The Holy Albionian Empire

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The Holy and Imperial Empire of Albion
The "Crown and Crossed Swords" the battle banner of the Holy Albionian Empire
Playstyle Elite Concentrated Assaults
Faction Colour Ocean Blue
Type Albionverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider shall they bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.

-Land of Hope and Glory, a patriotic Albionian song, and unofficial secondary anthem of the Empire.

The Holy and Imperial Empire of Albion, shortened to The Holy Albionian Empire, or just Albion for brevities sake, is the imperial British Empire that stretches across all seven continents, and rules the seas almost undisputed. Ruling from the sprawling metropolis of London, the Holy Albionian Empire has wealth, power and success on it's table, having aided the Confederate States in the War of Northern Aggression, and thoroughly destroyed Washington's attempts to interfere with Albionian interests. With not only Canada, but the entire Pacific Northwest under London's control, the Albionian Empire began to spread their holy destiny across the globe, claim Australasia, the majority of Africa, India and even the likes of Iceland, Argentina and Antarctica for the Empress in London. With there divine destiny to dominate the world seemingly completed, Albion has grown complacent in their hegemonic position, and are possibly thinking about forming a power bloc with both the Confederated Americans and the Qajar Persians, in order to spread their influence to the likes of Da Qing and Japan.

The Holy Albionian Empire is symbolised by the Crown and Crossed Swords, representing both the Imperial Glory of Albion, as well as their militaristic might.

At a Glance

Faction Color Ocean Blue
Playstyle Elite Concentrated Assaults
Theatre of Operations Open terrain and rural locations
Strengths Strongest navy out of all the factions, superior infantry, great range, heavy hitting artillery, decent support options, decent armour, strong air force
Weaknesses Lower rates of fire compared to other factions, hardest hitting troops are either slow or need to deploy, mostly average vehicles and tanks, lack of flexibility concerning unconventional tactics, failed offenses can leave them wide open to counter attacks.
Motives Imperialism, Destiny, Hegemony, Power
Basic Look High Victorian aesthetic, bordering on Art Nouveau and Fin de Siècle Décadents. Certain aspects draw more from the Edwardian Period and WW1, but there are some elements that take from the British Empire of WW2 and the Interwar Period. While some parts lean on the Steampunk aesthetic, the Holy Albionian Empire is starting to lean towards Dieselpunk aesthetics as their look.



General Samuel Hubbard-Smith Rixton, Imperial Marshal of the Sovereign Knights of the Temple of Albion

Sir Arthur Mason A hero without peer amongst the Albionian soldiers, Sir Arthur Mason is a high ranking member of the Sovereign Knights of the Temple of Albion, ready to serve and fight for his Empire's wishes. Armed with a man-portable version of the infamous Maxim Gun, and clad in a suit of well-armoured Temple-Mount mechanical armour, Sir Arthur can mow down enemy troops at close range, and survive almost anything that's thrown his way. And, if he finds himself in a position that makes using the Maxim Gun unfeasible, he can unsheathe his deadly longsword, and slash his way through enemy hordes.
Redcoat Shocktrooper Specialized infantry trained to get up close and personal with enemy soldiers, these Redcoats are armed with powerful and compact Manchester Submachine guns that they fire in short bursts for a surprising amount of accuracy. As well as these submachine guns. These shocktroopers are armoured in specially made lightweight body armour, in order to survive their close range attacks, and they're also armed with a cache of newly developed high-impact grenades, which, while just as short ranged as their submachine guns, allows these soldiers to tackle enemy vehicles and garrisoned bunkers.
Lion 6-Ton A small light tank designed to directly support light infantry efforts on the battlefield, the Lion 6-Ton is armed with a single 47mm main gun, two .303 machine guns, and light armour by most Albionian tank standards. Able to reach a speed on par with the Triple R, while supporting heavier weaponry and slightly more armour, the Lion is a decent addition to the surprisingly varied and expansive armour pool that Albion has. While it's armour is lacking, the speed, firepower, and general cheapness compared to other tanks in a similar role outweighed the concerns. The Lion can also be used to transport a squad of infantry to the field, who can aid the Lion in picking off enemy troops.
Siege Breaker Howitzer A 381mm Howitzer packing 700kg HE shells and a crew of seven, the Siege Breaker can reduce even the strongest of walls and trenches to rubble and churned up mud. Highly destructive, the Siege Breaker has a shorter range than the standard Albionian artillery, which could be to the disadvantage of the crew of the piece. However, these Siege Breakers, thanks to a special order from within the Sovereign Knights of the Temple of Albion, have a collection of Mustard Gas shells to use as well - and these shells sow havoc amongst enemy soldiers, as it covers the battlefield in thick yellow smoke, as well as burning the skin and eyes of enemy infantry. However, these shells are unable to cause direct damage, or harm enemy structures, rendering them useless against enemy bunkers and fortifications.

