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Tactical Analysis

  • The loneliest girl in all the worlds: Left an Orphan by an Ecumenical assault on her homeworld at the age of three that left her the sole survivor, Tyrandra is a woman driven on a quest for vengeance. She carries this out with a potent battlesuit that comes equipped with two psi-lashes that in tandem with her abilities, allow her to carve through any form of armour and cause all sorts of fascinating effects, while nearby enemies feel an urge to lay down and surrender from her telepathic powers; and through her telekinesis she can simply float over obstacles like mountains or water.
  • Starved for Justice: Not only is she fast and deadly at melee, she can also telekinetically lift just about any unit and then throw it like a softball, damaging everything in its way and massively damaging the target unit as she makes a potent demonstration of her psionic prowess.
  • Matter over mind: Despite her power, she does have limits, such as her short range making her vulnerable to high flying air units and snipers.
  • Mistress of Mentality: When Tyrandra has had enough experience on the field, she equips herself with the means to fire psionic energy from her visor, letting her deal damage as she charges into a target or strike at aircraft that would seek to damage her.


Tyrandra is a force of nature much feared by the Ecumene who speak of her with the fearful nickname of "the Carver" (WIP)

Known Activity