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Unionist International American Anticommunist Brigades
Unionist International Logo
Playstyle Frontal Assault
Faction Colour Contra Camo
Type Paradox Null Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"See that guy with the red suspenders
Driving that car with the bright red fenders
I know he's one of those heavy spenders
Get that Communist, Joe"

- "Get that Communist, Joe" - The Kavaliers

The Unionist International is a anti-communist paramilitary organization operating across Latin America & the Caribeann. Recieving Syndicate funding & ACIN training, Unionist International wages a guerilla war against the Technate & Federation.

At A Glance

Faction Color Contra Camo
Playstyle Frontal assault
Theatre of Operations
Motives Anti-Communism, Homeland Security, Integration
Basic Look Central and South American anti-communist, counter-revolutionary paramilitary groups


Foco y Domino

Unionistas Internacionales Brigadas Anticomunistas Americanos

"Soldiers, they call us 'greyshirts'. Glorified barbarians. Hooligans, as if we are on the same level as lowlifes you find in urban areas! To them, I say: what must we do, then? Let communism fester, possibly circulate like a virus until you see those accursed flags hanging everywhere? Take heed: a pandemic announces itself with seemingly-innocuous symptoms. Why should we show, then, the slightest bit of sympathy to a disease? This cannot do, my men. Let them deride us as thugs, but we are antibodies who know it's our duty; unlike them who putrify our nations!"

-General Alfonso Ramirez y Tapioca, Top UI Field Commander, speaking at a UI Summit in the Aztlan Sprawl


Presidio The Presidio is the main based of operations for UI in the field. It's capable of training all land units and comes equipped with two machine gun emplacements for defense.
Nido Arma


Primo Soldiers recruited from anti-communist groups across Latin America, the Primo, as they are called, form the core of Unionist International's forces in the field. Armed WIP
Tonton Macoute Political activists loyal to Papa Doc when the League took over Haiti, these ghoulish looking soldiers serve as "grenadiers" for Unionist International. Tonton Macoutes have been armed with homemade pipe guns that shoot out storms of raxor sharp needles laced with a hallucenogenic substance that can make enemy infanty turn on their allies. They can also throw voodoo dolls infected with a special kind of "magic" which damages any attacking enemies in the radius of where it lands.
Shinobista Right-wing students obsessed with Japanese culture as well as the occasional actual Japanese-Latin American, the Shinobistas charge into battle in a way very unfitting of their namesake. Flailing around a pair of nunchaku they barely know how to use, the Shinobistas strike at the joints of enemy infantry before shooting them point blank in the face with a sawed-off shotgun, the true weapon of the Ninja.
Paraco Battlesuit Through their connections to the Syndicate, Unionist International has been able to draw personnel from a multitiude of Colombian paramilitary & drag-trafficking organizations. Thanks to Romulus' support, the smugglers have been able to construct their own homemade battlesuits from sheets of iron from people's houses. The Paraco is equipped with an old flamethrower fastened to its left arm and a harpoon launcher in the palm of its right hand, allowing it to pull foes in up close and burn them to death.
Tortuga Armored Car When elements of the Venezuelan military were dispatched to Unionist International to fight against the Technate, they brought this curious design with them. Dating back to the 1930s, the Tortuga is sturdy, being protected by a 4 in. armored "shell" which encapsulates the vehicle. Surprsingly speedy for its design, the Tortuga's only drawback is that it is only armed with a single heavy grenade launcher.
Cumia Tank World War Two hand-me-downs from Italy, WIP
Red Dog Hovercraft

Deathmatch Reinforcements

ACIN Studies and Observations Group

A collaboration of selected forces from other Unionist organizations worldwide and hand-picked ACIN spies,

Unionist Ranger
Condor Trainer
Colbert Tank

Behind the Scenes

  • Based off of anti-communist groups like the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, the Contras, the Tonton Macoutes & Operation Condor in South America. While the original Unionist Int. may have troops from all over the world, I think it would be best to have the in-game incarnation mostly be a Central and South American organization. It would help give the faction more focus. Perhaps we could turn R.U.N. into an Operation Gladio type Western European stay-behind army rather than just dicarding it.

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