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"Better drink your own pee rather than drink from a bottle of lies."

- Rick Vasquez, the public figure of survivalists through out the world.
Place of Origin Desire to survive the apocalypse
Trained/Produced at Fallout shelters everywhere
Key Features » "Ackerman's Buzzsaw" MG42
» Sandbags & shovel
» Combat fatigues w/ ammo belts
» Beef jerky
» "Survival Juice" (rumored to be urine)

Tactical Analysis

  • I will survive: Armed with an MG42 and decked in ammo belts, the Survivalist is quite possible one of the few actual members of the Network capable of fighting in a war, since he packs the biggest kick against enemy infantry.
  • Check out my bunker: Due to their time building fallout shelters, the survivalists are able to quickly setup a small personal bunker on the field to save themselves and another infantry unit from being blown to kingdom come.
  • But I'm prepared: Despite their "training", the survivalist suffers from the reality that he's going up against professional soldiers with better weapons. They're useless against vehicles and aircraft as well.
  • Nobody here but us trees: With enough time, survivalists learn to adapt their clothing to their environments. This makes them much harder to find by the enemy, and gives them more time to observe what their foes are doing.


"Don't fight for the Allies. Don't fight for anyone. Don't fight for fame, don't fight for glory, don't fight for riches, because you won't get any when you doe. Instead, fight to survive, as we have to make the most out of our lives when everything goes south, and you'll gain all those things as long as you keep living through the apocalypse."

- Chris O'Cleary, leader of the "Honey Badgers" militia.

It's a troubled world we live in. Civil unrest has never been more prevalent in our society. National governments struggle to contain rebellions and revolutions. Strange sciences and technologies reshape our very land and waters. There is no certainty anymore, just fear and confusion.

Some people have decided that they can't trust their governments anymore. Fearing that society as a whole will soon collapse in on itself like a house of cards, these people have removed themselves from the whole of society. They learned to grow their own food, maintain their own vehicles, even taken it upon themselves to build large and complex underground shelters to ride out whatever doomsday they fear the most. Anything is a world ender as far as these survivalists are concerned. The Allies screwing with the laws of space and time is always a popular one. Another is that the world's monetary system will collapse, leaving people with worthless dollars/credits/pounds/etc. They do everything from stockpile gold (why they think gold will help when all money is worthless is never addressed) to save up warehouses full of brown meat (the health benefits of which are questionable at best), storing tanker truck fulls of gasoline (which would still evaporate into varnish after on a few months) to buying as many weapons as possible to defend their holdings.

Though naturally isolationist in their lifestyle, the survivalists maintain their own personal community, comparing the best building styles for their bunkers to how to better maintain their weapons. The German MG42 is a popular weapon among survivalists for it's reported reliability and stopping power, though it is usually never mentioned that they eat up ammo like dolphins eat fish and that it wears down barrels that the survivalists never think to by replacements for. Despite the many (many, many) flaws in their plans for surviving the apocalypse(s), the survivalists had enough of a community to be contacted by the Third Eye.

The Third Eye showed the survivalists footage of the remains of China, and told them that the Network as devoted to preventing them from ever needing to use their preparations. The survivalists agreed immediately, opening their shelters (that were above ground) to the fellow members of the Network. Though claiming publicly that this is out of solidarity, many Confederate minutemen believe that the survivalists "know they don't have the stones to see the end through". Despite this, the survivalists also make excellent fighters for the Network. Thanks to it's distinctive sound, Peacekeepers in America have started to call the MG42 "Ackerman's Buzzsaw".

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