Seraphim Harmony

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Grand Seleapheene Consensus for Harmony of Mind and Soul
'Seventh Seal of Supreme Order'
Faction Colour Sunglow
Type Clash of Dimensions Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Hear the trumpets hear the pipers
One hundred million angels singin'
Multitudes are marchin' to the big kettledrum
Voices callin', voices cryin'
Some are born and some are dyin'
It's alpha and omega's kingdom come

- "When the Man Comes Around", Johnny Cash

The Seraphim Harmony, Seraphim for short or also called Angels, is a major faction created by Volte Metalic. For millenia Seraphims wage eternal war with the Abraxas because they represent the plural opposite of angels' ideology, the order and harmony. Their home dimension of Ajaeoone is always lit with the bright light, which makes any attackers practically blind which greatly helps in the defense. The Seraphim army relies on their infantry and artificial weapons, as well as their aerovehicles to rule the skies. One of the reasons killing a Seraphim is an impressive feat is thanks to their abiltiy of accelerated healing which they can apply on others as well.


Seraphims are similar to their human depictions but have some distinct differences to their physical appearance. They are slightily taller than average human but their physiology is thinner, aparently weaker compared to humans but the opposite is true. Their durabiltiy is attributed to their bone structure, having more thicker cotical bones and being hollow inside to save weight and make Seraphims lighter. The marrow forms the cylindrical core of the bone itself. The upper limbs are very much like of humans, possesing five fingers on their hands but without any nails or claws, being completely hollow. Legs are not as human-like, however. While they possess the thighs and calfs, they have an extra knuckle bend backwards which leads into the instep, which indicates more avian features. Ball of the feet is extruded slightily backwards, and the toes are longer than of humans, but forms into a spike of sorts. Mostly when a Seraphim wears boots the unique design of their legs with the extra knuckle is not apparent at the first sight.

Their skin is close to white ranging with shades of light yellow and pink, and very smooth and soft to touch. Unlike the human beliefs Seraphims' hair color doesnt include all of humans' colors but only white, grey, yellow and pink, all in light shades. It is not unheard of that a Seraphim didnt ever cut off his hair which results, mostly in cases of females, to have incredibly long hair reaching to the ground in intricate hairstyles or keep them straight. Males are prefering to have shorter hair or bound into thick braids to not get in the way if it is disrupting his work, such as warriors. The lips are colorless and not as apparent as with the humans but they do have them.

The most interesting physical aspcts of Seraphims are their wings and eyes. Unlike the human belief that angels do have bird-like wings like those of a does, Seraphim six wings are more akin to bats, being more of a skin extension between incredibly long "fingers" of these limbs growing out from their backs. The wings are divided into three groups, each for one pair. The largest wings are called the "accipiery", the take-off wings, the shorter upper pair the "primialtitiery", the upper height wings, and the smaller bur wider lower pair the "infepartemiery", the lower directional wings. The stripped pattern on the grey wings and being covered with a small filter of fluid lubricant making them smooth and slightily sticky, gives an appearance that the wings are in fact metallic, but in fact are a form of a skin. An unexpected feature of the wings is that no blood veins are present in them, nor are they directly connected with the inside organs of the body. This results in the fact that Seraphim can stay in vacuum with their wigns unprotected and stay living, as there is no pressure difference between the wings and the surroundings of the vacuum.

The visual sense of Seraphims is different from that of other races. Eyes are very small and partially obstructed by the skin, thought the most common of eye color is black, thought this can be only confirmed through an autopsy as they are never seen without their masks outside their own dimension. The thing that is most unussual for the eyes is that they work in the opposite of the others. In extremely light environments such as that of their home dimension Seraphims can safely look with their own eyes without the need of a mask, helmet or similar equipment, but in the rest of the dimensions they are forced to assist their sight. This indicates that their eyes are in a way degraded, requiring massive amount of photons to see, making them virtually blind anywhere else. Beside this important factor the masks also serves many other purposes, namely a part of their armors.