General Jane Temple-Green-Stirling-St Joan, Countess of Carterton and Marshal of the Royal Albion Air Force

Gabriel Smith The Flying Ace, also known as "The Sky Viper", Gabriel Smith is well prepared for any battle thrown her way. Clambering aboard her infamous white Suremarine fighter, she soars into battle with her six .303 machine guns and a series of incendiary bombs. If the unthinkable were to happen, and she were to be shot from the sky, Gabriel has a knack for survival. When shot down, she'll simply take to the ground, armed with twin Webley revolvers and a mean right hook. If she ever gets back to friendly lines, she can find another suitable plane from Albion's logistic stores, in order to take to the sky again.
Viper Typhoon V Infamous for the distinctive sirens and possessing a reputation as one of the longest serving fighter planes within the RAAF, the Viper Typhoon V has only recently begun to be phased out in favour for the Sea Tempest. However, it has found a new lease of life within the elite attack squadrons of the RAAF, serving now as a dangerously potent dogfighter used to safeguard bombers and airships. Armed with four 15mm aerial cannons, the Viper Typhoon serves its role perfectly, and, if it ever needs to deal with enemy AA defences on the ground, it has a set of eight solid-shot bombs, which do tremendous damage against enemy bunkers and defences, and are also decent at taking out enemy armour if needed. When the bombs have been completely used, the Viper Typhoon can restock at the nearest Albion airfield.
Royal 23 Airship Massive, but relatively under armoured Royal Air Force Airships, the Royal 23 is designed for large scale bombing runs, armed with masses of heavy incendiary bombs that they rain down on enemy positions. While a relatively un-inventive use for the massive airships, when compared to the flying aircraft hangars that Arcadia sports, or even the Indefatigable-class Aerial Dreadnought that the RAAF has recently developed, the Royal 23 is not without its good points - namely, a device on board that allows it to remain undetected by enemy planes and AA positions, until it starts to rain it's bombs down from above.
Cambridge Pilgrim The latest rocket powered plane in the RAAF, the Cambridge Pilgrim is a fast and deadly aerial opponent, able to outpace and outgun any similar aircraft that's currently fielded against it. Packing six 20mm aerial cannons, and a pack of rockets dubbed the 'Holy Moses' class, nothing can seemingly stop the Cambridge. While expensive, and few in number, the sheer destructive power against enemy planes and airships that the plane can pack is unmatched by any other rocket fighter, although stray AA fire can still reduce the plane to a wreck, if the pilot's not careful.

Admiral Charles Vixen Galashields, Admiral of the Fleet of the Albionian Royal Navy

HMS Albion Victorious Pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Albion Victorious is the first ship of it's type, and the hopeful future for the rest of the navy. Armed with twelve 354mm main guns, sixteen 150mm guns, four bow torpedo tubes, and a set of seven 30mm anti-air guns, HMS Albion Victorious is a nightmare to face on the high seas by any means, but she has another ace up her metaphorical sleeve. With internal construction sections, this flagship is able to construct up to five London Naval Bomber-Fighters in order to assist it on the seas. Each of these planes can be docked back on HMS Albion Victorious to be repair or just stored, and more can be easily build if their predecessors get shot down in combat.
Empress Victoria-Class Superdreadnought Before the creation of HMS Albion Victorious, Empress Victoria-Class Dreadnoughts were the largest and greatest pinnacle of the Royal Navy. With ten 310mm main guns, twelve 120mm secondary guns, and for an added punch, a battery of naval designated 240mm incendiary mortars for coastal bombardment. Heavily armoured as well, the Empress-Victoria-Class is still feared by many enemies of the Royal Navy, and, under Admiral Charles Vixen's orders, Empress Victoria-Class Dreadnoughts under his direct command have been retrofitted with advanced SONAR and RADAR systems, allowing them to detect enemy planes and ships at a much greater distance than most other Royal Navy vessels.
Cassandra-Class Destroyer Designed with the sole task of hunting down enemy submarines, Cassandra-Class has a set of five bow torpedo tubes, as well as a rack of high explosive sea mines that it can lay behind it. Other than these, the Cassandra-Class can be redesignated to tackle enemy air presence, with their multiple 50mm AA guns that can tear enemy planes to shreds. While the anti-submarine mines and the Anti-Air guns can't be used at the same time, the systems on Cassandra-Class are so designed that switching between the mines and guns is almost instantaneous, giving it an edge over enemy destroyers, as well as the other destroyers in the Royal Navy.
Achilles-Class Submarine While the Albionian Royal Navy has always lagged behind the Confederates, Japan, and Arcadie when it comes to submarines, the Admiralty is certain that the Achilles-Class is destined to change that dramatically. The largest submarine in the ARN, the Achilles-Class has been built with a total of six 533mm torpedo tubes, and a 120mm deck gun designed for surface engagements and for tackling enemy anti-naval aircraft. Slow and powerful, the Achilles-Class can remain underwater undetected for extremely long periods of time, and only the most cutting edge of SONAR technology will be able to detect it, thanks to the specialized rubber-ceramic plating that its been covered in.

