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Country of Origin Isla Somna
Equipped at Tau Harmonizer
Key Features » Big, meaty claws
» Enormously powerful jaws and claws
» Bio-plasma conduit spines
» Nearly impervious scales
» Attitude (in gargantuan amounts)

Sally Kurirra
Sally terrorizing a Guild base
Faction PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation
Designation Superheavy "infantry"
Cost 3000
Construction Time 30 seconds
Unit Type Superheavy Commando
Produced at Chapter House
Ability Bioplasma Breath
Additional Equipment Jaws and Claws
Heroic Upgrade Bioplasma Fireball
Dev. Status Conceptual

Tactical Analysis

  • Big and bad: The Pangaean Commando is quite unique, being the largest out of all of them by far; a queen of monsters who could defeat even a King Oni in close quarters combat. While nowhere near as small or concealable as other commandos, none can claim to match Sally's sheer strength and resilience to harm, especially paired with her healing factor.
  • Morning breath: Sally's most spectacular ability is her power to generate a massive amount of bioplasma channeled through her body; more particularly the spines in her back before unleashing a massive gout that can melt through or blast aside nearly anything in its way, striking like an organic particle collider vomiting its contents in your face.
  • Big lizard, big target: Sally may be powerful, but she is huge and she is lumbering; acting more like a superheavy vehicle than an infantry unit. This means she's thus much more vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons than the average commando. With her plasma breath being her only means of ranged attack, she's thus quite vulnerable to aerial assault as well.
  • Queen of the monsters: An experimental augmentation process is in the works that can make Sally even more dangerous and lethal, allowing her to fire globules of plasma at aircraft or at targets she's charging towards, making even distant targets unable to evade her wrath.


"The arrogance of man is in thinking nature is under his control, and not the other way around."

-Doctor "Shu" Takeru Hojo

Known Activity

- Devoured Cmdr. Roger Fillamore alive in the middle of one of his PHS broadcasts after smashing her way through his walled base, ending his attempts to control the West Coast live on national television. She reportedly smashed her way through the heavy walls like tissue paper.

- Sunk ANV Callipolis by smashing into one side and her way out the other with complete disregard for its presence or the Allied fleet off the coast of Key West.

- Engaged in a beam fight with and won against three Mantis walkers in the jungles of Southeast Asia, her plasma breath overpowering them and pushing the combined energies of their weapons right back into them, destroying all three in an explosion powerful enough to wipe out the entire Chinese strike force.

- Beat a pair of Chimera-class battlesuits designed with the specific purpose of killing her so badly in a melee engagement that she managed to re-trigger fear responses in pilots' brains even through the heavy drugging and cybernetics.

- Led a charge of the dino-riders that shattered the Indian army besieging San Francisco, even overpowering and devouring the experiments of the Nightmare Hall and destroying several Rakshasa tanks, reversing the fortunes of a battle in just a single fifteen minute-long charge.

- Single-handedly convinced an entire Iron Fangs brood to turn tail and flee from their attempted assault on Maputo after the tales of her exploits terrified the militants so fiercely after her rampage through an entire division - eating of over a hundred soldiers and slaughtering of a great many more.

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