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Titan Inclusive Enterprises
Playstyle Saturated Fire
Faction Colour Reflective Gold
Type Quantum Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"I wanna be evil, I wanna spit tacks,
"I wanna be evil, and cheat at jacks,
"I wanna be wicked, I wanna tell lies,
"I wanna be mean, and throw mud pies"

-"I want to be Evil" by Eartha Kitt

The Titan Inclusive, more commonly referred to as the Titans or the Inclusive, is a fan-faction being created by Crj400 and GaryGibbon. Jason Zombolt was in charge, but he cracked and ran for the hills!

At a Glance

Faction Color Reflective Gold
Playstyle Saturated Fire
Theatre of Operations Up close
Strengths Healing gives cash; High rate of fire; Robust economy; Useful add-on options
Weaknesses Slow ships; Large minimum range for artillery; Add-ons are needed for T3; Few repair options and low DPS
Motives Control, Security, Peace
Basic Look

Diplomatic Relations

Titan Inclusive Diplomatic Relations
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations ' EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League ' AtlanteanLogoThumb.png Atlantean Ascendancy '
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries ' CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine ' ConcordiatLogoThumb.png Unification Concordiat '
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union ' IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild ' FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate '
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun ' ContingentLogoThumb.png Southern Contingent ' IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative '
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon ' UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists ' PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation {{{Pangaean}}}
GreenChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China ' CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Greater Indian Commonwealth ' ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard '
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate ' FederationLogoThumb.png Cybernetic Federation ' ConclaveLogoThumb.png Enlightened Conclave '
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate ' EcumeneLogoThumb.png Ukrazol Ecumene ' KumunLogoThumb.png Kumun Hegemony '
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam ' PahitLogoThumb.png Pahit Dictatoriat ' NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Korean People's Army '
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists ' 20px Mongolian Migration ' SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png EoK Penal Divisions '
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army ' InkarriLogoThumb.png Inkarri Theocracy ' DarkwaterLogoThumb.png Darkwater Industries '
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China ' MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution ' CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dread Corsairs '
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong ' NetworkLogoThumb.png Network of Truth Seekers ' BalkanLogoThumb.png Balkan Rebellion '
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army ' PhoenixLogoThumb.png Phoenix Front ' KatipunanLogo.png Katipunan '
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc ' CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies ' 20px Forgotten Flotilla '
BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand ' ASGLogoThumb.png Crescent Pact ' IronFangsLogoThumb.png Iron Fangs '


Titan Inclusive Diplomatic Relations

Outside the Titan Inclusive, little is known about Prometheus as a person. Reports vary wildly about his real name, age, ethnicity, and gender. However, those who know more know thus. Prometheus was born in England, in 1932. His parents were relatively wealthy, and had enough money to provide him with a world class education. However, this was not the greatest influence on him as a person, for both of his parents shared one thing: paranoia. When not at boarding school, Prometheus was raised on conspiracy theories, wild speculation and urban legends. The Tungska event, caused by Tesla's death ray. The ancient Bavarian Illuminati, still living strong in secret. An Alien invasion, infiltrating and guiding society. Prometheus soon began to see conspiracy and outside manipulation in everything and everyone he met, no matter how impossible. The people he met on the street, no matter how inconspicuous, could be MIB, alien reptiles, insane cultists. And he was determined to solve this. Bringing Knowledge to Mankind

In his teenage years, Prometheus set up his own radio station, to call the populace into revolt against their shadowy overlords. It was then that he took his name, to protect himself and those around him from retaliation. For years, he broadcast in secret, gaining an audience of loyal listeners. But he came to realise: no-one was fighting back. The people, like sheep, had been cowed into submission and brainwashed with misinformation. They would never fight back. There was only one person he knew who had the knowledge, skills, and will to fight back: himself. And he would fight them on new terms.

Shortly after finishing university with honours, Prometheus inherited his entire family's fortune after their mysterious death (they had been investigating whether the long-dead 'Order of the Talon' had created a surviving splinter branch). With this money, and his business expertise, he formed his own company, Zone Break Industries. The idea was simple: Zone Break Industries would be a massive security company, in public keeping large corporations and people safe, while in secret searching for proof, any shred of evidence, that would unravel the hidden, world-spanning conspiracies.

