Teutonic Volk Korps

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Teutonic Volk Korps of Großdeutschland
Teutonic Cross
Playstyle Mechanised Warfare
Faction Colour Militarist Feldgrau
Type Paradox Null Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Teutonic Volk Korps are a fan-faction created by Forgottenarmy. Based in West Germany, Austria and Denmark, they are a paramilitary organization that seeks to unify the Germanic states and build a Teutonic superstate in the centre of Europe.


At a Glance

Korp's Gameplay style: Mechanised Warfare/Blitzkrieg Strengths: Strong motorpool with light, medium, heavy tanks as well as a superheavy, units are tooled towards destroying enemy units and bases and engaging in massed combined arms battles. Most vehicles can carry infantry and infantry are designed towards anti-vehicles and anti-structure warfare Weaknesses: Lack of base defences due to focus on mechanised warfare, lighter vehicles tend to be faster, whilst heavier and superheavy are slower, which means sometimes slower advances are required, military forces heavily vulnerable to anti-tank attacks. Wet navy extremely limited.

The Korps do visually take inspiration from groups like the Freikorps, WW2 Wehrmacht (excluding the SS) and 50s and 60s West German Military designs as well as the German factions of Company of Heroes. Whilst they may have some visual and story tropes that sound like Nazis, they are not I repeat not Nazis.

Units and Structures

Treßler Ore Collector (A half track Order collector- Codename Treßler Ore Collector)

Anti-air Halftrack (Armed with a simple flak cannon codename: Burgher Anti-Air Halftrack)

Flamethrower Halftrack (Halftrack armed with a Flamethrower for anti-infantry duties codename: Rossdienst Flamethrower Halftrack)

Luchs Tank (Anti-infantry tank that fires fragmentation rounds, based on Panzer 2- Codename: Platendiest light tank)

Vehicle Codenamed Sariantbrüder (lesser sword brethren

Wirbelwind (Anti-Air and Anti-Infantry/Vehicle- can carry Infantry Codename MitBrudern Anti-Aircraft Tank)

Main Battle tank (takes inspiration from Panther, Tiger and Leopard tank Codename: Ritterbrüder Tank)

Jagpanzer/Hetzer/Jagtiger (Tank Destroyer of some description- Codename HalbBrudern Tank Destroyer)

Vehicle codenamed Diendebruden

Sturmtiger (Armed with a large mortar-rocket launcher, can choose between thermobaric or rocket ammunition- codename: Landmeister Artillery)

Panzerwerfer (German Rocket launcher mounted on Halftrack, can be equipped with thermobaric rocket launchers for massed infantry casualties- Can carry Infantry Codename Spitler)

VT Tank (A double-barreled turretless tank that is designed to destroy structures and vehicles, the VT has to stop to fire its guns and reloading is slow- Can carry Infantry Codename Grosskumtur Tank)

E-100/Maus/King Tiger Tank (Superheavy tank- Codename Hochmeister Superheavy Tank)

Stuka Dive Bomber (a dive bomber that is effective against all units and structures codename: Kanzler Dive Bomber)

Panzer Jaegar
Combat Pioneer


Siegfriend Blockhouse (Armoured Blockhouse that can be garrisoned by Infantry)

Flak Cannon (Anti-Infantry, Vehicle and Air defense)

Dig-in (Can protect light vehicles by garrisoning them in this defense)