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Zephyr Strikeframe
Sketch of an early concept for the Strikeframe
(Minor) faction(s) ZephyrLogoThumb.png Zephyr Revolt
Type Battlesuit
Designation Basic Infantry
Secondary Ability Personal Cyclone
Mod Relevance Zephyr Basic Infantry Unit
Country of Origin  China
Trained at
 Final Bastion Base
Key Features  » VHPMG-3 "Ex Machina" Power Beam Gun
 » Type-32 Strikeframe Battlesuit
 » Airbreaker Cyclonic Generator
 » Kinetic Trap reactor
 » Places liberated tally

Tactical Analysis

  • He who lives by the Gun!: Strikeframes are one of the priciest but also among the deadliest basic infantry in use in any army. And trying to outnumber them is of little help due to their wide area of effect making them excel in mass battles against numerically superior opponents. They are rather uniquely among basic infantry; also extremely potent anti-air units, able to cut down aircraft with ease when massed. Furthermore, their battlesuitt ype armour makes them highly resilient to standard anti-infantry weapons, letting them dominate infantry fights. They are also immune to most animal scouts.
  • Riding the winds of change!: Strikeframes also have powerful aerokinetic devices that can create windscreens around themselves to deflect incoming projectiles and buffet enemies who get too close to the Strikeframe, and in a more sinister display of Zephyr power; can suck the oxygen out of garrisons to instantly kill anyone in the building and let the Zephyr advance continue forward without being stopped by garrisoned obstacles.
  • Will die by the Cannon: Strikeframes are vulnerable to autocannons and other medium type weapons and find it difficult to overcome heavily armoured or highly elite targets. They are also affected by EMP, hacking, oxidizers, and magnetic weapons unlike most basic infantry. Artillery remains a potent option against them due to its ability to fire upon Strikeframes without retaliation. They also come in small squads, making them vulnerable to single target high damage attacks.
  • General Strike!: New systems that fit energy fields rather like the Tyrannovenator's to the Strikeframe are being trialled that cause the Cyclone generator to instantly kill infantry units and damage vehicles that get too close to the Strike Frame. These are still in trial however, and only select units have been giving the honour of having these weapons.

Operational History

Black Zephyr Revolt Liberation Taskforce
Blue Alert Faction
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