The Regular Albionian Army, Royal Albionian Air Force and Royal Navy

Walk wide o’ the Widow at Windsor,
For ’alf o’ Creation she owns:
We ’ave bought ’er the same with the sword an’ the flame,
An’ we’ve salted it down with our bones.

- "The Widow at Windsor" by Rudyard Kipling


Warhounds Packs of well trained Bloodhounds, British Bull Dogs, and their handlers, these Warhounds are normally sent before the Regular Albionian Army in order to scout for enemy troops or ambushes. Due to the famed nature of Bloodhounds, even the most careful of spies and infiltrators will be found, no matter what they do, and then the Bull Dogs will most likely be set upon them. With jaws designed to latch on to larger animals, it will take a lot to get out of their viscous savaging.
Royal Marine The mainstay of the Regular Albion Army, the Royal Marines are designated by their red uniforms and white combat armour, as well as their powerful semi-automatic rifles that they use with skill and precision. Fast and very flexible troops, their training allows them to be used in amphibious assaults without the need for specialized support infantry, making them extremely useful. The Royal Marines also carry specialized flare guns, which, while being unable to harm enemy troops, can reveal portions of the battlefield to their commanders, allowing for better intelligence or artillery salvos to be conducted in the newly revealed area.
9th Royal Anglian Veteran Albionian Army soldiers, the troops of the 9th Royal Anglian regiment is comprised of deadly snipers, armed with very accurate Lee-Enfield Rifles that can put down most enemy infantrymen from quite a distance. Ruthlessly efficient, the 9th Royal Anglian is feared even by the rest of the Army, and for good reason. Not only are they skilled in taking down advancing enemy soldiers from a distance, but they're also armed with a compact submachine gun, in case they find themselves in close quarters with hostile infantry, making them deadly at range and up close.
52nd Regiment Field Artillery A small crew manning a 57mm light Anti-Tank piece, the 52nd Regiment Field Artillery is dedicated to the task of dealing with armoured vehicles that rally against Albion. Powerful when compared to other units with a similar role, the 52nd Regiment is slow moving, and slow loading when compared to weaker Anti-Tank infantry. However, to offset the slow speed, the crew of the piece can be ordered to constructed a suitable artillery bunker for it, not only providing it with more protection, but also making it much harder to remove from the field without diverting more resources to dealing with it.
73rd Imperial Pioneer Engineers from the Albionian Army, the 73rd Imperial Pioneers are tasked with maintaining Albionian defences in the field, and they can even be ordered to repair vehicles in the field, give Albionian tanks an extra lease of life. Armed with a single shot .410 Enfield Shotgun, these pioneers aren't as helpless or defenceless as they first appear.
12th Queen's Royal Lancers Light cavalry that ride into battle atop white war horses against enemy hordes, they're one of the few melee troops still left within the Albionian Army. Packing sharp lances with explosive tips that they use to skewer enemy soldiers in the initial charge, the Royal Lancers also come equipped with the cavalry version of the submachine gun that the 9th Royal Anglian Snipers are, for when the 12th Queen's are tasked with harassing duties. Extremely fast, these Lancers can be ordered to throw their lances like modern day pilums, with the explosive tips causing an explosive death for any unfortunate enemy infantry.
Chesterfield Model V Automata Specially designed combat automata, the Chesterfield Model V is a powerful piece of modern science, with enhance motor skills and order capacity when compared to the previous Model IV. Armed with recently developed electro-kinetic rifle, these Chesterfields can disintegrate enemy troops at a middling distance, and kill the engines of enemy vehicles at close range. Armoured enough to survive almost anything thrown at it, the Chesterfield also comes equipped with a battle banner strapped to it, which rallies Albionian soldiers around it to fight harder and more ferociously against any enemy thrown before them.
Regular Army Chaplain Anglican priests that serve as moral, spiritual and medical aides within the Regular Albionian Army, the Regular Army Chaplain can heal Albionian soldiers on the battlefield, and can construct field chapels, that allow for more soldiers to be healed, as well as serve as an training ground for more Regular Army Chaplains.
Flying Pig Yeomanry A crew of seven manning a 240mm Heavy Mortar, the Flying Pig is a highly destructive, if short ranged, monstrosity, able to shell advancing enemy infantry and tanks with ease. Only able to fire when deployed, the Flying Pig is nevertheless a deadly force to be reckoned with, as it's 152 pound High Explosive shells can rip an enemy tank to shrapnel, and the Flying Pig also comes equipped with a cache of mine shells, which allows them to lay a minefield at a distance, as these shells only explode when they're activated by unaware enemy infantry.
Secret Air Serviceman Elite agents and commandos that have seen numerous operations behind enemy lines, the Secret Air Servicemen come equipped with silent crossbows and deadly combat knifes for close quarters combat, as well as special camouflage uniforms that render them undetectable by most enemy soldiers. Trained in the means of assassination and infiltration, these Air Servicemen can be ordered to sabotage enemy buildings with high explosives, which, unless the Serviceman gets caught, will explode and reduce the building to rubble, taking any unfortunate enemy troops with it. Unfortunately, the Serviceman can be caught in the blast if they're not careful, so caution is advised.
Knights of Royal Albion The pinnacle of the Regular Albionian Army, the Knights of Royal Albion are the finest soldiers that have recently finished their elite training within the Sovereign Knights of the Temple Albion. Heavily armoured in gilded combat armour, they're armed with the latest version of the single-shot Farquharson rifle and a decent supply of .600 rounds, designed for hunting the likes of elephants and rhinos, but are now used to hunt enemy armour on the battlefield. To match their powerful rifle, these Knights also have a cache of cryogenic grenades, which can flash freeze enemy infantry and vehicle engines in place, albeit, only temporarily. Due to both the training time, the sheer expense of both the rifle and its bullets, and their relatively low numbers, only a single squad is allowed under any one general's command at any given time.


