The Rose Association

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The Red Rose Democratic Youth Association of Japan
The Rugosa Rose of the Association
Playstyle Unconventional Assault
Faction Colour Proleteriot Pink
Type Blue Alert Annihilation Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

I chased after rabbits on that mountain.
I fished for minnow in that river.
I still dream of those days even now
Oh, how I miss my old country home.

- Furusato, A Traditional Japanese Folk Song

At A Glance

Faction Color Proleteriot Pink
Playstyle Unconventional Assault
Theatre of Operations From the Sky and the Sea
Strengths Many units bypass the tech tree, flexibility in offense, speed and stealth everywhere
Weaknesses Specialized and fragile units, dogmatic offensive tactics
Motives Revolution, Land Distribution
Basic Look 20th Century Japanese Architecture, Infantry are Outfitted like common Workers, Farmers or Students & wear Communist pins & insignia



The Conquest of Rice

Just a Mops

Japanese Red Army



Deathmatch Reinforcements

Behind the Scenes

  • The Rose Society is inspired by real-life socialist, communist & anarchist movements in Japan as well as the hitorical peasent rebellions that have occured there.
  • Their ideology is also based on agrarian socialism & agarian anarchism which centers around those systems implemented in an agricultural setting or with enviormental concerns in mind.
  • Their tier system is based on the Shintai Society faction, Rose's Paradox equivalent.