Troop Carrier

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Troop Carrier
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Transport
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Truck
Produced at Fort
Ability Disembark Passengers
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Thailandthumb.gif Thailand
Produced at AutoAlliance Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima
Key Features » Air-conditioned Cabin
» HV-530 Reactor
» Spacious Troop Compartment
» Driver
» Cloth Armour

"Buckle up lads. We are going in hot."
- Troop Carrier Driver

Tactical Analysis

  • Logistic Goddess: Troop Carriers provide the IPDI with their notorious early game mobility. Capable of carrying two squads of infantry across all terrain at high speeds, they are key for early game map control and strategic maneuvers.
  • Rapid Deployment: Troops will exit a Troop Carrier instantly when ordered to, with no delay. Loading is also an extremely quick affair. This enables a competent commander to use the Troop Carrier in early game kiting maneuvers against slower enemy forces, or to extract friendly troops being suppressed under fire.
  • Cloth Skin: However, Troop Carriers have effectively zero armor and will take full damage from virtually all sources. Its large size also results in a relatively low evade value when stationary. However, when a Troop Carrier is lost, soldiers in side will be able to bail out, albeit damaged.


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