Caledon Armoured Supply Tank The standard resource and logistic vehicles of the Albionian Empire, the Caledon Supply Tanks are decently armoured, although this makes them slower than other similar vehicles utilized by other factions.
Triple R Armoured Car The Triple R is the fastest vehicle in the Albionian land fleet, and they're often the first indicator of Albion's presence in a region. Lightly armoured, and it's equipped with a total of three .303 Vickers machine guns, in order to mow down any enemy scouting patrols they come across. While unable to be used in most capacities against heavily armoured enemy vehicles and infantry, the Triple R comes equipped with a set of speakers, which the Triple R's crew can use to bolster the moral of nearby Albionian soldiers during the initial assault.
Lightning 14 Ton The standard light tank of the Albionian Army, the Lightning 14 Ton combines the speed of the Triple R with the armour and weaponry of the King George cavalry-class tanks, sporting two QF 40mm guns, and a set of four .303 Vickers machine guns, allowing it to tackle armoured cars, other light tanks, and enemy infantry in any capacity. With decent armour, for which very little other than a direct frontal hit will dissuade it from its orders, the Lightning 14 Ton is fast, fast firing, but ultimately not a match against the heavy tanks of Arcadia and the Rossiyskaya.
King George Tank Designed with the intent of directly supporting Albion's infantry when normal cavalry would prove ineffective, the King George Tank is the latest in a long line of a uniquely Albionian quirk of 'Cavalry Tanks'. With only marginally more armour than the Lightning, the King George rolls into battle with a 57mm main gun, and a vast store of shells designed to break open enemy bunkers and fortifications. Other than the main gun, this tank also comes with a pair of back-facing .303 machine guns, to give it a touch of protection against any ambushes or enemy soldiers.
Mark XI Wasp Tank The main battle tank of the Albionian Empire, the XI Wasp is a heavy, squat tank that can breach through almost any form of enemy defences, with almost 60 mms of armour at the front and back. As for it's armament, it comes equipped with two 77mm main guns, and five .303 machine guns. The XI Wasp lacks an actual gun turret, having the two 77mm be located in each of its sponsons, instead. While this means that the the guns can always be focused on threats in front of it, it has no way of dealing with armoured vehicles that attack it from behind. However, it's low build, heavy armour, and powerful guns still make it a very real threat on the battlefield, especially against the weaker Arcadian or American tanks.
Flying Elephant Tank A massive heavy tank, the Flying Elephant is the direct Albionian answer to the problem of heavy enemy armour presence on the battlefield. With a heavy 230mm main gun embedded into the front of the 120mm armoured front, two 37mm guns embedded into the back of the tank, and three .303 machine guns down each side, the Flying Elephant is one of the heaviest tanks produced by any of the European powers, and that shows quite a bit - extremely slow, expensive, and easily outmaneuvered by a competent commander. However, the sheer impact that a small fleet of these could cause, and the panic that their wall of steel and shells will spread amongst enemy infantry is perhaps enough to counter-balance the inherent flaws of the Flying Elephant.
Perfidious Gun Carriage A specially designed mobile gun carriage that hauls a small battery of 3 60-pounder 127mm artillery pieces into the field, in order to rain high explosive destruction upon enemy positions prior to in initial infantry engagement. Slow, but powerful, the Perfidious Gun Carriage is simple and effective, as it's range surpasses that of the infamous Siege Breaker Howitzer, although it doesn't pack quite the punch. However, it does have a trick up its sleeve, in the form of the row of four Livens Projectors that sit atop the main carriage of the Perfidious. These projectors can be used to launch barrels filled with flammable pitch that explode into a small firestorm upon contact with the ground. These flammable canisters can only be thrown at half the range of the 60-pounders though, and the 60-pounders can't be fired while the Livens are being used, and vice versa.
Mark XX Armoured Personnel Carrier The female variant of the XI Wasp, with the main guns removed, the Mark XX is how the soldiers of Albion traverse the battlefield in relative safety. Heavily armoured, and equipped with three .303 machine guns in an attempt to dissuade enemy infantry, the Mark XX has room for three Royal Marine squads, and any transported infantry can fire out of the Mark XX to help dissuade enemy infantry.
Revenge Landship The natural evolution of Albionian experiments into armoured warfare, the Revenge is the latest 'super-heavy' tank, only surpassed in size by the Qinglong of China, and in armament of the Romanov of the Russians. Heavily armoured on powerful tracks, the Revenge supports a 500mm heavy Avalon howitzer, several short-barrel versions of the 60-pounder 127mm guns, and .303 machine gun posts that can be manned by the two squadrons that it can also carry aboard. In order to fire it's 500mm gun, it needs to deploy stabilizing legs and anchors, although it can use all its other guns without deploying. While enemy infantry can barely scratch it's paint, and enemy vehicles are just as ineffective, those machine guns are horribly inefficient at air defence, meaning that enemy fighters and bombers can wreak havoc on it's under-armoured top sections and gun turrets. Also, due to it's size and cost, second only in price to the Indefatigable-Class Imperial Aerial Dreadnought, a commander is usually only allowed on of these Landships at any one time on the battlefield.
Lacessit MCV The Lacessit MCV is how the Albionian Empire constructs their bases on the battlefield. Large, and amphibious, the Lacessit is vital to the Albionian war effort.


