Union Rebellions (TUE)

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The American Union Rebellions
The Star of the Union, coat of arms of the Unionists
Playstyle Petty Warfare
Faction Colour '76 Silver
Type Concordiatverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Ol' man river, Dat ol' man river
He mus'know sumpin but don't say nuthin',
He jes'keeps rollin He keeps on rollin' along.
He don' plant taters,He don't plant cotton,
An' dem dat plants'em 'is soon forgotten,
But ol'man river, He jes keeps rollin'along.

- "Old Man River," from the musical Steam Boat,

The Union Rebellions or Unionists are a minor faction in the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. The Unionists, as they are often called, are a loose-knit collection of militant groups operating the American Confederate States. Composed mainly of people dissatisfied with the Confederate society and certain well-to-do Southern merchants bitter at the loss of the North as a trader partner, the Unionists seeks to overthrow the current American government and establish a reborn Union of American States free of slavery, nativism and religious discrimination. Offered copious amounts of support and backing from the sympathetic Norse Fylkirate and the rump United States of America, the Union Rebellions are a widespread movement active in almost every single state in the Confederacy. The Unionist armies, having fought for decades despite being vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the forces of the Confederacy, have become masters of the art of guerillas warfare. The stealthy infantry and speedy light vehicles of the Union have proven themselves capable of countering the heavy artillery and tanks divisions that the Confederates field in battle. However, with the Confederates becoming more and more skilled at the arts of counter-guerilla warfare, the Unionists have seen major setbacks in recent months as several of their hidden encampments in remote corners of the Confederacy such as the Everglades and the islands of the Carolinas being put under threat by sting operations. Luckily for the Unionists, their popularity inside of the Confederacy is growing beyond just a few scattered households and wealthy families.

While previously dismissed as just small bands of opportunistic highwaymen and abolitionist fanatics who have refused to accept the inevitable, the Unionists have had their popularity among blacks, poor whites and other disenfranchised segments of Confederate society has grown steadily in the recent decades. These events, coupled with the rapid expansion of the Fylkirate's power in the aftermath of the Alien Wars, have lead some to wonder if the group, whose origins can be traced back to before the Civil War, may finally get their chance to ensure that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth.

At A Glance

  • Faction Colors: '76 Silver, Dark Blue, Rusty and Dirt Brown
  • Playstyle: Petty Warfare
  • Theatre of Operations: Rough terrain and countryside of North America.
  • Strengths: Elite infantry, infantry & vehicles cover multiple roles, subliminal weapons and support forms of attacks, unrestricted use of chemicals.
  • Weaknesses: Few heavy weaponry, overly reliant on infantry & light vehicles for offense, limited air & naval capabilities.
  • Motives: Unionism, Freedom, Abolitionism.


The Birth of a Nation

Rally Once Again

Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom

The Grand Army of the Union Rebellions


Sumter Camp
Union Barracks
Engine Mill
Hornet's Nest
Temple of the Great Republic


Scalawag Squad The rank & file of the Rebellion, the Scalawag comes packing a heavily-modified scoped, bolt-action rifle that has been equipped with new "laser pointing" sights created with salvaged pieces of alien technology. While it may improve their aim, these laser pointers can give away the Scalawag's position to enemy forces. Secondary has the Scalawag throw homemade explosive nail bombs that do a number on enemy infantry.
Carpetbagger Squad The Union's go-to units for everything explosive, the Carpetbaggers come armed with with a wide variety of weaponry suited for destroying vehicles, halting enemy advances & clearing out garrisons. Besides wielding a homemade explosive "weapon" that straddles the line between light mortar & grenade launcher, the Carpetbagger also carries a supply of IEDs hidden inside briefcases which can be planted on structures or planted as land mines. For stickier situations, the Carpetbagger wields, oddly enough, a shortsword that resembles an ancient Roman gladius to stab enemies with.
Jayhawker Squad Former outlaws conscripted into the Union armies, the Jayhawkers are fast on their feet and come armed with two sub-machine guns, Adept at flanking enemy formations who are already under fire from other Union forces, the Jayhawker's secondary allows him to pull out his trusty flare gun which shoots out bright pyrotechnics that distracts and can temporarily blind enemies, causing them to be immobile and unable to attack for a short period of time.
Copperhead Revivalist preachers from the wilds of the Ozarks, the Copperhead serves as spies, assasins & thieves for the Union. The Copperhead can train up to three slithering serpentine agents at once. Besides serving as the Copperhead's main "weapon," the snakes can kill a selected infantry unit in one hit as well as be assigned to sabotage a specific building or ground vehicle. If a snake is killed, the Copperhead can train another one but snakes that are assigned to sabotage a building or vehicles count as still being alive until they are eventually discovered & killed after 30 seconds of infiltration. For personal-defense, the Copperhead carries a cudgel to incapacitate foes without killing them; they are men of God after all.
Bald Knobber Bald Knobbers are among the fiercest infantry the Unions have in the field. Wearing special exoskeletons that increase their physical strength tenfold, the Bald Knobbers pack 4-inch dynamite guns mounted on their right arms and two deadly hydralic fists. Equipped with special synthetic soles in the feet of their exoskeletons, the Bald Knobber has extraordinary jumping power which allows it manuver past enemies and scale walls with ease so they can destory the enemies of liberty everywhere. In some cases, they have been known to jump high enough to destroy low-flying aircraft in one punch


