Striker Battle Tank

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200-128MBT Striker Main Battle Tank
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Anti-Ground
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Main Battle Tank
Produced at Manufacturing Plant
Ability Disengage Tow
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Thailandthumb.gif Thailand
Produced at Indo-Pacific Industries, Chonburi
Key Features » 75mm M3 howitzer
» Automatic loader and gunner systems
» HRL-3000 Chemical Reactors (X2)
» Crew (x2)
» On board VI

"Now you see it, now its *booom*."
- Striker Battle Tank

Tactical Analysis

  • Tow Truck: Strikers owe their origins as logistical towing vehicles. Sporting utterly insane amounts of engine power, they can tow even the heaviest of IPDI equipment across land at record speeds. When first produced, Strikers will be in their logistical towing variant, and sport measly 75mm howitzers. However, this howitzer is still effective at causing module damage and immobilising enemy tanks and decimating enemy vehicles.
  • Deathstar: The true might of the Striker unveils itself however, when it is upgraded. Upgrading it with the 10.5cm Kwk 52 L/68 grants it impressive rate of fire, and a strong DPS. However its true calling is the unrivaled 12.8cm Kwk 51 L/55 tank gun. This gun is capable of penetrating nearly all main battle tanks frontal armour from afar, and has a good chance of completely obliterating them in a single shot.
  • Dead star: The Striker is however, expensive and logistically intensive. It is also the most fragile main battle tank across the board. Its gun, while powerful, also has a ludicrous aiming time, and its slow turret and hull traverse makes it easy for enemies to just sidestep and circle the main gun. Air units are also the bane of the Striker, as it cannot retaliate, and its large size makes it easy for air units to score hits.


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