Truth Seeker

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"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

- Aldous Huxley
Place of Origin Jason's Armoured Vehicles
Trained/Produced at Confederate deals
Key Features » 37mm cannon
» 'Oculus' periscope
» Camera shells
» Armour plating
» Numerous conspiracy books

Tactical Analysis

  • You can't handle the truth: A "tank" in the most loose sense of the word, the Truth Seeker is armed with a small cannon and given additional armor plating to try and survive a battle. Barely even able to take on a Multigunner IFV, the Truth Seeker is still decently equipped with an impressive periscope to observe enemy movements.
  • Eye with a view: When the commander of the tank orders, the truth seeker's crew can fire a hollowed-out shell with a camera attached. The camera transmits everything it sees to the Network up until shortly after it lands, by which point the battery usually runs out.
  • Reality hits: The truth seeker is little better than the Beagle in terms of combat capability. With a near-useless main cannon and a pathetic speed for it's size, the truth seeker either needs excellent support of should stick to recon.
  • Semper Veritas: When they can, the crews of the truth seekers often attach a few extra cameras to their tanks that have been specially installed. Even if the tank is destroyed, these crews know their footage will continue until their film and batteries run out.


"Sometimes, the truth comes to you in the form of a 37mm cannon."

- The Overlord

As the Network has struggled, the Third Eye has had to attend many a funeral. Private eyes killed as spies. Cryptid hunters torn apart by enemy animal scouts. Conspiracy busters killed by their fellows to preserve the real truth of it all. No one might know who they really are under the armor, but the Third Eye has clearly taken quite the emotional beating from it all if the small inflections barely detectable in their voice modulator is anything to go by.

The Confederates have noticed the casualties as well. Desperate to preserve the combat capabilities of the Network (which means they can survive to collect information longer), the Confederates lent them discount cards for buying from "Jason's Armoured Vehicles" to get them some armoured personnel carriers. Originally, the Confederates had meant for them to simply act as a transport, ferrying Network troops to and from their clubhouses and the front. Instead, the Third Eye recruited their best engineers to overhaul the entire "fleet".

After three weeks, the new "truth seekers" rolled out of the clubhouses and onto the field. The Confederates and Syndicate men that sold them the cards and transports watched in shock as something entirely different drove past. A small cannon rested inside an improvised turret mount in what was the transport's main space for infantry. Armor plating had been crudely welded onto the sides and rear, but the most surprising of all was the modification to the 37mm shells being used. Some had apparently been gutted of explosives and replaced with camera mountings and a small transmitter. To the astonishment of the Confederates that watched the "tanks" in battle, the truth seekers were able to actually receive live video from the shells even after impact, the enemy passing by thinking they were just "typical Network quality".

The Confederates could only scratch their heads again at the Network's results. In terms of combat capability, the truth seekers were little better than their own Beagle light tanks. One on one, the Network's tank would lose against any Javelin trooper with half a brain. But the knowledge of where the enemy was moving and bringing along was enough to keep these tanks, and any Confederates nearby, alive to see another day. As far as the Third Eye is concerned, the less funerals, the better.

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