Seven Seas

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Seven Blessed Seas of the Eternal Waters
The Great Current of the Seven Blessed Seas
Faction Colour Ocean Hunter Slate
Type Seasverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The sea
That we see dance along the clear-water bays
Shows silver reflections
The sea
Reflections that change
In the rain
The sea
With summer skies...confounds
It's white sheep
With the angels, so pure... the sea
Shepherdess of blue...through infinity.

- La mer, Charles Trenet

The Seven Seas, known offically as the Seven Blessed Seas of the Eternal Waters, is a religious and militant quasi-state entity operating primarily in the Southern Atlantic Ocean but with cells, enclaves and sympathizers spanning the globe. Lead by a super charismatic & supposedly hyper-intelligent being identifying himself only as "The Helmsman," the Seven Seas have exploded onto the world stage in a relatively short period of time, taking over several Neptunian provinces and announcing plans for further conquest.


Once Upon a Sea

In the beginning, the world was a marble of blue. There was no land, only the eternal waters and in these waters held a great civilization that spanned the globe. All peoples in all lands beneath the waves stood under a common banner of peace, harmony and mutual prosperity. Because there were no continents and landmasses to divide them, the people dubbed themselves "The Seas," after the sound made by the underwater currents which crossed circumnaviagted the globe and passed over all their many lands. Indeed, the water itself had an almost god-like element to these peoples as the source of their life and the bond that tied them together. To them, the sea was everything and nothing, it held the beginnings and the ends of all things and could bestow blessing or terror as it pleased.

The Flow of Silence

All Shall Return to Depths


General Mallathaes,...

General Enveron,...

General Vo'kallo...

Armies of the Blessed Seas




Children of the Blue


Naval Forces

Behind the Scenes

  • The Seven Seas draw some inspiration from arcade rail shooter game The Ocean Hunter and the Neo-Atlanteans from Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water.
  • The Seven Seas also bear some resemblence to the Brotherhood of Nod and Global Liberation Army from the Command & Conquer series as well as the Islamic terrorist group ISIS as they are both are highly religious, militant quasi-state entities who have volatile relations with the rest of the world.