Stock Car
Jennison Ordnance Buggy An off-road vehicle perfect for hit and run operations in the backcountry of the Confederacy, the Jennison comes sporting a 40mm gun for destroying vehicles and other armored threats. Designed to compensate for the Union's lack of any real tanks, the Jennison must still contend with its weak armor on the front lines and rely on speed to outmaneuver enemy fire.
Sherman BearCat Responsible for ferrying Union Rebellion's infantry to the flashpoints of combat, the Sherman can hold up to ten infantry units in the back . While it lacks weapons or the ability for garrisoned units to fire out of it, the Meade does sport a homemade push bumper useful for ramming enemy vehicles and obstacles head on.
Iron Horse Dubbed the "Trump Card of the Union," the Iron Horse is the Rebellion's strongest and deadliest asset in armored warfare. A hulking steam locomotive hauling a set of heavy-duty flak cannons and a gigantic rail guns, the Iron Horse has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for the Unionists many a-time. If that were not enough, the Iron Horse can crush light vehicles & plough through walls like they were nothing. The one drawback to this hulking master of the battlefield is that its intial speed is abysmal and it must build up momentum over time with special presto logs in order to go faster.


Winston Strike Aircraft
Nickajack Helicopter Armed modestly with a single heavy machine gun, the Nickajack is the Union's eyes and ears in the sky. Besides its impressive speed thanks to its light armor, the Nickajack carries two huge speakers in place of missiles that play PHS-enhanced propoganda that debuffs enemy units and randomly converts one some of the time. The Nickajack can be outfitted with a small rocket launcher to launch special kinds of rockets for various uses, such as smokescreen, napalm, toxin spray and colored smoke for artillery barrage.


Banks Skiff
Porter Mini-Sub
Farragut Destroyer
Mahan ...

Commando and Unique Units

Minuteman The strange figure called Minuteman is the best asset to the revolution. His true identity remains unknown and his background is surrounded by hearsay with the most common rumor being that he is a former Confederate special forces operative due to his seeming knowledge of Confederate military tactics & strategy. Some say he had a sudden change of heart and decided to switch sides and fight to bring abolition to the South while others say he is just maniac obsessed with rebellion no matter the foe. A skilled marksman with his sniper rifle and revolvers, the Minuteman can lay waste to the whole squad in few seconds. When there is no other option, the Minuteman is known to rush forward, dodging all the attacks and shirking any wounds to beat the hell out of enemies with his bare fists.
American Battleship Patriot (only battleship, command center)

Behind the Scenes

  • The Union Rebellion are inspired by revolutionary political movements in America such as the various militia groups in operation across the country as well as some aspects of the Northern states and pro-abolition militias in the American Civil War, slave rebellions in America & the American forces in the American Revolutionary War.
  • The Union Rebellions are meant to reflect all the strife & tension brought on by the War Between the States and turn of the century America in general, particularly the subtle racism of some Nothern abolitionists, the strife between Catholic immigrants & the Protestant establishment and the fighting in border areas which tore friendships & families to pieces.
  • The names of the Rebellion's units are taken from derogatory terms from the Civil War era as well as Northern military leaders from that era as well.