Serene Mendicants

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Tactical Analysis

  • Transversal: Serving as the engineer corps for the Indigenous Rescue Force, these cnidarian beings enjoy increased resistance against enemy fire thanks to their own personal hard-light devices.
  • Transcedental: When attempting to requisition important structures for Zeelich use, Serene Mendicants can activate their phase shifters, rendering them completely immune against everything for the duration - even walls as they pass through them.
  • Transgressed: They are capable of nothing else other than their specialized niches - capturing buildings. Even their momentary bouts of invulnerability leave them very vulnerable afterwards.


Acquired from: Max-Planck-Institut für Xenobiologie, Frankfurt am Main

Acquired by: "The Nameless Cracker"

Title: Chief Scientist Samantha Kirchner's Research Log:

Content: "Never has a xenospecies interested me than what me and my team have dubbed "Ätherischen". WIP