What makes Seraphims renown beside their wings is their phenomenal self-healing qualities. An average Seraphim can heal broken limbs, puncture of their skin and veins in a matter of days. With special training or in-born stronger ties some Seraphims may heal even faster, and similar properties impart into others they come in a contact with. This phenomenom is attributed to special bacteria and viruses that are living inside Seraphims' bodies and are secreted through their skin like a sweat. The host and the virus forms a symbiotic relation, host offers their body as breeding environment and the virus may be used to accelerate the growth of new tissue as well as smoothing the injured part so no scar will be left afterwards. Specialized Seraphims called Lifemancers are able to disperse this fluid with the viruses into the air like an aerosol to heal more than those in hand's reach from him. Some individuals were even called "immortal" for the potency of their regeneration, and were always revered as great heroes and examples for all others.

Nosferatu, the Blood Angels

Among the Seraphims there exists a certain group thats shunned down by all angels, being considered traitors to the ideals of Harmony and Order. The Nosferatu, Blood Angels or Vampires. Physically they share everything with their lightborne relatives, but there is a difference in the way how they are handling with their regenerating powers. Vampires are still using the bacterias and viruses to accelerate their healings, they are causing the opposite in others upon contact. They are draining the body fluids from their victims, sometimes so much they are decomposing their bodies into dry husks. This application is forbidden by the Seraphim Consensus, but those who succumbed to the empowering pleasure of draining the life force of others do not mind that, instead they keep continuing it in other dimensions. The fact is, Vampires are more stronger and physically fit than Seraphims, however.


  • Chancellor of the Collective Consensus: Title bestowed with the power to be the voice of the Collective Consensus, the governmental ruling body of the Seraphim Harmony. In practice it has no bigger power than any other Representative, Chancellor's role is not only to relate the decisions of the government, but also to chair the meetings. Current Chancellor is Metatron, being in position for thousands of years now, still serving with all the energy he started with.
  • Representative of the Collective Consensus
  • Righteous General of the Order: The highest military rank, Righteous General of the Order is an equivalent to the human ranks of field marshal, army general or generalissimo. Only the most capable, decorated, faithful and gifted officers can be elevated into this prestigious rank which gives them a complete control of a crusade forces or, when selected, as supreme military commander of whole Seraphim military. Its a general custom that Archangels are promoted into this rank for the very fact becoming an Archangel is a proof of purity and order of the candidate. Most notable Righteous General of the Order was Michael, the strongest Archangel ever.
  • General: [Angelic: Eell] Commanders of armies and task forces, generals are high-ranked flag officers responsible for the movement of their forces, planning the battle and than issuing orders to his men to achieve victory for the Order and Harmony. To become general a Seraphim must prove he has strategical mind, skills for management and quick-thinking and must be a great warrior with years of experience to back it up. He must graduate an ... [sun-themed word] Leadership Academy as to receive the knowledge needed to command the army.
  • Architect-General: Selected from the city's architects to set up defenses of the settlements, bases and large complexes, architect-generals hold same powers as generals, althrough they are given a military counterpart as a guide in terms of tactics. Their control is only over the forces selected for the specific city.
  • Colonel: [Angelic: Eerr] When the generals issues orders for their troops, it is up to the colonels to carry them out. Colonels are commanding divisions and brigades, mostly from the battle field and giving orders even when locked in combat with enemy troops face-to-face. Every Seraphim army general has to go through this rank to value the lives and sacrifices of the men they later will command.
  • Magister/Magistress
  • Great Lifemancer
  • Lifemancer