Eye of the Gods

Titan Inclusive Diplomatic Relations

Within a few years, Zone Break Industries had become a massive success. Despite what were, by then, Prometheus' well known eccentricities, he was an incredible businessman, and Zone Break Industries genuinely did a good, thorough job guarding areas they were hired to protect. Zone Break Industries became even more successful when the Allies decided to make Zone Break Industries the (unofficial) security installation company for low-level Allied facilities. While many critics point out that this was simply because Zone Break Industries was the only major security firm not currently owned by the Syndicate, it has been pointed out that the job done by Zone Break Industries has been more than adequate, with minimal and infrequent security breaches.

But hidden from the public, there was another side to Zone Break Industries. A team of 'investigators', mostly composed of Prometheus' radio broadcasts, worked. This group had two jobs: first, to track down the secrets being hidden from the public, and second, to recruit the best and brightest that had not been tainted by the paranoia of the week. For you see, it was now that Prometheus had his vision: the world had been corrupted, twisted to its core by time travellers, mind control drugs in the water, alien broadcasts. Prometheus decided to collect together all the great minds and skilled persons that had yet to be corrupted, and form a resistance. These 'Titans of Mankind' would form an inclusive group, to take back control of mankind, and lead it to the greatness it had been denied by its twisted overlords. But nowhere on Earth would be safe: there was only one place beyond the reach of any manipulation or infiltration. Space.

A Blind Eye

Due to the low number of people who could possibly pass Prometheus' paranoid standards for permission into his inclusive (watching the official news alone was considered a 'significant point against inclusion'), he had to turn a blind eye to character flaws. While a few of his members genuinely believed in Prometheus' vision, Prometheus himself seemed unable to understand that many of his members were sociopathic, or worse. Any severe breaches in conduct, he reasoned away: it was an attack against a broken system controlled by shadowy outside figures, and weakened their grip on mankind. How could this be considered wrong? As the actions of his inclusive became worse, Prometheus seemed to become more and more willing to explain away their actions, and defend their members.

To make things worse, Prometheus could not regulate the entire inclusive himself, and so split control of different areas between his most trusted members. This so-called 'Majestic Six' began to recruit their own members as a fighting force, seized control of land through underhanded means, and began to develop their own new technologies. Slowly, the 'Titans of Mankind' became a force of their own. A force that was sliding more and more into villainy by the day. Sliding into something even worse, maybe: supervillainy.

The Titan Inclusive was born.

Gameplay Style and Development

The Inclusive focuses on two main traits above all else. One is to stay alive, as their numbers are remarkably small, and the second is to launch so much lead that their numbers look 10 times larger.

Build Mechanic

Titan buildings are built from the MCV, and are produced internally. Defences are made at wind beacons that have the defence add-on, and are built outside. To access tier three tech, you need to have an add on for the Chobham Garage or the Steel Harbour.

Power Mechanic

The Inclusive uses mobile power station to harness the wind. These have to unpack in order to provide power. Note that when the Wind Beacons turn into defences, they don't provide power or tech.

Tier Mechanic

The Titan tier mechanic is based on the power in build area, as higher-tier buildings need more power. This means that you can bring along extra Power Vans to boost an expansion to higher tiers, although this means that you have to protect your Power Vans. <Will work on in a bit.>


GEM Crystal Circuits

(Germanium Expand Method) Using the impurities found in gems, the Titans have created a competitor to the Syndicate's silicone-based integrated circuits. They use carved channels of gems as semiconductors to power many of their higher-tier items. In smaller amounts, these circuits are used in many things including weapons.

Electro-Fired Ammunition

Using GEM circuits, an electric pulse can be sent to a caseless shell of ammunition. This makes many of the mechanics in modern firearms obsolete, and allows for the "stacking" of ammunition in the barrel. With this new kind of weapon, Titan units can fire up over hundreds of rounds more than the fastest machine gun in a smaller time frame.

Ionic Technology

The backbone of the Titan war engine, ions are used in almost everything, from power sources, to engines, even in weapons.

