Secretariat of Public Safety (TUE)

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Secretariat of Public Safety
The Emblem of the Secretariat of Public Safety
Playstyle Steamroll and Occupy
Faction Colour Dark Red
Type Redsverse Minor Factions
Dev. Status ...

At a Glance

Faction Color Dark Red
Playstyle Steamroll and occupy
Preferred Theatre of Operations Direct Combat
Strengths Units are very sturdy and durable, army is good at forcing enemies into fighting it on their terms, powerful defense, powerful VTOLs, potent heavy infantry and anti-stealth
Weaknesses Units are generally slow and unsubtle, army lacks overall mobility, units are overpriced until research is available late game, units preform best when near base
Intended Players Any RTS Player
Motives Expansion of Communism, Counter-Terrorism, Maintenance of duly elected Communist governments


Public Security Defense Forces



Public Protector Using ADK-45s that also periodically fire flashbangs to disorient enemies, Public Protectors can activate special detection goggles to unveil enemies who might be hiding
RPG Protector With new and powerful RPGL-28s, RPG protectors can tear through enemy vehicles at a high rate, leaving nothing standing, or they can fire disruptor rockets to stop enemy tanks from going anywhere.
Recon Squad Using MX-14 rifles, the Recon Squads contain skilled marksmen and markswomen, shooting down large numbers of infantry with long ranged assault rifles. Or they can go loud, abandoning any pretense at stealth as they go full auto, which carves apart infantry.
Incinerator Team Using a new form of rapid fire suppression weapon that rapidly fires globs of burning material, the Incinerator team can burn the enemy out of his hiding place and can fire while moving thanks to special braces (albeit hideously inaccurately) and can fire GOOP instead to stop everyone in their tracks and control a crowd.
Zveroboy Superheavy killing battlesuit infantry, Zveroboys use heavy charged particle beams to deal with high value targets with extreme prejudice, each stabbing lance devastating the enemy, or they can fire an air burst PTAB spreader missile to punish enemies in a large radius.
Linebacker With battlesuits and charged particle scatter beam guns, Linebackers punch through enemy lines with abandon, while high-frequency bayonets carve through nearly all forms of armour, and if needed they can fire charged beams to give added punch against heavier targets.


Flak Tractor Packing a very powerful 100mm gun that can traverse up and down as needed to track either ground or air targets, the Flak Track is especially lethal to aircraft that try to escape its attentions by landing, such as Mecha and can activate a retreat ability to either escape an engagement it has no business being in or to prevent an enemy from getting away
Buratino Walker The Assault guns of the PSB actually fire devastating rounds of fuel-air missiles, clearing infantry from garrisons, crushing structures, and incinerating enemies in their path or can fire wide area concussive missiles that stun and disorient everything caught in their path.
Safeguard Missile Car The light artillery of the Public Security Bureau strikes with up to six powerful guided missiles that are especially dangerous to tanks or can airburst to disrupt infantry formations. They can choose to fire their missiles one at a time or all at once as the situation demands.
Gravitic Leech Hoverer Tearing out parts of other vehicles and redistributing it to other vehicles, the Gravitic leech Hoverer can also drag vehicle husks for recovery when needed.
Battlebreaker Heavy Tank A highly advanced MBT with a tremendously powerful long, hypervelocity 152mm gun with a four shot autoloader, and twin 30mms on the side of its turret powerful effective against helicopters, and machine guns against infantry and powerful lights that make the tank untargetable temporarily, the Battlebreaker is a highly advanced and powerful tank, though not as powerful in a stand up fight as the PSB's superheavy, though the tank is faster and amphibious and its armour is especially resistant to RBC attacks and missiles.
Roarer Anti-Air A heavy anti-air vehicle that needs to deploy to fire, the Roarer fires very fast and very deadly long ranged gravitational distortion missiles that are devastating to the quicker aircraft that the Flak Track is not particularly well equipped to handle.
SCUM Devastator The strategic artillery unit of the PSB is fitted with a pair of SCUM ballistic missiles that will explode over an area and spread a large number of PTAB warheads to devastate enemy unit formations while leaving the structures almost untouched, allowing for those who remain inside to remain safe. It must however, deploy to fire.

Aircraft =

Sunburst Interceptor Working to keep enemy heavy aircraft out of the skies is the sunburst, whose gravity beam is devastating to just about any aircraft it can touch while the aircraft itself is tremendously fast. With but a single command it can alter how gravity affects it and launch itself into space to return back to base, making it impossible for other aircraft to stop it from heading home.
Black Swan Bomber A very high speed bomber, the Black Swan drops devastating gravitonic catastrophe bombs that can reduce bases to rubble and squash armies into paste beneath the weight of their own bodies and like the Sunburst, can also launch itself towards space to avoid enemy fire once it returns to base.
Heresy Hunter VTOL With Gravity Beams that can crush armoured vehicles flat, a chain-Tesla coil to tear through large numbers of enemies at once, heavy armor, and ear grating sonic grenades that can be fired off to make the morale, accuracy, discipline, and speed of units caught plummet; the Heresy Hunter is among the most formidable VTOL's in the PSB's arsenal.

Naval Units

Green Turtle Frigate Armed with four twin one hundred milimeter flak guns, SAMs and a number of chain guns, the Green Turtle is death to aircraft of all stripes and can fire up a field of modified gravity that makes flying within the bubble much more difficult and thus makes aircraft more vulnerable to being shot down.
Tuna Destroyer The principle combatant of the PSB fleet is the Tuna Destroyer. The Tuna is a well armored combatant that wades into battle with Tesla arc guns to damage multiple enemy ships at a time while soaking up punishment with ease, and can activate a gravitonic field to bring fire that would have otherwise hit more fragile or important units onto itself, disabling its weapons but increasing its armor.
Goblin Shark Cruiser Armed with charged particle beam weapons to carve open ships and assorted secondary weapons; the Goblin Shark Cruiser can designate a target for a whalloping from a trio of anti-ship missiles to deal some initial long ranged punch to a single target as needed, impairing the enemy ship's abilities as the tesla charges of the warheads disrupt their functions.