Notable Seraphims

  • Daaneos Mifaaennmeechha Eell / Michael: The strongest and greatest Archangel who ever lived, Michael led the Seraphims millenia ago, fighting centuries against his mortal enemies the Abraxas, as well as the Fallen Angels of his former friend and current rival Lucifer and the heretical Blood Angels led by Astryiel. His unnaturally high self-regeneration, skills, talent and tactical prowess skyrocketed Michael from a simple Cherub into an Archangel and supreme commander of whole military of the Seraphim, overseeing and planning many campaigns and wars with the devils and other enemies.
It was during a crucial campaign in the Hell and Zion dimensions where Seraphims and Abraxas clashed that Michael found his end. Starting in Gehenna dimension, a dimension with incredibly strong gravity fields that restricted all angels to fly and the deployment of aerial forces, Michael had to meet his adversary, Archdevil Hior-Beinar who he was chasing for a century. The fighting in these tormenting conditions took its toll on the angels forces as well as their morale whereas the devils desployed tough warriros who better resisted the gravitational effects. Michael was trying to find a solution out this situation when devils began encircling his army, planning to trap and than terminate all Seraphims, including Michael as supreme commander.
A timely arrival of General Uriel to his aid saved Micahel's army but Uriel's message disturbed Michael. Abraxas were about to launch a major offensive on Zion, weakened by previous raids and with many Seraphim armies spread thin over other dimensions. Michael than made a critical decision that affected whole war for the centuries to come. He ordered Uriel to take his and Michael's army to reinforce Zion's defenses while Michael with a select group of best and bravest warriors with an intetntion to attack devil's home dimension, Hell.
While many of the legendary Seraphim generals were defending their home Michael led his small task force into a bold suicidal attack agains the heart of the Disorder. The strike was highly unexpected and shocking for many devils. Michael ruthlessly moved his men through Hell, destroying as many factories and installations as possible, and something that is considered dubious by other Dimensions, ravaging homes and killing every Abraxan in the path. The arrival of fourAbraxan armies, including Hior-Beinar's and two from Zion, finally stopped Michael in his crusade and began a long, bloody battle between tall and sharp obsidian pillars in the Wayward Valley.
Archangels were falling one by one, taking hundreds of demons with them, and Michael fought the bravest, 5,000 Abraxans and more fell to his blade, crossbow bolts or even his heels. His already amazing healing artificially heightened by the Archangel status, he was practically unkillable, every wound was healed in a matter of hours, smaller cuts in minutes. He was preoccupying the devils for a week till his final death, when Chaos Lord Bal-Wrugirsox pierced Michael with countless swords, pinning him to the ground in a formation of crucifix, and finally drove an obsidian spike through general's chest. For this act Bal-Wrugirsox started calling himself Manian Sovereign and gained him respect, prestige of many other leaders and a legendary status. In Zion a deep sorrow befell. Their champion was gone in the last blaze of glory that saved them all. This loss and the Pyrrhic victory in defense of Zion meant a temporary "quiet of arms" with Abraxas to recuperate and learn from thiss painful lesson. Michael became a saint and the greatest of all heroes for all Seraphims.
Little did they know that General and Archangel Michael survived the battle. Bal-Wrugirsox beaten him into submission, pinning his body to the ground and with his and of other pyromancers burned Michael's body, turning it into ash. But through endless agony Michael's body refused to vanish and regenerated the muscles and bones faster than they can be burned. With this turn of events, the Chaos Lord decided to imprison Michael, making the most secure place in the deepest dungeon of Hell where the mighty Archangel will reside for eternity. To make the matter of escape unlikely, Bal-Wrugirsox every day tears out Michael's liver to feed himself and sends other beasts to feast on his organs. Seraphim legend regenerates every lost organ to loose it again next day. For centuries and millenia. But Michael is still waiting, believing that Seraphims will ultimately come for him and to eradicate the vile devils and destroy their home dimension to never be habited ever again.
  • ...-luseefh Eerr / Lucifer: Seen as a Great Betrayer, a Traitor of Sins and Deciever by the Seraphim Harmony, the angel known as Lucifer is someone who is hated by all but as well unforgetable. A warrior wth similar skills as Michael, these two fought together for ages, helping each other, standing side by side and face the enemies of Order together. It was Michael who became the general that would lead armies, but it was natural that Lucifer will still follow him so he became his second-in-command as a colonel. In this capacity Lucifer continued fighting with his friend in the field, and thats probably the reason for his Betrayal and fall from the grace into Chaos.