HAEG Satellite Network

Based on the Allied Solar network, the High Altitude Energy Gathering Satellite Network allows for the transmission of energy in focused microwaves. This is then used in energy weapons and high-output power plants.

Units & Structures


Andromeda Station Supports Titan activity in the area, allowing you to build Titan buildings and death traps.
Ion Pylon This Pylon is filled with ionic gel, and produces a steady stream of power for your war effort!
Jewellery Refinery of the Titans. Turns ugly ore into beautiful weapons of evil.
Orion Garrison The Orion Garrison can train infantry in relative safety even on the battlefield.
Auriga Garage Can put together Titan vehicles for the battlefield, and repair them with repair ionocraft afterward.
Aquila Runway Creates Titan aircraft, and can hold and support up to 4 aircraft at a time.
Noctua Fabricator Creates the Titan's famed ionicraft, allowing you to blanket the skies in 'undefined fantastic aircraft'.
Carina Harbour Builds the most advanced ships the Titans can field, keeping the waters 'safe'.
Security Forces HQ Holds all the Titan's untested equipment, destructive weapons, and elite warriors. The Annihilation Branch allows access to destructive, frontline units to give the Titans some well-needed punch. It also allows you to call in reinforcements to supplement your army.

Defensive Superweapon: Wide scale sabotage and EMPs shut off all non-Titan units in an area.

Diplomatic Assets HQ A holding place for all the Titan's sneaky, devious, or just plain cruel tricks. The Subversion Branch allows access to tricky, disruptive units to harrass the enemy. It also allows you to research sabotages to disrupt your enemy's forces.

Defensive Superweapon: Slight ionization of the air disrupts radar's function, shutting it off for an enemy.

Thunderball Artillery Platform What happens if you build an artillery platform the size of a building, and let it fire more shells than you can count? This gigantic artillery piece can fire dozens of electric-fired shells filled with ionic gel at an area, filling it with nothing but sparking, molten scrap. Offensive Superweapon

Death Traps

Gilden Walls How can you make your evil plans when those fools keep meddling in your base? Answer: walls!
Gilden Gates Let your forces in and out of your base without the entry of 'outside inconveniences'.
Flayer Hub The Titan's support wall is a stealthed wall hub, which produces invisible 'tripwires' between itself and other Flayer Hubs. Should an enemy unit cross this tripwire, the Flayer Hubs will begin firing wildly at all nearby units, friend or foe for two seconds. Be careful, they are quite fragile!
Slicer Turret The only 'normal base defence', the Slicer fires massive quantities of ammunition at the enemy incredibly quickly, making it ideal for dealing with infantry or aircraft. It will flounder if used against anything else, however.
Poison Oak The Poison Oak is a machinegun nest designed to look like a tree: it is hidden until enemies pass nearby, when it rips into them! Effective against infantry.
Explosive Hive This base defence periodically produces spider bombs (for a maximum of 5). When an enemy vehicle comes into range, the spider bombs scuttle to detonate them. Secondary instantly creates a spider bomb, for a small fee.
Skykiller Cannon The Skykiller is an anti-air turret, designed to knock aircraft out of the sky with ion bursts. If enemies get too close for comfort, it can release a burst of knockout gas, stunning infantry.
Cleaver Turret The Cleaver Turret uses specially designed armour-piercing rounds, fired at incredibly high speed. This makes it decent at dealing with light to medium vehicles. What's more, it looks IDENTICAL to a Slicer Turret to keep the enemy guessing.
Dominator Emplacement Acting as the Titan's 'ultimate turret', the Dominator is stealthed at all time when not firing. As well as this, it performs decently against all surface targets, although it does less damage than the 'ultimate turrets' of other factions.
Stormshard Emplacement The Stormshard Emplacement acts as the Titan's strategic artillery. Its shells are far less damaging and even more inaccurate than normal strategic artillery, but it fires far faster. Not only that, its secondary allows it to become invisible to radar, at the cost of firing speed.