Viper Sea Tempest The new face of the RAAF, the Viper Sea Tempest is a powerful fighter plane that is beginning to phase out the older model of the Viper Typhoon. Armed with a total of six 20mm aerial cannons that can shred enemy planes and airships easily, the Sea Tempest is more than a match for any other similar plane, and it can outpace most forms of standard AA fire as well, a feat only matched by the new line of Rocket Fighters within the RAAF. However, it also flies into battle with a set of twelve specially-designed unguided anti-naval rockets, which have enough high explosives in them to punch through most ships, and sink submarines, when their detected, with one hit. These rockets are effectively useless against land based targets, though, but they're a blessing in a naval engagement.
Leister Star The current main generation of Rocket Fighters within the RAAF, at least until the Cambridge Pilgrim becomes mass produced, the Leister Star is fast and swift, able to outpace most other planes in order to strike enemy tanks and bases at the rear. With only four 20mm cannons, the Star can still prove dangerous to enemy planes, but it's main weaponry - nine high explosive, electronically guided, armour busting missiles that can destroy tanks and blast holes in the sides of command centers - that makes it so dangerously potent. While more expensive than the likes of the Sea Tempest, the damage it can do to enemy armour is more than worth it.
HP.76 Hampstead Bomber The standard medium bomber for the RAAF, the Hampstead Bomber is a decently fast aircraft that's designed to rain high explosives down on enemy defences and infrastructure. Carrying several 4000lb bombs that can level whole rows of buildings with a decent hit, the Hampstead also has a total of six .303 machine guns on it, to give it a modicum of protection from enemy interceptors and fighters. While highly destructive, the bombs are unguided, and are as liable to slightly miss their target as they are to hit it, and it's essential that the Hampstead is escorted at all times, for while the machine guns may deter some smaller aircraft, they're ineffective against airships, and most modern fighters are too fast to be hit by them.
C708 Airship One of the largest rigid airships in Albion's air fleet, the C708 is designed to be a flying fortress, surpassed only by the Indefatigable-Class Aerial Dreadnoughts in firepower, at least within the RAAF. Designed to tackle the heaviest of enemy planes, the C708 has over twenty 40mm QF guns on it, in order to shoot down any planes that come near it. Powerful, and surprisingly well armoured for airship standards, the C708 can also carry up to five infantry squads, or a single vehicle, as well, which they can deploy in the field. Of course, as with all airships, the C708 is slow moving, and a very large target as well, meaning that it does require some form of support, most of the time.
London Aeronautical Aircraft Carrier While the idea of aerial hangers and aircraft carriers aren't a new development, the Air Ministry has only just recently considered such airships as a viable option within the RAAF, despite almost two decades of Arcadie success with such craft. Now, however, the London Aeronautical Aircraft Carrier has taken to the air as the latest rigid airship within the RAAF. Supporting an entire fleet of Viper Hurricane fighter within its two hangers, the London can quickly scramble these simple fighters, allowing the already powerful RAAF to exert even more control over the skies. As well as holding these planes, the London also has the facilities to repair them, and, by adapting some of the plans of the Indefatigable-Class Aerial Dreadnoughts, the London also has the facilities to construct new Viper Hurricanes, if some of their fleet has been shot down. However, it's unable to scramble the planes it already has if it's currently constructing more of them.