  • ...-aastarayy Eell / Astryiel:
  • Gabriel:
  • Uriel:
  • Raphael:
  • Azrael:
  • Metatron:
  • Ramiel:
  • Azazel:

At A Glance

Flight: All Seraphim infantry are able to fly to quickly cross great distances. This can work either by commanding a Seraphim to "Fly Into Destination" where the infantry takes up into the air and flies to the final destiantion where he lands, or by switching to "Flight" mode where Seraphim goes into the air and stays hovering on the same spot, until he is ordered to "Land". Sometimes an infantry can keep firing even when in the air, but naturally melee warriors cannot attack, not even passing planes, only other flying infantry with whom they can theoretically keep up with.

Regeneration: All Seraphim infantry are healing themselves over time when not engaged in combat. The degree of how fast they are regenerating their injuries depends on their tier, level and veterancy status, as well as their role. Lifemancer, Vigil of Azrael and certain special units are able to regenerate themselves quickly or heal others, either infantry, vehicles or both. Vigil of Azrael is even capable of bringing the dead back to life.

Solar-themed Weaponry: Seemingly posessing the powers of the sun, Seraphim weapons are all based on high-energy photon weapons, with immense heat output but also wave-length frequencies that can harm Abraxan bodies with burns which they cannot all absorb.

Zion Dimension: The home dimension of Ajaeoone, or Zion, is permanently lit world where everything shines and is hidden by white darkness. Seraphims are perfectly accustomed to this setting, but others must find a way how to protect their vision to have a chance at fighting there.


Army of the Most Harmonius Empyrean of the Cloud Realms




Neophyte Neophytes are disciples and greenhorns who just joined the war afford. Wearing only a disciple tunics and masks, their first weapons are short sun-blades and shields with a small burst gun build into it.
Cherub The core of the Seraphim military, Cherubs receives combat armor uniforms and helmets for protection, armed with light-bows to fight in range, adept to use it as melee weapon as well if the need arises.
Lightbringer To bring the devils' armoured vehicles and beasts into submission the Lightbringers uses their luminary gloves to project burning beams to melt away the metal out of them, and anything else. On top of that Lightbringers are tasked with the search for the Abraxan shapeshifting infiltrators.
Lifemancer The Seraphim who have stronger control over their healing powers, Lifemancers are further trained and conditioned to increase the healing factor of their allies more than anyone, saving their brothers in arms after sustaining grievous injuries. They are armed with the same light-bows like the Cherubs.
Saber Duelist Spending decades in training in the arts of sword, Saber Duelists are incredibly fast, wearing only light armor and relying on their speed and small profile. The long sun-blades are deadly weapons in their hands, espceially with their ability to simply dash through the devils using their wing-jets.
Celestial The acolytes of the true Magisters, Celestials are honored with the task of carrying the Power scrolls into battle, using their advanced technology to create protective walls and barriers around allies, forming miniature spiraling suns to burn enemies in the area, or repair spells for the Seraphim vehicles.
Archangel Considered a living legend and symbol of Order, Archangels are powerful individuals, dotting the finest and best armors, equipment and weapons. Their healing factor was enhanced through ancient rituals and their centuries of battle makes them truly dangerous. Archangel is armed with a light-crossbow attached to his left arm combined with a shield, and a double-bladed sword with fiery aura to burn the godless devils in righteous fury.