Gearbolt Snake An exotic animal found in the Caribbean, the Gearbolt Snake is a surprisingly intelligent breed of snake that can change colour. It can attach to any metal, tank or building, and see what they see, friend or foe. It's extremely venomous, and if it bites a person for long enough, it may attempt to swallow them whole!
Storm Bringer Local corporate supporters who want no harm to come to the company that helped to defend them. They use bulky but rapid-firing EF rifles to shoot more lead in a minute than an enemy will in a day. They can switch to firing at both air and ground targets, but this reduces their already low damage output.
Thunder Trooper Elite troopers equipped with a man-portable 'Stormeye' ionic bow. This bow is powerful enough to break through tank armour, although it is not as effective as conventional missiles. They can, however, align their cannon on occupied buildings to forcibly evacuate their occupants in a blast of charged particles. This will cause a cooldown period, however.
Silent Night A fast-moving engineer, the Silent Night captures and repairs buildings like any engineer. They can also plant suitcase guns on friendly buildings and vehicles, giving them a stylish but practical light machine gun to use.
Caduceus Medic A savvy healer that uses Flash Grenades to escape confrontation. They can use their medic status to get past enemy lines, spying for you. Note, however, that if threatened, they might not always stay on your side...
Cypher No one suspects the wildlife! These pigeons act as your infiltrators, flying into buildings and using their keen bird senses prevent them from getting dazed. They can also buzz infantry with Ion bug zappers to great effect.
Instructor The Titan Instructor is clothed in a flawless tuxedo, and carries a set of "Scarab" spider bombs with him that crawl to the enemy before blowing up on their unprotected undersides. The Instructor can set up an ambush point to cause a multitude of them to attack vehicles. The Instructor is the only high-damage infantry that does not need a specialized branch.
Sky Captain Some of the most trusted Titan supporters, clad in a Mk. II flight suit, these infantry fly above the battlefield. They are equipped with mounted E-F autocannons to take care of any 'loose ends' that see too much... Their secondary dumps all their ammo into a single burst, causing knockback, suppression, and a ton of damage, but the autocannons require reloading afterwards. Requires Annihilation Branch
Ion Sergeant The Ion Sergeant is an elite soldier for the Titans, and a powerful asset on the field. Equipped with powerful ion missiles, the Ion Sergeant can blast aircraft, tanks and buildings to ionic slag. Secondary launches a special rocket, which causes the target to be engulfed in ionic fire for a short time. Requires Annihilation Branch
Tarantula Arachnophobia may be a reasonable response when the Titans are in the area! The impossibly-fast Tarantula can enter buildings or base defences in order to shut them down for a few precious seconds. Secondary causes the Tarantula to put on a fierce display, stunning nearby infantry. Note that the Tarantula has zero armour: anything can kill it. Requires Subversion Branch
Shadow Trooper Mysterious men in black suits rumoured to appear whenever someone says too much about the Titans. Shadow Troopers are armed with knives to brutally remove loose ends. They are also capable of placing sapper bombs on enemy vehicles, slowing them to a crawl for a short time. Secondary stealths the Shadow Trooper at the cost of armour. Requires Subversion Branch
Rose Brutal, cold and efficient, the Titan commando carries the two largest-possible man-portable ion drives and dashes around carving tanks into ribbons. Rose can also call upon funds from an unknown source to bribe nearby enemies for a short time!


