Terran Revanchist Supremacy

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The Terran Revanchist Supremacy is a satirical fanfaction designed as a paraody of over-the-top, ultra right wing military stereotypes. A multiversal ultra-right wing Stratocracy, the Supremacy sees its role as protecting the other humanities' of the mutliverse from predation, whether it be Communists, Hippies, Aliens or god help us all Communist Hippy Aliens. Whilst satirical, they will still have all the hallmarks of a Quantum faction, albeit one that is a fanfaction, just with the extra uber-militaristic goodness.

At A Glance


I Don't Know What I've Been Told

War, What Is It Good For?

Want To Know More?

Units & Structures



"Living is a privilege not a right, and your privilege was just rescinded."

- Sabretooth Gunner after eviscerating several Atlantean Levies and Squires with his chaingun turret.

Special Warfare Division

"You know what I love? The Boom of bombs, BIG bombs. You know what I love more than BIG bombs? When you use them to blow Bleeding Hearters to smithereens.

- Unidentified Supremacy Death's Hand Missile Launcher Commander whilst overseeing the obliteration of a Combine base.


"Look at them burn! God I love the smell of burning Hippy in the morning."

- Supremacy sortie leader following a bombing run on a Generation Commune on the West Coast


"Surprise Commies!!"

- Supremacy Tigershark Submarine after firing on a Soviet Dreadnought.

Behind The Scenes