Extractor Harvesting vehicle which laser-cuts the Oricalcite crystals and transports them into the base.
Redeemer Hoverdyne Incredibly fast and maneuverable, Redeemer levitates above the ground to cross all terrain obstructions that arent too steep. Its ideal for anti-personnel work for the rapid-fire lightspear gun it carries, build directly into the hull, but its swiftness makes it able to directly aim with a whole vehicle on targets.
Paladin Aerowalker The battle machine crewed by a skilled pilot, Paladin Aerowalker fights with solar rifle, scorching and melting armor with yellow beams. It has a capabiltiy of turning into an air plane for fast movement and to engage air units, continuing using the rifle integrated into the frame but in a burst shot mode.
Exorcist A large hoverdyne used by Seraphims for long range bombarmdents and sieges. Exorcyst must deploy into a tall turret mode to use "the orb of purification" to gather dimensional energy from its surroundings to start firing a red continuous beam to surely annihilate the target to melt it into molten blob.
Archon Knight A huge construct that is an epithome of angel's mechanical skills, Archon Knights have a shape of Seraphim, with working wings. Both arms carries a deadly weapons, a supernova cannon that after impact quickly expands to cover large area, and heat-generating helionary gun that crushes targets under waves of intense concussion blasts of flames.


While not specifically an angels of higher stand, Seraphim "Prometheans" are devices designed in honor of the greatest generals and individuals, including parts of their memories, that are put into use only in the critical situations where the success and failure are at the tipping point. Technically they are also vehicles, build in the same strucutre as them.

Blade of Uriel The weapon inspired by the legendary blade duelist Uriel, the Blade is large flaming sentient sword that moves over the terrain and slashes the enemies with its several swords with scorching results. To neutralize more enemies at once, the Blade can extend its reach and begin a deadly spinning to slice anyone with the sacred flames of Zeeoneamnonnijanen.
Vigil of Azrael A device that saved more than a couple of lifes, Vigil's role is to keep all Seraphim warriors and machines alive, employing wide array of nanomachine clouds with Seraphim healing secretions and Metelene metal to accelerate healing factor of the friendlies and fix the holes in armor. Within its chassis there is a containment tank for the concentrate cloud of the nanomachines combined with secretion of the Great Lifemancer Azrael and other powerful healers, that enables to ressurect a dead tissue of the fallen Seraphim warriors to keep fighting the just war.
Seal of Raphael This strange spinning orb with outer rings and pieces rotating randomly around it are one of the toughest shield projectors in Seraphim arsenal. Following the principles of the architect-general Raphael, the Seal casts defensive seal barriers over the friendly units around itself from a powerful solar source, or it can form a sealing barrier, trapping anyone within it, but giving them a chance of escaping by destryoing the Seal... if other Seraphims let them.
Scroll of Gabriel Storing some of the most powerful spells in the Seraphim archives designed by Magistress Gabriel, the levitating stones of the Scroll are used to cast them on the enemies or Seraphim, varying in shapes and power.
Glory of Michael Considered one of the greatest prometheans created, using the great power of the general Michael, the Glory launches many guided solar bolts against the target in rapid succession and quickly retargets on new one once previous is no more, it is a beacon of hope to all Seraphims around, and when the time for strike comes, the Glory can release a bright blinding flash in all directions, blinding all but the Seraphims who can than put an end to their unordered lives.


Protector Fighter The bane for every devil pilot and flying beast rider, Protector's extremely wide wing span makes it look like a huge bird of prey that spreads eternal punishment with a series of sunbolt cannons. The fire of the weapons is neverending with tiny bursts of heat energy that creates a fantastic firework, but deadly.
Fixed Star Heavier aircraft that hovers over the battlefield and fights the earth-bound enemies. Its weapons are sunray beams, which are fired unexpectedly backwards only to start bending to hit the enemy with big force.
Divinity Sky Cruiser Large and majestic pinnacle of Seraphim sky forces, Divinity often serves as a flagship and command center for the commanders for its incredible firepower, being the largest weapon the angels have. Beside the photon turrets on its wings Divinity is equipped with a single Harmonizing Ray, weapon that causes great destruction at long ranges, but must always than recharge for a next shot.

Behind the Scenes