Stardust Harvester Armed with a small EF gun, the Stardust can both harvest ore and deter attacks by infantry. It's secondary overcharges it's gun, making it capable of taking on even light vehicles in battle! However, it takes charge to run in this mode, and has such a small supply that it may run out before finishing the job.
Starlight Mobile Charge Station The Starlight is quite possibly the most important vehicle in the Titan army. The Starlight charges ion-powered vehicles on the field, keeping them ready for battle. It also has the ability to gain a sharp increase in armour, although it cannot charge vehicles in this mode. Produced from the General Headquaters
MHQ Using the famed ionic technology of the Titans, the MHQ can hover around the battlefield, before setting up as a General Headquaters.
Hernes Motorcycle A stylish motorcycle, with all the accessories: leather seats, metal chassis, 40mm grenade launcher... The Hermes can easily surpress infantry, and enjoys a surprising rate of fire. Secondary causes the Hernes to jump a short distance, although it cannot do this over walls.
Espionage Spy Car The Espionage is an unassuming car driven by Titan sympathisers. In normal mode, it is not fired upon automatically. Upon activating its secondary, however, it reveals a twin-linked machinegun to take out enemy infantry. It is automatically targetted in this mode, however!
Ganymede Mobile Habitat The Ganymede Mobile Habitat was originally designed as an escape pod, but is more than capable of carrying infantry in relative safety. It is also capable of hovering over water, thanks to ionic technology.
Ripper Combat Vehicle The Ripper is designed to protect valuable Titan assets, the Ripper has two EF ammo turrets capable of ripping through infantry and aircraft with ease. The Ripper is capable of firing even faster, at the cost of armour. Requires charge to run.
Lightning Tank The main battle tank of the Titans, the Storm was designed to work even in the harsh vacuum of space, and can launch 50mm rounds at high speed with electric pulses. Secondary has the Storm deploy and devote power normally used for engines to two additional turrets. Requires charge to run.
Asteroid Artillery Why fire a single shell, when you can fire 100? Using an EF system, the Asteroid fires dozens of 'bullets' at an area. While these 'bullets' do little individual damage, and are quite inaccurate, the Asteroid can fire eight at a time, and fire at rapid speed, literally saturating an area in artillery fire. It must deploy to fire, however. Requires charge to run.
Bulwark Shield Tank The Bulwark is a massive, hulking tank, capable of taking a lot of hits before going down. It also has the natural ability to attract a fraction of shots to itself instead of other units. Secondary causes the Bulwark to drop its shields, and begin charging a massive ion cannon to devastate a single target: note that it is very vulnerable in this state, and has a long cooldown, though. Requires power to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Supernova HAEG Reciever The Supernova is a slow, heavy vehicle that takes a very long time to lock on. Once it has done so, however, it cooks the area with a blast from the HAEG system! Secondary allows the Supernova to recieve this power and use it to charge itself and other vehicles in an area. Requires charge to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Assailer Planehunter The Assailer is a speedy luxury car... filled with highly damaging and highly illegal missiles. While it can only fire one missile at a time, and takes a long time to reload, it hits very hard. Secondary causes enemies to not automatically target the Assailer for a short time. Requires charge to run. Requires Subversion Branch
Spark Sniper Car Equipped with a sniper turret, the Spark can rapidly hit infantry from very far away. It may take two or three hits to kill them, however, so you'll need to use speed to kite enemies. Secondary causes the Spark to EMP all nearby vehicles, although this takes all of the Spark's charge to do. Requires charge to run. Requires Subversion Branch


Porpoise Scout Sub A tiny, one-man submarine, the Porpoise is very useful for scouting purposes. It has the ability to attatch to a passing ship, allowing it to see what it sees. Secondary allows it to detatch and stun the ship.
Raptor Speedboat The Raptor is a stylish, sleek speedboat, the Raptor can rip into light ships with electric fired ammo. It's secondary gives it a massive speedboost at the cost of armour.
Warthog Naval Transport A surprisingly heavily armoured transport, capable of carrying a single Titan vehicle or 5 Titan soldiers in comfort.
Daedalus Submarine The Daedalus submarine is the main damage dealer in your navy. The Daedalus has a low rate of fire, but does a decent amount of damage. Secondary allows the Daedalus to fire faster at the cost of health. Requires power to run.
Seafoam Submarine Keep the waters free of 'investigators' with the Seafoam. The secondary of the Seafoam releases water-borne spider mines, which will swim towards enemy ships and detonate. It has a quick cooldown, allowing it to cover chokepoints in mines very rapidly. Requires power to run.
Drifter Yacht A stylish, comfortable yacht driven by Titan sympathizers, the Drifter can knock aircraft out of the sky with an electric-fired ammunition turret. Secondary allows the Drifter to disguise itself as a civilian boat. Requires power to run.
Overwatch Repair Battleship In an unusual move, the 'battleship' of the Titans merely has a repair role. It can repair two nearby ships at a time, and, for a cost, produce a small repair ionocraft that can be controlled to heal other ships. Requires power to run.
Worldburner Cruiser The Worldburner is an advanced artillery ship for the Titans. It can designate targets for cooking by the HAEG network, reducing them to slag in record time. Its secondary allows the Worldburner to create an ion storm at an area, harming any unit that passes through it. Requires power to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Orbit Breaker Battleship The Orbit Breaker is the Titan's heavy hitting battleship equivalent. Equipped with four electric-fired ammo turrets, the Orbit Breaker can engage multiple targets at once. Secondary allows the Orbit Breaker to dump all the ammo into a single burst, against a single target, although it will need to reload afterwards. Requires power to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Ark Submarine A transport submarine, capable of transporting a mix of three vehicles or nine infantry under the ocean. Capable of travelling slowly on land to disembark passengers. Requires Subversion Branch
Sever Submarine Who needs a battleship, when you have a submarine? The Sever is equipped with an ionic bow, allowing it to rip through ships before sinking beneath the waves. Secondary switches to using an electric-fired ammo turret, which has a drastically reduced damage output, but increased rate of fire and does not need to surface. Requires power to run. Requires Subversion Branch


