Rook Mobile Fort

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Rook Mobile Fort
Faction ConcordiatLogo.png Unification Concordiat
Designation Anti-Ground
Construction Time
Unit Type Assault tank
Class ClassRookLogo.pngRook
Produced at Assembly Works
Ability Deploy/Undeploy
Heroic Upgrade Energy Barrier (Secondary health pool)
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Romaniathumb.gif Romania
Manuctured at Leonida Factory, Arad
Key Features » 75 mm mle.28 mountain gun
» 13.2mm Hotchkiss M1929 heavy machine gun
» Hardened and reinforced steel/plastic armor with titanium layering
» Volatile reactor produces radiation and nanite clouds
» Miniature SPAM module assembles Goliath and Yellowjacket drones

Tactical Analysis

  • Straight to the point: To secure the new location that is already held by the opposition, Concordiat uses Rooks. Their protection is one of the toughest in their motor pool, the high engine power and relatively good weaponry makes it able to get into the position quickly and fight for the retake.
  • Exploit the opening!: To make sure the enemy will get out, Rook will open up the covers to its reactor and release concrete-eating nanite clouds to undermine enemy structures and damage all enemies in the vicinity. Also, the small SPAM module begins assembling Goliath tank drones and Yellowjacket hovering drones to give enemy more targets to hit, stalling them till more units comes.
  • Straight lines only: The offensive capability of Rook is not in its weapons, but rather in its radiation and nanites and the drones. While in transit it cannot defend itself properly and only rely on its armor. The locomotion is also not particularly good, rotating the whole vehicle takes a lot of time, needing the set up before making its hell of a charge.
  • Castling: With the increased stream of technologies of Qing Chinese energy fields, Science Ministry and War Ministry are working on mounting these shields on Rooks. The prototypes are send to Legion Basilisk for testing as it is currently the most combat-intense theater. The crews that distinguished themselves in battle are given the honor to use them.


The close proximity to the Russian Tsardom made Romania one of the "bumper states" of the Directorate, and this shaped their military industry, tactics and strategy. This included among the massive fortifications and fortress complexes being erected along miles of trenches, bunkers and fire posts covering the northern and eastern regions of the country, an innovative and unusual mobile bunkers. The first vehicles were nothing but glorified landships with thick slaps of metal and concrete, which unfortunately put too much stress of the already weak engines and made them not faster than the injured soldiers. The improvements in the engines and better laid out armoring helped the Romanian army to field the mobile bunkers and their bigger cousins mobile forts and immediately use them in the war with their evil neighbors Russia.


Legion Basilisk, Expeditionary Theater Force of the Unification Concordiat
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