Ripper building destroyer

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Tactical information

  • I've got something to grind you with: The Ripper is a rather unconventional structure killer. Rather than rely on long range guns or missiles, it instead kinetically accelerates an enormous motorized circular saw to great speeds. Though shorter range, it damages everything in a line as the saw cuts through everything, and harms vehicles, infantry, and structures alike. To make up for it's inability to attack beyond the range of base defenses, it's quite durable and reasonably mobile.
  • You'll have something to remember me by: If needed, the Ripper can have the saw stick itself in a certain target rather than pierce right through it, causing heinous damage over time much like a terror drone; though buildings can also be so affected. Without the oversight of a repair vehicle or an engineer, the structure or vehicle so targeted is surely doomed.
  • Get down here!: Due to having less range than base defenses, it is possible to stop it before it can ever get to fire at these defenses, and it is entirely defenceless against air units.
  • Got an extension: The most skilled and accomplished of Rippers are equipped with upgraded launchers that finally give them more range than most base defenses, allowing them to act more like true artillery; though they remain direct fire weapons.

Unit History

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