Uchiwa Shogunate (TUE)

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Uchiwa Shogunate of the Empire of Japan and it's God-Emperor
The Sun & Samurai Countenace, Symbol of the Uchiwa Clan
Faction Colour Pink
Type Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

At A Glance


Armed Forces






Behind The Scenes

  • The Shogunate is meant to be the Empire of the Rising Sun from Red Alert 3 and PEQAN, as well as Shintai Society fan faction from PEQAN, made more traditional. Actual swordsmen samurai warriors, mechas using melee weapons, aircraft modeled more like animals.
  • The unit list is heavily inspired by the Protoss from Starcraft game series. The units will be also taking inspiration from various Japanese anime, namely Gundam but also Naruto, Megaman etc.
  • The symbol of Shogunate, here named "The Sun & Samurai Countenace", has several meanings.
    • The "Uchiwa" (団扇, ファン) means in English "fan". It is a reference to war fan, a tool used by Feudal Japan officers to issue commands to his men.
    • The samurai helmet represents the traditional ways of the Imperial Japan.
    • The sun represents both its connection to the Empire of the Rising Sun, but also to the connection to the Japanese sun god Susanoo.
      • Susanoo being a mythological brother of moon goddess Amaterasu, who is said to be the ancestor of all of the Japanese Emperors, furthers the connection between Uchiwa Clan and the Imperial family in Concordiatverse.