Grey Goose-Class Patrol Boat A small class of gun boats, specifically designed and built in order to combat the torpedo boats of Arcadia and the fast patrol boats of the Federated Enclaves, the Grey Goose-Class are a fast, if under-armoured series of vessels, normally seen in packs of three to five. Armed with a single 3-in gun for dealing with larger enemy vessels, two 6-pdr guns for tackling enemy vessels of a similar class, and two twin sets of 20mm autocannons to serve as basic anti-air defence, the Grey Goose is certainly well armed for its size. Fast enough to evade most larger ships, the Grey Goose is nevertheless an easy target for aircraft, and despite being designed to combat them, many foreign classes of gun boats can easily match it, if it operates alone.
Valorous-Class Destroyer The standard flotilla leaders of the feared Albionian Destroyer fleets, the Valourous-Class is seen as an important vessel within the Royal Navy, due to its heavy firepower for its size and designation, and for the almost peerless service record that the class has gained from clashes with the Peruvian, Siamese, and even Russian navies and airforces. Armed with six 4-inch naval guns, designed to tackle heavy aircraft and airships, as well as two sets of quadruple mounted 2-pdr naval guns, which are designed for ripping lighter aircraft and fighters to shreds, the Valorous is certainly a dangerous enemy for any pilot to come across. However, with such a heavy anti-air focus, the Valourous-Class does lack heavily in the capacity for dealing with enemy vessels, only possessing four Vickers machine gun mounts for tackling lighter patrol vessels and the such, which means that it’ll need the protection of the rest of its flotilla in order to properly deal with a fully fledged naval threat. However, its position as a flotilla leader means that it comes equipped with special congreve naval flares, allowing the Valourous to light the way for their fellow vessels, and to reveal any potential enemies lying in ambush across the waves.
Vindictive-Class Warship Designated to specifically deal with any and all commerce raiders that may attempt to harass the Albionian Merchant Navy, the Vindictive-Class is neither especially remarkable, nor that impressive when compared to some of the other vessels that are employed within the Royal Navy. With a main armament of seven single mount 190mm guns that are slightly outdated by Albionian standards, the Vindictive-Class serves its role well enough. Its secondary armament consists of a dozen 76mm guns, with the first eight arranged to combat torpedo boats and other such patrol boats, and the remaining four serving as much needed anti-aircraft guns, and the vessels are equipped with a supply of mines that it can lay in its wake, in order to attempt to disable and sink enemy submarines. Decently armoured and slightly faster than most of its contemporaries, but wholly unremarkable in almost all fields, the Vindictive-Class serves its role admirably, without much pomp and circumstance.
Defiance-Class Battlecruiser A class of light cruisers originally built to handle the rough conditions of the North Sea and Northern Atlantic Ocean, the Defiance-Class vessels are rugged and hardy vessels, capable of surviving almost anything on the high seas. With two 152mm guns for tackling larger vessels, the main armament of the Defiance-Class consists of four twin mounted 105mm guns, and a massive supply of armour piercing shells for dealing with everything from patrol boats all the way up to Dreadnoughts, these vessels are also armed with a token set of two quad mounted 40mm pom-pom autocannons, to deal with any hostile air forces in the vessel’s general vicinity. However, what makes the Defiance-Class special, especially when compared to the larger, and arguably more impressively armed Vindictive-Class, is a naval prototype of the cloaking device that is more commonly found on the Royal 23 Type Airship. Much like its aerial counterpart, the device allows the vessel to remain undetectable by RADAR or SONAR, and very hard to detect with the naked eye on usually choppy waters of the Atlantic - at least until it opens fire on the enemies of Albion.
