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Superb Solutions, Inc.
Sigil of superiority
Playstyle Elite Mercenarydom
Faction Colour Cape Town Drab
Type Null Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years."

- "Universal Soldier" by Buffy Sainte-Marie, later covered by Donovan

Superb Solutions are a group of mercenaries formed after many national military forces let them go due to considering them, in their own words, "too good at their work". They specialize in providing top-line military force but at a top-line price.

At A Glance

Faction Color Cape Town Drab
Playstyle Elite Mercenaries
Theatre of Operations Brush terrain, woodlands
Strengths Most powerful minor faction offense-wise, completely worth their price tags, easy victory when played right
Weaknesses Immense cost, luxury units at best when handled improperly, limited number
Motives Thrills, Self-Improvement, Worthiness, Gold, Glory
Basic Look


Dogs of War

To most of the world, soldiering has become a career with a mixed reputation. While many respect the work and sacrifice that is required by a soldier or sailor, the work itself is considered a task that few if any want to partake in. Still, it's a dangerous world out there and soldiers are always the ones with a secured source of income during times of trouble. It's why the Allied Nations member-states continually approve military budgets that allow for them to recruit and retain soldiers that can be used to preserve their national strategies.

Despite this, South Africa has become a troubled bastion in the war against the dangerous spread of communism and warlordism slowly creeping through the African nations. Namibia, Botswana and Zambia also have all been in border skirmishes with militias belonging to either the African League, the Iron Fangs, or African People's Organization. This has led to a series of military forces capable of fighting in the harsh African bush with the same small-unit specialization as their enemies. Unfortunately, this has also made them more than capable of fighting underhandedly as well to gain any advantage they can.

Seeing this as a potential public relations nightmare, the South African nations were leaned on to slowly phase out these elite units to ensure that the Allies wouldn't have another ARVN on their hands. Suddenly finding their specialized skills without a purpose in a new world, these former Allied fighters have all found themselves in desperate need of a way to support themselves and their loved ones. Deciding they had nothing to lose, these soldiers realized that their skills made them valuable to anyone willing to pay for their services.

Unfortunately, there were slim pickings to sift through. Bad experiences with Legion Security Services had turned many of these new mercenaries away from the cybernetic advantages offered. International Inc didn't give them the same kind of pay they felt they deserved, and Pacifica Security Services left many of them without the same certain "thrill" that came with fighting like they had learned to. Of course, when life gives you lemons, you hollow out the lemon, fill it with gunpowder, and attach a firing mechanism.


"When outstanding fails to suffice!"'

- Superb Solutions slogan

The only solution left was to become a company of their own. Not quite a smooth corporate machine like their competition, they instead marketed themselves as a fast, dirty, no questions asked kind of group that offered the best services without the same baggage as the Legion, lack of quality of II, or the lack of strength as Pacifica. Bringing their own weapons and equipment "taken" from their old employers, their first engagement was actually with the South African government itself. Taking on and destroying a force of APO fighters trying to set up a series of safehouses on the South African-Swazi border, Pres. Jacobus Johannes Fouché stated that the mercenaries were a "superb solution", and the name stuck.

Now with a name and proof they weren't just talk, the new company started to put out feelers to see who would be willing to pay them the top dollar they felt they deserved. Most Allied member-states weren't so happy to willingly hire out to war junkies no matter how skilled they were, and the Soviets of course wouldn't touch them. Other nations weren't so hesitant. Technate members and the Combine Future Society weren't so hesitant to give their cash to fighters who could clear out the jungles of MIR guerrillas and search out Inkarri cults. Coalition sheikhs payed well to annihilate GLA cells within their borders, and even Legion centurions weren't above "sub-contracting" to get certain jobs done in Southeast Asia.

Unable to act as a single army, Superb Solutions split into regional groups capable of handling their own affairs, franchises that all funneled money back to their "head office" in a secured headquarters in the same region of Swaziland that earned them their name. Slowly, word has spread that there's a new home for all the soldiers unable to find a home without a war to fight. Allied Peacekeepers finished with their service in Vietnam, Soviet spetsnaz escaping from deployments in China, the most elite warfighters becoming part of something that they know will "appreciate" their unique talents.

Hire one for 400,000 credits today!

"...the way I see it: I don't even think we're even paid to fight in wars, at all. Our job is a bit more like glorified pest control - hatchets instead of flyswatters, rocket launchers instead of insecticide."

- Sgt. Gary Moodley, at a press release


Junkie Armed with a Soviet bullpup and LAW, the Junkie is made to take down everything from enemy fighters to tanks with barely a scratch, though at an almost obscene cost.
Flash Trooper Carrying a four-barreled rocket launcher armed with incendiaries, the Flash Trooper can switch between firing a rocket with each trigger pull, or a barrage of four rockets at once with a longer reload time.
Crackshot A sniper looking for the ultimate challenge, Crackshots can not only easily snipe enemy infantry but vehicles as well with one shot, though the time it takes between shots is agonizingly long.
Thespian Skilled actors paid by Superb Solutions, the thespian can appear to enemy units as a harmless lost person and distract them by trying to ask for directions, allowing the main force to sneak up and take them by surprise.
Brush Ranger Made for speed and transport, the modified Brush Ranger carries a heavy machine gun and can transport four infantry across the battlefield.
Buffel Transport Heavier and slower than the Brush Ranger, the mine and trap-immune Buffel provides a beefier ride for eight soldiers.
Noah Battle Tank Piloted by the most elite of tank crews across the world, this South African-produced MBT can switch into its artillery configuration to harass foes from a distance.


Office Only looking like a simple civilian office building, the Superb Solutions Office is chock full of weapons and much more resilient than its glass windows would appear.
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Deathmatch Reinforcements

Air Africa

An air force made of the best pilots that can be found, Air Africa uses privately-procured attack aircraft capable of backing up their operations from nearby airfields.

Shoebill Fighter Obtained from certain Soviet satellite states, the Shoebill is an anti-tank monster capable of launching several anti-tank missiles onto several targets at once before returning to base.
Egret Helicopter Medium-sized helicopters purchased from Rhodesia, the Egrets are armed with heavy-duty chain-guns and appear invisible to enemy radar due to their color schemes that provide camouflage.
Hamerkop AA Jet Preferring to stay in one location than zip around, the Hamerkop instead sends out guided bombs against advancing enemy jets, albeit with a longer waiting time.
Kori Bustard Graciously acquired from British RAF fields, Kori Bustards are bomber jets that dole out as much destruction as the size of the birds they're named after.

Behind the Scenes

  • Superb Solutions are based on the actions of mercenary groups like Executive Outcomes and MGS' Outer Heaven, and the stereotypes of the war junkie mercenary who needs another fight to feel alive.