Task Force Chimera (TUE)

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Task Force Chimera
The Lurking Chimera
Playstyle WMD Warfare
Faction Colour Purple
Type Patriotverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Task Force Chimera, also commonly called Chimera or the Task Force, is a shadowy militant organisation that operates outside both the Axis and Comintern blocs. Formerly a secretive research task force created by the United Republic of American Citizens and the Greater German Reich to be independent of both the Liberty Science Corps and Wunderwaffe Divisions respectively, Chimera has since betrayed its former masters due to its militant devotion to Darwinism, both social and natural, believing that even the Axis bloc's fascism to be too weak and pitiful, holding back the ascension of the human race to becoming a stronger species. Chimera has since found a tentative alliance of convenience with the secretive plutocratic and democratic cabals of the Philosopher's Group, both dedicated to the destruction of the Axis and Comintern world orders.

Chimera continues its research into the dark areas as its original objective was, except without the monitoring of its former masters. Instead it crafts weapons of war to bring terror to the lands of Fascism and Communism, weapons that violate the sanctity of life and the Geneva Accords, its ultimate objective to craft a humanity that is strong, where the weak have been exterminated and only the true humans, the strongest, rule.

At a Glance


Eugenics 101

Chimera International Attack Cells


Chimera Research Lab


Pariah Tortured and insane prisoners of Chimera labs, Pariahs are armed with bomb vests carrying biological contagions. Armed with what little vestiges of humanity they have left, these almost-insane hostages throw themselves and their biological armaments at any enemy forces. Whilst enemy commanders can be safe in the knowledge that due to their physical state and lack of armour they are individually weak, Chimera's penchant for throwing away these useless prisoners means enemy troops can often find themselves overwhelmed by these walking war crimes, who, upon death, explode in a rain of biological agents.
Exterminator Armed with a Chemical Mortar and SMG, Exterminators have to deploy to use their deadly weapon. Their Chemical Mortars fire an area of effect shell that when exploding, covers all enemy infantry and battlesuits in the vicinity with chemical agents. These Chemical agents then remain attached to the enemy unit for a decent period of time, causing continuous damage to enemies until either the time runs out and the agents dies, or the unit attached to it dies, wherein that unit explodes and spreads chemical agents onto other nearby allied or enemy units. The Exterminator also carries an SMG to protect himself.


Exploiter Supply Vehicle The Exploiter is tasked with gathering resources for Chimera Attack Cells and ensuring their operations and attacks can function with the best logistics. Should the Exploiter encounter trouble or resistance, it can release a gas cloud to cover its retreat and protect itself particularly from infantry who would be unwise to advance through such a cloud.
Agoniser The main battle tank of Chimera, the Agoniser lacks the armour of comparative tanks such as the Republic's Washington or the Communes' Champion, but makes up with above average speed as well as a turret designed to snipe enemy tanks from longer range with more damage. As such, whilst the Agoniser is weaker than other tanks it make up in damage and speed. Furthermore, the Agoniser can immobilise itself and spray defoilant across the ground, before undeploying and moving on its way, as such it can create chokepoints with which to funnel enemies.
Shredder Armed with two twin-barrell flak cannons, the Shredder is a light, wheeled anti-aircraft vehicle that functions as Chimera's main answer to enemy aircraft. It's ammunition has a tendency to shred, hence its name, allowing for area of affect damage. Furthermore, the Shredder's turret can adjust enough to allow it to fire on enemy infantry, where its AOE weapons do huge damage.
Liquidator Initially built on Panzer and Washington Chassis supplied by the Reich and Republic whilst Chimera remained as a joint axis program between the two sometimes hostile nations, the Liquidator was designed as a frontline support tank that could unleash chemical warfare on enemy troops. Armed with two chemical nozzles, replacing its main gun, as well as a serious tank of chemicals, replacing the crew compartment, the Liquidator is a major threat on the battlefield for enemy infantry, both garrisoned and ungarrisoned. When damaged however, the Liquidator will leak chemicals, making it dangerous to enemies and allies alike.
Chemical Tyrant Armed with a catapult style launcher, the Chemical Tyrant fires massive chemical bombs over long distances. These bombs are deadly forthose caught in a blast and they invalidate a serious area due to noxious chemicals that will melt infantry and vehicle armour and fry the skin. As a precaution against ground attacks, the Tyrant can launch mustard gas canisters to dissuade enemy infantry from approaching, or fire a jet of chemicals from the nozzle attached to its front should it face continued resistance, however this artillery piece is entirely vulnerable to air attacks.




Kraken A large submarine equipped with Chemical and Thermobaric warheads, the Kraken functions as a siege and artillery unit that can target both enemy units with its chemical warheads, and enemy bases with its Thermobaric ones. The Kraken is one of the slower naval units and is significantly exposed without support when it has surfaced, furthermore after firing the initial salvo of three warheads, it take time to reload the next three.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Special Warfare Division Manticore

Within the labyrinth of cells and secret divisions that make up Chimera's intricate organisation, there exists the elite Manticore force, dedicated to the single goal of global terror, to bring fascism and communism to its knees and create a world where only the strongest and fittest survive. Inside the dreaded labs of Manticore, its so-called scientists and researchers create weapons and equipment whose very existence violates the sacrosanct words of the Geneva Conventions and whose use in battle would even turn the stomachs of the most zealous SS scientists and the cruelest members of Unit 731.

Punisher Armed with a Grenade Launcher, ballistic armour and a variety of experimental medical drugs and chemicals, the Punisher functions as both a combat medic and frontline soldier, the closest Chimera has come to creating its perfect soldier. The Punisher can use both gas grenades, designed for enemy infantry and garrisons, and thermobaric grenades for enemy vehicles and buildings. Allied Infantry within radius of a Punisher can be healed by the experimental medical equipment they carry.
Flayer Armed with perhaps one of the darkest weapons of Chimera's arsenal, Reapers bear rays designed to incinerate flesh and leave equipment intact, Flayers can degarrison buildings, decrew vehicles and incinerate enemy infantry. Due to the bulky equipment and suit required to operate this highly illegal weapon, flayers are extremely slow. Furthermore, this Manticore trooper however, carried equipment that is incredibly volatile and when killed a Flayer will explode, incinerating any nearby allied or enemy infantry.
Reaper The Reaper functions as the Task Force's elite Sniper, armed with a high-powered sniper rifle and strange ammunition, he is dedicated to taking out enemy infantry. This ammunition contains a potent experimental chemical which produces noxious gas when coming into contact with human organs. As such, once a Reaper deploys, they can proceed to target enemy infantry, each enemy infantry killed then explodes into a cloud of noxious gas which can damage and kill other nearby infantry. When deployed, or not moving, a Reaper is stealthed, however when they move or fire, they become visible to enemies.

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