The Dark Dimension

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The "Dark Dimension" is an entirely separate universe with somewhat different laws of physics to the reality that humanity calls home. It is so named for being a dark and hostile place, where darkness and cold are not merely the absence of light and heat but physical forces with their own choking and oppressive presence. To those humans who know of this place, it is a place bereft of hope and filled with monsters, where the very darkness tries to devour those not of this reality and a legion of monstrosities crawl in the shadows. To try and explore this place without bringing light and warmth of their own to traverse this dark and cold place is to be slowly corroded and destroyed by the dark and cold energy that suffuses this reality as surely as the light and heat of the sun burns away the Tendriculous when they attack our reality. It was never meant to be a place where humans could live, even if the atmosphere is technically breathable, but to the Tendriculous and other beings who call the worlds of this universe home; it is their safe redoubt. And yet if the threat of the Tendriculous is ever to be extinguished, it is quite likely that an army from the "standard" universe will need to take the war to the Tendriculous' very homes and bring dawn to their endless night.

The Hungry Shadow

(Stuff about how the laws of physics are somewhat different to our own, but have enough similarities to allow for inhabitants of both realities to travel without issue with an alarming note on how it's becoming easier to travel between the two realities as the Tendriculous use their portals with increasing frequency and CBURA starts attempting counter-offensives.)

The Kindred Night

(Largely about why this universe is so dangerous to humans, and yet the resources offered make the idea of expanding into their reality, just as the Tendriculous have found materials useful to themselves; to be a lucrative one to brave the danger of the dark and endless night. Include bits of how the subtle differences in physics seem to lead to minor sensations of loneliness and emptiness just as our reality seems to raise aggression and irritability in the Tendriculous. Also note how the Tendriculous world seems to be a strange, distorted mirror of ours in geography in many places; just similar enough to make the connections if seen side by side, and different enough to be squarely in the uncanny valley.)

The night is dark and full of terrors

(The Tendriculous and the other monsters who call this place home are described here. Includes both inanimate hazards, hostile fauna and flora, and the other Tendriculous nations and creatures who live here.)

Staring into the Abyss

(Attempts by the humans, aliens, and machines of the main paradox reality to push into the Tendriculous reality for various reasons. Also explaining the formation of the "safe zones", where a number of light generators shielded against the darkness have been littered around the world to try and aid exploration efforts.)