Third Babylonian Empire

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The Third Empire of the Revived Babylon
The Sirrush of Babylon, often seen on the standards of the Third Babylonian Empire
Playstyle Cavalry Warfare w/ Artillery Support
Faction Colour Nebuchadnezzar's Regal Purple
Type After the War Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Now the king told the boogie men
You have to let that raga drop
The oil down the desert way
Has been shakin' to the top
The Sheik he drove his Cadillac
He went a-cruisnin' down the ville
The muezzin was a-standing
On the radiator grille!

-'Rock the Casbah' by The Clash.


On Sands of Ash and Glass

To Babylon, in Exile

The Bleeding Hearts

Burn it to the Ground


Sharifa Mary 'Clear Eyes', Appointed of Ishtar the Glorious

The Snake of Damascus
Devout of Tiamat

General Georges Lewitt-Hughes, Descendant of Akkad and the Tigris

Aaron of Samarra
Christchurch Assault Tank

General Samantha 'Béil Dóite', Queen of Nineveh and the Euphrates

Azza Sure-Shot
Sennacherib Sniper

The Army of the Third Babylon and the Lords of Assyria




Ghūl Genetically-engineered canine hominids, previously used by the Empire of Avalon as desert scouts, Ghūls are savage and semi-feral beasts now under the chains and collars of the Third Babylon. Dangerously fast and savage, a pack of Ghūls can tear through even the most robust of infantry, and their heightened senses allow them to easily discover stealthed and cloaked enemies, although their matted fur and leathery skin won't stop much more than animal bites. Due to their unique biological makeup, wounded Ghūls can also eat corpses they find on the battlefield in order to heal themselves, although this takes time to fully take effect.
Vulture The main infantry of the Third Babylon's Army, these lightly armoured soldiers of Avalonian and L'Entente origin arrive into battle with semi-automatic rifles and bayonets, ready to fight and die for the Empire. While with their standard armament and armour, they appear to be weak and lack when compared to the Novus Imperium or the Axis of God, the Vultures are fanatical and completely loyal to the Third Babylon, so they can often shrug off minor injuries and push through bullet wounds in order to try and take their enemy's life before their own life ends.
Hammurabi Lawbringer The commanders of the Third Babylon's army, these Lawbringers are armed with a supply of specially designed petrol bombs, which use a specialized mixture that causes the burning liquid to adhere to their enemy's skin like glue, and burn at a fierce rate, often being the death of infantry that lack the armour to protect them from the flames. When enemy troops are out of range of these petrol bombs, the Lawbringer can instead use their revolvers, which, while doing less damage, also provides a slight moral boost to nearby friendly soldiers.
Ereshkigal Sandwalker Wearing ragged uniforms, heavy gasmasks and with their hands replaced with bayonet claws, these re-animated corpses are savage, nigh-unstoppable monsters are unleashed by the Third Babylon to savage, maim and destroy any soldiers that dare raise their hands against their Babylonian masters. These Ereshkigal Sandwalkers can slash through most forms of armour, and underneath their uniforms, these living-corpses have a little surprise - more often than not, the Babylonians rig these creatures with explosives, and turn them in to suicide units to cause chaos and destruction in enemy bases. However, these explosives are just as easily activated by being shot as they are by the commanding officer's kill switch, so caution, and a very large safe distance is very much required for these creatures.
Magii The ones tasked to maintain and repair the limited fleet of vehicles that the Third Babylon possesses, these Magii are also trained in two other different areas; firstly, they have the materials and skill to set up so-called 'Moloch Statues', which empower any Babylonian troops around them, and secondly, they have a very large stack of anti-personnel mines, which they can place down in organized minefields to stop any advancing enemy infantry columns. However, other than these mines, these Magii are given no other form of weapon.
Royal Daughter of Moloch The female attendants of the mass sacrifice devices dedicated to the Third Babylon's mixture of Moloch of Canaan and Marduk of Babylon, these daughters are blessed by the royal house of Babylon, and are given a previously Avalonian weapon - a powerful shoulder-mounted anti-vehicular weapon based on the spigot mortar system, light and maneuverable, but with a payload strong enough to deal heavy damage to enemy tanks. Also, these weapons are powerful enough to tackle aircraft and low-flying airships, although faster rocket planes are out of the question. These Royal Daughters also have something else up their sleeves, in the form of an instrument based on the old Jewish Shofar, which they can use to rally their fellow Babylonian soldiers, should they begin to falter.
Domesticated Lamassu Strange creatures founded by Babylonian scouts in the depths of the Mesopotamian Wastes, a handful of these powerful monsters have been 'domesticated', and are used to aid the Babylonian army in their wars. Built like an ox, but with a humanesque head, and rudimentary wings like those of a vulture, these chimera have been dubbed 'Lamassu', after the creature of similar appearance from Assyrian art. These deadly and powerful creatures attack by charging like a rampaging bull into enemy forces, trampling any unfortunate enough to fall under its hooves, and its sharp teeth are also something to watch for and fear. These powerful creatures also seem to be able to regenerate from any damage they receive, although, as Babylonian 'scientists' have noted, the Lamassu can only do this when not engaged in combat.

Cavalry Corps

Siege Corps

Denizens of the Rub' al Khali



Tributaries of the Third Babylon

Lords of Sodom


XII Enclave Archeological Expeditionary Corps

Agency Outpost Lambda-Xi: Duat Project

Exiles of New Zion

"We once ruled Yerushalaim-Tsyion. But now, the Romani have taken hold, 'suppose we'll help the zealots of Karanduniash raze it and its khorz to the ground."

- 'Generalissimus' Jayms Caledon, former self-declared Emperor and Prophet of Zion, until the Novus Imperium Romanum ousted him and his supporters during the so-called 'Tenth Papal Crusade'.
Words of the Prophet
Knight of the Burning Star
Desert Hurricane-class Zeppelin


Behind the Scenes