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Country of Origin  Union of Mexican Socialist Republics
Trained at  Tijuana, Mexico
Key Features  » XM-31 20mm Automatic-Warhead launcher
 » XM-12 Ultralight skin coloured polymesh battlesuit
 » Chrono-porting explosives
 » Phase bayonet and survival gear
 » Assorted pants, flak vest, tank-top, combat boots, Military cap and bubblegum (copious amounts)
Vanessa Sanchez
Sanchez sitting atop dead peacemakers
Faction SovietLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Commando
Designation Commando
Production Building Barracks
Secondary Ability Chrono-port explosives
Production Time
Heroic Upgrade Chono-port pack
Dev. Status BA3 Original Unit

Tactical Analysis

  • I've got a present for ya: A fiery Latina warrior equipped with a skintight combat suit made out of a revolutionary new material and a deadly Tesla rifle that is capable of very rapid fire, arcing between targets, and incinerates flesh and steel alike; devastating to all ground units, garrisonned enemies are met with a proton-grenade launcher to clear them out immediately, while structures and vehicles that get close enough to her get a faceful of chrono-ported explosives that can tear through formations, flip vehicles, and obliterate most structures. In melee, she's amazingly fast, strong, and very deadly with her high frequency bayonets and machete.
  • Real tough girl: Sanchez is also quite durable thanks to her form fitting polymesh suit and the light gear she wears over it, the suit based on the Comintern's own research into the science of the very small. Capable of changing colour and appearance, she keeps it in stealth mode to let her sneak around. She also has a timebelt that she can activate to teleport her back to where she was a few seconds ago with her health restored to those conditions to get her out of a tight spot.
  • Not my specialty: Sanchez is ultimately still vulnerable to air attack by aircraft faster than helicopters, snipers who manage to see her before she can get the drop on them, and large numbers of anti-infantry helicopters.
  • Now we're talking: Sanchez can get the modifications she needs to make her even more formidable in combat, finally giving her the mods she requires to target aircraft while also letting her "save" with her timebelt, allowing her to pick a time that she'd like to restore herself to when she uses the time-belt rather than having to work with her place and condition thirty seconds ago.


The simple mention of the name Veronica Sanchez strikes fear into the hearts of non-communists the world over, and it inspires awe in the vast numbers of citizens in the Communist Internationale and its allies. Little girls wish to grow up just like her, women wish they could be her, men (and some women) wish they could be with her. Her age, her hometown, whether or not Veronica Sanchez really is her actual name or if it's some sort of code name passed down between operatives, what special forces unit she's from or currently serves in, her natural hair and eye colour, and even her cup size are all the subject of intense speculation even after she mentioned "C" in response to that very question before.

Cold War



Known Activities

- Insulted the family name of an entire Shinobi clan to draw them out to fight and killed them with her superior knowledge of eastern martial arts, prompting the survivors to commit Seppekku in shame.

- Destroyed the Gotterdammerung tank platoon "Furor Anglia" and its escorting Merdeka tanks in under five minutes of spotting them by jumping onto them, opening the hatches then shooting them to pieces from the inside.

- Wiped out the notorious "Bathory" Vargheist nest in Central America with a box of matches, a UV light, and a barely charged electric rifle.

- Was ambushed by an Epsilon Giant Squid while taking a skinny dip in the South Pacific. Ended up having a Calamari dinner.


- Visually speaking, Sanchez is based on Fio Germi from Metal Slug, with the glasses replaced by ski-goggles and with a retrofuturistic take on the Crysis nanosuit worn beneath the skimpy military gear. Abilities wise, she's something of a mix of Mental Omega's Tanya Adams and Colonel Burton.

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