Unification Concordiat (TUE)

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Unification Concordiat of Planet Terra
The Speed of the Horse,
The Strength of the Wall,
The Reach of the Word,
The Wisdom of the King
, the motto of the Concordiat
Playstyle Constant Pressure
Faction Colour Dark Apricot
Type TUE Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Hail, people of heroes,
Hail, immortal Fatherland,
Your sons were born again
With the faith and the Ideal.
Your warriors' valour,
Your pioneers' virtue,
Alighieri's vision,
Today shines in every heart"

- "Giovinezza"

At A Glance


Together We Form a Might Fasces

Faction Specifics


Legate Silivo Gardanelli, ...

General Karlheinz Bahnmaier, ...

General Alexis Metsyprus, ...

Armed Forces of United Terra



Pawn Squad Composed of many disillusioned people of who see the Unification Concordiat's plans as the one way to change the world to the better, Pawns are all volunteers that have received basic military training and a new, futuristic model of submachine gun, making them good at fighting in shorter ranges but less adept a long-range engagements.
Panzerfaust Squad
Warden Squad -PENDING REWORK- Armed with the experimental railgun rifles that are made to fire rapidly tiny projectiles, the Warden Squads excel making many holes into vehicles to gradually ruin the machinery. They are also good at supression, slowing down infantry they may be attacking, but doesnt do much damage against them.
Ferz Drone Squad Light bipedal drones armed with shoulder-mounted autocannon, their intended roles is anti-air duty. Thought they have to anchor their legs before commencing fire.
Architects' Squad Concordiat's engineers, beside the capturing structures their role is to oversee the structural integrity of buildings, reinforcing them to withstand more damage and repairing the damage that was done.
Marshall Squad The pride of the military of Concordiat, Marshalls are the best soldiers that undergone an cybernetic augmentation program, gaining dermal armor to withstand more damage and strength to carry 14,5mm rifles, excellent at eliminating infantry with a single shot, or if they survive it be pushed back by the impact, serving as snipers. They are good against light vehicles too.
Chateau Gunners Wearing heavy powered armors these troops are the guardians of the unification, taking the fire so others dont have to, and suppress the enemy infantry advancing with their chain guns. To fullfil the mantle of defenders to the fullest, they can form a small defensive position where they will be crouched in cover and shoot on all enemies, including aircraft, that will try to pass.
Immobilizer Battlesuit-wielding Immobilizers are carrying huge amount of missiles, which can either chill out the enemies, slowing them down and weakening their defenses, or slow down time locally, making them also slower but, decreasing their fire-rate but keeping their stats unchanged. In either case the missiles are dealing minimal damage.
Space Troopers Squad (HYDRA Chitauri Troopers)
Wizard Frontline scientists that embarked on a personal quest to study the dangerous anomalies caused by the many breaches of the reality by Aliens, as well as possessing courage to do so on the battlefield and using their knowledge to fight. Wizards are known to create various anomalies, such as sending fireballs out of their hands or creating freezing streams all thanks to their advanced gauntlets and gadgets. They are also able to meddle with enemy's intel, making them infiltrators able to read through enemy's files if he gets close enough to enemy structures.


Ore Truck
Baer Truck (transport)
Lancelot Tank (light tank)
Slingshot (repeating particle cannon AA)
Knight Tank (MBT, teleport in-front or above)
Bishop Beam Artillery (wheeled particle beam, various weapon effects)
Rook Mobile Fort
Chancellor Robot Tank


Swallow Helicopter-Drone
Squire Strike Fighter
Aquilifer Tiltrotor (aerial laser artillery)
"support aircraft"
Indefatigable AC Battleship


Transport Ship
Gryphon Destroyer
Sultan Carrack (torpedo launchers)
Andernach Cruiser
Naxara Support Vessel (repair, sensor, support)
Mann Battlecruiser (multi-turret damage dealer)
Naval Rampart (bombardment ship, repair)

Commando and Unique Units

Corinna & Grant

Behind The Scenes