Stellar VTOL The main Titan fighter, the Stellar has two E-F turrets, allowing it to target two different aircraft at once. However, it has fairly low damage compared to other fighters. Secondary is return to base.
Tosserver A bird with an advanced camera, the Tosserver is stealthed and can watch an area without being observed. The Tosserver can also attach to an enemy aircraft for a short time in order to hitch a ride.
Nova Diver Nova Divers are the Titan equivalent of HALO troops. Upon being produced, they drift for a time, before descending to the ground. Once on the ground, Nova Divers are armed with a powerful ion cannon, letting them take care of enemy vehicles. Beware though, their nonexistant armour and inability to attack while drifting make them ambush units. Secondary is to drop early/drift temporarily.
Microburst Balloon The Microburst Balloon is a useful support element, using an ion zapper to slow and damage enemy units. Secondary drops flares to distract enemies for a short time.
Rumbler Bomber The Rumbler is the Titan's saturation bomber, with a unique twist. The cargo bay is full of spider bombs, which it drops in a rain of angry scorpions. These bombs can only attack vehicles and ships, but will linger if they are not destroyed. Secondary is return to base.
Callisto Diver The Callisto Divers an experimental spacecraft undergoing field testing. With four EF turrets, the Callisto can take out many enemy units at a time, despite having slightly sub-par damage. Secondary switches anti-air/anti-ground. Requires Annihilation Branch
Andromeda Bomber The Andromeda is a powerful damage-dealer, with a unique method of attack. The Andromeda drops a targeting flare on an area. After a few seconds, the HAEG system sets off an ion storm in an area, doing heavy localised damage. Unfortunately, the flare is only dropped by the Andromeda's secondary, and costs money to use. Requires Annihilation Branch
King Eagle The King Eagle takes out enemy aircraft in a unique way: spider bombs attached to pigeons! These birds fly at enemy aircraft before detonating, and will linger in an area if not destroyed. With its secondary, it can return to base while leaving three pigeons as a parting 'gift'. Requires Subversion Branch
Saturn Bomber The Saturn only has one bomb... but that is all it needs. Stealthed until it drops its payload, the Saturn hits hard. However, its incredibly thin armour means that it relies on stealth to reach its target. Secondary is return to base. Requires Subversion Branch
Farsight Ionocraft The Farsight is a cheap, light ionocraft capable of carrying a single infantry. However, this infantry can fire out, and gets a range bonus! Secondary disembarks passengers.
Highlife Repair Ionocraft The Highlife Ionocraft is a large ionocraft, capable of repairing a single unit at a time. It can divert power from the lifting plates, causing it to land and overcharge the repair beam.
Floating Saucer The Floating Saucer is a cheap, light, speedy scout, built to find suitable areas for Titan operations. It is armed with a weapon scrambler, which can disarm vehicles. It may also land on top of an aircraft, and, if it stays on long enough, knock that aircraft out of the sky.
Repeater Anti-Air Ionocraft The Repeater is equipped with three E-F turrets, which are capable of firing at multiple targets. However, it's damage is particularly pitiful. It can switch to only using one EF turret for extra damage, but will still likely need to be swarmed. Requires charge to run.
Stonehenge Carver Ionocraft The Stonehenge floats above the battlefield, waiting above tank columns. Upon being ordered, however, it dives down, slicing tanks with its ion carvers! Requires charge to run.
Pioneer Colony Transport Intended as a temporary habitat on other planets, the Pioneer is designed to terraform the nearby area... so imagine what it can do to the battlefield. As well as being capable of carrying up to eight infantry, the Pioneer can fire a landscaping beam with a huge splash radius. Requires charge to run.
Sagittarius Ionocraft The Sagittarius hovers omionusly above the battlefield, ready to strike. But not by itself: the Sagittarius holds many owls with miniature attached ion cannons, which will shred anything they see. Secondary releases the owls without weapons as a distraction, although the Sagittarius will not be able to attack for a while afterwards. Requires charge to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Virgo Repair Ionocraft The Virgo is very effective at repairing units, repairing two units at once nearly as fast as damage is dished out. Secondary overcharges the repair beams to heal four units, at a significant cost to effectiveness. Requires charge to run. Requires Annihilation Branch
Sirius Ionocraft Reports of 'flying saucers' are to be discouraged... and investigated for Titan activity immediately! The Sirius has such powerful lifing plates that infantry in a large radius around it are burned by its presence. Secondary allows the Sirius to fly away at rapid speeds, although it damages itself in the process. Requires charge to run. Requires Subversion Branch
Fata Morgana Ionocraft It's not what you expect... the Fata Morgana has two decently damaging EF guns, which fare moderately well against infantry and aircraft. It can, however, hover close to the ground, disguising itself as an enemy unit! Requires charge to run. Requires Subversion Branch

