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Tactical Information

  • Slice and Dice: The Slender-Stalker is a nightmare come to life on the battlefield, moving at incredible speeds and bearing claws and jaws easily capable of tearing through infantry, and even battlesuits and light vehicles, and furthermore being undetectable to the naked eye. As an infiltrator, the Slender-stalker is truly a being of utter terror. And what's worse is that they can swim.
  • Adoption service: The Slender-Stalker's most dreaded ability, other than its capacity as an infiltrator, is its reproduction method. Slender-stalker young can be implanted via oviposter into the corpses of fresh victims, and the egg rapidly hatches into a young Slender-Stalker that devours its host and given just a little time, will mature into a new slender-stalker..
  • Slender-splatter: Slender-Stalkers are gracile creatures and are easily cut down by anti-personnel fire if they are spotted, in addition; while capable of damaging tanks to a small degree, they can be simply ran over by vehicles that find them overly bothersome.
  • Broodmother: The most dangerous and deadly of Slender-Stalkers mature into a new form, the Broodmother, which stands half again as tall as the standard slender-stalker and is considerably more massive. Broodmothers are superior to slenderstalkers across the board, being hardier, striking harder, and even moving a little faster.

Unit History

The wastes of Tibet were nobody's idea of a "fun" deployment. Radiation sickness was a constant concern and anything from mutated animal life to red chinese bandits or green chinese strike forces could find you there. Still, the Tibetan people were simply overjoyed to be both free of the dark shadow of the three Chinas and under the protection of India, and General Devadas Kadakia found himself growing fond of his post here.

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