Trust Engineer

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Place of Origin Tenacity to unveil hidden technology
Trained/Produced at Garages worldwide
Key Features » PSPH-40 SMG
» 'Botstopper' beacon tracker
» Engineering kit
» Homemade impact suit
» Copy of 'Pandora's Box' magazine

Tactical Analysis

  • I can fix it: Different from other engineers in that they can put up a real fight, the Trust Engineer goes into battle armed with a smuggled SMG supplied by either the Soviets or Combine. Able to fire accurately and suppress enemy infantry, the trust engineers can be considered the Network's frontline.
  • EMPowered: By making mortar shells of their own design, the trust engineer can call down a barrage of mortars equipped with EMP warheads, disabling vehicles, defenses, structures, and even battlesuits for a short time, as well as sending shrapnel at enemy infantry.
  • Can't trust this: Without their mortar strikes, the trust engineers are as vulnerable to enemy vehicles and defenses as all other infantry. Coupled with their weaknesses against air assets and enemies at sea and the fact they can only be called in instead of produced, and the trust engineer is a damaging asset to lose.
  • Elites you can believe in: The members of the trust engineers who have seen battle over and over have come to realize that they can make the other members of the Network more effective by telling them what mistakes to avoid. In game terms, this is a stackable buff for all nearby Network infantry.


"Albert Einstein once said that it has became appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. What he didn't mention is that the rest of it has escaped from the grasp of the common man..."

- The Third Eye, "Futures Made of Technological Insanity"

The Allies claim that science advances daily under their rule. Impossible ideas a few short years ago now find fertile ground to blossom in Allied research labs and testing grounds. New particles are discovered and labeled. Advances in engineering and computation create more efficient and cost-effective machines and devices. As the Soviets struggle to push the boundaries of the infinitesimal, as the Syndicate grasps futilely at space, as CBURA clings to visions of a future that will never be, the Allies push on unbounded.

Then there are people who say the Allies are covering things up.

In recent years, many amateur inventors and tinkerers have come to claim that the Allies are suppressing various technologies that would elevate mankind's place in the universe tenfold. They claim the Allies are holding back fully-electric cars that can be fueled with on-board solar panels. They say the Allies are working on engines that can convert salt water into fuel, and keeping the most effective computers only for the people able to pay for them. Every Allies press release to the contrary is just another denial, an order from on high to keep the people waiting until their masters deign to gift them with their leftovers.

These people seek to create their own technologies. They test out their mad designs with themselves in the driver's seat, typically losing eyebrows and arm hair in their tests, or falling from a few stories up to prove that psychics is even more malleable than even the Allies believe using homemade impact suits. That these men and women often wind up injured or hacking on toxic fumes does nothing to stop their permanent curiosity.

The Third Eye was a constant commenter in their newsletters and magazines, raising questions about the Allies supposed superiority in even the theoretical sciences when the Atomic Kingdom possesses working teleportation and cloning. The Third Eye even raised doubts about their advancements in computing, while Imperial Japan uses nanomachines and gangsters gaining "certain" surgeries in Sprawls everywhere. Many others emulated his example by flooding Allied, Soviet, Combine and other science magazines by begging them to at least show the common the true extent of their respective scientific researches.

While many of their attempts failed (a major Allied science magazine recently announced that they will no longer be receiving comments and messages due to the sheer number of them that arrive in their mailboxes), this has convinced many self-proclaimed "Trust Engineers" that various scientists and laboratories are in some sort of conspiracy, and not only the Allies are a part of it, but almost all of the "mainstream" scientific companies such as the CERN, the RAS, the BMTG, and even the Akagi Institute of of Sciences. To make matters worse, they have discovered many reports about the less-obvious and less-ethical scientific advancements around the world. A secret US government program dubbed as "MKULTRA". Tape recordings from Indian scientists in mental asylums everywhere, the similarity of all of them being they worked in a top-secret laboratory. Unclear and even corrupted files detailing how Japanese wave-force technology, African diamond technology and Chile's own cybernetic technology really works.

For them, it is obvious that these people cannot even be considered trustworthy when it comes to scientific matters, as they even refuse to tell the whole truth their own citizens. Fearing that technology used by the wrong hands can threaten the security and the safety of the world at large, these men and women now aligned themselves with the Conduit to ensure a brighter tomorrow for all everymen around the world.....whether they like it or not.

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