United Republic of American Citizens (TUE)

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United Republic of American Citizens
The Blue Eagle of the Citizens' Republic
Playstyle Shock and Awe Powerhouse
Faction Colour Navy Blue
Type Patriotverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

When Johnny comes marching home again
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!,
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.

- When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Patrick Gilmore


From the Chaos, Order

Citizenship is Service

Citizens United

Want to know more?





United Citizens' Armed Forces

The Founding Fathers envisioned America as a Republic of national service & civic virtue where every man, woman and child had an integral duty to serve in the preservation of our freedom and the protection of our liberty. Only those Americans who are willing to risk their very lives for their country are worthy to send the next generation onto the great field of battle.

-Excerpt from President Norman Schwarzkopf's inaugural address, 2000.



¡El servicio garantiza la ciudadanía!

-Sign in the window of a military office in Laredo, Texas.


Patton Light Tank
Washington MBT
Pershing Vulcan Tank  
Grant Flak Carrier
MacArthur SAM Track
Eisenhower Howitzer  

Air Force


Allies, Protectorates & Associated Groups of the URAC

Citizens' Special Operations Command

Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Wing

National Guard of the Citizens' Republic

Panama Canal Zone Shield Force

Republic of Liberia

Citizens' Intelligence Agency

Citizens' Republic of Cuba

Behind the Scenes

  • The United Republic of American Citizens borrows inspiration from Robert Heinlein's Terran Federation and the associated United Citizen's Federation from the movie as well as RVBOMally's Space Cadet faction the Citizens' Alliance. It is also loosely inspired by elements of the Roman Empire and Sparta, as well as various Military Juntas and militaristic societies.
  • The Citizens' Republic is unique in that it does not truly belong to either the Fascist or Communist blocs ideologically. It practises a form of discriminatory democracy and along with the British International Communes and the French is one of the only powers that has any form of democracy. Their presence in the overwhelmingly fascist Axis is mainly due to their extremely strong hate of Communism and their militaristic attitude which is reasonably compatible with Fascism. Their government is overwhelmingly dominated by militarists as well as former public servants from the Federal Service and therefore could be considered a military junta/dictatorship in some aspects, given that many in the Citizens' Command (the top URAC Brass) often hold simultaneous positions in Govt. and the military.