to accomodate all carried cargo

Albatross Bomber

  • Tier III
  • Full designation:
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:
    • [73] General appearance
    • [74] Blueprint shapes
    • [75] Underwing turbojet engines, large doubled propeller engines
    • [76][77] Turbojet engines in the wings, second link gives the number

"Zestoerer" attacker (Support Power)

  • Main armament: 2× Chain guns, 2× rear-mounted machine guns
  • Optional armament:
    • Bombs
    • Rockets
  • Appearance:
    • [78]] General hull, nose and cockpit shape, rear machine guns
    • [79] Wing fins, engine air ports under the wings, (option A) central jet engine
    • [80] Jet engines on pylons (A-10-style), (option A) central jet engine
    • [81] Wing tips shape, (possibly) shark face on thenose, or wolf's
    • [82] Tail fins, possibly) nose, (option B) two jet engines layout


hover frigate

flak cruiser


Kaizerberg Warship

  • Tier III
  • Full designation: Kaizerberg-class Gauss Cannon Bombardment Warship
  • Armament:
  • Appearance:


Red Alert 3 Factions Changes


  • New units are Cryo Legionnaire, Future Tank X-1 and Harbigner Gunship (Red Alert 3: Uprising).
    • Cryo Legionnaire
      • The cryo spray attack is replaced with a cryo beam attack to attack only a single target. (possibility)
      • Looses the option to attack air units.
      • The Boost Kick no longer causes splash damage during landing.
      • Possibility to change the unit into Proton Legionnaire, armed with proton scattergun. (possibility)
    • Future Tank X-1
      • General rebalance of the unit.
      • Neutron Scrambler replaced by Riot Beam as primary weapon.
        • Riot Beam's attack value is nerfed.
      • Secondary ability is either the Neutron Scrambler, or new Emergency Recovery, deactivation of the unit to self-repair itself.
        • Takes time, the time between switching mode is not imminent but takes 2-3s to take effect.
    • Harbinger Gunship
      • General rebalance of the unit.
      • Collider Cannons replaced by regular cannon an chain gun. Collider cell remains on board.
      • Weapons are located only on one side.
      • Looses the Switch Chain Gun/Collider Cannon abiltiy, replaced by...
  • Other changes.
    • Multigunner IFV & Turret
      • The Cryo Legionnaire weapon add-on on Multigunner IFV and Turret looses the option to attack air units.

  • New commanders are Ralph Maxmillian Volte, ... McLain, ...
    • Prime Minister Myles Whitfield
      • British prime minister.
    • Ralph Maximillian Volte
      • Miroslav Kubíček
      • German military commander.
      • Blue military uniform with Allied white eagle, glasses or sunglasses, Iron Cross award.
      • Prefers hard-hitting units like Guardian Tank, Future Tank X-1, Century Bomber, with support of other units. But tanks forms the core of his forces.


  • New units are Tesla Tank (original game), Desolator and Grinder (Red Alert 3: Uprising).
    • Desolator
      • Looses the Splattershot Mode ability, replaced by Iradiate, to the area around itself, courtesy of Red Alert 2 version of the unit.
      • General rebalance of the unit.
    • Grinder
      • Remodel of the unit, addition of ERA armors on the hull right behind the grinder cylinders.
      • General rebalance of the unit to function as damage sponge.
    • Tesla Tank
      • Looses the Electro Magnetic Disruptors abiltiy, replaced by...
  • Other changes.
    • Combat Engineer
      • Revoler's damage output is increased to give the engineer more attack power.

  • New commanders are ...

Empire of the Rising Sun

  • New units are Radar Boat (original game), Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin and Giga Fortress (Red Alert 3: Uprising).
    • Archer Maiden
      • Retexture to give her an elastic suit to hide the skin.
      • Minor rebelance, specifically to the Barrage Shot.
    • Steel Ronin
      • Unspecified changes to make it fit to the Imperial unit roster. Otherwise dropped.
    • Radar Boat
      • Reconnaisance and fire control relay operations. Increases the fire range of units nearby.
      • Secondary ability is Sonar Pulse. Reveals all submerged units in large area, but reveals the Radar Boat to all enemies.
    • Giga Fortress
      • Looses Sky Mode ability, only Sea Mode remains.
      • New Secondary ability becomes...
      • General rebalance of the unit, changed into massive fire platform without longer range capability (to not clash with Shogun Battleship).

  • New commanders are ...


  • Retrograde by Switch Trailer Music - inspiration for Reich battle theme
  • Machines Collide by Frank Klepacki
  • Global Mechanization by dem0lecule - More dark metal?
  • Vita Ex Machina by dem0lecule - More dark metal?
  • Red Rock For Mother Russia - Soviet battle theme
  • Battleground Of The Bear - Soviet battle theme
  • Soviet Salsa - Soviet quiet theme
  • Mecha Storm - Imperial battle theme
  • Rock and Awe - Allied battle theme
  • Brign It - Allied battle theme

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