Sickle Patrol Walker

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KaDiB-16 Sickle Patrol Walker
Sickles pushing into Berlin
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Walker
Designation Combat Car
Production Building Tank Factory
Secondary Ability Flea Jump
Cost 650
Production Time 8 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Electromag guns
Dev. Status
Country of Origin  USSRthumb.gif Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Ukrainian SSR)
Produced at  Kazminov Design Bureau, Kiev
Key Features  » x3 PKX 14.5mm Heavy Machine Guns
 » Three Sealed Swivel Ball Turrets
 » Pressurised Stilt Leg Suspension
 » Sealed Wet Stowed Ammo Hold Prevents Internal Fires
 » Recreational albums (excellent taste)

Tactical Analysis

  • I got you covered: The Sickle's triple 14.5mm Heavy Machine Guns offer coverage in all possible directions, including when on the move and against multiple targets at once, though only the forward arc allows all three guns to be brought to bear. Particularly effective against infantry and to a lesser degree, against light vehicles and aircraft; the Sickle can offer vital fire support to the vehicular advance.
  • One giant leap for mankind: The Sickle's origins as a lunar and mars vehicle show through its ability to make enormous flea leaps to quickly traverse terrain; including impassable obstacles, in order to flank targets, move without waiting for transport, or ambush unprepared enemies.
  • Squashed like a flea: The Sickle is no match for anti-tank vehicles and battlesuits, and anti-tank infantry in cover can quickly lay waste to it. Fast moving, durable, or long ranged aircraft are also beyond its ability to handle, and it is incapable against structures. It is strongly advised that Sickles avoid such targets and leave them to be handled by the appropriate vehicles.
  • Frzzap!: The latest and greatest weapons out of the Communist International's research facilities, the Electromag gun fires off magnetically assisted arcs of electricity that subtly pull in nearby enemies struck by them to clump enemies up for further punishment while also being far more effective against hard targets.


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