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Country of Origin  Chile
Trained at  Anime Conventions across Latin America
Key Features  » Nunchaku
 » Sawed-off Grummond 8 Shotgun (W/ Grip)
 » Chain Links (Unbreakable)
 » White Catholic School Uniform Shirt (With Embroidered Patria y Libertad Logo)
 » Caudillo High School Dōjinshi

Tactical Analysis

  • Patria y Libertad....y Desu:
  • No comprende what they're saying:
  • Hombre with a Shotgun:
  • Notice Me, Pinochet-senpai: Some shinobistas who want something a little stronger than nunchaku have starting lugging actual chains into the battlefield. With them, the unit can strike at enemies with much more damage and even lasso infantry by their neck.


"The UI, as they call, who proclaim their love for dictators, as shown through their extensive iconography of them... it's something. But the problem is that the bulk of them are childless, single men who pleasure themselves to anime..."

- Chet Huntley, talking about the UI in a report

Despite Chile's new leftist coalition being called "Popular Unity," Allende's new form of governance was not welcomed by all members of Chilean society. WIP