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Tactical Analysis

  • Soviet power supreme: As any tank of the JS series, Terminator brings devastation anywhere it goes, causing horror in the hearts of the enemies of the Union. For the GLA the appearance of a single Terminator results in an immediate retreat, as its two 122mm guns can make their light vehicles disappear, literally, and the missile racks can tear the light armors of the aircrafts and flesh of the infantry with little difficulty.
  • The hammer of judgment: The guns of the Terminator Tank are one of the most potent weapons made by the Soviets, and recently it was made even deadlier with the invention of "Hors" shells. The explosive, despite being far smaller than those of the V-series rockets, can unleash far more force, shattering everything with its fast explosive speed in great area. The Terminator crews uses this ammunition only when they are given a clear orders, firing them as an artillery into greater distances.
  • Ultimate war machine: The armor protection of the house-sized superheavy tanks can withstand all sorts of punishment, even the direct hit of the strongest weapons employed by any other nation in the world. Still the cumbersome and massive turret rotates at slow speed, making Terminators an easy target for flanking fast vehicles or larger groups of helicopters or bombers. Thus even the mighty Terminator needs some sort of protection against these threats.
  • Destruction incarnate: For a long time Terminator tank was the prime Soviet superheavy tank until the introduction of the Apocalypse tank. Although many Terminators are still in Soviet active service, they are mostly using their old equipment, thus the refitting program has been started, adding many new features from the Apocalypse into Terminator, including their Tesla reactors. This process however takes a lot of time and work, and thus only the most experienced and trusted crews are permitted to use these newer tools of destruction.

Operational History

"I woudn't want be these rebels, if they have to engage with something like those Terminators."

- Mark Cent, Allied war reporter

The war with the Allies did not looked very good in Stalin's eyes. His armor divisions were pushed back despite the large number of Mammoth Tanks being sent right from the production line to the battlefield. His dream of making Mammoth the main battle tank of the Soviet Union was fading away, and from many reports of his generals (some being sent to gulags for their reports showing signs of treason) Mammoth tank had many flaws which made it easy for Allied tanks, AT infantry and Longbow gunships to exploit it. With some considerations, Stalin gave order to make an even greater super-heavy tank that will have no flaws the Mammoth Tanks has, and would be better in every accord. In the last year of the war the Archangelsk presented two prototypes which Stalin liked but still wasn't satisfied. Before the final version was made, however, the war was over and subsequently Stalin was killed by Cherdenko. Only few months after the capitulation, the first tank rolled out. When the new name was being selected some suggested to use name Stalin talked about, Mastodon, but with the new leadership a new name was chosen. One that will be the embodiment of its purpose, its size and power, that will make everyone tremble when they hear it. JS-3 Terminator.

Terminator lives up to the expectations of the previous premier. The new 122m guns, unexpectedly long, were perfect in its role of punching through the enemy armor without deflecting even when firing from greater ranges, and the missile pods were equipped with the "modern" magnetically sensitive tips which tracks all aerial targets, as at that time everyone already used aluminium or other metals than the wood and tarp. Unlike its predecessors that were conceived as breakthrough tanks, Terminator was fully designed to engage and eliminate enemy armoured targets while withstanding a direct hit from every weapon the Allies fielded at the time, and in retrospective also any other weapon, thanks to the high-density ballistic armour plating. The large pointy rams with sharp edges placed on the front have been used to slice any vehicle that unfortunately gets before it into pieces which were than crushed under its 310 tonnes of weight. The placement of its guns closer to each other resulted in increased accuracy against a single target, but also in its occasional use as a makeshift artillery position, diverting its power from engines to the turret rotation for stabilization that was needed for the targeting on far targets.

The complement of these tanks havent seen much action until the introduction of their successors the Apocalypse Tank that were more favored, but still Terminators stayed in service for their overall high qualities. During the World War III Terminators have been used in many operations of the Red Army despite their small numbers, highly sought by every Soviet commander that had the right clearance. Archangelsk plants were concentrating on the production of the Apocalypse and Hammer Tanks, and only a few other factories had a capacity for production of more Terminators. It come to a great surprise when Iran was given permission to produce their own super-heavy tanks, especially when it was Terminator.

Iranian Red Army added Terminator to the role of heavy support and artillery platform, using it as a command tank of the Heavy Armour Platoons supporting smaller Rhinos more than a spearhead of their attack forces, and using its long barrels to bombard enemies from a distance like the Russians. Thought given their recent engagements with the GLA, Iran arms scientists with cooperation from the Soviet Union developed a new kind of ammo specifically designed to cause extreme devastation on the area. The Hors shells are made from fast explosives, which creates powerful shock waves against which you cant find a shelter in the plain deserts of the Middle East, as well as enveloping a large area by a fireball, surpassing even the detonation radius of the V4 rockets. With such a weapon the Iran has got a clear advantage against the ragtag terrorists, and combined with the might of the JS-3 they can easily win most of the direct confrontations.

Thought the Terminator is old and their construction as well, the Iran engineers are working on its innovation by integrating new technologies to make them more up-to-date to their younger cousins the Apocalypse. The problem with the recent licensed permission requires the engineers to first get to know how the tank in fact works before the major innovations can be made. Among them includes the addition of a newer version of tesla reactor, which will give the tank more power to its systems, especially the turret rotation, guns' movement and more engine power, and several auxiliary systems like a newest rangefinder, in-build radar and night lights.

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