Royal Decree-Class Dreadnought Directly beneath the Empress Victoria-Class Superdreadnought resides the Royal Decree-Class. Powerful, regal, magnificent, the Royal Decree and its predecessors have been serving the Royal Navy for nearly a hundred years, practically unchanged as lords of the ocean. Armed with four destructive 281mm guns, over a dozen smaller 152mm guns, and multiple 76mm and 47mm anti-aircraft guns, the Royal Decree is a sight to behold when it engages the enemies of Albion, and anything that isn’t a Dreadnought or Superdreadnought has nary a chance at taking these vessels on and surviving. Impressively armed, impressively armoured, and certainly impressively fast for their size, these vessels, that once stood as the pinnacle of Albionian naval power, are still as much a threat as their larger cousins are; some in the Admiralty even argue that they’re more of a threat than the Superdreadnoughts, due to their relative inexpense compared to their behemothic cousins, and the fact that they’re more numerous than the likes of the Empress Victoria-Class will ever be. These vessels, as well as all the armament that they possess, are also equipped with a smaller, deployable version of the Grey Goose-Class Patrol Boat, called the Silver Swan-Class, which is only differentiated from its very similar cousin by the fact that it lacks the Grey Goose’s standard 3-in gun, although it retains all of its cousin’s other weaponry. The Silver Swan-Class vessel, if it gets sunk during battle, can be restocked the next time its Royal Decree-Class docks at an Albionian Port.
Glorious-Class Fleet Carrier The sole type of aircraft carrier within the Royal Navy, the Glorious-Class series of Fleet Carriers aren’t as impressive as their Japanese, Arcadian, or even Enclave counterparts, or as impressively stocked or armoured, due to the prevailing doctrine within the Royal Navy focussing on a concentration of Dreadnoughts and other such similar battleships. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the Glorious-Class is an inferior, or even terrible vessel. Decently armoured for its designation, and armed with sixteen 120mm AA guns for protection, the main focal point of the Glorious-Class would be the planes that it carries. Not only supporting a squadron of Nimrod carrier fighters, which are armed with two .303 machine guns and a handful of 20lb bombs, the Glorious-Class also usually supports a squadron of Blackpool Torpedo Bombers which, while also possessing the same machine guns as the Nimrod Carrier Fighters, also come to the fray with a 1800lb 14-in torpedo, specifically to take out enemy vessels from above. The Nimrod’s bombs and the Blackpool’s Torpedo can easily be restocked when they land back on their Glorious-Class Fleet Carrier, or, if their designated Glorious-Class is compromised or too heavily damaged, at the nearest Albionian airfield.
Xenia-Class Cruiser Submarine A strange anomaly within the Royal Albionian Navy, the Xenia-Class series of Submarine Cruisers, much like its inspiration in the multitude of similar vessels currently within Arcadia’s La Royale, is tasked solely with harassing and destroying merchant shipping and the Frigates and Destroyers that would likely be escorting them. Lacking the standard torpedo tubes found on its kin within the Royal Navy, the Xenia-Class instead armed with four 130mm guns, a single 76mm AA gun, and a handful of heavy machine guns that are also utilized for anti-aircraft duty, should the need arise. Decidedly slower than any other submarine class within the Royal Navy, the Xenia-Class, however, is better armoured, with some reports suggesting that it could even survive a direct collision with any of the standard deep sea mines that Albion’s enemies use. As a new experiment within the Navy, the Xenia-Class are also armed with another surprising weapon - a single, heavy duty 305mm naval gun, which is used against battleships and similar dreadnoughts. Much like the other guns, it can only be fired while the submarine is surfaced, but unlike the other guns, the Xenia-Class has to be immobile to fire, and the reload time is generally horrendous. Counteracting that is the fact that, more often than not, a single shot can damage a battleship, or even a Dreadnought enough to allow it to be easily taken out with either the 130mm guns, or by any ships accompanying the Xenia.
Agamemnon-Class Submarine The current vessel that makes up the bulk of the rather limited submarine squadrons of the Royal Navy, the Agamemnon-Class is woefully pitiful when compared to its contemporaries within the CRN and Marine Nationale, due to outdated systems, an underpowered engine, and slightly antiquated design. However, despite all that, the Agamemnon has proven to be a reliable and somewhat effective submarine, of which the Admiralty is reluctant to get rid of, at least for now. Armed with a grand total of six 457 mm torpedo tubes, as well as a bow and aft set of 104 mm deck guns, the Agamemnon-Class may lack the raw power of the Achilles-Class, but it manages to make up for it with the limited supply of ‘Swordfish’ torpedoes. These torpedoes, while in a very limited supply, are uniquely designed for anti-Submarine warfare, allowing it to do toe-to-toe with the submarines of Arcadia, at least for a limited amount of time.

