Shintai Society

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Shintai Society
Flag of the Shintai Special Defense Force
Playstyle Armored Spearhead
Faction Colour Cherry Blossom
Type Fan-faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Angels and demons circle above my head
cleaving through thorns and Milky Ways
He who does not perceive his calling,
does not know true happiness..."

The Shintai Society, or Society is a fan-faction created by OneWingedHussar. It is a Japanese splinter faction that rises as a militarist conspiracy as much as a millenarian cult, a phenomenon only possible in the crucible of total war, technological revolution and changing paradigms that is Japan in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. The Shintai Society provides an answer to future shock. By unshackling sciences that have been held back by craven conservatives to joining them to traditions that have been abandoned by the equally craven political establishment, it seeks to reforge the nation and its people into something worthy of its illustrious name.

At a Glance

Faction Color Cherry Blossom
Playstyle Unconventional Assault
Theatre of Operations From the Sky and the Sea
Strengths Many units bypass the tech tree, flexibility in offense, speed and stealth everywhere
Weaknesses Self-cannibalizing infrastructure, specialized and fragile units, dogmatic offensive tactics
Motives Renewal, Domination, Ascension
Basic Look ‘Classical’ Japanese architecture rendered in modern nano-materials, favoring sleek naturalistic function and concealed mechanics. Infantry are outfitted in stylish Taisho romance.


Stand-Alone Complex

The Second Sun

Unique Faction Mechanics

Deployment and Transformation

The Shintai Society erects new buildings by constructing Nanocores from the Temple Yard and deploying them at their intended location, much like the Japanese Empire with which it shares a common technology base. However, several of the Society’s regular units are also capable of deploying into buildings at a cost, and some are even vital to the faction’s battlefield presence!

Some of the Society’s units also have the ability to upgrade into a different unit at a surcharge, radically altering their tactical function. They can downgrade themselves back to their original form if needed, but note that you’re not getting the upgrade cost back!

Tiering and Prototypes

The Shintai Society advances technology tiers through example. Each unit production structure has the ability to produce a Nanoegg at cost, which can be deployed at further cost to create a Prototype unit. The Prototype is a unit of the next tier, which unlocks all units of that tier as soon as it enters the battlefield. Note that Society field commanders must still construct a Gate of Ascension as a pre-requisite for producing Tier 3 Prototypes.

Only one of each Prototype can be built at a time, but each Prototype fulfills potent tactical functions and enjoys additional veterancy ranks and effects in comparison to conventional units. Use them well and they will be worth more than their cost.

Units and Structures


Temple Yard The heart of the Society’s battlefield presence is less of a field command and more of an open-air gantry for the construction of Nanocores for structures. Just as temples and shrines must be torn down and rebuilt, so does the Society not balk at replanting its order of battle wherever it fights.
Ore Purifier The Society’s structure for processing harvested ore into a usable form, working under the same principles as its Imperial Japanese counterpart. But here assembly lines of autopriests ritually purify the processed ore, ensuring that it is spiritually worthy for the Society’s war effort.
Solar Furnace Provides power to Society bases through highly efficient solar-catalyzed combustion. Without power, there is no enlightenment, no electronic recitation of the sutras, no works to better the world. The Society knows this well.
Spirit Dojo Trains regular Society infantry. Recruits from a prescribed list of prestigious schools, civilian dojos and feeder paramilitary groups are sent here to be infused with warrior spirit worthy of the Shintai banner; a variety of methods are used.
Nanoforge Produces Society land vehicles. Lacking the established rear-theater infrastructure of the Japanese state, the Society has pushed the envelope on compact and low-footprint nanotechnology for their large-scale manufacturing needs.
Sea Bridge Produces Society naval units. The isles of Japan once rose from the sea, and it is the sea that the Society takes to in order to restore the roots of Japan’s power. A vertical maze of cranes and gantries, the Sea Bridge develops further on the Nanoforge and specializes in constructing massive vessels.
Sky Bridge Produces Society air units and provides landing and maintenance spaces for 4 aircraft. Dedicated aircraft may lack the versatility of transforming mecha, but Society commanders have found their simpler technical demands useful when seizing control of the skies.
Gate of Ascension Necessary for unlocking the Society’s most advanced battlefield weapons. A fusion of sophisticated information processing and prescribed architecture, the Gate is a tangible symbol of the Society’s total commitment to the battle. Here field commanders must swear binding oaths of victory before gaining access to the bounty within.
Temple of Awakening The Society’s Support Superweapon. Housing and launching a special nanite missile keyed to particular transformation triggers embedded in the Society’s own structures, the Temple of Awakening can convert any friendly (non-defense) building into a slow but unstoppable Kyoujin, an enormous inorganic behemoth that can inflict enormous damage before it crumbles away.
Temple of Renewal The Society’s Ultimate Superweapon. The Temple of Renewal also houses and launches a special missile, containing a compact nanite system designed to reformat the landscape into pristine condition. The missile’s detonation causes everything in a vast radius to rapidly lose health, and anything large destroyed leaves behind an impassable terrain obstacle that must be demolished. Anything small destroyed by the missile becomes something…stranger.


