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"Ever looked at a faint light in the sky and wonder if it is of this world?"

- Tagline of the 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' magazine.
Place of Origin Fondness for things that are extraterrestrial
Trained/Produced at Area 50, Oregon mostly
Key Features » 'Plan 9' Flak Cannon
» 'Wells' Tripod Camera
» 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' magazine
» Limited knowledge of alien speech (Klaatu barada nikto!)
» 'I Want to Believe' T-shirt

Tactical Analysis

  • The truth is out there: Carrying a Flak cannon handed down from the Networks' Soviet supporters, the UFO hunters have taken it upon themselves to clear the skies wherever they operate in the hopes of bringing the proof they need of UFOs and their existence. The gun can also shoot at ground targets if needed to.
  • Listen to the winds: When they need to, the UFO hunters can also deploy special listening devices to observe the area if they move on. These devices are good, but they can't actually break through the fog of war; they only track speed and radio transmissions. They also have a limited battery life.
  • *Huff, puff*: UFO hunters are not the big, burly men and women of Soviet prisons who make up the true Flak Trooper battalions, the 23 kilogram gun is heavy and unwieldy for these conspiracy enthusiasts and slows them down considerably. In addittion, they need to stand still for a while to set up a tripod so they can fire the gun.
  • Everything is clear now: When they've finally blown enough Apollos out of the sky to be worthwhile, the UFO hunters can attach their sensors to an enemy aircraft, following it back to base with a miniature camera.


"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

Arthur C. Clarke

Do you know what's in the skies above you? No, not the birds or clouds or various chemical compounds that are slowly chipping away at our only inhabitable planet. The machines flying over your head and house, the various jets and props that make up our skyways. Did you ever stop to think at how many times people look up and say to themselves, "I've never seen that plane before."

Some people have noticed, and they want answers. Some spend hours combing through aircraft manuals or publicized intelligence data sheets to find what they saw. Others stake out the hills and forests every night, waiting for some shred of proof to show they aren't insane. Others join groups of people who claim to see such objects, and maybe even taken aboard them for...well, it really depends on the fetish they're trying to suppress. What matters is that these people aren't fools enough to think they're word is automatically worth while. They carry around neckfuls of cameras and film, snapping a photo of every single light that passes by in the sky. Some have created entire magazines filled with grainy, half-formed pictures of strange, not quite geometric shapes passing overhead.

The Third Eye has followed many of these magazines, and has started supplying them with information and pictures of his own. Octagonal shaped craft in the Nevada deserts. Strange ships flying over the Sea of Japan. Objects flying out of the ocean and into the skies in the middle of the Atlantic. The various UFO networks started buzzing with questions, and the Third Eye continued to answer to (what he said was) the best of his ability. He also put them in contact with the people who could help them find the truth on their own.

Of course, promises don't always have conditions. Soviet arms suppliers did allow these new UFO hunters man portable Flak guns, but they were launchers meant for big strong men and women who have grown muscles on their muscles after years of hard labor. Not being soldiers, the UFO hunters didn't care. Instead, they grabbed their new weapons, rigged up tripod mounts, and started running every which way with them. In the weeks after they found their new tools, Allied pilots (and a few unlucky Confederates) were reporting dozens of Flak attacks all across the country. Most curiously, the attacks coincided with every change in patrol routes and radio frequencies. Almost like someone knew exactly where the pilots were flying at all times.

For the UFO hunters, this is practice for the bigger fish. In the United States, this entails preparing a mass stakeout around the legendary Area 51. If there is proof of any UFO, it has to reside in 51. The Third Eye has done nothing to discourage these attempts, though he has reminded many America UFO hunters that the rest of the world is waiting.

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