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Let's start using the Workshop:

The Pangea Generation

Fan Faction Idea

Lady Elizabeth Jennifer Ann Byron the 6th, better known by the name she would adapt later, Terra, had always been a person enthralled by the natural world. Being member of a family possessing what's perhaps the most exotic and varied private zoological parks in the world, her fascination with nature wasn't hard to explain, neither the particular interest she took into understanding the intricacies of how biomes work and the whole ecological system we're all part of. She truly was a lover of nature and the world, sought to and loved every last inch of natural space she stepped on and dedicated as much of her inevitably inherited lands as she humanly could for Natural Reserves and research for the preservation of nature and the systems that sustain it.

Indeed, she was quite the pioneer of Ecology, making sure her inherited fortune was put to good use, she invested heavily in scientific research to simply catalogue and protect the species she was so fond of, a medical firm soon was founded, greatly profeteering by the keen interest she herself put into the bussiness, which did nothing but further increase her fortunes, and alongside that, her obsession. It wasn't long before many medical and scientifical breakthroughs were brought about, artifical organ transplants were suddenly a primer only his firm was capable of making possible, cloning technology was advancing by leaps and bounds, a hundred and more new cures for the obscurest of diseases found, the genome of countless species decoded and listed. Her work, her obsession as she claimed herself, was starting to get the better of herself however. Her stance on ambient issues started getting more and more stricter, testing on animals was strictly forbidden, which led to gruesome experimentation on humans instead, claims of her deliberately bringing down other industries were mounting by the month, and her goals started getting more and more fantastic, claims of extint and unknown species started to come from public announces, a mark that she had finally lost her last inch of sanity.

World War 3 however would be the true breaking point, the extensive use of Desolator Defoliant and the Industrial excesses brought by a numberless amount of industries on all sides of the war, all in the name of progress and victory, seemed to have taken the last of what was Lady Byron's sanity. Changing her name to simply "Terra", she recruited her own band of like-minded individuals and organized themselves in a terrorist cell who went by the name of the Pangea Generation, using assets stolen from her family of medical and research firms, they sabotaged countless industries, broke into laboratories containing priceless samples of new, deadlier toxins and chemicals and generally disrupted anywhere were pollution was running rampant.

Her actions became particularly notorious when they started to get connected with various sightings of unnatural monstrosities rampaging through the darker alleys of the most unsabory cities, raptor attacks were reported throughout the european continent while toxic slime was shown to be a frequent sight in the most populated American cities. It was soon found that the Pangea Generation was a worldwide Organization, committed to the full destruction of civilization with the intent of giving nature back it's rightful place in the world. Led by an all too young force of volunteers and a powerful backing of monstrosities the world hadn't seen in eons, if ever, Terra had finally declared her war on the villains of the world and anyone who dared to threaten it.

The Pangea Generation is a Faction based around Biopunk with a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain subtheme and a heavy dose of 90s attitude

A Faction about nothing

The 90s are a fun thing, aren't they? Most of us grew up during that decade and as such we've got loads of fond memories of them. Fond, yet blurry memories. What does define a decade anyways?

Generations. One of the subthemes of Paradox (well, Confederates in any case) is the generational clash during the 60s, and there's certainly various other decade themed factions out there, be them the Art Deco 30s themed Combine, the Cyberpunkish 80s Syndicate or the Red Scare 50!s Unionists.

There's a few issues with basing a Faction around such recent themes. The Syndicate can already feel out of place in a setting like Paradox, which is primarily built around the idea that it happens in 1969, making a faction based around even more recent trends... off putting, if done wrong.

Now, the issue is, what was pop culture in the 90s? The 90s saw the rise of moody Grunge, the fall of the Soviet Union, a world that was on the brink of seeing what a new world would bring with the change of millenium.

A complete change in TV, the dinosaur fever reached it's climax with the Jurassic Park trilogy while tv channels completly dedicated to cartoons saw the light of day. Seinfield and Friends filled the scene with a thematic of disaffected and people who weren't affected with nothing. The Simpsons changed the concept of Adult Cartoons and the young internet boom was ongoing.