Shintai Wall The Society’s lightweight battlefield walls are little different in function from all other counterparts, but their significance in separating the divine from the profane cannot be understated.
Shrine Gate As automated thresholds between the perilous battlefield and relative sanctuary of a Society base, their design to resemble traditional Torii serves good purpose.
Drone Mortar This radar-invisible mortar pit is controlled directly by a Society base’s defense network, freeing up good human warriors for higher purposes. Its smart fragmentation shells have a longer range than typical basic anti-infantry defenses, but also suffer from a small dead zone. The mortar can also reconfigure itself to fire at aircraft.
Iron Jizo (Deployable AV turret)
Silver Tree The Society’s advanced base defense is a towering nanite disperser and transmitter, causing all friendly units and structures in its considerable range to slowly regenerate, while slowly eating away at all hostile units and structures. It may instead focus its capacity to grow metallic roots under the ground, spearing hostile units from below for massive damage.
Drone Bunker Both a heavily armored bunker and a miniature factory, the Drone Bunker gradually fills itself with robotic soldiers armed with powerful nanodart rifles. These Karakuri Drones can even be unloaded from the Bunker to serve as field infantry, though their battery life is limited.
Iron Daruma The Society’s strategic artillery is a straightforward pair of heavy-caliber battleship guns mounted on a turret.


Kamaitachi (Tier 2 Infantry Prototype)
Benkei A versatile Prototype mecha that unlocks Tier 2 Society land vehicles. With partial transformation features, the Benkei can switch between dual 40mm kinetic-burst hand cannons effective against light vehicles and aircraft to a long-ranged 130mm cannon for ‘sniping’ enemy tanks.
Mikazuchi Descending like thunder from clear skies, the Tier 2 aircraft Prototype is unto a flying cannon, striking down any enemy armor that may impede the Society’s advance with blazing plasma-jacketed shells.
Umi-bozu (Tier 2 Watercraft)
Kagura The Society’s commando is also its Tier 3 infantry Prototype. The perfectly conceived idol-priestess, Kagura has the apparent power to control nature itself. Plant life erupts at her commend to crush infantry and strange vehicles, and when pressed she can even summon a tornado that not even aerial units can escape.
Fudo (Tier 3 Vehicle Prototype)
Amaterasu (Tier 3 Aircraft Prototype)
Ryujin (Tier 3 Watercraft Prototype)


Norainu Drone The Society’s basic scout unit is an efficient lightweight drone modeled after a mélange of animals, controlled by an AI patterned after the same. As a high-speed detector its performance cannot be faulted, though it must substitute a real animal’s bite for a paralyzing taser attack. It may use its nanite store to disassemble itself, creating a small minefield on the spot.
Jishi The stylish uniforms and cloaks of the Society’s footsoldiers conceal both ready beam katanas and compact spigot RPGs, allowing them to clear garrisons and deal with both infantry and light vehicles if they get close enough.
Attendant Drawn from the female and the willing, Attendants are trained to suppress foes and support the advance of other infantry with their smart grenade launchers. They are also quite willing to switch to firing their backpack anti-air missile launchers, if just to lighten their combat load.
Autobonze Having mastered the esoteric art of maintaining hypno-conditioned technical knowledge as well as colonies of multi-purpose nanites within their bodies, the Society’s engineers need no tools. They can exhale a temporary cloud of nanites that shelter and heal all infantry who take refuge within.
Kappa Trooper (Amphibious infantry)
Zen Sniper Sacrificing their vision for a host of cybernetic senses, these grizzled masters have only reasonable range and damage as snipers, but their ghost bows allow them to ignore walls and fire on the move. They may choose an enemy unit to imprint upon, allowing them to inflict greatly increased damage on all units of the same type.
Spy Sphere These innocuous rolling drones contain a highly miniaturized interface suite and some of the most advanced AIs for their size, which makes them well-suited as structure infiltrators. On the battlefield they can also offer unconventional support, launching nano-shackles that disable the secondary abilities of enemy units.
Akamusha (Quick attack bike/battlesuit)
Ajin (Advanced battle cyborg) (Overcharge mode)


