Shogdian Shahdom (TUE)

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The Shogdian Shahdom of Wonderous Persia, Bastion of the Teachings of the Prophet Zarathustra
Faravahar of the Eternal Shah
Faction Colour Persian Blue
Type Concordiatverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Of Right we've been and still are champions.
What is right is all we ever demand.
Through worship of king. we ever
From the enemy will guard this our land.
"Good Deeds" the first virtue of our call,
"Good Thoughts" the light our hearts and minds to guide,
"And through "Good Speech" shining, one and all,
This is Iran's fame that will echo far and wide

- Sorude Šâhanšâhi

The Shogdian Shahdom of Wonderous Persia or simply Shogdian Shahdom is a major faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. . A mighty Empire that stretches from Mesopotamia to the Indus and beyond lead by the eternal and golden king of kings Gualgumsh the magnificent; self proclaimed reincarnation of Gilgamesh of Uruk, the Sogdians are the latest in a long line of dynasties that have ruled over the venerable civilization of Persia since time immemorial. With their state based on the teachings of the philosophers Zarathustra and Mazdak, the Empire was the first to introduce what Marx would call Socialism; a religious variant of it that would spread to its Scandinavian and Russian allies in the North and its Chinese friends in the East as the Empire endured for centuries. Having emerged out of the alien conflicts with relatively little damage, Gualgumsh the King of Kings has come to believe that perhaps it will soon be the time to expand the gates of Babylon to all the world.

At A Glance

At his command are highly adaptable armies that always have a trick up their sleeve to deal with an enemy; exemplified by their ability to change between "light" and "dark" states that significantly alter the functions of a unit and thus make it exceedingly difficult to predict what to use against any given army of the Kingdom of Kingdoms.


Birth at the Crossroads

Baptism by Fire

Time of Silence

(Post Great War Lore)

Armed Forces

In this time of darkness, our people look to the ideals which have guided us since our inception centuries ago. Zarathustra said that the Wise Lord desires for his children to embrace the sacred trifold virtues of justice in word, thought and deed. Rightly so, the lions of Persia must now act as shepherds for the lambs of this world. More than prideful, we must be humble. More than mocking, we must be forgiving. More than conquerors, we must be peacemakers. Thus has spoken Zarathustra.

- Ruhollah Khomeini, Chief Mobad of Tehran, speaking before the Shah and his ministers in assembly.






Behind The Scenes