Storm Pursuer

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Place of Origin Less-mainstream meteorological research
Trained/Produced at Where weather is strange
Key Features » 'Raining Blood' Roof MGs (x2)
» Copious amounts of cameras
» Metal plates
» Radio equipment
» Pursuing partner

Tactical Analysis

  • A storm is raging: Tracking weird weather worldwide, the Storm Pursuer is a heavily modified sedan capable of moving at incredible speeds while still packing a decent punch with a roof-mounted twinned MG-42 turret. The real value, however, is in the pursuer's incredible sight range offered by the dozens of cameras hidden in the chassis.
  • Blow the man down: In the case of actual severe storms (or enemy fire), the pursuer can drop a series of metal sheets over the windows and sides, causing most small arms to bounce away harmlessly. Heavier vehicles and aircraft are a different story.
  • Have you ever seen the rain: Though much more combat capable than most of the Network's offerings, storm pursuers are still none too effective in a prolonged fight.
  • Real time analysis: When they're started to become better at surviving in the field, most pursuer crews able to more effectively report what they see on their cameras, which means they can finally start to notice when an enemy stealth unit is nearby.


"When they said they're chasing storms as journalists, I once thought it was a metaphor."

- "The Advocate"

Mankind is one of the few animals on the planet that won't bow to Mother Nature and her power. Men build their cities on fault lines, near active volcanoes, in the middle of twisters and hurricanes. In the most frigid nights to the most scorching days, man does not let a little thing like weather get in his way. The advent of purpose built meteorological equipment has only aided this quest, telling men when storms will hit, how strong they will be, and when they will pass. Mother Nature's mysteries are fading quickly, as the secrets of her wrath are unlocked.

Some scientists (or rather, amateur scientists) still say there's more. Over the course of many years, many of these meteorologists have tracked weather anomalies through the world. Tornadoes out of thin air, ice storms in the middle of what a country could consider summer, freak electrical storms from clear skies. They point to the Allies and their use of liquid helium being fired into the atmosphere worldwide. They blame the Syndicate for something codenamed "Aegis". Accusations fly at the Soviets for their constant interference with the Earth's geomagnetic field. Even the Contingent and their gravity technologies aren't immune as these scientist claim that gravity, being one of the fundamental forces of all existence, is able to affect anything from where rain falls to when earthquakes are triggered.

Of course, to study weather a person needs to see it. Not to be left behind, these fringe meteorologists have decided that they need to go where the weather is. They had their own personal cars, but after a few hurricanes and twisters they discovered that serious armor was needed. By this time the Third Eye had already made contact and gave them pieces of what they suspected. Allied reports of climate aftereffects in regions near cryo-strikes. Unofficial memos from the Ministry of Experimental Sciences about the long term effects of their magnetic satellites on Earth's geomagnetic field. Syndicate video of a freak twister striking dead in the center of an Afghan poppy field under the control of the GLA. This convinced these "storm pursuers" to arm up.

Buying some MG42s from the Survivalists for some gold and cans of brown meat, they started welding metal plates to their sedans and modified coups. Small turrets were cut out of the the roofs, with hinges attached to the metal sheets on the sides. Suitably impressed with their own handiwork, the storm pursuers waited for their first chance to prove themselves.

It came during a strange storm pattern forming over the outskirts of Topeka, KS. Following the incredible cold front and sub-zero temperatures, the storm pursuers filmed a massive Allied cryo-strike hit a Confederate listening post. Though they did film the fighting, the pursuers were more interested as hail the size of tennis balls started falling from the sky with the wind whipping about at nearly sixty miles an hour. Hitting the armor, the Network watched as Allied troops ran for cover. A platoon of pathfinders spotted the pursuers, but the pursuers knew what to do. When the pathfinders closed, they opened fire and kept moving. When the hail started to fall, the vehicles buttoned up. Over the course of a half hour the hail continued to fall, until the pathfinders were too battered to keep fighting both the Network and Mother Nature. The pursuers distributed the video freely, and the Third Eye congratulated them on finding the truth.

This has emboldened the already enthusiastic storm pursuers. Already crazy enough to drive into the middle of a tornado or hurricane, the risks of the battlefield has done little to dampen their spirits. Often they'll drive into their storms with their radios blaring and singing as loud as they can, screaming at each other on their radios about "F5s" and "suck-zones".

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