The Wrath of Perfidious Albion

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

- 'No one strikes me with impunity', inscribed on every gun barrel on HMS Indefatigable, the first aerial dreadnought of her kind.
Hannah Clarkwell The loyal, if carefree daughter of a high ranking Albionian general, Hannah swings into battle with a high caliber rifle and a large amount of explosive rounds to fire, rather than just normal rounds. As well as the rifle, she also carries her ceremonial sword into war, allowing her to cleave through any enemy soldier that gets too close to her, although she prefers to use the rifle. Wearing all the decorated armour of the Sovereign Knights of the Temple Albion, bar the decorative face mask, Hannah is extremely well armoured from enemy attacks, as well. As an extra trick up her gilded sleeves, Hannah has been trained to rally her fellow soldiers in battle, allowing them, as well as herself, to fight harder and shrug off minor wounds, at least for a short while.
Indefatigable-Class Imperial Aerial Dreadnought The largest vessel to take to the air within the RAAF, with only the Arcadie Clemenceau-Class series of aerial aircraft carriers outmatching it in size, the Indefatigable-Class is a hybrid Superdreadnought mixed with a heavy rigid airship. While Arcadie might have a larger airship, the Indefatigable-Class easily outmatches any foreign airships, in terms of weaponry, by miles. On its lower decks, there are a total of nine 130mm modified naval guns, and on the upper decks, there are rows of 140mm rockets, ready to take out planes and other airships. It also carries six Leister Star rocket fighters, three in each of the hangers in the side sponsons, to provide a level of escorted protection, not that the Indefatigable really needs escort protection. And all these weapons aren't taking into account the dozens of .303 machine gun turrets and 40mm anti-air cannons that it also carries aboard. One of the greatest sights to behold on the battlefield, the Indefatigable-Class is practically immune to aerial attacks, and the amount of AA fire that would be needed to take one of these Aerial Dreadnoughts down is simply unimaginable, due to the massive amounts of extremely heavy armour that the Air Ministry has demand each of these vessels carry. Although, the price of the weaponry and armour is clear, as the vessel can be outpaced by every other vehicle and infantry troop, and the extreme cost, which could cover all of the Union of South Africa's expenses for an entire year, means that a general is only allow one of these magnificent vessels.

Allies, Dominions, and Protectorates of the Holy Albionian Empire

The Royal Armed Forces of Greater Albionian Columbia

Wendigo Mark II Tank
Vancouver-Class Destroyer

The Union of South Africa Union Defence Forces

Bushveldt Light Recon Car
Wildebeest '54 Armoured Car

The Realm of New Zealand Military Forces

Royal New Zealander
Royal Semple Tank

The Commonwealth of Australia Imperial Armed Forces

Dingo Light Attack Car
Sydney-Class Light Cruiser

The National Army of the Irish Commonwealths

Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve
Ulster Shamrock Armoured Car

The Dominion of Canada Active Militia Army

Royal Canadian Regimental Militiaman
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Indian Army of the Albionian Raj

Royal Madras Engineer
Viper Audax India

The Coastal Defence Force of Jamaica and the Caribbean Dependencies

Kingston Terrapin
Bahamas-Class Patrol Boat

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