Ore Collector Festooned with wooden ornaments and shineniwa, the Society’s ore harvester is a tainted but vita link between the impure wealth of the earth and the Society’s holy war economy. The vehicle can moonlight as a shrine to solicit funds and provide field commanders with an alternate source of income, with a rate corresponding to how fully loaded it already is.
Go-rider Daredevil pilots on modified racing mecha, Go-riders scout the battlefield virtually unprotected and harass enemies with nanodart launchers that eat away at their targets over time. The dexterous arms on their mounts are far from ornamental, allowing them to harmlessly disarm and store mines for use as demolition charges.
Zephyr Hovercraft (Light tank destroyer)
Kabuto Drone A light unmanned buggy that provides early game anti-air firepower with its twin kinetic-burst autocannons, shielding Society formations and bases against harm from above. Using its inbuilt Nanocore functionality, the Drone can sacrifice itself to deploy a short-lived shield of nanobots over a wide area.
Ebisu Transport The Society’s amphibious APC is unremarkable in terms of speed and capacity, but travels as a submarine when crossing water and can defend itself with micro-torpedoes while doing so.
Assault Strider The Society refuses to employ main battle tanks, instead relying on a high-speed assault mecha armed with twin plasma cutters to vanquish enemy armor at close range. To assist in closing with enemy formations, they can launch holo-drones that project a holographic copy of the Assault Strider around themselves.
Hail Strider This advanced support mecha fires a barrage of nano-miniaturized smart bullets to sweep the battlefield clear of infantry, light vehicles and aircraft. The Hail Strider is also armed with a set of shoulder-mounted ghostfire arrays, capable of inflicting an enemy unit with an invisible but lethal aura of energy to slay all units that stay too close to it.
Daruma Tank Wedding the upper body of a mecha to ponderous treads, the Daruma is heavily armored and enjoys devastating close-range firepower with its dual heavy riot cannons. As an answer to the heavy tanks of other militaries it is rather lacking, but its true purpose is to act as a mobile Nanocore for the Iron Daruma strategic artillery, reconstructing itself upon command.
Asurasaur An uncanny hybrid of reptile and machine, the Asurasaur uses cutting-edge cybernetics to drives its biological components – the origins of which are a closely guarded secret – into an unstoppable bionic force of destruction. Jaw-mounted plasma flamethrowers scour all before it, and it can snack on infantry to regain health.


Zephyr Hovercraft ( Light tank destroyer)
Stealth Destroyer The Society’s destroyer is designed to remain radar-invisible at all times, even when firing its 150mm deck gun at surface targets or engaging enemy aircraft with its deck missile launcher. It may retract its weapons into its hull to enter full invisibility mode.
Kagatsuchi Cruiser While designed as a science and exploration hydrofoil, the Kagatsuchi proved effective even after being pressed into service as a delivery platform for the dreaded counter-oxygen torpedo. The long-ranged weapon erupts into a long-lasting firestorm after detonation, damaging units and preventing the passage of projectiles. The Kagatsuchi may detonate the weapon beneath its own hull, creating a fiery shockwave with the same effect.


Firefly Interceptor Somehow a light anti-air fighter and a troop transport all in one, the Firefly can attack with a pair of kinetic-burst guns and transport up to three infantry at the same time. But such is its overloaded design that it must disassemble itself in mid-air to release its passengers, allowing them and the pilot to parachute to the ground.
Dragonfly Scout (Scout chopper) (Drop bombs)
Sea Falcon / Stone Falcon A tilt-rotor plane that specializes in hunting naval foes with its air-dropped torpedoes. However, it can also land and upgrade itself into a four-legged walker, deploying a respectable artillery cannon to bombard enemies from expected vectors.
Raiden Fighter / Raiden Strider (Advanced anti-air / Fast assault mecha)
Tenma Stealth Bomber (Heavy bomber)