Assassination Target

Valiant Ionic Battleship The ultimate demonstration of Ion power, the Valiant uses four sets of "True Ion" trioxygen powered Ion engines. Its main weapon is an ionic bow cannon, which is designed to utterly annihilate single targets, and has a secondary armament of several electric-fired anti-air artillery batteries.


Body Count Available from the Andromeda Station. Spawns a free set of dead bodies in an area.
Execute Available from the Andromeda Station. Kills a single allied infantry to intimidate nearby infantry to fight harder.
Scarecorpse Available from the Ion Pylon. Select a group of dead bodies. These corpses are set up like scarecrows, each providing a minor debuff for nearby units. This debuff, however, stacks for each scarecorpse.
Grave Robbing Available from the Jewellery. Select a group of dead infantry. You receive money for each corpse in the area of effect.
Drown Agent Available from the Orion Garrison. Select an Ion Pylon. An enemy of the Titans (or hapless bystander) is drowned in the ionic gel. This permanently upgrades the Ion Pylon to inspire and buff nearby units.
Nature's Wrath Available from the Orion Garrison. Spawn a group of specially trained critters at an area. These critters are weak, but will happily mob enemies. Upgradeable, summons 12/24/36 critters.
Corpse Bomb Available from the Aquila Runway. Select a group of bodies. These bodies are converted into mines - but with no change in appearance!
Nerve Gas Available from the Diplomatic Assets HQ. A Titan plane drops nerve gas onto an area. This nerve gas works like radiation: it is undetectable, but kills infantry and damages vehicles. It will eventually dissipate, however. Costs money to use.

Behind the Scenes

These guys are based off all the traditional SF/James Bond supervillains and their private armies. However, these villains also have some good in them, so long as it furthers their cause. To Space!

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Structures Andromeda Station • Ion Pylon • Jewellery • Orion Garrison • Auriga Garage • Aquila Runway • Noctua Fabricator • Carina Harbour • Security Forces HQ • Diplomatic Assets HQ • Thunderball Artillery Platform
Death Traps Gilden Walls • Gilden Gates • Flayer Hub • Slicer Turret • Poison Oak • Skykiller Cannon • Cleaver Turret • Dominator Emplacement • Stormshard Emplacement
Technologies GEM Crystal Circuits • Electro-Fired Ammunition • Ionic Technology • HAEG Satellite Network
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