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Hi there! I'm the administrator and head bureaucrat of the Quantum wiki. If I get on your case regarding your fanfaction it's because I want to make sure it's as good as can be, similarly I also try to exercise quality control over the existing quantum factions. On the Echoes wiki, I'm The Red Star Rising, and am the original creator of the Imilki Ecumene and the Network factions and am responsible for the Arabian Coalition and Arabian Socialist Government to a large degree while still heavily contributing to most of the other factions. Here, I created the Norse Fylker, Kumun Hegemony, and was the main force in rennovating the Reactionary Guard, the Dread Corsairs, the Balkan Rebellion, and the Iron Fangs and have contributed to the other factions. Then I went and created the majority of Annihilation and Quantum and virtually all of Blue Alert.

As you can probably guess, I did quite a bit of work, though I often go on long creative doldrums regarding PEQAN. Despite this, I'm nearly always available for commentary and critique on any idea you might have, do keep in mind that as I live in a European timezone that I might be asleep, eating, or at school while you're active, but if I'm made aware that you need my attention, I'll be able to respond within the day usually.

I'm personally a fifteen year old student, nationally I'm half-Russian on my father's side and half-German on my mother's, though ethnically I'm quite a heavy mix of various people in North Eastern Europe. Kind of happens when the part of Europe from the Baltic coast down to the northernmost part of the Balkans trades hands so much.

What I like to see in fanfactions: Detailed lore and history that accomodates itself to the existing lore and acknowledges and interacts with at least the majority of existing major factions and can have meetings with at least some of the minors. Fan minor factions I'll give more leeway towards in regards to interacting with other factions, but there's no point in a faction that has no interactions outside of a small group. I can accept that for factions with territory to their name they'll need to carve out some territory from existing factions (after all, nearly every Echoes faction took a large amount of territory from existing power blocs, with the most extreme case being the conversion of Latin America from an Allied stronghold into having only token allied presence) but don't tear out the hearts of existing factions to get your lebansraum. For the Allies; that means that you really should tread carefully regarding taking territory from Western Europe, for the Soviets; that means that you probably shouldn't touch the USSR proper.

I generally prefer fanfactions to offer both a unique story to tell and a fresh experience for the player, preferably without breaking the setting or the game balance. Aliens, Mole people, and Killbots? Yeah that generally all fits into the kinds of stories you'd expect from the 20th century's culture (the era that we generally draw from. Though there is a focus on the first half of the cold war and a disincentive to draw from the WW2 era's stories for obvious reasons), but demons and angels? Now you're diving head first into the outright supernatural and that's one of the explicit no-nos. It is alright to draw on (non-space or modern, we're generally much more okay with referencing space fantasy works like 40k and Star Wars) fantasy tropes, yes we prefer Science Fiction but this was the era that birthed Dungeons and Dragons and the Lord of the Rings. But one of the tenets of the setting is that everything can be explained with SCIENCE! It can be bullshit technobabble science, but it's not "wave a magic wand and say some magic words, summon 7000 skeletons."

I like major factions to show off a model of politics that's largely unique to themselves. Just another communist faction for example? Well we have a modestly Authoritarian Neo-Leninist (mixed with Kruschev and Gorbachev) benevolent Socialist state in the USSR and a direct democratical cybersyn socialist (which is actually just a cover for the real powers that be) state in the Federation, and we have a Capital T Technocratic State which also lies on the revolutionary far left and ultimately sees Capitalism as an outmoded means of production. What don't we have? We don't have a Syndicalist state where power lies in democratic trade unions, or UASR (see the alternate timeline Reds!) style representative electoral democratic socialism.

Technology wise, I do think that factions should have at least one piece of technology that's identifiably their's. Some overlap with a lot of technology is unavoidable with all the factions around. But there should be something that's just iconic to them. Like, the Combine is hardly unique in having particle beam weapons, but the combination of biological manipulation, multiversal shenanigans, and advanced material science it practices is very much uniquely theirs. Other factions might use electricity, but nobody uses Magnets quite like the Soviets do. It doesn't necessarily have to be something nobody else does, but it should be something nobody else does to the same degree or quite the same way. Like the Syndicate's railguns for example; using non-chemical methods of making small bits of metal go fast is hardly unique to the Syndicate, but nobody makes use of it to anywhere near the same degree, so it becomes iconic.

What I'm not really fond of:

I'm not super fond of fanfactions that can be described as "existing factions but more so." You don't get to do tank goodness flat out better than the Soviets because the Soviets are quite explicitly "Tank Goodness, the faction" with more varieties of tanks than anyone else and a stronger emphasis on Tanks than anyone else. If your faction does do Tank Goodness, it should be in a way distinct from the Soviets. I.E, it can't be about highly flexible, tough as nails but still surprisingly quick, brawling god stronk tenks and your superheavy most certainly doesn't get to be an Apocalypse/Mammoth/Overlord tank+1. But don't despair, there's an awful lot of ways to make tanks and a lot of specialities that they can have. I would still be suspicious of any faction that states that it relies on a wide variety of heavy, powerful tanks to win games though.

I'm also skeptical of drawing heavily on 21st century culture. Yes we do make Homestuck, My Little Pony, and Gravity Falls references and jokes out the wazoo and incorporate tidbits of games we like that came in after the turn of the millenium, but we try to keep these references and jokes somewhat sparing. Similarly, PEQ can be described as "21st century attitudes, methods, concepts, and philosophies towards writing applied to 20th century tropes, ideas, culture, works, aesthetics, and archetypes wrapped around the worldbuilding for a pretty silly RTS game". Making something that draws primarily from works that had their start in the last decade without being retro-throwbacks to an earlier time or at least set in the past dilutes that point.

I also dislike seeing people create factions without thinking of how they fit into the world and with each of the other factions, even the majors and minors they don't really interact with. Not just in terms of how their thematics and ideas mesh up, or in gameplay niche, but also in terms of how you can make their lore work with the rest of the setting. If you can't answer how your faction and another one interacts, how they perceive one another, and how they use that relation with regards to third parties, then you should probably take some more time to think about the lore you have in mind. If you find that your created faction cannot meaningfully interact with at least half of the major factions and a substantial minority of the minors, there's a problem.